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  1. You need the mental will to go through with your town and not just create another ghost town which will sit until 4.0 -Gather atleast five people together who wish to join you. -Get the supplies -Make sure it holds something unique, a trade town etc.. -Don't just give up after a week or a month and walk away from it, or i'll hunt you down and gut you >.<
  2. Alot of the time I listen to Approaching Nirvana whilst on LoTC... A few of their albums on loops is really nice as some quiet/semi-loud background music.
  3. I love animators.. ^_^

  4. Yay for Kha' moving to Gronkkston Event! ^_^

  5. I would simply suggest that: People don't become greedy whores, and if you were to be team-killed during a war, and your friends saw such that your team-mates would jump in and kill the spineless little crettin before it breeds. Simplez.
  6. In reality, this could be done by nations themselves in an IC perspective more or less... The Orenian royalty could have lets say, four people in their employment for instance and have them look into the activity of certain settlements over a few weeks every two months lets say. If they see a lapse in activity to the point that nobody is ever active, the Orenian royalty sends out an IC notice telling them they have two Elven weeks to increase the population of their settlement and give it real purpose, or the tenants will be evicted and they land put to a better use. Same goes for all races really.. Keep a better eye on those in your land and if the settlement is not being used, then you can evict them and give it to someone who will use it appropriately. This way, you can centralise those who cannot run a settlement themselves and allow those who can prosper in such a position to do it themselves and make a good job of it.
  7. I usually just emote a short-end version if someone walks past, looking a tad interested in what's going on. Though, my only quarrel with this, is would people be bothered about filling something like this out? I usually forget to fill out my /setinfo when I go onto my alt, never mind a RolePlay situation which could change drastically at the click of a finger.
  8. Surely if people have too many alts, this would be more of a personal matter for them rather than a 'Game changing mechanic which will lead to our ultimate demise! D:' If people want more alts.. How does this affect you? Housing? Someone with one character could buy ten houses across the world and pay for them all but use only one. Your argument on this front is pretty badly invalid. Not developing their character? How does this effect you precisely? It doesn't. End of. RolePlaying with peoples alts. yes, I met someone on the road. RolePlayed with them a little and never saw them again. This happens in real life you know... Sometimes people just don't come back. Other than that... How does a temporary character effect you in the slightest? And lastly.. 'It's not a punishment'.... Yes, a character i've worked months on, RolePlayed as and made acquaintances on is now going to be torn away from me and practically permakilled is not a punishment. MAKES PERFECT SENSE! >.<
  9. Okay, I pretty much see this as yet another mechanic where the mechanic itself isn't broken, but the community instead is being silly and abusing it. Don't fix the mechanic, help the community to not abuse said mechanic. If you own more than one character. Lets say, you own A Dwarf and an Elf. The Dwarf is an amateur Blacksmith. The Elf is a warrior. Buy a home for the one you play the most. Place two chests, one for each characters inventory. Keep them seperate. Do not interact each character with the other. Do not swap items. Life's a good'un. Problem solved. If the person has the capability to play two alts, do not hammer them for it. Praise the lords that their is another character to have possible RolePlay with! ((Also, concerning this 'carbon-copy' character thing... I've seen people with a single character who make pretty much carbon copies of their deceased characters or characters from TV shows/films... So it isn't actually that bad in retrospect, is it?))
  10. Glorified coffee tables.
  11. Most of the GMs could destroy half of the server by simply using World Edit. They wouldn't need console access to do damage :3 The GMs however having access to the three commands of 'Start' 'Stop' 'Restart' I think would be a very good idea, even if it were only a small minority of GMs.
  12. Stuck in my head, SO BAD!

  13. Minecraft Name: ((THUNDER37)) Skype Name (This may alternatively be PMed to be for privacy purposes): ((thunder37100)) Applicant Name: Vhaer Centrella Race and Age: I am of Mali'ker descent. What position are you applying for? (Librarian, Maven, Inventor, Analyst, Phrenal): Inventor. List any experience you have had with matters regarding that Department: Though I have not undertaken the work of an engineer for a long time, during the earlier life of Azulon I had found work as an engineers apprentice, working with basic redstone contraptions and undertaking lessons in blueprinting and designing from both an architectural and mechanical standpoint. Since our arrival in Anthos however, due to both financial and time restraints, I have for the most part until recently been unable to pursue this interest to anymore of a degree than a spare time hobby. Recently however, I have begun undertaking this interest of mine to a higher degree once more; and am willing to inject myself into your ministry in order to both further my knowledge and join a group of like-minded people in which to share my existing knowledge and learn from. Describe the reason for your interest in that position (>5 sentences): As stated above, my interest for this position comes from my interest for the topic at hand and the will to continue what begun many years ago. I cannot particularly write a large amount for this section, at it has both been stated above and there is not a large amount to tell other than what has been stated for my reasons. By applying, should you be accepted you are expected to utterly adhere to the Common Clauses. Do you understand this?: I both understand to its entirety and access the common clauses.