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  1. Edmond reads the missive with a smile, proud for his cousin.
  2. The young De Rouen retraces the tales read to him as an infant of the Novellen bloodline. He ponders and recalls the alliance the two families shared for generations.
  3. Charles eyes his brother with an arched brow, awaiting his response.
  4. Charles agrees to accompany Ser Lucien, eager to possibly learn something out of the experience.
  5. Peter Pruvia prepares to march to the nearby villages in search of new volunteers.
  6. Osmond smiled broadly as he addressed the Prince's gaze and extended a firm handshake in greeting.
  7. This missive outlines Ser Sveneld Ivanovich's final actions before his doom. Horen's Calling, 1898 F.A. ♪ As Karl III declares how justice is to be payed for the actions committed against Haense, Sveneld snaps. Barging his way through the crowd of noblemen, "This is absurd." He barked as he lowed his hand towards the grip of his longsword, unsheathing his Raevir blade from his scabbard before directing the point towards the King of Haense. "This is a mockery." He roared as numerous guardsmen unsheathed their weapons towards Sveneld in order to shield Karl III. He lunges forward in attempt of impaling Katerina, successfully plunging his sword into her face before his skull is split in half by the same King he swore to protect. Sveneld was dead. The crowd gasps at the horrific sighting, some talking amongst each other and some shrieking in fear. "For every step the Ivanovich take fowards, they take five hundred steps backwards." The corpse of Sveneld was heaved out the hall as echoes of King Karl III ordered the execution of all Ivanovich blood and Cherskavy levymen.
  8. [x] SER SVENELD ANDREVICH EYEBALLS THE CROWD OF CHERSKAVY LEVYMEN BEFORE SEPERATING HIS LIPS TO ANNOUNCE: "Ea assume vy all know what is to come to pass in the near future." He paused for a second to shift his head to the left side of the hall, twirling his fingers about. "We are at a dismal time to live in, war strikes us at every second we have to live it seems." He'd shift his head to the right. "But alas, do not let this dishearten vy." - "We all know men are born to fight and die, that is the unfortunate truth." He pauses for a second once again to dart his attention to the centre of the room. "If vyr time to die is tomorrow then so be it, I shall follow the day after." - "Or it may be the opposite way around, but ea ask one thing of vy all today." He corrects his posture. "Will vy fight with me?" He yells. "Will vy fight with me and devastate these revolting, repulsive and abominable forces that shadows us?" - "If that is the case then pick up vyr sword and fight for a greater world, for a greater cause." - "We shall not yield today or on our last day, no matter the outcome of this conflict." HE CONCLUDES WHILST THE MEN OF THE CHERSKAVY LEVY RAISE THEIR SWORDS TO THE AIR WHILST CHANTING AND ROARING.
  9. SER SVENELD ANDREVICH READS THE MISSIVE, He stood elevated upon his dais, peering downwards onto the crowd of Cherskavy Levymen. "War is soon to be upon us." He announced to the men with a beaming smirk upon his facial expression, pausing for a second to lend an ear to the discussions of the crowd, observing them as they all stood firm with upright postures. "Take this idle time to prepare for whatever is yet to come." He concluded before being seated back on his chair.
  10. [x] A missive emitted to those closest to Sveneld Andrevich-Ivanovich and Carmila Marie in celebration of their wedding ceremony. THE MISSIVE READ, Carmila and I and rejoiced to announce the matrimony between us, we are thrilled to summon those that have been close by our sides in order to celebrate this magnificent day. We wish all those attending safe passage and will be exited to see you all. THOSE INVITED PERSONALLY, The Most High Regent, The Count of Temesch et Moere Paul Temesch and his pedigree. His Highness, Sovereign of the Aaunic Kingdom, Charles Leopold Alstion and his pedigree. His Serene Highness, Prince of Sedan, Joseph de Joannes and his pedigree. Nicoletta Anastasie Halcourt, Baroness of Artois. Helwig von Bardenwig, Mayor of Sedan. Ser Darius Olivier Halcourt. Josephine Marguerite Halcourt. Emir of Endor. Virion of Cherskavy. Cathy de Vilain. Ludwig von Bardenwig. EVERYONE IS WELCOME OOC DETAILS: SIGNED,
  11. SVENELD READS THE LETTER CAREFULLY, A large grin is displayed on his facial expression.
  12. SVENELD, THE SQUIRE OF LORD RIVIA RECIEVES WORD OF THE NEWS, Sveneld reads the missive carefully, distraught and distressed by the recent news he slams the piece of paper on the table he rested upon. Swiftly lifting himself upwards to stand up before departing to the balcony of Barrow's Crossing, looking out into the deep marine in the direction of Acre as his eyes began to narrow and express infuriation which was clearly apparent from his facial expression. "I will gut every Acrean man, woman and babe I lay my eyes upon." Sveneld spoke to himself in an undertone voice. . . .
  13. A FRESH ALLEGIANCE A missive sent to the leadership of Oren, declaring the Barony of Cherskavy's support within the conflict between the Kingdom of Oren and the Barony of Acre, written by Sveneld of House Andrevich. [-] THE LETTER READ, Dear Your Majesty, King of Oren, war is a troublesome event especially when your opposers were once your loyal subjects. I wish to make matters slightly easier for the Kingdom in these times of dull spirits and hardship. The Barony of Cherskavy hereby declares their full support to the Kingdom of Oren in the wars ongoing, and the wars to come. Signed, Sveneld Andrevich, Baron of Cherskavy.
  14. IN NEED OF RECRUITS A missive sent out to non-enlisted personals that seemed fit to fight for the wars and conflicts that are occurring within Oren. [-] ENLISTMENT If you happen to be looking for a military to enlist into, please DM lucass#9369 on discord or message me directly from the forums. Signed, Sveneld Andrevich, Barony of Cherskavy.
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