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  1. “You were one of my friends...” Simon would whisper to himself after hearing Pascual’s death with a blank expression on his face.
  2. Luv_Quebec is very epic man.

  3. TalkMemeJermaine.thumb.png.38ee929be622426312dd8106ffc65bfd.pngR.I.P Our Overlord.

  4. +1 Guess what I’m doing.
  5. Luv_Quebec


  6. A Madlad’s right hand man.TalkMemeJermaine.thumb.png.38ee929be622426312dd8106ffc65bfd.png

  7. Simon Mercer would hear the speech from a distance, hysterically laughing through half of it. “You idiot.” He would say.
  8. Why you should vote for Jermaine for this election. Unlike other candidates, there is something special about Jermaine’s policies. During these dark times of war he will promise to make more housing for the one’s who are not so fortunate. It has also come to his attention and several other’s that there are not enough facilities for the sick and wounded, facilities that do exist are extremely unsanitary. he has also promised to make Helena, and Oren in whole, more welcome to new people. It has also come to his attention, and many other’s, that the library’s are completely understocked and staffed. how can we educate the future of Oren if we can’t educate ourselves? There are also ISA Benefits, we won’t leave our great soldier’s that have done everything for us out of our election. There is also a Charity for the people in need, they will not suffer. There will also be events, ball’s for the poor, and show’s for the ISA. One of the things I like about Jermaine is that he won’t keep empty promises unlike other’s. If I can believe in him, then you can too.
  9. Not for the children of the monarchy

  10. It was a great one, but not the best.
  11. UwU I’m a idiot Simon Mercer Questions his sanity, also wondering how Sir. Humphrey can see OOC Chat.
  12. Simon Mercer would snicker at the business card, knowing he’s a better lawyer than Sir. Humphrey
  13. Wishing I stayed in bed.

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