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  1. Eunomia Vanrose looked over her new dining table, moving around the chairs she had just pushed in, her hands gliding over the cotton table cloth, smoothing out the wrinkles of the fabric. Her amber gaze moved to the window, the palace she had been in earlier that night just barely in sight, the edges blurred by the mist of cool air that flowed through Providence. Her mind stalled as she recalled the shame of the dwarven king, the sizzle of burned flesh that pervaded the momentary silence of the court as he was branded. A grimace took to her features once more as she shook the thoughts from her head, returning to her task of decorating the table. As she lit the candle at the center, a low hum escaped her as she mutters to herself, "War seems rather complicated. Even something as simple as cutting hair leaves ripples in society." Aylin Vanari glanced over the missive she had retrieved from her post box, the paper crumpled from being stuffed in her satchel beside her other letters. Her frown deepens as she reads over the words, the ink stamped on the page smearing as the rain dripped from the overhang above. A slight curse slipped from her lips as she pulled further back under the awning, her viridescent gaze running over the wet cobblestones just out the clan house. Folding the missive, she makes note to speak of it with a few of her fellow officers, letting out a slight sigh as she opens the door and steps into the warm space of the entryway, intending to do away with her worry until she could discuss it in a more apt setting.
  2. Josef_Cringe go brrrr What's your favorite film? What your favorite genre? uwu
  3. Aylin's quill hovered over the paper, hesitant to write. How does one truly organize everything that had taken place? She placed the quill back down, leaning her head into her hands, tears building, frustration rising. Another friend lost to a situation that would be so easily handled by the very Sentinel mentioned in Aech's letter. A Sentinel whos job is to keep contact between initiates and the other ranks, one that is meant to teach the initiates proper duties and how to follow orders. Why does the blame fall to others who have tried to ask over and over what needed to be done, needed to be changed? Her memories clicked, realization growing. A slight grit of her teeth, a scraping of a chair against wood echoing in the room. Her hands grabbed the letters, moving to take them to the others, to truly address the situation.
  4. Aylin Vanari opened the door, looking round before leaning do to pick up the note and tome. Moving inside to the privacy of her own roon, she then read over the note, absorbing the information. she chuckled wryly as she compared the note and the laws "Key point being that the guards should have access to the list of items." She sighs "At least someone high up takes notice of qualms, can't fault Dramyr for that" She places the note and tome of laws away in a safe spot for reference in the future before moving to continue her chores on the estate.
  5. Aylin Vanari sighed deeply as she read over Inui's writing, recalling each event. A noise of frustration escaped her at the mention of banishment and astronach limbs. "Varhelm claims we should know everything when they don't even send out announcements of banishment or lists of banned items. What are we meant to do? Read their minds? I fear they simply claim whatever they wish and intend to use that against anyone they dislike." She pulls one of the posters, taking it to show the other Vanaris, knowing this would be used against them. "Hell, Inui is no longer an Orenian as they claimed her to be, they're going to start a war with their careless claims and statements." She grumbles under her breath, "How far will Norland fall before realizing their error? Perhaps I should just retire" She moves swiftly towards the estate, a cold look in her eye.
  6. Aylin simply shakes her head upon receiving word of the demands. "How often is Talons going to be raided?" She moves to go home, tired due to the long day. "And why is it always the Rustlers?" She groans, shaking her fists at the sky in annoyance
  7. "Perhaps they will finally heed our warnings" She muses as she walks down the road towards the hub, glancing at the head swinging in the gentle breeze. Her grip is on the pommel of her sword, relaxed. A grin spreads across her face. "Oren should have handed over those bastards long before this, perhaps the way it was handled wouldn't have been as violent." She thinks back on when the rangers rallied to go to Oren, nearly being trapped in the process, frowning before pulling out the missive sent by Absolon. "I'm not sure of the outcome, but my sword is ready." With that, she continues on her way.
  8. A figure sat on the edge of the wall, near the back gates to Elysium. Staring out into the wilderness, shoulders tense and sword ready, Aylin Siannodel Vanari took a deep breath. Releasing it, she found herself momentarily distracted by the small cloud of fog. She shook her head, tired but still trying to be aware of what was outside the walls. "Come on Aylin. Stay awake." She thought about her duty, the same one which had been questioned by Orenians not long before. The same Orenians who had taken two of her fellow initiates and a medic as hostages, going so far as to bind them and inflict injury. Her friends, people she cared about... Her vision flashed red, a new headache forming. She grabbed some snow off the wall near her, she placed it on her forehead, doing what she could to alleviate the pain. She looked next to her at her falcon, Zephyr, and then down to where a note was tied to his leg, one that held a message of warning, should it be needed to be sent faster than her legs carry her to the the bell in the town square. She murmured to him giving him a small fluff of his feathers, "I wonder how the Orenians will spin their tale. Certainly it will be in their favor. Will they claim they outnumbered us? Or that we were angry over nothing, even when they had brought so much harm against our own?" Her gaze turned back to the trees, the snow glistening under the moonlight, pure. A stark contrast from the red stained snow that she knew lay just beyond the tree line, Aobh's blood staining it. A flash of pain went through her head once more. "Perhaps I should go find someone to take over for the rest of the night." She swung her legs over the edge, setting her feet back on the walk way, standing up and cracking her neck. "Come Zephyr, we shall be useful tomorrow." The falcon flapped over onto her outstretched arm, rubbing his head against her bicep, as though he was comforting her. She smiled, jumping down from the walls and running back towards the keep, her body light, but her mind and heart heavy.
  9. Beelzemier


    Born in the The Principality of Aegrothond as the second child of Siannodel family. Raised to understand the workings of the docks and how to sail, she assisted her family's trading business, primarily with paperwork. She often interacted with people of all descents, learning of many cultures through dock workers. She lived with her mother, Kateria, her father, Cadfael, her older brother, Manon, and her twin sister Aeron. Her desire to learn was fed through the many books that were imported through the docks. She learned early on how to navigate, absorbed in the stars glittering in the sky. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Her twin sister perished, having gotten caught in a net, drowning as she was dragged to the depths by the weight. Needing a distraction, Aylin left the ports, traveling to visit her cousin in Elysium, in the Kingdom of Norland. She wishes to learn more of the humans and their culture. She also wishes to read texts that were not available to her while at home. Learning truly is her greatest passion.
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