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  1. (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づtumblr_p0lz5sM9ME1s7m0qko1_540.png

    Edited by Dilara(lotteje13)
  2. ~(˘▾˘~)

    1. atles


      *gets staff ready to blow up Dilara's house again*


    2. Dilara(lotteje13)


      27 minutes ago, atles said:

      *gets staff ready to blow up Dilara's house again*



    3. The Elfen Lie
  3. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ ✧゚・: *ヽ(◕ヮ◕ヽ)

  4. i guess i can finally show off the redesign i did for Syriotumblr_ojxjbgOIaS1s7m0qko1_1280.png

    1. xDK


      Draw my character pls Dilara :D

  5. So... is there really no proper posts about magical flora that grows in lotc?

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    2. Harrison


      i thiiink the wiki has it


      can't find any on the forums

    3. Dilara(lotteje13)


      1 minute ago, HB_ said:

      i thiiink the wiki has it


      can't find any on the forums

      seems like the wiki has some!! thank you for helping :>

    4. Toodles78
  6. [✓] Alras Awakens

    Aleesia Dorroris signs with a messy cursive. ((lotteje13))
  7. something tiny for in my signature on

    the forums tumblr_inline_ojol1b9IK81rhwce4_540.png

    even though i dont use the forums much

    1. Desires


      Holy crap, that's adorable!

  8. its been a million years but i really want to get into some rp once in a while again... have some art of my character i will be playing. still need to fix her skin though...tumblr_oj671qqk4c1s7m0qko1_500.png

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    2. iMattyz


      Jesus christ that's a name i havent seen in a while

    3. The Fire Mind

      The Fire Mind

      1 hour ago, iMattyz said:

      Jesus christ that's a name i havent seen in a while

      Same, welcome back

    4. ski_king3


      Welcome back and holy **** that art is good.

  9. might be around for a little bit... who knows.

    1. Kinslayer


      sure! We always like people coming back.

  10. seems like EU hours have turned back into graveyard hours for lotc

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    2. Aandie


      What lago and koto said. :D

    3. im_a_psychopath


      It's the same with every MC server

    4. Ever


      Doesn't help that everyone is back to school too

  11. some ruins in athena are quite creepy...

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    2. tavern_roleplay


      if you make jumpscares I will mass pugsy out of sheer fright. Especially if you make them by that goddamn ruined chapel aaaah

    3. Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

      Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

      Considering I took a trip through the abandonded Castle of the Teutonic Order, it gave it a chilling, mysterious touch.

    4. Fid
  12. had loads of fun making this drawing :D