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  1. "Takes a certain coward to kidnap a baby. Let this monster get the swift justice of the headman's Axe." Ruathar frowned, deeply disturbed by the news of the kidnapping.
  2. Ruathar Indoren studied this missive with great interest. Only a faint smile on portruding from the corner of his mouth. "A fine dream, alas one needs to wake up to the reality that our current division is more complex than that, and unless we let go of past grievances, and learn to forgive for the wrongdoings of the past there will most likely not be any hope for unity in our lifetime lliran. For too long have we been hearing of unity with very little incentive for us to unite, so what will there be done? I pray that a worthy Ker will arise to lead us." He sighed and turned around to water hi
  3. Rest well, comrade." Gregory signed the cross, as he remembered the first time he met Jackson in the recruitment office. He smiled fondly knowing that he would most likely be sitting in the Seven Skies.
  4. "Shouldn't the Empire lead by example and look inwards aswell? Would be a good first step, before pretending to be any better in this sad tale. It's easy to oversee the problems from inside of your own home. 'Let this be the last Nordling War?' So you say, but that would imply murdering every man, woman and child of Norlandic descent. Then who is truly evil?" Ruathar shook his head in utter disbelief. "Any amount of wordplay will not cover the fact that is what you would imply by the 'Last Nordling War'. I for one can with complete clarity see who here is evil."
  5. "It is not impossible to be allies with people of different faiths, as the Iron Accord stands as a testament to that. The fact stands Oren would never admit they piss down on 'pagans' who most likely are better people at heart than the hive mind of the common Orenian. You don't become a terrible person by worshipping the All-Father, the Spirits or the Ancestors. Certainly it must hurt that Oren is not the center on the world stage anymore, how can you be when your motto is 'Oren or death'?" Ruathar Indoren shrugged as he sat in the local tavern of a backwater settlement, free from Orenian oppr
  6. Ruathar Indoren raised a brow, as he had studied the simple language of the valah Empire for years "'Oren aut Mortem'? bold to assume that if you're not with Oren you deserve death. What a bunch nonsense. Right to a life well lived can be found outside of Imperial tyranny." The ker would simply smile from the neutral settlement he resides in.
  7. Ruathar Indoren worries for his cousin living in Norland, as he would catch wind of the possible rise of evil threatening the life and peace of his family. "This must be a horrible nightmarish machination by a madman."
  8. "And once again the Wick family seems to have little regard in terms of garnering respect from their peers." Gregory Bazin, a HRA soldier commented.
  9. "Perhaps it would have been more credible from a neutral party, no one but the Goats know what truly happened in Sedan. You can question them when they're rounded up." Gregory Bazin shook his head and lifted a glass of ale to his mouth, sating his thirst at the tavern after a patrol through the streets of Haense.
  10. "Looks like someone should be arrested for arson quite fast, you cannot use Godan as your shield against the law of the state." Gregory Bazin would shake his head at the blunt tone of this criminal.
  11. Dennis Hartraft smiles from the Seven Skies at the use of the name of a village he formed many centuries ago.
  12. "And yet they are trying to silence her from raising an opinion, by hanging her. If they were indeed good of heart they would take heed and try and improve their Empire. If they make a martyr out of a child, they have already lost." Ruathar stated the obvious.
  13. "Hmm... via proxy I imagine that they would trial her, as the ISA could not possibly apprehend this woman - Velulaei y nae ilumeh, young one." Ruathar smiled as he lit a cigar in the comfort of his home, before crumbling up the letter for the fireplace.
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