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  1. Waclaw Jazlowiecki laughed as he read the notice. "Good to see that Veletz condones the kidnapping of a member of a Royal family. Wonder how King Edmund will respond to this blatant aggression from the Veletz-backed Ferrymen."
  2. Ser Waclaw Jazlowicki frowned as he read the declaration. "For sure a noble gesture by his Highness, but Stassion has already shed innocent blood. We have an aggressor already, yet not an action being taken to discipline them."
  3. Ser Waclaw Jazlowiecki gave a solemn nod upon reading the Petran account of the events. That… sounded infinitely more likely, to be blunt. He remembered how less than a year before another Stassion man had made an attempt on the life of King Edmund. Either the crownless king in Stassion needed to do a much better job of vetting soldiers or something truly foul was afoot. He took out two rolls of parchment and began to pen two letters- One to his Alstreim cousin and one to his Von Theonus nephew. Something needed to be done to reign Stassion in.
  4. “A Pontiff serving the will of Haense by unduly stepping into secular affairs. Shocker.” Grumbled Count Waclaw Jazlowiecki.
  5. OOC NAME: ratlordmagic_ IRP NAME: Waclaw Jazlowiecki DISCORD: bulbasaursucks
  6. Known dissident Aster von Theonus grumbled as he read the announcement. "Ich wonder what the Order of Saint Jude threatened them with..."
  7. “The Order of Saint Jude should keep its overlarge nose out of our Kingdom’s affairs.” Grumbled Ser Waclaw Jazloviecki. “Hard to take advice from an organization that doesn’t even know what damned year it is.” In the Petran woods, a certain Dark Skinned vampire rolled his eyes upon reading the “missive”. “Half of this is just an outright lie.” He muttered, taking it to his outhouse to use it for what it warranted.
  8. “WUNDERBAR.” Exclaims a young Aster Von Theonus
  9. Waclaw Jazloviecki scoffed with disdain as he read the so-called accusation. "So, do they have actual evidence to present or is this just a thinly-veiled strike against Aaunic leadership? I'm inclined to believe the latter."
  10. Waclaw Jazloviecki let out a defeated sigh as he read the notice. "You've dug your own grave, Konstantin. Had you kept your head and not leapt to such drastic measures, something could have been worked out. Now, though..." A mailed fist slammed into his desk in Nowa Warsovia. "Now we have to act."
  11. Aster von Theonus gasped upon reading the Mayor's account. "Ich am glad our Mayor survived entering what sounds like it could be the back rooms of the World... Gott knows those places can get creepy!"
  12. Aster Von Theonus smirked and playfully shoved his brother as he complained at dinner. “Everyone tries to beat you up.”
  13. “These ‘Nuns’ have poisoned children. I’ll do everything I can to bring them to Justice, no bounty required.” Said Ser Waclaw Jazloviecki, sharpening his blade.
  14. Ser Waclaw Jazloviecki rolled his eyes. “These so-called ‘nuns’ are a danger and need to be dealt with. Unless, of course, Her Majesty values the safety of false nuns over that of her nation’s populace.”
  15. “I wish with all my heart this was unnecessary.” Ser Waclaw Jazloviecki sighed, crossing his arms. “The sad truth of it is that is. We cannot risk the safety of the general public over a misguided sense of propriety.”
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