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  1. -= A Claim to Fame. =-

    Kalgrym shouts "Do a flip!" As is apparent, he has no idea what he is witnessing..
  2. Disgrace to Kaz'Ulrah

    Kalgrym wonders.. "Didn' Gror marr'eh an' Elf..? C'mon, jus' let th' fella' make wee'un's however e' wants.. Th' Sutican lot crack th' whip wi' any'in tha's walkin' nowadays, wha' d'we care?"
  3. [Complaint] Golems in PVP!

    In PVP can my Dwarf get 80 hearts then because he's an' alcoholic with a gut the width of a family car..? I'll take the nausea but I think 80 hearts is fair.. I've worked hard for that alcoholic's gut and believe it should work the same as a full set of plate iron in PVP!
  4. [Lore Sub] Golem Launcher

    I've seen so many holes in this from a five minute read alone, why not just stick with trebs and cannons as is? No need to confuse war claims further.
  5. The Vaults of Urguan

    Name: Azhagal Kushbeard Rank: Alcoholic CarbarumShield Battles Fought, (Battle of Jornheim/Siege of Courland’s Fort) Both [Username: ] THUNDER37 [Persona to be paid to: ] Azhagal
  6. THAT is how you do a siege

  7. Shogun 2 Total War, let's settle this war the old way!

  8. In the event of immense amounts of lag, please brace, situate your head between your knees and kiss the server goodbye.

  9. #NotMyWarTeam #NotMyAdmin

  10. Moderation of Server Related Chats

    It's been said in the past.. LoTC cannot monitor third party chats, as far as i've been made aware because otherwise they'd have to ban almost nine tenths of LoTC for the content that's posted in said chats.. Also most of said content is posted by people under the age of 18 in most of these chats from what i've seen, so as long as it's moderated it isn't an' issue as far as i'm concerned which in most of these chats it is.
  11. You need the mental will to go through with your town and not just create another ghost town which will sit until 4.0 -Gather atleast five people together who wish to join you. -Get the supplies -Make sure it holds something unique, a trade town etc.. -Don't just give up after a week or a month and walk away from it, or i'll hunt you down and gut you >.<
  12. [✗] Background Themes?

    Alot of the time I listen to Approaching Nirvana whilst on LoTC... A few of their albums on loops is really nice as some quiet/semi-loud background music.
  13. I love animators.. ^_^