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  1. "Even if this is fake, I'm still glad that Providence is now ash, like it's former brother." A High Elf in a Plague Outfit says
  2. Remember that France has kicked almost every countries ass at some point.🇫🇷

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      France has never won a war in their lives!!!!!!!!

    4. Timer
  3. Peralien's Darkest Hour (OOC: This ain't a PK Post. And don't metagame this rat.) Peralien Corinna Mirthsense sits at her table in Selestia, with parchment and ink. She's then quickly write several letters neatly. [!] A Note to Aeline Cordius "Die - With Love, the person you tried to kill in the Arcas Forests" [!] A Note to Carlos Mendez "Every time I think of someone who has hurt me, I think about you. When I close my damn eyes I believe that you are near me with a knife. There is wrong I have done, but what has happened to me because of
  4. (OOC: Deal with it, I was bored.) [!] A paper is released for Osanora and for all the poor souls nearby, clearly who wrote it was drunk. "The odd ewlf." "In this day and agwe our fututre descedants have been poioswned by te toxicivity of hereasy. I a simplwe Wood ewlf woh live in the fowwly of the Driud & Suitican Deswerts. I hwave seen por innocant souls be tawekn by the Jnrel's of the poisionus leagion of darwkness. Te trade mownacrh of Swutica is nothting but a fool. The secrewt to immrtality is to look dweath in te~" [!] It looks like
  5. Desert Company [!] Spread far and wide all around Almaris for anyone to see. - A simple drawing of a Fennec Fox - Founded in 15 SA by a High Elf named Peralien, the Desert Companies main focus is fighting 'monsters' and the unknown in the Lavalands, Druid-Sutican Desert and the Ice Valleys. We are looking for Medics of any skill, as well as 'Explorers' that are armed and know their way with a weapon. We will pay for any major and permeant injury that may cripple you. However this should not be a concern as we try to make this as safe as possible to anyone employed
  6. I smell a revolution.
  7. Since Techlock is dropped. Get the flammenwerfer.
  8. I nearly shat my pants looking at this. Thank goodness I already quit.
  9. [!] This Cancerous Letter would be everywhere in Osanora We pity you Felipe. This party shall refuse to pay the 'debt' you have attempted to enforce upon us. Your attempt was to upheld Democracy in Osanora's darkest hour. You dare call our attempts a coup while you have overthrown your entire cabinet of government to have full control? Your words have been proven to be hypocritical. This paper is neither a threat or a congratulations. But we give you one peaceful demand. Retract your statements or the people who sign this will decide their actions based on their own merit. Wit
  10. Make Casper Hyde a Ghost or else Simon will brutually murder every single persona you have until I finally leave LOTC.
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