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  1. A princess who is a massive science and book nerd. She loves alchemy and animals and going on adventures to discover the things she’s read about. Her name is Elena
  2. Within the southern desert lands, a Princess of Balian would receive word of the Aldersberg reclamation. “Bona for them!” She cheerily commented to her maids which hung around the Princess Royal as she readied herself for bed.
  3. @AnonymousAlexa I am honestly so confused with you. You jump down @tilly throat for saying “oy vey” yet you defend someone who wore a nazi skin?? Come on girl.
  4. I think something that people aren’t entirely grasping is that muna or toni are not here asking for an apology from this person. Nor do they have to accept or hear an apology from them. This situation has crossed a line where a simple apology just does not cut it. Muna and Toni are sharing this information in order to bring awareness so that an open conversation can be held and people can speak their truth. For those who believe this is a targeted post due to some silly minecraft war, please grow up and stop invalidating victims. Using shit excuses for someone who has threatened to sexually assault more than one person on this server, along with a whole other slew of wrongdoings such as using racial slurs, alting to avoid their ban, rping as a nazi, etc, really does say a lot about yourself and what you stand for. We may not like it but those who you interact with and are friends with do tend to represent who you are as a person. I hope people can take this into account as they read through this thread.
  5. In all honesty I am shocked that someone like this could be allowed back onto this server. Safety is normally talked about as a top priority for most staff yet we allow someone who has made jokes and threats about sexually assaulting someone not once but TWICE. It is honestly disgusting and inhumane behaviour and in all honesty I do not think this should be allowed. Yes people can change, yet as @MunaZaldrizotistated, there was no remorse or empathy shown to those this player has targeted. I would have had more hopes in staff to actually protect people from vile human being such as this but it seems I got my hopes up. Big props to muna for bringing this to light so that everyone can be aware of this situation and what could potentially occur again on the server. Let’s hope three times isn’t the charm for this individual.
  6. @ibraheemc2000Happy Ramadan!! Love that you do this every year, it really is special!
  7. Accepting the missive from her cousin, Princess Elena would read it over with contemplative eyes. “. . .No.”@Kholibrii
  8. Upon receiving word of the death of the Count Veroche, Elena would place a palm over her heart, attempting to hold back her flood of emotions. “Oh my dearest Lorina. . .”
  9. Princess Elena could feel those burns from Balian. . .and this time it wasn’t the desert sun.
  10. At her fathers side, Princess Elena would peer over the King’s shoulder, impatiently waiting for him to finally put down his quill. “I do hope this conflict comes to a swift end. . .” The Princess Royal spoke softly, watching the monarch officially sign the document. (@Shmeepicus)
  11. “History is not the past but a map of the past, drawn from a particular point of view, to be useful to the modern traveler.” The curiosity of one’s past comes in an innate way as we all often ask ourselves where did we come from? Who am I and what has led to me being here and living on this very day? I have often found myself thinking such things as of late. The curiosity within me gnaws at my mind like an insatiable hunger that drives me towards the answers I have not yet reached. And thus, I find myself within my little shop amidst all of my books which only tell part of my story - my past and all that has occurred to accumulate up to my very being and presence. It is with great honor that I announce, on behalf of the Court of Monterosa, that the Kingdom of Balian shall host a ball of history so that we all may come together and celebrate our mutual pasts and presents. May we educate ourselves on those who have done our family wrong and right and those who have perhaps become forgotten, only to be rediscovered through the pursuit of knowledge. All those in attendance shall don the clothing of someone from your past, either of recent history or those of long forgotten tales. You are encouraged to bring a story and engage in dancing and merriment all while acting like your character of the past. Perhaps bridges may be built which did not have the chance many centuries ago, or foes may meet once more to relive their battles and triumphs of yore. INVITES ARE EXTENDED TO THE FOLLOWING The United Kingdom of Aaun The Duel Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska The Kingdom of Norland The Grand Kingdom of Urguan The Vale of Nevaehlan The Silver State of Haelun’or The Principality of Nor’Asath The Crown of Amaethea Signed, Her Royal Highness, Princess Elena Casimira, The Princess Royal of Balian, Countess of Rosemoor
  12. Peaking over her teachers shoulder, Elena would eagerly watch as Manon would put the finishing touches on the missive. Quite proud of her assignment, the Balianese princess would take a copy for herself to show off her work to her royal family members. “Look, look! I am officially published!”
  13. In all honestly I’m not someone who is crazy about mina. If I have it I have it if I don’t I’ll go and try to get it. In my mind making a really complicated mina earning system just adds unneeded stress. As a broke college kid already I’d rather not have to deal with being broke on mineman at the same time. If anything like others said, figuring out some plugins that could be more interesting in regards to getting mina like limited resources or how @WestCarolina brought up the food expiration plug-in. Something that is more rewarding and worth the “struggle”.
  14. Upon receiving word from her father, the Princess Royal of Balian would let out an excited squeal as she would quickly begin doodling her very own coat of arms on whatever surface would allow her.
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