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  1. THUNDER37

    [ET Contest] Predict the Wall Event

    I'm going to anticipate that the wall will actually fall and allow us access, through parties of explorers etc.. Which will then eventually unveil a power or force unknown to us at this time. Or at the very least a small amount of the wall will fall or an entrance will open to allow us entrance.
  2. THUNDER37

    Fire in the Shire!

    An' old Southron stood a'top the rubble with a handful of 'Dunshire Green Leaf' within his grasp, turning to eye the demon pig as it flew above the wreckage of a burrow. "Damn ya', demon pig! Ah'll 'ave th' las' laugh PIGBLEES! Down wi' th' bacon!" The Southron then added a small vinyl to the ashes, to commemorate the occasion with fine music! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V7EfnYwpmOE
  3. THUNDER37

    SELLING: Various Wares and Oddities

    ((This would refer to all three of the above, custom items not listed here are available upon request though roleplay items etc.. Are available. Though i'd rather meet IC to discuss the sale of those. If there's an' interest send a bird to THUNDER37 In-game and we'll sort something out.))
  4. THUNDER37

    SELLING: Various Wares and Oddities

    The sales-Dwed yells from a'top his perch, eye'ing the Halfling with pure distaste! "Th' Halflin' turned ou' t'e be a midget wi' down syndrome! Sorr'eh fer' th' mis'unda'standin'! Now back t'e th' sales!"
  5. THUNDER37

    SELLING: Various Wares and Oddities

    The same old haggered Dwarf from before stood a'top a pillar within the Cloud Temple, hollering at the top of his lungs to travelers as they passed through! "Come t'e see ma' wares! Arrows, Bows an' Armour all th' way t'e yer' basic buildin' materials fer' ye' lot lookin' t'e expand yer' cities 'er add an' extension t'e yer' bathroom! Fresh from th' salt mines 'uv enslaved Halflin' Global Assembly members! Custom orda's available fer' any'un with th' coin 'er some'n valuable 'uv trade'n potential.." A list of various wares and oddities sat across from the Dwarf as he'd allowed anyone interested to peruse through it! 1: Arrows - 0.5 Mina Per. ((Can be sold as flint and feathers separately for easier transport. A single Double Chest of both Flint and Feathers available upon immediate request, more if given time to acquire.)) 2: Iron - 3.0 Mina Per. ((2,250 available currently.)) 3: Charcoal - 0.25 Mina Per. ((355 Available, more if requested.)) 4: Various pieces of basic iron armour.. Prices as above per iron ingot used in the item's creation. 5: Cobblestone - 0.1 Mina Per. ((3x DC Available, more if requested.)) 6: Various Logs - 0.25 Mina Per. ((No matter the type, all are the same price.)) 7: Bread/Baked Potato - 0.2 Mina Per. 8: Various Cooked Meat, including Porkchops, Steak, Muttonchops and Chicken - 0.75 Mina Per. 9: Various items of interest available upon request and a personal meeting, to ensure the quality of the item and the availability of the required funds.
  6. An' old haggard Dwarf sat himself a'top the cobbles within' the cloud temple with his crate of vinyl records perched a'top his lap. He hollered at the top of his voice to travelers as they passed! "Thirteen vinyl disks of various sorts have littered my home far too long these many years, all of a different tune and all of significant age with none of the Krugsmas rubbish we've become accustomed to! I'm willing to bargain on a price per vinyl disk however i'm more than willing to lower the price per disk if they are sold as a single collection.. As Ii'm incredibly keen for my little collection to stay in one piece for the foreseeable future!" Were anyone to inquire, the Dwarf allowed a brief peek within' the crate to eye each individual record. Disk 1: C418 - 13 Disk 2: C418 - Blocks Disk 3: C418 - Strad Disk 4: C418 - Stal Disk 5: Cat Disk 6: Mall Disk 7: Wait Disk 8: Ward Disk 9: 11 Disk 10: Chirp Disk 11: Far Disk 12: Mellohi Disk 13: Of course the Krugsmas disk.. Several of them.. Sigh. ((THUNDER37 - Contact me in-game via bird if you'd rather.))
  7. Free Tortuga, he's Welsh it's in his nature to be curious!

  8. Myself and a friend had given this a try, when we'd had suspicions and he had bought a set of arrows from my store and the money hadn't transferred.. I can give this another shot with him to check, but initially the money didn't transfer from the shop to my bank.
  9. **MC Names of all involved** Anyone who this bug has affected i'd suppose including myself - THUNDER37 **Description** When an item is bought from a shop the item in question is fine being bought and the money is taken from the buyer but the money is not transferred to the shop's owner for the items and is instead transferred to the void or just misplaced entirely. **Date of occurrence** 12/27/2017 - I don't know the exact time however i'd noticed it happening around 5am British time. **In game specifications** IG NAME: THUNDER37 PERSONA: Fimrundir. **Steps to Reproduce** 1. Use the shop to buy an item? 2. Have the owner of the shop check their bank balance for the money transferred? 3. No money transferred? 4. Weep pixel tears.. **Expected Behavior** Hopefully fix the plugin and allow money to be transferred from shops to the owners bank balance. **Actual Behavior** <!--- Tell us what happens instead --> **Additional Information** I've lost a few items to this bug, I believe it's two bows and a few stacks of arrows so hopefully these can either be refunded in terms of items or mina? If not it's not a big issue, just a hindrance. **Error Message** I received no error messages or anything similar.
  10. THUNDER37

    [Your View] Freebuild

    Free-build allows for organic role-play to occur.. It's as simple as that and i'll throw an' example out into the wind for you. Outside of Kaz'Ulrah in the free-build there's been several Dwarves who've set themselves up with little camps under the protection of the main city.. Who constantly go into the city to role-play and buy equipment yet live outside of the main city's gates. Myself and a friend of mine have set a camp in one of the local valleys and have a shop in the city, so we're able to role-play in there and give ourselves a reason to venture into Kaz'Ulrah's halls to restock and see what's selling. Yet we also have the freedom to build as we wish and roleplay as we wish without the main city's restraints which are imposed if we would so wish. https://imgur.com/a/5T012 We also have a neighbor who's a farmer and who we've traded with for crops and such in exchange for feathers and string.. Plenty of role-play to be had and we've also formed a pseudo alliance in the form of defense if it's needed. https://imgur.com/a/h5rWX Then there's also a fort across the valley, which we've come to use as a defensive point if we're raided and need somewhere to run to so we've made friends there and given them resources in exchange for a little friendly alliance of sorts along with a hunter's cabin that's on the edge of the free-build we've role-play'd with in the past. So anyone who's struggling to find role-play or who is arguing that free-build has limited role-play is obviously oblivious to the fact that there's some out there who are more than wiling to role-play if it's there.. However don't expect it to come to your front door. GO OUT AND FIND IT!
  11. THUNDER37

    [Lore Sub] Golem Launcher

    I've seen so many holes in this from a five minute read alone, why not just stick with trebs and cannons as is? No need to confuse war claims further.
  12. THAT is how you do a siege

  13. Shogun 2 Total War, let's settle this war the old way!

  14. In the event of immense amounts of lag, please brace, situate your head between your knees and kiss the server goodbye.