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  1. Forth is brought a call, ingrained within the back of the mind. A whisper, a song. It tugs closer to an alternate reality – a glimpse, not of what once was, but into the unknown. Sorrow and woe cut through the vision, both in sight and sound. “She is forged, borne of a wicked curse.” Boundless potential, unchained magick. Ice weeping bitterly and cold just the same. Yathnz undere yatl daz'zhask al'Rron. Thur'daz’mordu. “Salt and frost perforate the North. It shrieks.” Sturdy, it looms. An ancient cairn of stone. Eldritch, arctic chills leaking from within. Bhrun-cul-ka undere verthkul-fo. “Four witches and divine ambition.” The mirror reflects and portrays the tale. Her rebirth is here. Du'bhaktal gathan-kumrn, zu'emregn ozkuhr. “An antique of unimaginable power, borne of greed.” Blessed as She was, the witch grants a wish. Frost and snow rearrange themselves under Her will. Cries of angst resound loudly within the prophetic mind of the recipient, hailing from a newborn. It surrenders – the North. A silhouette rises from the snow as if magically called upon through the intervention of a cacophonous song. What was it? An unholy canticle. Eve is made. Her grief was deafening, tormenting as though she was forged. Daz’emregn, nal’narg re’sna. “Reborn, she has been.” Numbingly, the cold engulfs conscience and mind alike. It is bitter and one lucidly brought themselves from this nightmare with little struggle.
  2. it feels like ur saying a slur right now say her name loud n clear !
  3. participating in a self teach altar event for earth evocation 2 weeks into the server so that my friend could learn magic. we entered and i had already started with a bad foot by straight up jumping into the void and then my friend decided to go my little pony friendship is the strongest magic on the event npcs, who ended up bashing a rock into my friend's character and pking them for falling off to the void. then i lost my character's hand and a shaman did some weird shit to fix it. good times!
  4. 8iWUCdM.gif

    Jarvis, it seems that VictoriaMinaj is now following us. This is excellent; we must expand our network of staff members, and slowly take over the server through JARVISPOSTS.

    Follow them back. Complement them. Smile. Wave. Ensure that the MArt is accepted. Give them an extra large pizza slice. 

  5. See, I cannot agree with this either. What I'd like to point out first is that this seems a personal opinion regarding their own experience and how they think that the roleplay that has been adjacent to the group -that they lead- should be roleplayed. It is going to be 'biased' to a certain degree. Anywho, please do not use Diogen or Serheim as examples for successful or thematically adequate cultural settings for the Frost Witches. I mean no offense, no harm, and nothing more than the truth: his and your group never received direct involvement or any sort of teacher guidance from his or your respective mentor. There wasn't ever a chance or opportunity to be taught about the ideals of Frost Witch roleplay. You simply can't claim that by going to his group and his group alone, that "we will understand what the Fjarriagua are all about". Like I said, I don't mean any offense, but are you hearing yourself? What would either of you know when you didn't have a competent teacher, and you willingly refused to indoctrinate yourselves under the rest? The problem here is not activity. It is the people. I think y'all are missing the point of the whole post, as well.
  6. In my personal experience, I have not been roleplaying for as long or for as much as you may have been, but the little that I have been able to experience upon joining LoTC and subsequently the Frost Witch community allows me to say the following with complete security: players often deliver interpretations of the lore that they are using mindlessly and what this leads to is the conflictive issue that you have pointed out. Whereas each one of them may live up to the expectations of roleplaying the piece's mechanics as adequately as they possibly could, this does not accentuate that they are also abiding by the foundational and primary aspects that their lore has settled thematically. It is exactly as you described. Frost Witches, Undead, whatever they are, they are oftentimes (if not most of the time) executed without an ulterior reasoning or an ultimate goal behind their storyline, and that is why their lore and their group sinks into inactivity. On a practical note, I understand one must stimulate roleplay and playing with the same few people can get boring. To this I say:it’s what you signed up for. Part of playing this creature is to form a coalition with others like you. If the lore indicates they find comfort in each other, if they’re pack oriented, what have you; it’s what they are. Going against this and having a character act on their own most of the time without any repercussions only serves to prove the point that lore doesn’t matter to players. However, I wholeheartedly disagree with this. There are many factors that you haven't taken into account whilst elaborating on this specific paragraph and these are vital towards the creation of a storyline or group. If I decide to join an alternative cult or rather coven in this case, it is because I want to add to my roleplay instead of substracting interactivity and potential opportunities to progress one's character growth and development. Locking and restricting players behind groups that, Frost Witches as an example, are incredibly unreliant and inactive at times is not only unfair but extremely harmful towards the environment of the group. There is something that every single player should have when it comes to lore, and it is the freedom to orient their character towards whichever direction they feel most attracted to: in the explicit case of Frost Witches, regardless of their narrative-imposed concept of coven-work, there needs to be a balance between the story and the practicality that it has. From what I have been to experience first-hand, it is simply impossible to be fully expectant of a group shutting themselves off the rest of the world and players due to the mere justification that "it is intended to be this way because the lore says so". Does inactivity on the group's part not play a part in this case? Because I, myself, have suffered from stagnancy on the community's part and I have been led to dismotivation and lack of interest for the piece and its adjacent roleplay due to the fact that there were simply no active players (either at the time or in general). Anywho, what I am trying to get across is that you cannot deprive a member of your community from detaching from your nest to undertake their own journey. Freedom is necessary, at least to a certain degree. The rest of the points I very much agree with. lol shut up esoteric cosmology rp larper (this is said with love)
  7. They will be removed, except Cursed Ice since the only variation from the new iteration is the optional effects (a & b). Yes, it is under Tier Progression.
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