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  1. Silas comes home to a crow bearing a letter. But this crow...wasn't just any normal avian. It was a memory. It was regret. It was the bittersweet sorrow that cooed in the back of his mind all these years. Upon the sight of the bird, Silas slowly slips his helmet from his head, a fresh-bladed dent in the side of it, tossing it aside. He kneels down, extending one hand slowly to the creature as if it were some mythical beast from a realm not his own. "By the gods, Peter....what happened? How are you here?" Naturally, the bird would peck at his hand, to which Silas quickly
  2. Rijka Physical Description: The Rijka is a larger species in the family Leporidae, known for its rabbit-kind. Growing to be about the size of a small/medium dog, these creatures grow to be about 15 pounds fully grown, and about 2 feet in length. These beasts sport an ivory horn anywhere between 3 to 12 inches in length, coming in different shades of pale yellow, cream, and white. While this horn generally extends forward, it may corkscrew or curl any number of times on its path, taking various shapes. Some Rijka may have gouges or naturally grown patterns upon their horn
  3. Archer- ylka Hood- Vyl (Coincidentally spun from Vylk, for head)
  4. Silas, clutching his newly-born child, observes as a bird swoops down before him, his Silver Falcon following along and squawking playfully. He smiles to the bird, taking the parchment in one hand and opening it slowly. He reads over the contents with an approving gaze "I'm glad they're getting on well." He looks down to his sleeping baby "Perhaps we will go. Won't we, Sylvia?"
  5. Silas looks over a sheet recounting the various tenets with a supportive expression, shortly after sent into worry "How unfortunate a fate for a vassal of Oren..."
  6. Somewhere out there, be it far or near, Silas was sitting at a desk, writing poetry of his own into a large tome. One which his feelings might come to life without being broadcast to the world.
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