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  1. Yes, I will be guiding this person along lest they get accepted.
  2. I adore you
  3. Take me.
  4. This guy has my limitless support. ET definitely should have more power over their events than the region owner. Safe spaces should not be endorsed.
  5. I love you.
  6. You fucked up an entire team, so that's impressive
  8. @Trinn | nnirT


    This doesn't require a warning point, friend.



    1. cablam


      He didn't even get a point lol

  9. Slot 3/5, yes.
  10. My bad, then!
  11. Denied.
  12. I do understand how you all are stating your personal opinion of ClayPhish as a person, but I do not think personality is too much of a deal, when the applied staff team isn't the GMs or the AT. The Lore Team requires people who have absolute and deep knowledge of the server lore, as they are perhaps one of the few staff teams that cannot afford mistakes, and I do remember one particular LT who has proved that rather well... Either way, Clayphish is nice as a person, agreed. I also do enjoy their company, let us say that their personality will foreseeably not cause any trouble and leave it at that. The more important aspect, their lore lore knowledge, is one that I haven't seen any flaws of yet. Although I do not understand what they've meant by "General" lore, I believe an LT that holds extended information of the Ascended is definitely required. For now, I choose to remain neutral, until I am definitely sure that Clayphish can successfully fulfill the needs of the team as a whole. And remember, folks: Personality doesn't win staff positions. If that was the case, certain people never would've been chosen as GM.
  13. this actually made me laugh