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  1. looking like a great Friday the 3rd

    1. Noobli


      Subtle, I like it

    2. Charles The Bald

      Charles The Bald

      hope you get banned from here you damn frp fan boy lol

    3. Harold


      I’m having mac and cheese for dinner on the 3rd don’t know what ur talking about

  2. LoTC is a hugbox
  3. Can I have a boat lair now? Because I want a regioned boat in the ocean, and that guy just got a walking trailer. I’m very mistreated by my group and I have boat lore.

    1. D4NNA


      PM me, I’ve got a nifty place where you could have your boat lair


  4. U r in arms of angel now bro 

  5. Heidens’ Proper Fightin’ Wares & Ingots Directions: Inside the Dwarven capital of Kal’Evraal, you can’t miss it! If you can’t make it to the shop, we can deliver to you for a fee! On Offer Now: Arrows: 0.5 Mina Each Iron Sets (Full Set): 48 Mina Per Set Beef/Mutton/Pork/Salmon/Chicken (Cooked): 1 Mina Each Sticks: 0.1 Mina Each Ferrum (Iron) Ingots: 2 Mina Each Aurum (Gold) Ingots: 7 Mina Each Diamonds: 28 Mina Each Glow Service: 500 minas Want your armour to shine as bright as you do? Want your enemies to be blinded at your greatness? Special Item of the Stone Week: Wintergrasp, Moonwood Longbow – 4,000 Minas Only Open to Negotiations A new, innovative way of assessing and buying damaged armour and weapons has arrived! We buy all repairable items, inquire with Hieden Grandaxe ((premiumroleplay // harold#6290))
  6. guess its war boys

  7. Longbeard Clan Elder Hieden Grandaxe “the Heavy” would smile as the notice begins its way across the lands of all nations. He would muse to himself, having discussed previously in the stone day with the current Ork leader. ”...and so it begins once more.” Hieden would pickup his armour, his sword, and kisses his wife as he heads off to war once more.
  8. Longbeard Clan Elder Hieden Grandaxe “the Heavy” would look to the little hearing trumpet in his hands as he rests up within his manor, his eardrums blown by the blast. Having signed the grudge earlier, he would begin to look to the armour stands and sword racks that adorned his halls. “LO, LET DEH’ BLOOD O’ DEH WICKED ORCISH RACE FILL DE’ STREETS.” he would yell to himself, his trumpet still in his hands unaware he was yelling as he closed his eyes and heard the screams of his King and kin over and over in his head.
  9. Dwemrade Hieden Grandaxe, Member of the Dwolitboro, & Secetariat of the DPU, Longbeard of the Legion of Urguan, & Elder of Clan Grandaxe, would begin to sing the songs of the people within Urguan, on this joyous day.
  10. The staff are heroes 

  11. i appreciate the volunteer staff on lotc

  12. Longbeard Elder Hieden Grandaxe would pat his belleh slowly in satisfaction at the report. ”Lo, weh’ ave’ good dwed in deh’ Legion, Narvak oz Uguan!”
  13. Staff are great people who have the best ideas

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    2. SoulReapingWolf


      I don't recall staff coming up with the best idea ever. I recall @Ioanniscoming up with it while he pooped.

    3. KeatonUnbeaten


      47 minutes ago, Harold said:

      I have seen the light Keaton

      based scotsman

    4. McDaedra


      harolds out here spewing lies again

  14. i love the staff

    1. KeatonUnbeaten


      want to talk about it, harry?

    2. arockstar28


      You don’t respond to my DMs on Discord man! I’m confronting you about that report you made on me years ago. 😐

    3. Harold


      i have seen the error of my ways

  15. He said he would make me immortal if I said yes +1
  16. this should increase nation roleplay/activity by quite a considerable amount for the larger nations, and ensure that those who like to travel to find roleplay will need to stay in their respective cities or risk getting bandited. The road out of Helena is gonna be swamped with bandits.
  17. Harold

    The Brewing Guild

    MC Name: premiumroleplay RP Name: Hieden RP Race: Dwarf Reason for joining: I am a Grandaxe and I love drinking, I am ready to be a taste tester. Favorite Drink: Grimaxe Bourbon
  18. The interesting thing is that people forget how to actually fight wars when you don’t have any.

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    2. KeatonUnbeaten


      @Harold block wars are easy bro right click and left click for ladders and swords, hardest part about minecraft war is raising the money for staff bribes

    3. Ayoou


      @KeatonUnbeaten and I oops- the secret has been revealed

    4. FlemishSupremacy


      i will declare war on all the evil bandits!!!i!

  19. Longbeard Elder Hieden Grandaxe the Large would pat his rotund belleh slowly, finishing off this dazzling display of hand and stomach with a light clockwise rub. Musing to himself, he would begin to spittle a little into his beard, his lips slightly darker than they should be. ”... laddehs foihting teh greenies, an deh’ laddehs fae Nor’and; yeh beh doin’ foine work’ tenderizin’ deh meat ah deh failed Rex ah deh Warred Nation ah Krugmar before oor’ battle comin’...” At this Hieden would stand slowly from his breakfast of twenty eggs and a laundry basket of lightly toasted, buttered bread, to make his way to the war chambers of Urguan. Crumbs would scatter the floor as his girth swayed opposite to the rhythm of his legs. His brow becoming rather sweaty, he would call for the hired help to come mop his forehead, and assist him with the stair climbing to be done.
  20. Don’t post on the forums, if you disagree with the mods they’ll just warn you into oblivion zzzz

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    2. KeatonUnbeaten


      nothing ever changes

    3. lowerchase


      never thought id agree with harold. wild world this be

    4. rukio


      TRUE. bring back the good FMs lads

  21. The pickings real good today, a bountiful harvest for sure.

  22. You can speak to the creators of the lore, we went into real depth on this beforehand and had days worth of discussion over it. I would have given all these valid points if the Orenian heavies weren’t out in force berating folks for saying what they think instead of what they want to hear.
  23. I spent days discussing this with the creators in a discord made to discuss it. Days. None of the ideas put forward we’re taken into account, it was a massive waste of time and a foregone conclusion already at that point. Nothing anyone says on this thread will make any difference to the lore or the way they are implemented if it passes, and the heavy backup doesn’t make it any easier. Please ask yourself why you have to defend it so, if everuone wants it as you say.
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