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  1. Honestly I searched through the alchemy list, trying to find potions that did a lot of this stuff, and it was surprising that there was not really anything that did what these potions do. Hence why I thought I would try my hand at writing the lore up.
  2. Adunic Alchemy An adunian bowie alchemist, currently sorting and preparing the herbs to make into medicine or symbols. Lore Reagents Deer Heart Potions Stags Stamina Seared Salts Bowie Camouflage Purpose OOC Comments and Shoutouts: First I want to make it clear, this is my first time submitting lore or alchemical lore for that matter. So apologies if it seems a bit weird formatting wise. Secondly, I want to give a huge shoutout to those that reviewed the piece and gave some advice, that being Nooblius and TheBlackBobRoss. Along with, those that just peer reviewed it with me, such as DrHope and Jameson, this is was a lot of fun to make and work on. Regardless of all of that, I hope to write some more lore in the future. If you have any criticisms or comments, by all means comment on the post or just dm me.
  3. Swog would currently be making food, a fresh fruit salad in fact, however upon hearing the new's the gobbo would stop. The messenger looked at the malnourished creature, and for the first time, a single tear was shed for the Wonk. "Latz waz da hozhest King ov da Kinder Goi........"Sniffling, he would thwack a bandaged arm to his chest. Nodding at no one in particular. "Mai latz drink da grog, and lead da B teem from da Zki, Froggie"
  4. [!] A letter would arrive at the doorstep of lady Nyx. "Hello there, the young Adunian Bachelor named Edward Thuri-Elendil, is a very sad Dilf looking for love. The man has four kids and has been blessed with the courage of an Angul. Give him a chance and I am sure you and him would be an amazing match. Signed by The Simple Blindman" Vesryn would chuckling as he smoked on the front porch, glad to know he was a decent wingman for his lonely brother in arms
  5. Vesryn would look out from the tower, the smoke rising in the distance as his feet dangled from the towers edge. Slowly he would stand, stepping backwards into the tower. Nodding his head slowly as his grey and lavender gaze rested towards the horizon. The new dawn slowly bringing new rays of light. "Hmmm with this new day rising, I wonder what is to come for us all in the future" He would stroll downstairs, preparing to properly train.
  6. Would nod as he saw the poster on the side of the road, curious about this, he would slowly lean over. Picking up the flyer he would nod as he looked over, his path lay before him. "Hmm might be able to find what I am looking for." With a grin growing under his face mask, he would wander to Eastfleet in search of the shop
  7. Vesryn read the letter, his brow's furrowing in concentration as nodded. "Well then, I assumed something like this would occur." He would look at the wall, it's grey fixtures and tones, shifting in the rays of the lantern light. His own thoughts wandered to the events at the gate, what he had seen. His lips would turn to a frown, one of disappointment. "When will they understand I wonder." He lifted up his mask, slowly leaving his house as he made his way out into the forest, heading to his current research project.
  8. SilvertheGM


    Vesryn from a very young age has always loved the sea and its splendor, in fact the only thing that has rivaled this passion was his passion for unity. From a very young age, he was forced to live off of scraps as a beggar. Resorting to pick pocketing and thievery, he was no master thief, but he was good enough at talking his way out of a situation. This is how he got out of many of the situations that he had to deal with, of course it was not how he was able to get out of situations with his deranged mother. While his father tried his best to provide for the young Vesryn, their a came a point and time when he succumbed to an illness. After a year of torment from his mother, he remembered waking up in the morning, only to see the house empty of all coin and possessions with a note merely saying "Deal with it yourself". With spite in his heart, and a thirst to make it in this world. He set his sights out and boarded a ship named the Wishful Wyrm. It was at this time that the city of Free Port slowly fell under, with little economical progress being made, the city fell into poverty and soon was forgotten like the spray from the sea. As for Vesryn, he continued his journey across the seas, learning tips and tricks from his new father figure Draken Carzell, a skilled smuggler who at accomplished many feats in his long life. Such as fighting briefly in the Ruberian War for the Holy Empire of Oren. These stories, along with the lessons that he taught, help guided Vesryn into his goal. He wanted to achieve similar feats, however he wanted them to not be brief. Instead he craved to create something big. This got him into thinking, what could he do that would cause a big wave. It got him thinking, and he slowly landed on it, his people of course. His father had always told stories, how his people had been forced to wander and split. Never remaining united for long, and always forced to flee. Vesryn was tired of this, and as such, he swore upon the open sea that he would unite his people and take back their land. No matter if it got him killed. For the next several years he studied and learned the ropes about seafaring, he also studied the basics of the blade as to better his skill. But most importantly, he smoothed the edges of his silver tongue. Briefly he became the negotiator for the Wishful Wyrm, and business was good. However by the time he was 24, almost 17 years working alongside the crew, he left. Leaving enough to repay for all that they had done, he set his sights out on the world and began his search for allies on the mainland and contacts to create.
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