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  1. Somewhere, a certain ghoul cackles.
  2. What is your baptismal name? ✟ Hera Claude de Rosius. Your age? ✟ 25. You’re right in front of me.. but for record’s sake, what is your race? ✟ Full-blooded human. Do you have any family? ✟ Yes, I am apart of the esteemed House of de Rosius- of which I was the heiress of, briefly. How do you wish to serve God? ✟ My heart and soul are with that of God, and for such reason, I believe my goals to be quite related to that of the Supreme Order of the Exalted Owyn. Those being persecuting heretics, or creatures of undeath, and preserving the true faith of this realm. I have endured years of gathering knowledge about darkest creatures among others so I believe I could be a most fitting asset to the organization. Where would you prefer to be assigned if accepted? ✟ In the Supreme Order of the Exalted Owyn.
  3. Vi


    Petals dwindled about, hither and thither through the air. Whilst so, digits wobbled some as such raffle befell Hera's witty gaze. And so, an individual ticket was taken 'hold by the dame.
  4. A Despot's Union (c. 1838) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A depiction of the Vasoyevi celebrating the long awaited union. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Long, it has been, since the humble and unstinting populace of the Despotate of Vasiyeva had graced their own deferential lives with a consequential and worthwhile festivity. Nevertheless, naught more. It is today that we are to epitomize the joy of the proud Vasoyevi, so thereby, the yearned sacred union of His Serene Grace, the Despot Andrik Vasovic and his bethrothed Zoya Morozova, Matriarch of the noble House of Morozova, is to take place within the following narrative months. The Holy matrimony of the Despot and his eventual Despotess is announced throughout the entirety of Almaris, and so, all who wish to do so may attend the venerated ceremony. Indubitably, this festivity will be held within the Despotate of Vasiyeva, at the revered Saint Nafis' Cathedral, on the 20th of Harren's Folley, 42 S.A. All are welcome to the joyous occasion, long awaited in its interlude. Signed, Despot of Vasiyeva, Patriarch of House Vasović, The Prophesied One, Defender of the Vasoyevi Sigismundaroşie of Fate and Faith, Matriarch of House Vasović, Izaslanik to the Despot of Vasiyeva -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  5. Once replenished with joy and endearing semblances, that isolated Chateau commenced to mourn. Weeping, especifically, protruded from the faint structure. Hera Claude bawled for her mother's death, for stains had proven their presence most fruitful about the de Rosius' visage. "Woe to us, and peace to you, Mother." That youthful dame murmured, to no one especifically.
  6. It's my birthday.



  7. It had been long, since the Matriarch of House Morozova had slinged outside. Ornamenting her hair were so strands, though minuscule, of an eerie hue of white. They seemed marks of aging, or sorrow. "Ah, another tragedy befalls under the other, consumed." Zoya muttered, dwindling some before rescinding to the chambers that she had confined herself to, for eld times. "May the light of GODANI guide these unfortunate souls, for pity radiates from Vasiyeva's woeful heart." That dame cooed, the gates of such chambers sealing thereafter.
  8. Yes please, I'm over of people who have been (almost) crippled during a combat encounter and out of nowhere, they emote their telephatic bird to heed to their rescue. And then you've got 15 people swinging swords around you- within a minute that the bird was sent. :).
  9. Dwindling about the chambers of Lenniel, so did this little notice lay rest. Though the contents within had already been discovered by the dame, she shed no words. A relieved visage was entailed by the Tybur, hues piercing unto the horizon and lips drawn into a smile.
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