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    Ahng Gulr born in Krugmar as a single child. His mother died a few days after birth leaving him with only his father. His father was a fisherman which inspired Ahng Gulr to become like his father. When Ahng Gulr was young his father would bring him along on the fishing boats. Ahng Gulr grew accustomed to the life of a fisherman and soon started to pick up fishing when he was three years old. He and his father would continue this fishing work for the next 10 years. One day on the fishing boat Ahng Gulr's father would encounter a fish that could not be caught by no regular orc. That day it was stormy the waters were rough Ahng Gulr's father had a fish on his line. But something was wrong Ahng Gulr has never seen his father struggle before to catch a fish. Ahng Gulr rushed to help his father pull on the line, but it was too late the fish was too strong pulling his father into the sea. On that day and onwards Ahng Gulr would continue to become stronger to eventually catch that fish.
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