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  1. Ferek takes a long draft out of his pipe after reading the "proclamation", crossing his legs and weaving his fingers together over his chest as he leaned back in his wicker chair. Exhaling, he mused to himself, "Ye' know... ah've seen 'tis storeh behfore, 'ell ah've said ahn done 'teh same 'ting 'tese lads're pipin' on ahbou'.... " The dwed would then look over to the tattered battle flag of Kaz'Ulrah that hung from his bedchamber wall, which he'd carried and kept for over a century. The flag lay tattered, singed, and stained with the blood of dwed and umri alike. Ferek vividly remembered the bloodletting, the sheer chaos of that age, and how in the end it was all for naught, for nothing was gained and near everything was lost... "Ah s'ppose 'istoreh does 'ahve ah way o' repea'n 'etself. Wha' ah shame."
  2. *Credit to Alastorus for the format, really love it* (Updating this purely for my own records, I shall update this as his story unfolds) ☷ General Information ☷ ☷ Full Name ☷ Rihzrog, "The Mute" ☷ Age ☷ Born: 2, Second Era Died: Someday ☷ Race ☷ Uruk ☷ Sex ☷ Male ☷ Kin ☷ None (That he knows of) ☷ Physical Information ☷ ☷ Weight ☷ 510 lbs ☷ Height ☷ 7', 4” ☷ Build ☷ Rihzrog is a towering uruk, with broad shoulders and stout legs, he is no stranger to physical strife ☷ Hair ☷ None, hair is bothersome, so he cuts it off whenever he notices it ☷ Eyes ☷ Red ☷ Skin Tone ☷ A mixing of light and dark green ☷ Facial Features – Structure ☷ Rihzrog's face is marked primarily by his missing left eye, seemingly clawed out. He is also missing an incisor. ☷ Clothing ☷ Rihzrog prefers to stay light, and as such avoids any and all clothing, exception being a loincloth (which also doubles as a towel for sleeping) ☷ Non-Physical Information ☷ ☷ Character Strengths – Positive Traits ☷ Angry -Rihzrog is angry... always. It sharpens his focus, and affords him some resistance to pain- Loyal -Rihzrog is unusually loyal to anyone who shows him they are worth following. The weak need not present themselves.- Inquisitive -Surviving on your own for decades in a hostile jungle takes a cautious, but inquisitive, mind. Rihzrog naturally finds himself seeking to understand that which he does not.- ☷ Character Weaknesses – Negative Traits ☷ Loyal -Of the few people Rihzrog has displayed loyalty to, all have died, Rihzrog nearly with them. His loyalty will one day place him in a situation he cannot escape.- Fear of Caves -Rihzrog will never willingly enter any orifice of the earth, as he hates spiders with a burning passion- ☷ Loves ☷ -Cookies- ☷ Likes ☷ -Travelling- -Drawing- -Eating- -Being Outdoors- -Fighting- -Breaking Stuff- ☷ Dislikes ☷ -The Weak of Will- -Spineless Idiots- -Caves- -Spiders- ☷ Hates ☷ -Pointy Ears- -Talking (Never learned to talk)- Personal History ☷ A Life of Strife ☷ All Rihzrog has ever known is suffering, violence, and anger. Abandoned when he was young, the Uruk has had to make his way through the world completely on his own. He survived in the jungles of Almaris at first by hunting birds and fish with his hands, before relieving some travellers of their tools, using those to procure yet more food from the wilds. After a decade of surviving on his own, he had a calamitous run in with a ferocious predator in the jungle, which he was able to kill at great cost. He lost his left eye, and the beast tore out one of his teeth... but Rihzrog had the last laugh. The young Uruk feasted on the fallen predator, using it's skin to make a crude, but effective loincloth (he had spent the entirety of his life up to that point nude). For several decades more, Rihzrog would harrass travelers along the Western Roads of Almaris, lifting grub and alcohol from those who failed to escape his traps. Few tried to negotiate with him, which would amount to nothing, considering he never learned to talk or read. He had not killed many upon the roads, but enough to garner the attention of several prominent locals, who put up a bounty on his head. After several botched attempts to capture him, Rihzrog knew that he was being hunted (and by predators far more organized and dangerous than he), so he packed what food he had laying about and hit the roads, seeking out a new hunting grounds to exploit.
  3. Ferek closed his journal slowly upon reading the proclamation from his cousin, the Grand King of Urguan. Upon reading the Kingdom's intentions to march on Southbridge, he hurriedly opened a worn yew chest, withdrawing an armful of papers covered in schematics vaguely resembling war engines fit for a siege. "Well, 'et's ah good 'ting ah kept 'tese designs frum' mah time 'en 'teh Attunland... 'teh umros'll beh sein' 'ter god soon enough, 'as 'fer sure" Armed with his designs, Ferek headed outside the walls of Rhewenholm to find a suitable source of lumber to construct the vast array of trebuchets and ballistae requisite of a siege.
  4. Ferek would sit in his home, exhausted. Laboriously, he cleaned his weapons and armor, knowing full-well that war would soon again come knocking. Upon hearing of the outcome of the most recent battle, he smiled, but could not help to lament to himself, "War 'es young'un's dyin' ahn' 'teh old 'uns mutterin'... may 'tese umros fin' peace 'en 'ter fates" The dwed would return to his duties, now with a scowl upon his face OOC
  5. Hey folks, just a heads up: The Encyclopedia will be updating to what I'm calling "Version 3" on the 1 Year Anniversary of this post (DEC 19, 2021). V3 will have: Massive word expansion (1,000 words total) More grammar examples More special terms a Beta of my Dwed-English auto-translator The Beta will be a very close-to-the-chest kind of deal, so anyone with inquiries or seeking to help should head over to the Language Project channel, as described below. As always, anyone with word requests, suggestions, or comments should reach out to the Language Project in Urguan's official Discord, or PM me here on the forums.
  6. From within the halls of Rhewenholm, a vengeful howl is heard emanating from the dormitory of Ferek Frostbeard. The dwed thrashed about, axe in hand, his eyes blood-red in a berserk rage, a letter sitting upon his desk. Books and quills, furniture, even one of his potted flowers, all were cast about the room as if by a storm. With labored breathing, face contorted in sheer anger, the dwed would raise his axe above his head, pleading to his gods, "On mah honah' ahs ahn Azwyrtrumm, OGRADHAD! Grant meh 'teh knowledge o' mah friend's killahs! Ah swear, bah mah beard, 'E SHALL BEH AHVENGED!" The dwed would slam the axe back into his belt, his shadow dancing upon the night wall courtesy of the fire within his quarters.
  7. Ferek would lean back in his chair, his room in the bastion of Rhewenholm shimmering as snow blew through the windows. His journal lay sitting on his desk, the ink drying quickly in the dry, frigid air. "Damn 'et, ah was 'opin 'tat 'tis'un'd last ah few good battles, 'tis book was goin' 'tah be mah best one yet..." The dwed would stare out his window, watching the sunlight glint off the falling flakes of snow, wondering what the future might hold.
  8. In my opinion, most everyone who walks this Earth, unless they literally live under a secluded rock, carries some kind of baggage of varying magnitude, not to include actual medically defined mental conditions. Everyone processes their various trauma or chronic illnesses in different ways, this should serve to be equally true in roleplaying. I've personally never met someone who gets Rambo-esque Vietnam flashbacks and goes off the deep-end, but I've met plenty of people who react to varying degrees to both similar and different stimuli. I've seen vets dive for the ground on the 4th of July out of instinct from the boom of the fireworks. I've seen my mother nearly faint after witnessing a nasty car collision (she had been in a bad one when she was younger). I myself have my own intense reactions to specific stimuli reminiscent of some unsavory **** that happened to me some time ago. I suppose what I'm trying to get at is that mental illness, if we're to call it that, is fairly common, and thus shouldn't be taboo to be portrayed in an RP setting. Moreover, while it may seem insensitive to have a character RP a mental condition 'poorly', it could serve as an educational moment for anyone witnessing such a poor demonstration to explain why the character is portraying it wrong and constructively educate on the realities of the condition they are trying to emulate. I think the more that kind of behavior is normalized, the easier it will be to address (both IRP and OOC).
  9. Ferek sits in his office in Karosgrad, reading over the declaration. As he finishes, he looks back at the grand painting of the Battle of Jornheim Fields that hangs behind his chair. He chuckles slightly to himself, "Ah've seen 'tis storeh' behfore... ahn ah know 'ow 'et'll end" The dwed would then go back to writing his next book.
  10. Post has been updated, we recently passed 800 words, which is fantastic. Originally submitted with about 600 words, we're on track (hopefully) to surpass 1,000 by the 1st anniversary of this post. Anyone with word requests or suggestions should contact the team via the Dwarven-Language-Project channel in the official Urguan Discord, or DM me here on the forums.
  11. Ferek cackled like a madman upon reading the missive, "'Ef yer' attack 'es goin' too well, 'yer walkin' intah' an ahmbush! Ah 'tink ah'll beh interviewin' 'tese orkos n' ferreh' men 'fer mah nex' book on guerilla tactics, 'ter fookin' experts!" He would set about collecting his quill and a blank book, and begin writing excitedly...
  12. Ferek laughs heartily upon reading the missive, his outburst startling a few of the patrons sitting at the bar with him, "Ask yer' dead 'ef honor matters, 'ter silence should suffice an' anseh! 'Ell, ah 'tink 'tem orcos are pretteh' smart, 'tey 'it 'ter enemeh quick 'n clean!" The startled patrons would exchange looks of confusion as the dwed went back to chuckling, downing another pint of Grandaxe Ale.
  13. When I was young, I wanted to be a historian or an archaeologist, that stuff always fascinated me, and it still does. But then one day a teacher at my school told me that I could never be an engineer because I sucked at math. That made me angry. So I got my degree in Electrical Engineering.
  14. Ferek smiles to himself upon reading the Initiative, "Decentralized Command 'es 'teh mos' 'ffective means 'o fightin' 'en war. Give yer' junior off'cers 'teh agenceh' 'tah act independenleh', tell 'em wha' tah do, not 'ow 'tah do 'et, an' let 'em surprise ye' wit' 'ter results..." After briefly mumbling to himself about battlefield initiative, Ferek went back to shelving books at the library.
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