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  1. Got an update on the tavern in the pm.

  2. Making the magetower on the new map. Adding a tonne of lore, backstories, and interesting reports and such. Also adding some quests for supplies and whatnot. Should be EPIC :3

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. youlovesocks


      Quests!? I CANNOT WAIT!

    3. KarmaDelta


      We all know I will be helping if i dont go rouge Slayer ;)

    4. Dante


      * get excited *

  3. Okay coolies, do you think you could spare some time to PM me the things you plan on doing with the guild (the villinous activities and such stuff).
  4. Do you need and/or want a GM to moderate your evil doings when the guild is fully set up? If you want I can do it, you can PM me what you plan and I can give feedback on how much I will kill your for it Cataris. I can probs help out a bit if you need perms and crap for 'large' and mutually decided heists.
  5. Just to let all people intending to jin know: You MUST have a villain app to be even remotly part of this guild. A thief is cosidered a villain.
  6. ((This is looking good, you have a solid bast to expand upon, and Aegis will certainly need something like this, there is a large lack of good knowledge books))
  7. ((This seems to be the beginnings of an interesting and dynamic guild, but it is not quite complete yet. You need to create more lore for this ground and a more indepth and comprehensive explanation of what it is and what you do. These things are all important to the RP of your group and its future development. Without a solid base you cannot build anything, I have seen this happen to MANY groups which have all been disbanded etc...))
  8. Hey,

    I want to know if I can create pages on the wiki? If I can how do I do it? If not, can you make it so I can? I plan on getting some more lore and background down for all kinds of things. (PM me back, I cannot do it as I get Array errors -_-)

  9. Anyway goodluck, don't destroy everything, and look after my library!

    If you need to get onto me you can PM me or it would be better to email mem at:


    I would PM you but it is not working...

  10. If I get a chance I will get on and give you my money. Ummm... I will trust you to start the process of getting guild members etc... when the time comes.

    You also will need to find a new arch mage, I want three. Chose someone who is good both in-game and out, we need someone reliable and who does not have strong ties to anything, someone who will do as much for the guild as you.

  11. This will be in parts:


    Unfortunatly I cannot get on LoTC for the foreseable future... I have some bussiness to attend to.

    Anyway, onto bussiness. You are now in charge of the mage guild (for now) and you can consult with Everard on what you are doing. You are acting with my authority so if anyone askes just say that I said you could.

  12. It was a fine structure but I must ask that you do not rebuild it. It was simply just too large, and I do not want it to be somewhat affiliated with my mage guild. You are welcome to build whatever else you want though.
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