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  1. who is ur fav mukbanger whos ur fav played persona on lotc and why pur manifest
  2. Hera sat within the comforts of her home, nodding approvingly at the missive that had just manifested so sharply in the magical relay afore.
  3. THE LEX ARCANA Overhauled Regulations of Magick FOREWORD, ensuing the Empire’s dissolution, the restoration of the Kingdom of Oren and the abolition of treacherous recusants and followers of the False ‘Emperor’, the Arcanic Court of the Imperial Empress Anastasya I fell between the cracks of the tumultuous war - forgotten. It is therefore not surprising that its prestiged members resolved to pack their belongings and leave. YET, we prevail. In the aftermath of said recent events, Madame Zhione Dagre’sae and Lady Hera de Rosius have endeavored to preserve the careful oversight of magical ongoings within the Kingdom’s borders. With the blessing of His Royal Majesty, King Frederick, the LEX ARCANA shall be founded to oversee matters of the arcane. The goals of the Lex Arcana are thus: The regulation of magic within the Kingdom of Oren as a means to protect the lives of its people and limit the use of dangerous arts. The responsible administration of allowances of such magics, so that those in service to the Kingdom might use these arts to protect its borders and peoples. The advisement of the King and his court on all matters arcane. The protection of the King and his court from all threats, be them mundane, magical, or otherwise. The teaching of those who desire to serve the Kingdom in the arcane that is safe, and ensure the knowledge of the dangers and responsibilities are clear to them. POTENTIA TRIUM The POTENTIA TRIUM is a concept which embodies each and every aspect pertaining to the goals of the LEX ARCANA, dividing the said in three different titles and /or paths. VETUS ORACULI; or archaic mentor, is the individual entasked with the propagation of education and information. Through mediums such as apprenticeship, colleges, scholars and many-a more, an oraculi shares their wisdom and enlightens the Kingdom’s people about the dangers & safe ways of magick. EQUES MAGA; or mage-knight, is the individual entasked with the enforcement of the regulations and the tackling of any would-be dissidents of the said. In other words, the eques ensures the goals of the LEX ARCANA are accordingly met by every inhabitant of the Kingdom, including the removal of potential corrupted practitioners. DUX ARCANA; or arcane guide, are the individuals beseeched with this very title once their regulation and/or Licentia Arcana is approved by the LEX ARCANA and its prestiged members. LICENTIA ARCANA For far too long have magical crimes and misdeeds been done within the land of our noble Kingdom, so thence it has been decided that certain restraint must be applied over the usage of such minacious practices. A regulation is to be reincorporated. Effective as of the publishment of this notice, wielders of magical gifts are to contact the LEX ARCANA on the matters of their practices, as to enter a documentation process in which, if passed in totality, said individual shall receive a license and an identifying trinket; enabling their usage of such arts within the Kingdom, though to a rather restricted state per whatever role they are assigned. The acquisition of said license, however, is not free. As it shall be accompanied by an identifying trinket with the gift of augmenting the magick of a DUX ARCANA, a minimum fee of 150 mina must be paid. This is subsequent to a then (OOC) monthly fee of 50 in order to keep their privileges in constant vigor. On the matters of magical constructs, such as obelisks or special forges for the creation of Atronach-kind, these shall be completely restricted to the bounds of the Kingdom’s palace; under careful surveillance of the LEX ARCANA. In order to acquire a private construct, one must pay a minimum fee of 300 mina and officiate that they shall carefully look after the said; as to prevent calamity. As well, warranted searches in said spaces are to be expected every now and then to account for the state of the construct paid for. These will be out of cost, and if all seems well, the owner may also be rewarded for upkeeping their duties and responsibilities. Those interested in joining the ranks of the LEX ARCANA are encouraged to contact Madame Zhione Dagre’sae or Lady Hera de Rosius.
  4. REMEDYING THE MISTAKE Penned upon the 8th of Sigismund’s End, 1869 . . .SHE WHO LIES, A PHONY SORT, NAUGHT TO BE TRUSTED. . . ONCE MORE, TO THE RESPECTABLE PEERS AND CITIZENS OF ORENIA, AND TO THE FAMILIAL DISSIDENTS OF BALIAN, Following the dissolution of the past Empire and now Kingdom, several noble lines have resolved to declare fealty and loyalty to His Imperial Majesty, King Frederick I, and the House of de Rosius is no exception. THEREFORE, It piqued my curiosity enough to discover the little, pitiable girl who lay claims to the title of HEIR and MATRIARCH. These are but the words of a false pretender, and an ambitious wench seeking to rise in power - regardless of the side in which they stay on. AND SO, For far too long have these issues and truth been unseen, secluded in the dark of their nature. It is for such reasons that I hereby denounce CHLÒE GISELLE ‘DE ROSIUS’ for the sinful acts of trying to strip the righteous inheritor, I, from her birth-given titles and trying to declare fealty in the name of a bloodline that she certainly does NOT own. LET IT BE KNOWN, that as the current and true Matriarch of House de Rosius, my word is absolute in regards to my family’s name and that the claims of foreign members of the line and traitors to the Kingdom of Oren are NONE but deceiving words which shalln't hold any weight or significance. House de Rosius shall and will uphold their sworn duties to the CROWN of King Frederick I and his successors, in the very name of the Kingdom itself. BARONESS OF HOUSE DE ROSIUS,
  5. SEVERING THE ROSE Penned upon the 8th of Godfrey’s Triumph, 1868 This document displayed an embellished, lavish appearance. Across its sparsely ragged body lay a seal of vibrant red wax - bearing the crest of House de Rosius in its center. Its contents were but a mere declaration of fealty and thus public, the missive itself able of being found throughout the lands of Oren. TO THE RESPECTABLE PEERS AND CITIZENS OF OREN, In light of a recent passage of events, I as still Matriarch and Baroness of a sole noble House of a great many, am exacted to deliver a few squabbles of words due to my unfortunate absence at the Courts, whilst the transgression of the Empire to the now Kingdom prodded through. Nevertheless, after some brief consideration, the House of de Rosius shall and does hereby swear that it shall uphold its oath and service throughout this tumultuous time of change. It shall remain in stalwart servitude to the Royal Crown, and uphold its duty in eradicating traitors and would-be dissidents against the rightful King Frederick I. As well, from this point forth, consider this peer line unattached and no longer hesitant to confront the likes of those who oppose the change - specially fellow ilk of the family who claim might and power they don’t rightfully own. BARONESS OF HOUSE DE ROSIUS,
  6. when did u start drawing what do u use to make ur gorgeous and talented digital art
  7. ━━━━━┛ 回 ┗━━━━━ Through the lands of the North, a woman carried on through cantankerous frost and snow, overcoming treacherous paths and lanes - each and every one of them worse than the other. Yet her childish determination peeved the stone beneath and before she could reap some awareness, the lands of the forsaken East - Yong Ping - were bordered on. Statues landed within the woman’s eye, a beady and teetering pupil which sought to oversee the esplanade further ahead; one of many, yet last to the rest. Her ears twitched and so certainly was her presence stuck with many riddles. In the bounds of her grasp were then forced crumbling friezes of stone, agglomerated in a prominence of pebbles. Each riddle present became embodied in stone, their responses crudely carved on the said. ₪ You see the rainbow bridge after it rains cats and dogs. How much sugar do you need to survive the winter? ⋆ As much needed in order to muffle the harsher environment, with hallucinations and sweet, sweet candy. ₪ Your neighbor is working on his farm. It caught him off guard, that space that smelled of seared steak. Why did he bleed? ⋆ Because he is a sloppy butcher. At the time of slaughtering part of his animals, the machete in both his hands failed to deliver a final strike, and the animal remitted back out of anguish and fear. ₪ It took me too long to realize that the ceiling hadn't been painted to look like the sky. The clouds offered the cool scent of mint. What do they whisper? ⋆ The sky is painted, it cannot whisper anything beyond culminations of falsehood. ₪ Cotton is often used in a noble's clothes, but they forget to close the door. Memory, memory, memory. What's green and slid through? ⋆ Their greed, or nasal goo. ₪ On the morrow come the four horsemen, forlorn and depressed, they each bring barrels stained with a rose petal's hue. Why did they arrive at dawn? ⋆ They arrived at dawn because they were expected to, after a planned robbery at plain midnight in which a tavern was ransack by the four horsemen. Yet it didn’t go as planned and instead a carnage was involved. Men but these four died, and they took upon one barrel each as compensation for the failed strategy.
  8. fav roblox game what would qard’s music theme be
  9. FRAUGHT OF MIGHT, AND GREED THE EMBER WITCH BURNS WILTING THE ROSE TO ASH. FORENOTE: The following parchment may only be found within the bounds of the Imperial Palace and its residents, such as revered peerage and the members of the Arcanic Court themselves. It is wrought of an evanescent material, the paper and ink glowing upon being unfolded. A SCORCHING ROSE Published: 6th of Snow's Maiden, 1865 “For far too long have we been ridiculed - degraded and even hunted for the mere gift which we bear; fear-driven imbeciles employing their brute force to wipe us out from this earth. I say, we begin demonstrating the extent of our capabilities that we may use to shift the tide and perspectives of the past. It is true that we cannot deny the past, or the casualties which such brought onto our present - the unfamothable Blight of the East - yet, are we to pay for a few stray mistakes which we took no part in? I think not. Though as it was lost Sisters and Brothers of the same craft which brought upon us this chaos, our order shall be to purge this taint; and for this task, we shall demonstrate - gather, Court Mages, gather. Our test subject shall be my own home, the now ruined and lonesome Chateau De Rosius. Come to the imperial palace gardens when the sun is to set, and the moon to rise, then we shall display what we are truly capable of.” THE AMYRLIN SEAT, Keeper of Protection
  10. THE YEARNED BLOSSOM Auvergnian Storytelling Long past these times, the lineage of de Rosius has rested idle within the shadows - forgotten and no longer yearned as before. This tome is written for the purpose of enlightening those interested in the truth about these unremembered peers. It is imperative to shed light over such matter, for our presence and return is immediate. BLURB: De Rosius is a noble House of the Holy Orenian Empire, bearing the title and luxurity of a barony and affable history of political influence in yore. Originating in stories laced with heartbreak and deceit, de Rosius finds great pride in their Auvgernian descent, as well as in the cultural traditions that have rooted the family ever since its formation. WOE TO HIM, AND HIS BLOOD. UPON A THORN SHALL HIS SPAWN’S FLESH BLEED, DESPAIR SOON TO FOLLOW. Centuries past, long past the bounds of Almaris’ soil, a nation withheld as an Empire likewise to our present - frail palaces which shook occasionally as the earth groaned, ravaged by insane Lords and laws deemed treacherous in this time. Bars of sunlight cast through fog and smoke within villages scattered across the land, which made motes of dust glitter where they yet hung in the air - unfolding the humble abode of Maximillian, presumed forefather of de Rosius. Scorch-marks marred the grandeur of His home - His walls, His floors, His ceilings. Broad black smears crossed the blistered portraits and guilt of once-bright murals, soot overlaying crumbling friezes of decorum and furniture - and among such rubble lay the lifeless corpse of a beloved damsel, Margaret, the woman whom our ancestor had settled in marriage with, in the stead of the elfess whom He refused. “Vivian… Why have you done this?” The forefather of our noble House cried afore the sight in his abode, and in an uncontrollable lack of tears, he dropped to the floor; the cries of a remaining survivor resounding throughout the ruined chamber - a newborn - spared from the wrath which incurred from Vivian and her profane magick. YET, THAT IS WHAT HE WAS MADE TO BELIEVE, FOR A CURSE WAS THEN THOUGHT TO HAVE BEEN CAST UPON THEIR SPAWN - FAILURE IN LOVE STRIKING EACH WOMAN OF THE BLOOD. DE ROSIUS IN THE PRESENT (FORENOTE: This list is constituted by the most influential and actively-participating members of the family, such as the Baroness and the Heiress to such a title.) Hera Claude de Rosius (1812-Present) Driven by ambition since birth, the Baroness was once a traveler without halt - without respite, always off to some place elsewhere from Horenia. Yet as she aged, her mind was shaped. Taught from a young age to put on a facade, Hera tends to ‘disguise’ the truth of her way, never satisfied and always seeking to pursue higher, more. In strife for power, the Auvgernian reclaimed her righteous path to the title of Matriarch and Baroness despite the perilous encounters between her own father. In a later age, Hera delved into arcane practices, soon mastering few magicks - arts and tools which bestowed upon her the opportunity to retain control, though that she rid of promptly afterward to so befit the wishes of the Empire. As of now, she simply resides within the bounds of the Chateau de Chenonceau - new home to all of the Blood. Chloè Giselle de Rosius (1838-Present) The embodiment of motherly love, this young Auvgernian is commonly known for the warmth and love that she radiates - though covers shalln’t be judged - as deep beneath the beauty of Chloè and her lovely self, a ferocious warrior lay rest. In the coming of age, Chloè fought side to side with the ISA against the Tripartite, right after giving birth to a pair of sane babies. Sword by her side, and familial love by her heart - truly, an admirable damsel. Elara Sylvie de Rosius (1840-Present) A well-mannered damsel, fraught of academic motivations and the seeming urge of standing above all else. Elara is a sophisticated girl, though rather unfortunate. In her early years, a wretched formation of dwarves took and held her in for ransom - ever since prohibited to wander the land on her own. Years went by, and yet she aged beautifully, times grew more and more dire. With the initiation of the war, Elara was kidnapped one last time, resorted to humiliation by the Kingdom of Haense - something that shalln't discourage her motivation, as she now finds utility and interest in the medical arts. TBD TRADITIONS OF THE ROSE THE ROSE CEREMONY Upon the birth of a de Rosius' offspring, they are designated with a white ribbon - which must be worn on their form at all times, regardless of the situation. It is believed that to lose sight of one's ribbon is a sign of bad omen, a sign that references to the vile witch who cursed their Blood. When each family member comes of age, they are granted the chance to engage in a hallowed ceremony; with their ribbon tied to their hand, they must carry on and have an individual whom they hold endearment and admiration to place a crown on their head. This crown is to be crafted by the likes of the family member's hands themselves, out of roses and vines, and with the aide of their ribbon. Should they elaborate a functional crown with the 'forementioned materials, though prick their skin, the ceremony shall be called off and the family member must be placed in solitary confinement where prayers shall then take place in order to lift any blemish that Vivian's curse placed onto the individual. WITHERING CEREMONY Whenever a family member gets married, both the bride and groom are required to include two roses - one red and one white, in their outfit as a token of good luck. Guests - though especially those related to the happy couple - are also encouraged to wear roses; though this is not a requirement and often ignored. Many members of de Rosius prefer to mourn in white, as it symbolizes new beginnings and that the deceased is (hopefully) beginning anew in the Seven Skies. Black can also be worn though, especially in public. This is done in order to avoid offending those who don’t know of the custom. When a family member dies, they are laid to rest in the family crypt. It is customary for all family members to visit the family crypt and lay a rose on the deceased’s coffin, afterwards gathering in their home or the home of an immediate family member in order to offer their condolences. The immediate family may also begin planning for the funeral, with the extended family helping if wished. TBD AUTHOR’S NOTE This book is never-static. With the passage of time, so it shall too change - updated by my hands, and by the hands of my Blood.
  11. "-All existing deities / Aengudaemonica and Pantheon [This also includes creating new deific magics with entities that have not had long histories w/ magic. Xannic, Tahariae and Aeriel magics and subtypes will be reviewed. Any others will be denied on the basis of the re-formatting of the pantheon]"
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