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  1. ((MCName)): MissSniperQueen ((Discord)): Vi#0069 Name: Lenniel (Undine). Age: [Redacted]. Heritage: 'Thilln Blood, Tybur. Affinities: Water Evocation, Conjuration, vast knowledge on Earth Evocation among other otherwordly matters.
  2. brief, understandable and cool dynamics. i like it. tho i lowkey feel like water & air elementalism are lacking a couple 'flavorful' abilities compared to storm, fire, earth or metal-- idk, i think those two could be extended a lil lol 1+ nonetheless
  3. Discord: Vi#0868 IGN: VictoriaMinaj Skin: (PeachLova) Kaz, 600. @NLThomas @Nug
  4. Discord: Vi#0868 IGN: VictoriaMinaj Skin: (PeachLova) Kaz, 520. @NLThomas
  5. Discord: Vi#0868IGN: VictoriaMinajSkins: (Mewliet) Auburn, 200. @DragonofTaters
  6. A, surprisingly, youthful teen dared entering the room along with her cousin, Louis Philip de Rosius. Hera, wary of the elder man's behavior, stood by the fine frame entailed by Valent's room before glancing away upon her cousin's desperate cries for help. No word or thought voiced out of the young woman.
  7. i'm one step away from hell
  8. RP Name: Isolde MC Name: VictoriaMinaj Voted: Yes
  9. As it should be. Once you apply a herb (or anything along the lines), be it in a paste or powder, it's logical for the item to be either burned or taken away from your inventory by an ST. My main issue with this type of RP, as a medic RPer myself, is that on almost every occasion the medic has to singlehandedly 'carry' the roleplay with little to no description of the patient's wounds: an issue that is caused by 'x' amount of players who choose to just let the medic do the work themselves without putting much thought into their emotes (yes, I do understand that the interaction from a patient v
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