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  1. might possibly do a chibi raffle type thing sometime? but would i post that in off topic or just grapics

    1. |


      Either would be fine! Though for people searching for such content at a later date, would be better in graphics.

  2. art dump has an update orz

  3. An art dump? by Lotte (updated 5/1/18)

    bump cause update orz
  4. im honestly very tempted to draw some of the "health" type flora but i still got other junk to draw plants are also difficult

  5. https://i.gyazo.com/e2559670f9b923a857a76e1484d7d78a.png

    uhh... WIP might not finish this if i feel like its not good but ??? inspired by that hell place on the map lmao 


    Edited by Dilara(lotteje13)
  6. its strange to still see people from ancient past here

  7. who decided that enderdragons are ok to spawn...

  8. im dead and dying finished some art and updated my art dump with a new piece

  9. i really dont know how to balance art and rp/gaming it seems :')

  10. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

  11. ok... just saw what the map looked like... and i got a question... who the **** decided that Atles should look like a fantasy netherlands...

    1. Doom321
    2. NotEvilAtAll


      There’s nothing wrong with a fantasy Netherlands 

  12. An art dump? by Lotte (updated 5/1/18)

    beep boop bump cause i found some old art also currently working on a big piece of my current rp character so look forward to that :> edit: dont wanna spam this thing lol but updated now with some good good art
  13. ok legit question is there an elven discord server?

    1. Trinn


      There are discord servers made specifically around the different Elven Subraces and cities ?

      (e.g High elven one) u__u

    2. Dilara(lotteje13)


      12 minutes ago, Trinn said:

      There are discord servers made specifically around the different Elven Subraces and cities ?

      (e.g High elven one) u__u

      ehh more like cities etc

    3. Hero_Prodigy


      that is not a realm you'd like to venture to

  14. An art dump? by Lotte (updated 5/1/18)

    updated with a few things :3c