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  1. Masashi Iekami nodded his approval upon reading the declaration. “Serves the damned vulture right.”
  2. Masashi Iekami had spent the time since the execution feeling lost. His best friend, almost a brother, executed in the streets like a common criminal. His wife, one of the kindest, most caring people he had known, slaughtered without mercy. Otton… well, he was there too. The Oyashiman clenched and unclenched his fist. There would be a time for action. But not now. Now there were children who needed him.
  3. Masashi Iekami remains proudly aside his longtime friend, now a ruler in his own right. As a new dawn shone over the walls of Lvinsk, he couldn’t help but smile.
  4. “Oh no! Anyways…” Masashi Iekami says from the newly-restored Margraviate of Lvinsk.
  5. Somewhere in Southern Almaris, Adalrich Barclay shakes his head at his treasonous kin. “If du are going to accept a Kingdom’s titles und stab it in the back at its moment of weakness, du are nicht better than ein thief.”
  6. See you, space cowboy…
  7. He literally said that they could leave lmao
  8. Mercenary companies in general are stupid, you shouldn't be able to buy pvp goons to just automatically win conflicts
  9. "Took long enough, but it's justice." Masashi Iekami commented, watching the punishment proceed.
  10. Masashi Iekami smiled as news of war reached Grodno. Time for the border guards to serve their purpose.
  11. "Can't rightly claim to call themselves Daeland now that there's no Daelish leader." Masashi Iekami commented upon hearing news of this. "Llewellyn should have known better than to trust the Radaghastians."
  12. Masashi Iekami toasts the new arrivals and a new generation of Jazlovieckis.
  13. Masashi Iekami claps his old friend on the back, hoping this marriage is at least marginally more successful than the previous one.
  14. Masashi Iekami stands proudly by his friend’s side as they stride into a new era for Grodno. The Margrave is dead, long live the Margrave.
  15. Masashi Iekami mourns the loss of yet another Jazloviecki, feeling the death of his longtime friend deeply.
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