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  1. Rina stares at the letter mumbling a quiet "idiot". turning on her heels she aimlessly walks back into the house emerging a few moments later with supplies. Wandering over to the small graveyard of her family she took the rocks and made a makeshift grave next to the others. She then sat down and weaved together a yellow flower crown, placing it atop the grave after. Looking to the other already made graves she sighs "you all take good care of him now, he needs a good amount of guidance." her gaze lands on Alucard's make shift grave. "tell em I said Hi kid." her voice waiver and with that she stands trudging into her home.
  2. As the elfess puts away some supplies in the clinic a sudden thought struck her. "I wonder if Juni is doing alright." She speaks out loud muddling over the thought for a while before going back to the mindless task
  3. Rina quickly reads the missive. "Is this like the third prince now? Thought they had to be selected by the leaders of the elven nations. Well it is not my problem, I told them unitin a group of people with different views was not a good idea." The elfess scoffs and throws the missive away.
  4. Rina Took the letter and read it before promptly burning it. "The church is seriously a bunch of idiots, which is why I hate em."
  5. I completely agree. I will also say that even the process of being unbanned takes months for some players, who's actions were not as bad as those still unbanned on the server.
  6. Under the Lubba keep a red clad elfess lights the missive ablaze. She watches it burn with satisfaction. "this is cowardice on the orc side and pure idiocy on the elf side. I rather be watching the elven nations burn rather than a piece of paper with meaningless words of agreement on both sides. " she turned back and continued her work out. "guess now people will actually focus on the real threat."
  7. Rina pauses before her eyes widen. "WE ARE SUPPOSED TO GET A GIFT"
  8. Rina looked to Scrisa confused. "First why are ya yellin. Second what work do I have to do? It is a weddin ya wear somethin nice and drink booze." She shakes her head patting the red bokolo next to her.
  9. IGN: The_Sunflower_ Skin #: 20 (the red one with the blue sash) Bid: $35 (i think this is a buy out just making sure lol) Previous Bidder: N/A
  10. Skin Name: Black Knight Skinner's Username/Discord: Sunflower!#3670 Bid: $8
  11. An elfess in red and grey armor reads the missive with a smirk. "It is about time someone called Elysium out. I wonder what way Elysium will twist this story or will they turn to the crippling Oren. Either way seems I need to pay a visit to the Rex." Grabbing some cactus green and food she sets off from her home towards The Iron'Uzg.
  12. A Union Of Moon and Sun A marriage of a Songbird and a Solros [!] A painting of the forest right outside of the Vale. The Moonshine druid Ornthalas Songbird and the head of House Solros Liluth Solros are happy to announce their wedding. The couple will be wed under the blooming Cherry blossom tree outside of the Vale. The two elves would be joined together in a life bond in a traditional ‘ame ceremony. [OOC: Friday April 8th at around 4pm est.] Formal invitations are extended to: The House Solros The Songbird Seed The House Guenevere de la Luz The Inhabitants of Talon’s Port The Lawyers of Lubba Keep The Starlight Druid Zaelyn & Valmir The Feather Druid Fisulii The Lady Lhoris The Inferno Druid Nailo Signed: Liluth Solros, Head of the Solros House. Ornthalas Songbird, the Moonshine Druid. .
  13. Kaytlyn Barclay walks into Odistat reading the letter. She looks up to see her brother nearly running into him as he makes his way out of the home. "Borsa, I am assuming you have read this da? There is a war going on yet inner conflict is being pursued." @Raijen Stars She states before letting him be on his way.
  14. An Elven woman donned in red, writes some letters and sends them off hopeful that they reach the leader of this thing. After she sets out to gather materials, a small smile on her face as she awaits for her birds to return.
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