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  1. Within the hallowed halls of Tor'Praeth, a solitary servant passed with silent reverence, bearing witness to an unusual sight. Lady Ro'ya Nullivari, renowned for her cold demeanour, sat in quiet contemplation - her palms grasped a missive, the delicate parchment bearing the seal of her beloved sister. Her gaze studied the words inscribed upon it, a fleeting and subtle metamorphosis sweeping across her countenance. That icy veneer that typically cloaked her faltered, the frost thawing, and a solemn hush descended, as if the air around her held its breath in deference. And as rumour whispered from servant to servant, it was said that Ro'ya Nullivari shed a singular tear for her sister.
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  3. “Never forget, Never forgive.” Published: 11th of the Grand Harvest, Year 165 SA [!] A missive was dispatched to the esteemed Lords and Citizens of Celia’nor, and the members of House Nullivari. With profound reverence and admiration, House Nullivari formally announce the gracious decision of their Excellencies, Lord Thalon and Lady Ro’ya Nullivari, to relinquish their distinguished roles as Patriarch and Matriarch of our esteemed talonii. In this pivotal moment, House Nullivari reflect with great commendation upon the enduring mark left by their tenure. We stand on the foundation they established and nurtured - our legacy of wealth, power and dominance a testament to their wise leadership. Lord Thalon and Lady Ro’ya pass this flame onto the capable shoulders of their grandson, Vaelyx Nullivari. Born of Kallias Nullivari, Vaelyx is the embodiment of what it means to bear the Nullivari name. Therefore, it is with unwavering trust and confidence that the title of Patriarch shall be bestowed upon him - a sacred responsibility. As House Nullivari embarks upon this new chapter, under the guidance of Lord Vaelyx, we affirm our commitment to act as the formidable and steadfast defenders of Celia’nor. We pledge to uphold our values and stand in resolute service to the Celian Crown. AY’PUERAN; Her Excellency, Lady Ro’ya Nullivari, Grandmother of House Nullivari, Former Evarir of Celia’nor, Former Laurir Kaliri and Fer’pueran of the High Council. His Excellency, Lord Thalon Nullivari, Grandfather of House Nullivari, Former Evarir of Celia’nor, Former Laurir Sil of the High Council and Royal Advisor, Former Grandmaster of the Order of the Gryphon. His Excellency, Lord Vaelyx Nullivari, Patriarch of House Nullivari, Evarir of Celia’nor.
  4. Seated within the hallowed sanctuary of her family estate, Lady Ro'ya Nullivari's regal composure remained unruffled as her viridescent gaze hovered over the missive. Her sharp brows furrowed at the mention of the Nullivari name and the subsequent web of lies weaved by Ava Ranaleth. "The True Celianorian," the matriarch spoke, a melodious laugh escaping from her maw, "That is the only truthful deceit written within these pages." With a calculated air, Lady Ro'ya rose from her ornate chair, and with deliberate motion, she set the parchment ablaze within the hearth, watching as the flames consumed the falsehoods. With casual grace, she resumed the rhythmic task of sharpening her blade.
  5. “Never forget, Never forgive.” Published: 11th of the Grand Harvest, Year 156 of the SA House Nullivari and their legacy remains a testament to the indomitable spirit that courses through the veins of Celia’nor. Distinguished and birthed from drive, unyielding fortitude and the inherent willpower to survive, this noble talonii embody the very essence of strength and authority. Being among the first lords of Celia’nor, House Nullivari has etched its name into the annals of Celiaorian history, and are thus adorned with an air of regality. Fierce defenders of the realm, their loyalty is a formidable force, unwavering and absolute, pledged to the service of the Celian Crown. TABLE OF CONTENTS I. HISTORY II. NOBLE & GOVERNMENTAL ROLES III. THE NULLIVARI MINDSET IV. TRADITIONS AND CEREMONY V. VALUES VI. APPEARANCE I. HISTORY ⚔︎ From humble beginnings, did Malithor Nullivari, the first of the bloodline, come to create a noble and powerful family which cherishes its values and kinsmen over all. His struggle was that of a lone man, seeking to push his name forward into the great records of elven history. It was his desire to gild the surname into the minds of all elven-kind, even by force if necessary. ⚔︎ What began as a vision, came into fruition in the Silver City of Haelun’or, where Malithor Nullivari rose to the rank of commander within the military, marking the commencement of a trajectory that seamlessly evolved into a thriving political career upon the Silver Council. His cunning nature set a standard for all Nullivari to strive for, and a confidence that could be mistaken as arrogance. Thus, the talonii began to grow alongside his own prowess. Malithor commanded the respect of his peers and obtained admiration of his countrymen. Alongside the great Sohaer Othelu Orrar, did he and his brother Thalon Nullivari, push Haelun’or into a golden era of military glory and legislative revolution. ⚔︎ After the death of Othelu, the Nullivari moved on from Haelun’or prior to the collapse of its government. Thalon Nullivari and his wife, Ro’ya, found friendship in Ivarielle Ibarellan as she sought to establish her own dominion within the continent of Almaris. Thalon became guide and confidant to the first Princess of Celia’nor. This is where the talonii were granted the noble status of Virar and inherited a vast plot of lands, thus named Eld Roth, where they established the Nullivari Keep. ⚔︎ Over time, the Nullivari have held many public positions within the Celian society while others held more [redacted] positions. The Nullivari are among the first lords of Celia’nor and are fiercely loyal agents of the Celian Crown.They have held unparalleled trust from all Celia’norian monarchs and continue to devoutly serve. As a result of this historic loyalty and trust, the Nullivari have since established familial ties with the esteemed Royal House of Ibarellan. Èowyn Nullivari, born of Thalon and Ro’ya, entered into matrimony with Turin Ibarellan. From this union, Hurin Nullivari-Ibarellan emerged - the prophesied High Prince of Malinor, intertwining the legacies of the Nullivari and Ibarellan. II. GOVERNMENTAL AND NOBLE ROLES ⚔︎ CURRENT POSITIONS: - Thalon Nullivari: Evarir of Celia'nor, Grandmaster of the Order of the White Gryphon - Ro'ya Nullivari: Evarir of Celia'nor - Èowyn Nullivari-Ibarellan: Naeri'sil of the Order of the White Gryphon - Hurin Nullivari-Ibarellan: High Prince of Malinor FORMER POSITIONS: - Thalon Nullivari: Laurir Sil, Royal Advisor - Ro’ya Nullivari: Laurir Kaliri, Laurir Fer-peuran, Lady of the Interior, Master of Paint. - Kassian Nullivari: [redacted for National Security purposes] - Kallias Nullivari: Master of the Hunt, [redacted for National Security purposes] - Èowyn Nullivari-Ibarellan: Laurir Akaleh - Vaela Nullivari: Lady of the Interior - Zoddryk Nullivari: Master of the Forge - Valindra Nullivari: Court Mage of Celia’nor III. THE NULLIVARI MINDSET ⚔︎ A Nullivari is regal and poised, with a certain eloquence in which they carry themselves that denotes a sense of pride in the very surname which they bear. There is a greed and hunger for power than often causes them to delve into more nefarious dealings, such as espionage, black-market trade, politics and more taboo practices that are often masked by the coy smile and titles wielded by silver-tongued Nullivari. ⚔︎ Many, due to their upbringing, have a ‘better than thou’ attitude, which stems from their individual struggle to earn their place within society, rather than reaping the benefits sowed by another from their bloodline, for inheritance is not a luxury provided to youthful Nullivari. While prideful, the Nullivari are often calm, collected and meticulous with inquisitive, eloquent and thoughtful natures. It is expected of each member to carve their own way through life, thus they take great pride in their vocations and strive to attain the highest possible standards for their trades and professions. It is not uncommon for a Nullivari to begin or end their interactions and dealings with someone by repeating their house motto, “Never Forget, Never Forgive.”, to instil their words into an absolute. IV. TRADITIONS AND CEREMONY ⚔︎ COMING OF AGE This customary rite of passage typically occurs around 40 years of age, although this is often contingent upon the perceived maturity of each individual child. Upon this special occasion, each Nullivari child is presented with a weapon, such as a sword or dagger, meticulously crafted for them. These weapons bear designs intricately tailored by the leaders of the talonii to aptly symbolise the unique characteristics of each individual. Further to the bestowed weapon, the young Nullivari is granted a separate estate, distinct from the family residence, marking the commencement of their independent endeavours. The size and opulence of this estate is determined by both their standing within the talonii hierarchy and their active involvement in familial affairs. The Nullivari in question will also choose from select markings to obtain, conducted within a small, family-only ceremony. These markings are as follows: Honourable - ‘Tiichiul’ Death of Adolescence - ‘Nelithral’ Devotion - ‘Nokglaur’ BESTOWMENT OF RANK Upon their 50th year, each member born of Nullivari blood is presented with the opportunity to assume a rank within the talonii. This milestone signifies the onset of adulthood, ushering a new realm of responsibility and experience. To attain such standing within the Nullivari, a ceremonial practice occurs where the individual is symbolically ‘knighted’ with a flaming sword, a sacred and honoured tradition. This symbolic gesture not only signifies the formal recognition of their elevated status, but also demonstrates the sacred bonds and commitments inherent within the Nullivari lineage. With this newfound status, they gain the liberty to articulate their opinions during family meetings, question the decisions of the talonii and autonomously choose pursuits that will guide them toward the realisation of their own aspirations. [!] Lord Thalon prepares the blade for such a ceremony - heating the metal until it is engulfed in flame. COURTSHIP AND MATRIMONY Following their coming of age ceremony, a Nullivari is deemed an appropriate age to begin courtship. However, any potential candidate must be brought forth to the talonii leaders and other senior family members for approval. To uphold status within the talonii, it is strongly encouraged for a member to seek a high elf partner. Without obtaining required approval for a union, any courtship with this individual is prohibited. Should it come to light that such a decision has been disregarded, and the relationship persists, any subsequent marriage will be deemed null and void in the eyes of the talonii and participation in future family affairs will be severely restricted. Upon receiving endorsement from senior members of the talonii, granted during a family meeting, the couple is permitted to proceed with union or marriage. However, it is imperative that the matrimonial ceremony takes place in the presence of a fire, adhering to a sacred tradition within the familial customs. [!] Lord Thalon and Lady Ro’ya Nullivari in their youth. They have since been married for over four centuries. PREGNANCY AND CHILD REARING The arrival of an elven child is already a highly revered event due to the infrequency of such occurrences, however, for the Nullivari, who value their talonii above all else, the birth of a new member is an exceptionally joyous and blessed occasion. Throughout the extended months of a pregnancy, the Nullivari engage in frequent familial celebration, with flames constantly lit in and around each Nullivari home, a sacred symbol of sanctity, fortune and familial bond. During adolescence, the values instilled within every Nullivari child are paramount. Strength, resourcefulness, pride and a deep value of family are cornerstones encouraged by adult members of the talonii. Spirited competition often emerges between generations which manifests in various forms such as intellectual pursuits. [!] Lady Ro’ya Nullivari tells a story to her three young children - Kallias, Kassian and Èowyn. DEATH Death, a solemn occasion within the Nullivari talonii. Be it natural or unnatural passing, when the soul of a Nullivari is ripped from the realm, it is offered one final farewell. The body of the deceased is placed within a golden sarcophagus and given its last rites, where it is then cast into flame and the body melted down within the casket and the bones incinerated into ash. Every member of the family is expected to remain until the casket melts and becomes nothing but a puddle of metal from which it was casted from. That metal is then carefully collected and gilded upon a statue of the deceased and placed within the catacombs beneath the Nullivari Estate to be forever remembered and revered. A flame is lit beneath it, never to be expunged nor dispelled and thus, the fallen Nullivari is properly laid to rest. [!] Thalon and Ro’ya Nullivari with their two sons, mourning the passing of a distant relative. V. VALUES ⚔︎ BELIEFS AND MORALS Power, wealth, family, honour and loyalty stand as the unshakable pillars of Nullivari values, each distinct yet intricately linked to another. Within these values, each member of the talonii must find their own sense of morality. At their core, a Nullivari is inherently individualistic, yet bound by a collective sense of purpose, derived from these foundational beliefs. Pride and purpose serve as the driving forces that compel the talonii to push its boundaries, ceaselessly striving for improvement through the integration of these ideals onto a unified path. The Nullivari, often guided by personal motivations, navigate a constant ebb and flow between the moral spectrum of good and evil. However, irrespective of this internal duality, each member of the talonii strives to preserve and would sacrifice all to continue what the Nullivari seek to preserve. FAMILY Family, to a Nullivari, reigns supreme and is of highest value within their lives. From the moment of birth, a Nullivari is ingrained with the unwavering principle that family takes precedence over all else. Furthermore, they are taught that the defence of one another and the sacred name they bear is an uncompromisable duty, regardless of the cost. These bonds within the talonii are exceptionally strong, devoid of deception or hidden truths among its members. Consequently, outsiders are rarely granted any insight into familial affairs, and entry into the family itself is a privilege rarely extended beyond the bloodline. This exclusivity underpins the profound commitment and unity that defines the Nullivari, reinforcing the notion that their familial ties are not only cherished, but fiercely guarded. POWER Many regard the concept of ‘Power’ as having the ability to control or influence others. However, the Nullivari have a more nuanced interpretation, for it is not the ability to control others, but to manipulate their minds to bend to the silver-tongued statements born forth from the maw of a Nullivari. While they are quite imposing individuals, a Nullivari often lurks within the dim corners of a room, pulling upon the emotional strings of one’s psyche and contorting others to their whims, sometimes for naught but entertainment. Therefore, the Nullivari, with their keen understanding and skill in manipulating the unseen forces, stand as enigmatic architects of influence, weaving their power through the intricacies of Celianorian society. WEALTH Wealth holds a significant place of value and relevance among the Nullivari. Each member adorns opulent sets of clothes or armour, serving as visible symbols of their noble status. It is also not uncommon for the Nullivari to strategically allocate and pool their wealth based on prevailing circumstances. There is a strong emphasis on each branch of the family to establish its other financial reservoir, a personal bank, to safeguard the array of precious metals, rare artefacts, crafted weapons and mina that each faction treasures. However, within the grandiosity of the combined wealth that the Nullivari possess, there lies a potential pitfall - greed. The abundance of riches at their disposal has the capacity to evoke an insatiable thirst for more. HONOUR AND LOYALTY House Nullivari recognise that loyalty and honour extend far beyond the absence of betrayal, abandonment or thievery. To them, loyalty is a tapestry woven with threads of faithfulness, dedication, honesty and trust, intricately intertwined to create steadfast, unwavering commitment. Honor, on the other hand, is the profound connection between an individual and society, obtained by regarding others with respect. These virtues are not just ideals for the Nullivari; but the foundation of their very relationships. While they value these qualities in all interactions, they reserve the highest regard for those within their own ranks. The Nullivari demonstrate that, akin to the strength of an army, the resilience of a family lies with unwavering loyalty among its members. VI APPEARANCE ⚔︎ The Nullivari are often described as devastatingly beautiful. Standing tall with impeccable posture, they exude an air of carefree confidence that captures attention. Their striking features include pale skin and silver hair, complemented by bright eyes that predominantly encompass shades of golden hues, green and sometimes blue. A unique facet of the Nullivari allure lies with the scars that many adorn - a dual symbol of pride and a testament to the intricate challenges each has confronted within their past. These scars, etched upon their skin, serve as a visible narrative of resilience and their complex histories, a layer of depth to the captivating beauty that defines the talonii. FAMILY TREE ⚔︎ AY’PUERAN; Her Excellency, Lady Ro’ya Nullivari, Matriarch of House Nullivari, Evarir of Celia’nor, Former Laurir Kaliri and Fer’pueran of the High Council. His Excellency, Lord Thalon Nullivari, Patriarch of House Nullivari, Evarir of Celia’nor, Former Laurir Sil of the High Council and Royal Advisor, Grandmaster of the Order of the Gryphon.
  6. FROM DISTANT SHORES 20th of the Amber Cold, 1944 In the quiet sanctuary of his study, where the soft flicker of candlelight danced across the walls, casting a warm and gentle glow, Jacques Henri Rouselle, a man of seasoned countenance and wisdom, sat at his meticulously arranged desk. The polished wood bore marks of time, each scratch and blemish a history of years spent pondering the complexities of his trade. In hushed ambiance, the quill gripped between his withering fingers glided carefully across parchment, the ink tracing an eloquent tapestry of words. His face was a portrait of thoughtful concentration; every stroke of his quill imbued with sentiment, each dip into the ink accompanied by a moment of silent prayer. With the scent of beeswax lingering in the air, Jacques folded the missive with a practised hand and pressed forth his seal into the parchment. Thus, under the dawning sky, did his child venture beyond the horizon, with a letter ready for its intended recipient. With the salt-dusted breeze tangling her hair, she stepped aboard the merchant ship that would carry her across the waters toward Aevos. Nathalie paid no mind to the fluttering of canvas and the distant gulls’ cries, for her mind rushed with thoughts of what was to come from this new realm.
  7. Within the great marble halls of Fel Varden, a servant silently delivered the missive to the matriarch of the noble House Nullivari. Lady Ro'ya Nullivari lofted a tailored brow as her sharp viridescent gaze studied its contents. Then, without a word, she dropped the letter within the nearby fireplace and watched as it crumpled into ash.
  8. A MOST NOBLE BIRTHDAY A Celebration of Four Centuries. Published: 4th of the Deep Cold, Year 132 SA Our matriarch has served the nation diligently and loyally since its very birth, undertaking a variety of positions within both our society and government. However, above all else, Ro’ya is a most valued member of our talonii and has guided, protected and dedicated herself to the betterment of our House. She has ensured our continued success and supported each and every member in their own endeavors. For that, we are proud to call her mother. Thus, the Evarir talonii of Nullivari is delighted to invite the denizens of Talar’nor to celebrate the 400th birthday of our most beloved matriarch, Lady Ro’ya Nullivari, a thank you for her hard work, perseverance and dedication. “Death is lighter than a feather. Duty, heavier than a mountain.” I T I N E R A R Y NULLIVARI NOTES Throughout the evening, the Royal Bards shall be tasked with providing affluent entertainment to all guests in the form of music and song. A collection of melodies beloved by the Nullivari talonii have been chosen to be shared with the guests. REVELRIES AND WINE All guests are encouraged to meet and converse with others attending, get to know those you might not have seen about the new city! An array of food and beverages will be provided by the servantry through the night. In particular, enjoy the signature wine of the talonii, Nullivari Noir, designed and produced upon the lands of Fel Varden itself from vines tended to by members of House Nullivari. SERPENT SEATS The Nullivari shall host their favored game of Serpent Seats with a prize of 200 mina available for the champion! The game is simple, when the music stops you must sit in a chair - whoever is left standing is eliminated. FINERY OF FLAME Those attending are highly encouraged to adorn garments of a high fashion standard with colors that best represent the House Nullivari, such as red, black, orange and gold or variations thereof. [[OOC: FRIDAY, 16TH JUNE @ 5PM EST]] AY’PUERAN; Lady Auro'ra Calavénon, Laurir Kaliri of the Laurir'heial, Lady of Festivities, Court Sommelier His Excellency, Lord Thalon Nullivari, Patriarch of House Nullivari, Laurir Sil of the High Council, Mar’Sil, Grandmaster of the Order of the White Gryphon, Evarir of Talar’nor, Lord of Fel Varden, Lord of Eld Roth, Royal Advisor, The Justicar of Ash, Champion of Wer Relgas, The Beast. SPECIAL INVITATIONS ARE SENT TO THE FOLLOWING: MEMBERS OF HOUSE NULLIVARI Kallias Nullivari, Heir to House Nullivari | @MCVDK Lady Vaela Nullivari | @MunaZaldrizoti Vaelyx Nullivari | Kassian Nullivari | @hotbox_monk Yulia Nullivari | @Dhaelena Eowyn Nullivari-Ibarellan | @JoanOfArc Turin Nullivari-Ibarellan | @rainedropf Hurin Nullivari-Ibarellan | @milenkhov Zoddryk Nullivari | @AdmiralLB Valindra Nullivari | @Morbibundity ARISTOCRACY OF TALAR'NOR The Royal Wynasul Talonii Virar Irelia Py’lrie, and their Talonii @xoxoMinniexoxo Virar Theoden Akaln’riv, and their Talonii @FredrickTeufel Virar Aestenia Aevaris and their Talonii @lillyeveans Laurir Atul Cerusil and their Talonii @amongus Lauririi Raziel Amethil @Laeonathan Lauririi Cresence Amlugol @GrowingIvy Noron Kraal Dralguna and their Talonii @KILL_MAPS
  9. Ilaria Wynasul narrowed her flaxen gaze as she read the missive, her features thereafter morphing into a wide smile. "I had not known Uncle Thalien were undergoing courtship with Lady Auro'ra." Setting the announcement aside, she set off to prepare a gift for the joyous occasion.
  10. THE COURT OF TALAR’NOR Published: 10th of Sun’s Smile, Year 132 SA The Court of Talar’nor is composed of members of our populace who have proven their skill and diligence in the betterment of our future and those who have personally overseen the growth of our society and culture into what it is today. These worthy members of the Principality have been awarded these roles within our court at the upper echelons of elven society and are tasked with the fulfilment of the duties required of their role, to successfully aid Talar’nor in its continued development. “What we hope to do with ease, we must learn first to do with diligence.” VALUES OF THE COURT Members of the Talarian Court represent an polished emblem of what all in Talar’nor should strive to achieve, ensuring high distinction amongst the populace of the Principality. Courtiers act not only as a paradigm of Talarian society, but they must also work with one another to enforce and maintain the social standards of our citizenry and ensure that all adhere to our values and morals. These core values of the Court of Talar’nor can be summarised with four words: diligence, fidelity, poise and amelioration. Members of the Court are expected to be diligent in their work, demonstrating persistent effort in the maintenance and expansion of their given field. Those who have shown unwavering devotion and loyalty to the Principality are thus rewarded with rank and title best-suiting their efforts. Poise, a simple yet imperative part of our Court’s beliefs, ensures that members are elegant and balanced in their manner, allowing the Court to operate as it must. Finally, members of the Court of Talar’nor are expected to strive for the betterment of our society and provide routes for its continued growth. It is the responsibility of the Court to ensure that Talarian society seeks to ameliorate our social values and culture. THE CIRCLE OF STARS The Circle of Stars, or otherwise known as the governing council over the Talarian Court, are responsible for the management and stewarding of the Court. They serve to provide continued and maintained advancement within Talarian society, specifically with regards to culture, nobility, activities and the arts. They provide support to the Princess and the Laurir’heial as each position within the Circle fulfils a certain role befitting their area of expertise and skill. THE SILVER SENESCHAL OF TALAR’NOR Saphielle Heithyra | silky#6510 The Silver Seneschal of Talar’nor, marked by a wrought-silver star pendant worn at their chest or lapel, is the head of the Circle of Stars. They act as the premier head of the Arch-Princess’ court and its day-to-day conduct. The tasks she must perform include aiding in the hosting of court petitioning sessions, planning court events and activities, and overseeing the caretaking of the palace residence and grounds. It is their responsibility to hire courtiers and fill the halls of the palace. THE LORD OF THE INTERIOR Kassian Nullivari | hotbox_monk The Lord of the Interior is considered the right-hand of the Silver Seneschal, serving first and foremost as their advisor on all matters regarding the Principality and its day-to-day business. The Lord of the Interior is responsible for the official hosting of court, entertaining both nobles of the land and foreign dignitaries. It is their duty to ensure that the reputation of the Talarian Court is maintained to the highest standard and must nurture good relations between the Court, the nobility and the populace on behalf of the Royarch and her councillors. THE LADY OF FESTIVITIES Auro’ra Calavenon | donutella#7899 The Lady of Festivities is in charge of all events headed by court and nation. They manage the flow of denizen activity, citizen engagement, and encourage tourism within the city. Along with the citizen engagement, they coordinate the growth and continuation of culture within the Land of the Horizon. The duty of this position lies in the creation of celebrations and traditions for the Principality. They work with the Arch-Princess to coordinate royal functions, plays, magic shows, and more. The Lady of Festivities is tasked ensuring there are revelries to be hosted and that the populace are kept in good spirits. THE LADY OF THE ARTS Irelia Py’lrie | xoxoalyssaxoxo#0967 The Lady of the Arts facilitates the arts and creative matters amongst the Court, conversing internally with the courtiers who relate the most to duties which require artistic talents, such as the Master of Paint, and relaying this information to our denizens. It is their duty to set the standards amongst the arts for the latest trends be it through fashion, paintings, jewellery, craftsmanship, or similar. They ensure that the Royal Family and nobility are held to the highest of standards and do not falter when it comes to the artistic eye of the courts being made known. OFFICE OF THE SILVER SENESCHAL COURTIERS OF THE PRINCIPALITY The role of Courtier is given by appointment, either by the Royarch or a member of the Circle of Stars. They are expected to attend events, effectively complete tasks related to their role and maintain the image of Talar’nor by being diligent in upholding our values and customs. Becoming a Courtier is often the beginning step for those who wish to rise within the Principality. THE COURT CRYPTIC The current Court Cryptic is not publicly known. The Court Cryptic has been tasked by the Circle of Stars and the royarch themselves with gathering information on the nobility and the ongoings of the court. Whether members of the nobility have misbehaved or the secrets of particular courtiers have been uncovered, they must report directly to the Silver Seneschal or the Princess herself. Their identity remains anonymous for their safety. THE PALACE STAFF The Palace Staff occupy a role just as significant as all else, as it is they who skillfully work the more mundane yet important duties, allowing the council and courtiers the time and space necessary in completing their own tasks. The Palace Staff often assist the Court Chef in the kitchens, preparing food for those within the palace or for grand events. They also might be found cleaning or attending to any children that might hinder the abilities of their parents. THE OFFICE OF THE INTERIOR THE COURT CHRONICLER The current Court Chronicler is Cresence Amlugol. The Court Chronicler is charged with the archiving and maintenance of Talarian history, the source of all knowledge in regards to our nation’s past and present. They must write and maintain accounts of important events regarding Talarian history and create copies of public missives and state letters. The Court Chronicler is responsible for the education of our denizens, ensuring that the populace is well-versed on our foundations and history. THE COURT MAGE The current Court Mage is [OPEN]. The Court Mage is tasked with assisting with magical entertainment and revelries within the Principality and the palace. They work closely with the Laurir Draoi in dealing with magical related threats. The Court Mage also aids in showcases of magic and entertainment of guests during events. THE COURT ASTRONOMER The current Court Astronomer is [OPEN]. The Court Astronomer is responsible for documenting and publishing findings relating to the night sky and the stars within it. They create maps of the stars for sailors and explorers for them to find their way back to the Capital city. Oftentimes they will make the Court aware of celestial events happening and host events celebrating particular astronomical wonders. THE OFFICE OF FESTIVITIES THE MASTER OF THE HUNT The current Master of the Hunt is Kallias Nullivari. The Master of the Hunt is primarily tasked with the planning and arranging of hunts for the nobility and populace to enjoy. This role includes the procuring of hunting hounds and hunting weaponry, plotting an ideal hunting course upon the nation’s land, and maintaining a prize pool for those hunters involved who prove skillful and above all others at the hunt’s conclusion. This Court role is often afforded to a member of the Talarian nobility. THE COURT CHEF The current Court Chef is Ariella Tawarenion. The Court Chef is responsible for creating and cooking specialty meals using fresh and unique ingredients. They are the leader of the court kitchens and oftentimes work with those running large events, such as balls, festivals or feasts, to supply food for those attending. THE COURT SOMMELIER The current Court Sommelier is Auro’ra Castington. The Court Sommelier specialises in all aspects of Talarian wine and other alcoholic beverages. They are responsible for curating wine selections which complement the food and theme during a particular event. Furthermore, they oversee and aid with the creation of new alcohol within Talar’nor. THE EVENT COMMITTEE The position of Event Attendant is not one that is held by one person, but many. They assist the Lady of Festivities with hosting a variety of events and festivals for Talar’nor as a whole should their services be requested by the nobility for their vassals. OFFICE OF THE ARTS THE COURT PAINTER The current Court Painter is Ro’ya Nullivari. The Court Painter is responsible for ensuring the standards of art are up to the Princess’ tastes. Painting portraits, landscapes of important events, and being the Arch-Princess’ personal painter are the jobs of this position. THE COURT SEAMSTRESS The current Court Seamstress is [OPEN]. The Court Seamstress specialises in their knowledge of Talarian fashion and creates appropriate clothing for the denizens of the Principality. They are responsible for studying any changes in fashion and clothing trends. The Court Seamstress also works closely with the Lady of Festivities and is encouraged to create outfits befitting particular event themes, such as providing masks for masquerade events or dresses for balls. THE MASTER OF THE FORGE The current Master of the Forge is Zoddryk Nullivari. The Master of the Forge is the master of all smithing and creation done on behalf of the Arch-Princess and her council. Be it handheld weapons, artillery, or inventions that improve life within the Principality itself, the Forgemaster is the foremost creator at the Royarch’s disposal. AY’PUERAN; Her Excellency, Lady Ro’ya Nullivari, Matriarch of House Nullivari, Evarir of Fel Varden, Lady Protector, Virar of Eld Roth, Laurir Fer’pueran, Member of the Laurir’heial, Master of Paint, Court Painter of Talar’nor. WRITING CREDITS (ORIGINAL) Not including the writing in the information hub MunaZaldrizoti - Ideas, Writing, and Editing Cepheid_ - Ideas, Writing, and Editing Silllkee - Ideas, Writing, and Editing Slattador - Ideas WRITING CREDITS (UPDATES) Amyy_ - Ideas, Writing and Editing Amuletic - Ideas, Writing and Editing Cepheid_ - Ideas WRITING CREDITS (UPDATES 2.0) Amyy_ - Ideas, Writing and Editing Amuletic - Ideas
  11. THE LAURIR’HEIAL OF TALAR’NOR Published: 8th of the Grand Harvest, Year 132 SA The Laurir’heial of Talar’nor, otherwise known as the High Council, are regarded as the highest echelon within our lands, only below that of the Princess herself. The members of this commission have proved beyond doubt their devotion, worth and diligence to the Principality. Each are inherently adept and proficient in their respective offices, and are tasked with both maintaining and facilitating the continued development of our nation. Their efforts and accomplishments are often subtle and unseen, but this does not disrepute their importance in providing the amenities they do and in creating the functioning society that all enjoy. “The wise speak only of what they know.” THE PRINCESS OF TALAR’NOR The Princess of Talar’nor is Veralya Wynasul. (Amuletic | amuletic) The Princess of Talar’nor is the figurehead of the nation, holding the highest rank and absolute authority within the government and over the military. She must control and advise the council, design and override laws and oversee diplomatic decisions. The Princess must also communicate with her populace, ensuring that the denizens of Talar’nor are content. THE PRINCE CONSORT OF TALAR’NOR The Prince Consort of Talar’nor is Alcyon Eli’baracal. (Malinor | Malinor#0001) The Prince Consort is the closest advisor to the Princess. It is his responsibility to stand steadfast and faithful by her side, accompanying her on matters of diplomacy, political and court matters, as well as day-to-day tasks. LAURIR OF THE PRINCIPALITY The current Laurir of the Principality is Hurin Nullivari. (Milenkhov | m.#3309) In the absence of the Royarch, the Chancellor is obligated to lead the nation in their stead. They are responsible for overseeing and guiding relations between foreign delegations and the nation, as well as ensuring the safety of the city and lands. They also act as the voice of the populace by electing preferred representatives to the Laurir’heial and removing councilors deemed to be inefficient in their duties. The Chancellor oversees all departments of council and assists wherever possible - even as the commander of the military, should the need arise. MORDU’LAR The current Mordu’lar is Mirallia Velulaei’onn. (iFractal | iFractal#5440) The Mordu’lar is the leader of the military and thus the head of national security. They are responsible for the safeguarding of our citizenry, enforcement of the law and management of the Vira’tir. They must recruit and train each soldier within our military and are obligated to protect the royal family. Any punishment befitting those who have committed a crime against the Principality is typically carried out by the Mordu’lar. LAURIR SIL The current Laurir Sil is Thalon Nullivari. (_Sug | Sug#4795) The Laurir Sil, or more commonly known among the Order as the Mar’sil is the leader of the knightly order that is under the patronage of the royarch. The figurehead of the Order of the White Gryphon, tasked with overseeing the development of new knights, squires, and pages. Acting as a liaison between the Order and the Princess, the Knight Paramount structures the duties of the royal retinue, explorations, and other duties held by knights of the Order. Additionally, he provides a bridge between the knights and populace of Fi'andria and holds a public role so that the Order is properly represented in the Talarian Court. LAURIR KALIRI The current Laurir Kaliri is Auro'ra Calavenon. (Donutxlla | Donutella#7899) The Laurir Kaliri is charged with the organization and management of all events within the nation. They direct the flow of activity, citizen engagement and encourage tourism from other nations within our lands. Furthermore, they are responsible for the coordination of growth and the continuation of our culture, shown through traditional balls, festivals or other celebrations, and must ensure these revelries are kept in good spirits. They work alongside the Arch-Princess in arranging tourneys, sessions of court, theater shows and more. LAURIR FER’PUERAN The current Laurir Fer’pueran is Ro’ya Nullivari. (Amyy_ | Amyy#3796) The Laurir Fer’pueran is tasked with penning most documents for the council and Arch-Princess. It is their responsibility to write the court archives, any necessary missives to the nation or foreign delegations, debriefs of meetings and so on at the behest of the Royarch. They ensure that quality publications are produced, representing the Principality accurately. LAURIR AKALEH The current Laurir Akaleh is Aestenia Aevaris. (lillyeveans | maevelin#1083) The Laurir Akaleh is the treasurer of Talar’nor and is responsible for raising the funds of the nation and allocating mina appropriately. They head the administrative matters of finance within the nation, ensuring that the economy is bustling and the treasury is full. They work closely with the Laurir Lin to generate funds for the needs of the nation through the taxes collected from our citizenry. LAURIR LIN The current Laurir Lin is Ante’ahern Wynasul. (CephalonAir | air#0002) The Laurir Lin is the head steward, tasked with the collection of citizen taxes, finding homes for the new residents within the city and the general maintenance of the city itself. They are responsible for electing and dismissing other stewards. The head steward is also granted the authority to evict those who fail to pay tax, and work closely with the Laurir Akaleh to maintain steady tax rates and economic balance. LAURIR DRAOI The current Laurir Draoi is [OPEN]. The Laurir Draoi is the head of magic knowledge. They are responsible for ensuring that the image and perception of the mages of Talar’nor is maintained well, and that any magic practices performed within the city are safe and do not do damage to any of the populace or the city itself. They ensure that the laws of magic are followed while also maintaining and encouraging the flow of the expansion of magic-users throughout the nation. Furthermore, the Laurir Draoi also leads the academy where the gift of magic is taught. LAURIR LYE The current Laurir Lye is Thalien Wynasul. (RedResult | Redacted#9377) The Laurir Lye is responsible for implementing new citizens into the city. They aid in directing them to whatever or whoever they need and ensure they are well received by the populous. They work closely with the Laurir Lin in housing new citizens. Their responsibilities are to direct people to jobs and other hubs within the city to maintain people’s interests. They work with the rest of the council to direct people to help with their needs. AY’PUERAN; Her Excellency, Lady Ro’ya Nullivari, Matriarch of House Nullivari, Evarir of Fel Varden, Lady Protector, Virar of Eld Roth, Laurir Fer’pueran, Member of the Laurir’heial, Master of Paint, Court Painter of Talar’nor.
  12. IGN: Amyy_ DISCORD: Amyy#3796 CATEGORY OF CHOICE: Visual Art TITLE OF YOUR PIECE: The End of an Era: A Time of Past. A brief explanation: This piece depicts three integral members of the Circle of Stars, of what once was the nation of Celia'nor during its time on Almaris. From left to right: Princess Valyris I, The Lady of the Interior and the Silver Seneschal.
  13. Lady Ro'ya Nullivari peered at the missive over her Lord husband's heavy shoulder, a subtle smirk pulling at her maw as her viridescent gaze scanned across the pages. "How we rise." She commented though her meaning were vague.
  14. Lady Ro'ya Nullivari offered a short nod as she concluded her perusal of the missive, sat comfortably within the grand estate that was Eld Roth. "'Tis quite promising." She commented to a passing servant.
  15. Lady Ro'ya Nullivari emitted a short chuckle as her viridescent gaze skimmed over the missive. "Are they so naive to be completely unaware of the talents of our Master of the Forge?"
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