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  1. Thats Bobo


    No More Bias gm's...
  2. Thats Bobo

    Applications While Banned.....

    You got temp banned for saying f-word? D: really? holy crap.... aboooos?
  3. Thats Bobo

    Is This Landscarring?

    maybe some support should be put up as it is still built in IC.
  4. Thats Bobo

    Trick-Or-Treat Event

    Imo, This wont work out. Making whole of anthos into halloween theme is just a waste, people will centralize in the largest cities which is why i would propose for every city to have thier own event. And to be frank, Halloween isn't a 'Rp' thing, so the roleplayers need a reason to this sort of 'holiday' what i know of not many know what it is in roleplay, Which is why i've been talking about "Harrowin's eve" and "Hauntin's Eve" in roleplay, that you walk around the streets and scare people. That is what i've been doing the past week, i also already have a 'Halloween' decorated 'Village' which i was trying to create some fun events in when the time comes. Its a good idea, But i think every city should handle this however they want.
  5. Thats Bobo

    [✓] Rock Lice

    Do want.
  6. Thats Bobo

    The Order Of The Hourglass

    Application: OOC: MC Name: rocktoke Skype Name (may be sent via PM’s): rocktoken Agreement to Follow Server Rules: I agree Links to VA, both accepted and denied (Va’s are not required for the guild): accepted minor for 1a & 4b cant Link at the moment Links to MA, both accepted and denied (Ma's Are not required for the guild): RP: RP Name: Bobo (aka, The Tiny One) Race: Halfling Age: 52 Short Biography: Bobo was raised by the elves to a very intelligent halfling, he later got into good relationship with the orcs, as he carried the clan name Grokk, he is now making the clan rise once again, he is the only halfling respected by his orcish brethren. Talents/Skills: very intelligent, highly strategic, charming and can easily talk people into doing things. Small which makes him hard to notice. Loyalties(where/whom are you loyal to): He is loyal to the ones who are loyal to him, he chooses his close friends carefully, those who would give anything for him. Hopefully this is how the order will be, he believes he will be an important part of it. Moral Boundaries: has trouble with acting violently, especially doing things to children. Reasons why your character may want to join the Order: He wants to bring anthos back to its first years, where there were no evils, he also believes this can profit him as a halfling, as his goal is to gain respect like any other race. (Note. I wrote app on my phone as My computer is gone for a few days, i would've written something more detailed. Thank you)
  7. Thats Bobo

    Im Ready To Return

    Is there a sulotion if i want a new character to take over tuktuk's belongings and city? maybe a will?
  8. Thats Bobo

    Im Ready To Return

    Do you know if Tuktuk's Biography still exists? Or should i make a new character?
  9. Thats Bobo

    Im Ready To Return

    Got it.
  10. Thats Bobo

    Im Ready To Return

    Tell me if i got it right. You want me to re apply after 24 hours? /sincerely Tuk
  11. Thats Bobo

    Im Ready To Return

    Just to clearifyI made an appeal for about a month ago, and i told kittenaid to remove it because i needed time to think before i wanted to get back. and as you see the title makes more sense then "i am ready to return" after 1 month thinking and clearing out my mind. /sincerely Tuk
  12. Thats Bobo

    Im Ready To Return

    I hope that i will be able to come back to this server. I want to get back at roleplaying again, and i have so many new ideas for my character. /sincerely Tuk
  13. Thats Bobo

    Im Ready To Return

    Well, There aint much more i can say. I took 1 month break from even apealing in the first place, just to think how i could handle it in the future. But it seems that you cant trust me. /sincerely Tuk
  14. Thats Bobo

    Im Ready To Return

    Now when i know that i sometimes get this feeling, i will turn my computer to sleep mode, and take a break. i can ensure that i wont be on while having this feeling again.
  15. Thats Bobo

    Im Ready To Return

    Report: Could not be found Rule Broken/Disputed: KIlling whilst victim was afk Character Witnesses: Can not remember Event Details: I was being very unmature and felt like doing something funny, I started pushing a certain roleplayer around, i cannot remember his name. After a while i started putting it to another level, or in the right way, i put him in another level, downwards. which made him suffer and die. The Roleplayer that i pushed has accepted my apology, and i have done as lirinya said, i have read the whole rule page. I know exectly what i did wrong, and i have had alot of time thinking about it, i felt that i needed some time alone to think about what i wanted from this experiance as a player on this server. All i want is to have a fun time, and become more and more involved into roleplaying and creative writing. I beleive that i wasted my chance at that, but i hope i can get a new one. //sincerely Tuk