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  1. IGN: VictoriaMinaj Character Name: Undine of Tybur Magical Ability(s): Water Evocation, nearly T5. Discord: Vi#0003
  2. Pretty Imperial Pirate | $13 Ay! Por favor! | $4
  3. Pretty Imperial Pirate | $8 Ay! Por favor! | $4 @champ
  4. Pretty Imperial Pirate | $4 Ay! Porfavor! | $4 @champ
  5. it doesn't offer much other than barely lifting and pushing objects around-
  6. i rly was hoping that this rewrite would be much different than the others, but it just seems a bit less/as bland akin to the rest... telekinesis could be exploited into a very creative and fun lore to rp, i think it has great potential if worked on for a while... tho, i like the general idea of this lore and i believe u should be able to pull this off with the feedback you're getting/about to get :)
  7. this sounds like a rly good idea for a new creature lore, gj! +1
  8. Skin: Good Morning, Mourning Bid: 150 Discord: Vi#0003
  9. Skin: Good Morning, Mourning Bid: 100 Discord: Vi#0003 @tadabug2000
  10. Skin: Good Morning, Mourning Bid: 70
  11. I completely agree with you. I believe that lightning evocation could be brought back since most of the magics that already exist on the server include a vast variety of combative moves/spells and that, this magic should not be any different. Nonetheless, you do have to understand that (from what i've been seeing myself) most of the LOTC playerbase doesn't even want to consider bringing this lore back because of the experiences they may have struggled with in the past due to how "broken" this magic was and could potentially still be. Not to mention that even though, you have add
  12. Firstly, all these redlines I truly see to be fit for a magic that has always been to know a big impact on general CRP. However, it just seems like you have not added as much spells that may contribute to casual rp in a non-combat way (other than, i suppose, merely creating lightning sparks) since all these redlines are basically just being used to justify a once again overpowered and broken magic. Like some peopel have addressed earlier, you haven't exactly made this lore any that different from the other rewrites that have been denied in the past, yet I think it has great p0tential if you do
  13. Despite being relatively new to the server in comparision to most of the players expressing their opinions under this lore post, i must say that i have spent quite a while researching lightning rewrites myself and so far, this is the only one that i truly think that has enough potential to bring something like lightning evocation back. Nonetheless, i do believe and agree with some of the people commenting, that even though you have put effort into trying to ease and lower the capability of abusing a magic this blandly used for primarily crp in most cases, you haven’t exactly fixed the main
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