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  1. yes löease
  2. A man far away utters a single word: "NANI?"
  3. student 2/5
  4. i said: "if this person causes a problem, let us know" not: "uh ew wtf everyone i don't want him" cheers
  5. IMPORTANT NOTICE you do not straight up have the ability to manipulate amber, and without a lesson, you will not be able to in any bit no tendrils, no dark smog, nothing IF KINSLAYER DOES ANYTHING REGARDING THIS, PLEASE TAKE A SCREENSHOT AND PM ME OR THOMAS cheers
  6. given the parasite and is going to be taught by me, yes
  7. Indeed
  8. MC Name: AlFalah Character's Name: Evelangéline Character's Age: 649 Character's Race: Daeva What magic(s) will you be learning?: Blood Magic Teacher's MC Name: aerialkebab Teacher's RP Name: Cahir Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No! Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes! Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Only when Taufirewarrior stopped teaching me 1 week after I started.
  9. hi

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      oh i need that


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      it not there


    4. Kinslayer


      scroll down and therse a tab that says 'metagaming' click it and copy that format

  10. I am strictly against Dewlox becoming a member of the ET, and I will explain my reasons below I will put all my bias aside, and will try to give you the most objective descriptions of my arguments that i can dewlox commonly gas grammatical and spelling errors in their RP, this may include the wrong usage of "you're" and "your", or straight up misspelling like: "becomming", but this is a rather minor argument, as these can be rather easily fixed, here are few examples in their example events: a rugged, clad in worn and striched-up armor man it's serpent-like eyes darting around, seemingly looking for it's pray upon a more detailed inspections they seem to carry a rather negative reputation among them, especially players who do antagonist RP. now, this is a rather baseless argument but seeing how people who's mostly been in combat RP with Dewlox are not happy about it, event team may not be the perfect place for them, for an event team member must provide the players with a realistic, fun experience and not act exceedingly powerful, and have and show weaknesses in my own experience, they have tried to use few things to their experience, which includes but is not limited to: typing speed: where Dewlox has continued conversing with a man, trying to convince him to attack my character as I was typing up an emote. when I stated that I required time to emote, Dewlox has simply responded with: "speech does not require turns wtf i can say anything at anytime without waiting", and made the RP much more difficult for me mechanical combat: where Dewlox interrupted and called PvP in an ongoing combat back while defender default was really broken where guards could call PvP at anytime, in a situation where his character had no way to win, after we have stated that we carried no PvP gear and we should just RP it out, as the RP was going pleasant both for my group(the assailants) and the victims, with his argument being "magic is too op you are a god in combat but in PvP we are equal", it really didn't seem like the mindset of an ET member to me his RP mostly consists of watching town squares, (at least from what I saw) and carries little intent on affecting the ongoing RPs, if there is no villainy happening upon a disagreement occurring, their language can be rather rough and unpleasant, open to generate senseless argument rather than trying to find the best solution there can be the events they have listed are nearly not as creative as any other ET applicant's, I suggest checking the most recent ones, as few of them have very creative and surprisingly diverse ideas they do not appear to be well-versed with the server lore, and it is rather obvious in their event-examples In my opinion, you should try to attend more events, and try to be involved in them, get some experience, try to focus on an area of lore that you find appealing, and try to generate ideas regarding that in your current state, i'm unfortunately not sure you'll prosper greatly, but you definitely are open for improvement, or so you should be, friend cheers
  11. just remove t why does it exist I can't change my name to disguise my character and the mods will make me wait just REMOVE it PLEASE
  12. One day you will be mine...