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  1. Syndryl, the Kings Guard stood with the kings message.
  2. "If I had a kid, they would certainly be enrolled." Stated Syndryl
  3. Abderzak Solemn wiped the blood off his blade after the long fight, bruises on his beautiful black face and his blue hoodie. "I'm very much Laughing out Loud"
  4. Syndryl is excited and happy for the newborn baby.
  5. Syndryl nods in disappointment as he walked by the burnt down clinic.
  6. Discordtag : atomic#4224 MC Name : subprofits RP Name : Syndryl RP Age : 22 Are you entering as a Commoner/Knight/Champion of a peer? Specify which : Commoner
  7. The Mudd rested his longsword on his lap, next to him, a bucket of water with a cloth inside, he slowly started to clean the blade. He stated to himself, "It was a good experience pushing people off the rooftops and watching them fall to their sad death." He said while laughing a little.
  8. ={ OOC }= MC NAME: subprofits DISCORD: atomic#4224 TIMEZONE: EST ={ RP }= NAME: Syndryl AGE: 21 RACE: Human
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