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  1. thoughts about me
  2. MC name: EdgyMagey (formerly vortigonade) Character's name and age: Evelangéline Avern, 90 Character’s Race: Elf Link to your accepted magic application: What magics do you desire to teach?: Telekinesis Summarize the Lore of this Magic: One of the most basic yet useful magicks, the idea behind telekinesis is fairly simple. It's applying force on still objects to manipulate them. By manipulate, I mean make an object move, or a moving object slow down. This is done by altering the gravity around the target object, much like pulling it using strings from one point to the other. Telekinesis, as all other voidal magicks do, requires connection to the void prior to casting, as well as a 'tell'. It also requires continous concentration. If the caster's concentration is interrupted, the object they were applying force on no longer withstands the force. Higher tier telekinetics can remain concentrated on some situations which would distrupt a lower tier's concentration, yet to a limit. A telekinetic gains gradually increased power as they train their magic. A higher tier telekinetic can manipulate objects much heavier than a lower tier, and with much more speed and accuracy (Also more objects at once.). A master telekinetic can lift up to 300 kilograms of weight, this amount increasing by additional 5 kilograms for each real life week after mastery time. A telekinetic cannot move fast as they remain casting. They'd be walking really slowly if they were lifting a heavy object, to remain concentrated. Higher tiers do have a higher move speed, yet they can't really run or anything. Telekinesis also makes its users fatigued physically when casted, with higher tiers suffering less fatigue from larger objects. Telekinesis cannot manipulate living beings, since their form constantly changes, even when they breathe. And liquids for a similar reason, since it'd be impossible to concentrate on a single or a few points to exert force on (for example) water, and push it around. Some red lines: - Manipulating living beings, - Manipulating water, - Passing the lifting limit, - Ignoring fatigue. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student. (Do note, we will be contacting aspiring teachers for a quick interview, to try to better gauge your knowledge and understanding): Eve and her student would be in the Caliphate tavern yet again, seated down in front of each other, with Eve playing with a mina coin in her hand. "I'm going to repeat how this works again, then I want you to go ahead and do it." Eve shifts her eyes from the coin to her student. "The key point here is concentration. If you can't remain focused, you will lose connection and the thing you carry will drop down. " The student nods slowly. "Alright, so. Keep in mind that you /can/ do this. You just need to believe you can, and then imagine the mina rising slowly. Remember, imagine a similar pulling force of thr ground's pulling the mina up, but a little stronger one. Tug the mina with your imaginary strings. Now, are you ready?" The student gulps softly, nodding again. His left eye twitches for a short moment. "Good." Eve places the mina slowly on the table, leaning back on her chair. The student's eyes remain on the coin, his eyebrows furrowing as beads of sweat aplear on his forehead, the mina slowly starting to rise up with a magical force. "Don't push yourself, now." The student lets out a sigh, the mina dropping back onto the table. "Great!" Eve chirps. "You've done well. Keep the mina, and continue lifting it, start moving it a little around when you feel like you can." Do you have a Teacher App you are dropping, due to this app? If so, link it: Nope. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: I do indeed. Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No, other than when I dropped the TA.
  3. welcome to LotC where rp is more important than player count and where grapples are RP items
  4. thank you Kowaman for giving us Monk bread that gives you nausea

  5. A hooded figure, clad in robes of dark grey stands before a poster, reaching forwards with a left, stone hand that was well-nigh falling apart, to hold its corner. "Eloh'ra... No... Not another child." The figure speaks with a sharp, trembling whisper. Its' stone fingers twitching that held the poster's corner. "I have done anything." The figure whispers yet again, followed by a sharp, feminine sob. "But many-a slain came back unharmed! Even grown in numbers!" The figure's voice rises to the point it cracked, as it pulled the stone hand to slam it against the wall, with cracks echoing from the already-damaged hand. "These... fungi..."
  6. "Haiya al-Sulh." A red haired elf utters.
  7. don't tell me what the **** to do

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  8. Whatever I say here will get deleted so: > holy magic is balanced and it totally isn't lazily written to 1-shot anyone with dark magic and has cultural aspects too > cleric wards are a great add-on and do not prevent roleplay > 10 guards logging on while a 3 person group is trying to have antagonistic rp is acceptable and the evil characters are aware that they need to lose and that good always wins But, in honesty. 80% of the dark mages are tired of facing unwanted situations when they do villainy, so they do not do it at all. Also most region owners do not want any villains cast any lasting effect on their place, remember when the wood elves voided an entire event?
  9. MC Name: AlFalah (formerly known as EdgyMagey, vortigonade) Character's Name: Evelangéline Avern Character's Age: 463 Character's Race: Elf Link to your accepted MA: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/152625-sada-eves-mysticism-application/#comment-1442081 What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Mysticism Summarize the Lore of this magic(s): Mysticism, one of the forbidden magicks, is the manipulation of ectoplasm: a substance composed of lifeforce and mana. This substance solely exists under the art of Mysticism and no other magic can also use it (for now, at least.). It appears to be sludge like, inhibiting the colour of green and sometimes blue-ish. Mystics will use the ectoplasm they've grown a dependency on to perform various liturgies. As more ectoplasm is used, the Mystic will start to show physical symptoms of fatigue, much like a voidal mage using mana to cast their spells. While they call upon ectoplasm, Mystics start to change in appearance. Their skins grow a soft, glowing green and they appear more and more felled according to their tiers. A T1 Mystic would merely adopt a soft glow, where a T4-T5 Mystic would appear almost entirely dead, with skin tightening around their bones, strips of flesh falling from their bodies, their veins in vision etc. This effect ends after the Mystic finishes casting their spell while purely visual, it cannot be prevented. Crowning, growing a student sensitive to ectoplasm is the way to gain new students to the magic. This is done by Wights and Apparitions. After this, the student is accepted as T1, and may start learning the basic liturgies. Saturation, one of the most basic liturgies involves imbuing a weapon with ectoplasm and delivering the killing blow on a descendant. This will corrupt their soul, trapping it in a state between life and death, not belong to either of them. This liturgy is also used to form gravens. These ghosts and gravens take 1-7 IRL days to form, depending on the caster's tier. Higher tiers mean shorter time for the ghosts to form. This liturgy is also a catalyst for several rituals in mysticism.(Paleknight, Wight creation rituals…) Binding includes the user to imbue their ectoplasm into objects, to simply "bind" ghosts and gravens to them. These objects will act as a home to those creations, making them linger about it.The improved version of a monolith is a menhir. As menhirs can hold multiple souls. Only those of higher tier can create menhirs. These monoliths and menhirs can be destroyed physically, acting as little more than mere stone formations, be warded by alterationists, be sabotaged by fi mages, holy magic users, or shamans. Handling involves a Mystic imbuing their own ectoplasm within a creature of ectoplasm; be it ghosts or gravens, which results in them being persuaded by a Mystic, even following their commands. This liturgy is done via one expanding their ectoplasm in air, attempting to spread it to the creature, and is very ectoplasm-consuming, and the result is dependent on a mere chance. Deadbreath involves the Mystic expanding their ectoplasm outwards from their skin, extremely fast. It causes a blinding, greenish white fog, interrupting vision within it. Although it is a liturgy that can be cast at T1, the of the cast fog increases with each tier, from 1 to 10 metres(blocks). Only Mystics and creatures of ectoplasm can see within this fog. The fog persists for around few RP hours, and can be dismissed by air evocation and holy magic. After a Mystic increases in skill and tiers, they may become a Wight, with correct instructions. Wightdom requires a Mystic to slay fifteen descendants,(each PK counting as three), and feed them to a menhir to spawn an Apparition, and then consume it. Hindering basically involves a Mystic radiating their ectoplasm to envelope an object, or just bathe it in ectoplasm. This results in the object’s form appearing corrupt, and having a soft, dark green glow. Animals, plants and inanimate objects can be hindered, but not descendants. With hindering, a Mystic may bring an area closer to the realm of death(given that it is fed by kills nearby), resulting in the area leaking deadbreath, and empowering creatures of ectoplasm that stand within it. Hexing is on the same grounds as enchanting, yet is way different. The liturgy involves the Mystic bringing an inhibitor of the Ebrietaes from a window, to the realm of the descendants, and binding it to an object to give the object distinct abilities. These abilities can vary from changing one’s colour of magic, to rendering them unconscious, to cast someone bewildered and enraged, as long as they keep the item in contact with themselves. More powerful hexes require sacrifices, as the “geists” that are to be summoned are attracted to the happy thoughts and memories of the sacrifice, looking for a brief moment to lighten their eternal suffering. The unliving are not subjected to the effects of hexes. Tyking involves a Mystic summoning a ghost or a graven, yet a temporary one. The same procedure and roll rules for saturation apply to these creations. The tykes formed, unlike a necromancer’s summon, are not fully controlled by the Mystic. The creation of Paleknights, stone armoured figures, involves a Mystic and a Wight, where the two Mystic, and then the Wight casts deadbreath, and then the living “sacrifice” must be given a killing blow. The player is required to PK, if they are willing to play a Paleknight. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: A woman and a lich stood in a faintly lit room, with the occasional sound of water dripping from the ceiling onto the floor echoing, before dying out within the darkness beyond the range of the torch that stood above them. “What do we learn?” The lich’s dark tone echoes, the two’s figures barely visible in the poorly lit room. “Deadbreath.” The woman’s cold tone echoes in response. “Remember our last lesson, how you called upon ectoplasm, focused on your knife and killed that poor frog? You’re going to do something similar, but you will focus on a spot on your body, rather than your weapon. You will prepare yourself, building up the ectoplasm, and then suddenly release it. Your first one will perhaps be miniscule, but we all have to start from somewhere, do we not?” The figure remains quiet after few moments, with a brief shudder passing through the figure with the soft noise of rattling bones. Before a soft, dark green glow radiates from his bones, the red haired figure’s left, wounded eye’s pupil reflecting the glow, appearing as a small, green dot in the dark. “Do not rush.” The woman utters quietly. “Clear your mind.” The lich’s grow increases, before its arms extend to either side. A sharp, almost pained grunts escapes its form as the room briefly illuminates with a sharp flash of light radiating from the lich’s form. The room’s edge they stood in fills with a white, thick, vision-imparing fog. The red figure remains as she was, offering little reaction to the happening. She twisted her head, gazing around briefly, almost as if the fog applied not to her. “This Deadbreath…” She utters. “...is the worst I’ve ever seen. Try again.” Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes. Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app:
  10. [!] A goblin muttering could be heard. You see red dots flashing in the night, what you going to do?


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  11. Thoughts about me?
  12. Yes. Student 3/5.