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  1. Laetranis smiled as he read over this segment of the ethnography. “Lady Tanith certainly is a master of prose, she explains the balance better than even I could. Perhaps I will use her moving words in my future sermons.” ((This is excellently written, thank you for taking the time to explore our culture and give us a spotlight!))
  2. 100% agreed. I hate that our tribal, animist cultured-elves need to live in big fuckoff walled fortresses. but as long as PVP centric culture exists on LOTC and people still attach OOC prestige to how many toons you can click to death, the walls will remain as an unfortunate necessity
  3. The Summoning Brothers and sisters, the wild anguishes in pain. The personal and communal harmony with nature upon which our way of life is founded upon is threatened to its very core. A blackened maw opens up in the desert, pouring disease, malflame and the cold, impassionate obsidian blades of war from its foul jaws. The Elves of Siramenor have woven ironwood into our hearts, we are resolved to fight until the last tribe falls against the Inferis of the desert, but spears and arrows alone will not bring us salvation. Brothers and sisters, it is time to invoke the fury of the wild. It is time to act upon the prayers and the precepts of the elnarnsae’ame, by which we have lived since the time before Malin. I call upon us to summon the ancient spirits of the forest. Let us bring down upon our blighted foe the chaos, the cruelty, and the cold, impassionate hand of the Children of Cernunnos. The Mani of War. I call upon all the Green Priests of the Mali’ame. I call upon every wise druid across the Irrinite Glade to the Savannah of the Talus Grove. Let us convene, let us draw council on how to draw the attention of the Gods. Nature is in anguish, brothers and sisters, and it is time her guardians rise with fang, tusk, and claw. Hiylu’evar, Priest of the Coyote @
  4. The Green Priests of Siramenor prepare the black, crimson and silver warpaints for their warriors who are soon to head into battle.
  5. So basically this end of map antag is the Yuuzhan Vong TBH it’s more creative than most server antags we’ve had so far, so sure why not
  6. touche thank you for your reply
  7. Only giving one nation slot for the elves is a really bad take, and we say this as the representative of the nation who’s getting the spot. RPly it makes very little sense for the dark elves, high elves and snow elves to magically want to live with the Wood Elves & Almenodrim all of a sudden, and there are unresolved tensions in RP that would make things very chaotic. We may all have pointed ears & have the same racial curse but in function, the Elves have been 4 different races for years, with incredibly different cultures & political leanings. Furthermore our architecture styles are so massively different: How will we incorporate high elf silver towers, wood elf primal forests, dark elf fungus caves and a snow elven ARCTIC TUNDRA in tile? By biology/worldbuilding alone it already makes no sense. While I think it is possible for the elves to be united again by some sort of political confederation some day, forcing us all into one city OOCly is a very bad look and I hope the admins reconsider. EDIT: another issue I thought of after writing this post: If nations who are getting tiles are expected to maintain their current activity to KEEP their tile going into the next map, then our leaders will be pressured to work overtime and burn themselves out. It is very easy for people to become too obsessed with LOTC and turn their mineman nation into their full time job. Anyone who has ever nation led can attest to this. Edit again: I’ve been mildly misinformed, since the high elves are getting their own place. That’s on me I didn’t read the post right. The rest kinda still stands though
  8. ((That art is pretty cool))
  9. just to uncirclejerk a moment, human rp has always been very low fantasy/game of thrones/CK2-esque, so having an inherently non-magical low fantasy religion suits them. Races like Dwarves, Elves and Orcs are generally more tied to the mystical elements of conventional fantasy tropes and therefore it makes more sense for their cultures to be revolving more around magical elements like runesmithing, druidism and shamanism respectively. each race has their niche and we shouldnt be saying one is inherently better than the other. after all its all make believe mineman blocks at the end of the day.
  10. The Wood Elves of Siramenor thank Tanith for her positive Yelp review of their village.
  11. The Aspects smiled on their nipple bearing (male) wood elf children
  12. The Mani Masquerade Celebration of the Gods Where Siramenor Glade (Right next to Aegrothond) When 4PM PST /7PM EST Saturday, 6/13/2020 Dress Code If you attend, please wear an animal mask! You can add this onto your skin manually, or purchase one of the animal heads available when you type “/heads shop” in game The Gods are pleased with us. Good omens run abound, from the fertility of our women, to the presence of white fae, entlings and tree nymphs dancing about our forest canopies. When the Wild Gods bless us with harmony, we must in turn channel our joy into a celebration of their benevolence. The Mani masquerade has long been a wood elven tradition, in which we gather, dance and feast. All while wearing masks depicting the likeness of our many animalistic gods. As autumn turns to spring once more, let us all don our masks and celebrate as new life is breathed into our sacred glade. Ritual of Libation We will begin with a prayer to the Mani, first by imbibing the water from our sacred springs, then by invoking their blessing in our liturgy in the old tongue. Dance of the Faeries After prayers, our Priests will open up the dance floor. Elves of the wild faith will compete for the title of best dancer, determined by who honours their chosen mani the best with their moves! Feast of the Bear There will, of course, be much feasting. An entire spread of traditional wood elven meats, fruits and desserts will be laid out, so make sure you fill your bellies. Hiylu’evar, and may we forever enjoy the blessings of the Mani!
  13. The Siramenor Apothecary Chieftain Skylar Taliame’onn - Wiseman of the Irrinite Healing Lodge Purpose The Apothecary of Siramenor, also known as the Irrinite Healing Lodge, exists to provide succor for the frail, sickly and injured while also providing young healers with the ancient herbal knowledge of the Wood Elven people. In doing so, the healers of the wild faith help those in need while keeping alive the ancient cultural and religious institutions of their woodland elvish people. Culture “O’ Haelun’Taynan, orlle ay’adiln divcerun’ehya, lae heya elillern’tayna lentera hiyluan’ehya y’ameantaynei. nae heya kae’leh taynan illerale, kae’leh wynan’anuh il’sulwaleh, nae’leh ehya orahernan illera. O’ Haelun’lle, y’kae anoh’suliera, kae ay’nae’leh tilrunhaleral mediera adontere, iyul kae orern nae tilruereh, nae’leh ehya lle’saere karin’ento” ~The healing prayer, from the Liturgy of elnarnsae’ame. Schools of Training “Healing is both mind and soul, dedicated to a Mali by another.” ~Melethre, Wisewoman of the Irrinite Healing Lodge. Ranks Members
  14. Ameikurn’onn Chef Where: The Glade of Siramenor When: Sunday 6/14/2020, 5PST / 8EST To the long-lived woodland elves, merely living for survival isn’t enough. Everyone one does has to be an art, a skill learned for the pursuit of utter perfection. Long have the wood elves cherished the culinary arts, for it allows them to display creativity, passion and joy while maintaining their natural harmony with the wild world around them, creating fantastic dishes out of what the forest, rivers and seas provides. In the pursuit of friendly competition, the Wood Elves of Siramenor are hosting a cooking competition in our village. Be it wild game, mushrooms, herbs, fish, may the best cooks from across the Elvish world come to compete for the title of Culinary champion of Siramenor! Sign Up Sheet! Name(s): Race: What Dish will you be preparing?:
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