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  1. Hello, friendos. Now, I know that when some people saw this thread's title, they thought 'oh hey, another thread where eve ******* about holy magic hon hon', just hold your horses. Because I will do my best not to. For starters, I really enjoy medical RP, and as I've seen, many others share this with me. Medical RP is great for character development. Character A, whom has a serious injury, will have to actively seek out a doctor, who will have to take their time to diagnose, disinfect the wounds, give some anesthetic herbs or just pour some vodka for A, and will tend to them. Character A, may not get fully healed from this. They may turn out to be crippled, to have stitched scars or such. This opens up doors for diversity. How different doctors may attempt to solve different health issues, while character A, has the worry of losing a limb, or any of the similar. Let us look how proper medical RP may be done: Character A dismembers character B in battle, making them lose a part of their hand; B, barely conscious and shocked, is taken to a doctor; The doctor checks the wound, and makes B drink two glasses of hard rum, before disinfecting the wound with alcohol; B feels pain, perhaps panicks further; The doctor pulls out any unshaped bone fragments out and places human tissue over the wound, cauterizing it with a heated wire, then bandages the hand; B loses a hand, but lives. Now, let us see how such an event would have happened on LotC: Character A dismembers character B in battle, making them lose a part of their hand; B runs off from the RP, pretending that their character travelled to the monks to get it freshly renewed; OR B calls for a cleric, the cleric comes over and the wound is healed! You do see my point here. LotC has so many ways of insta-healing, it's ridiculous. Not only does it prevent medical RP in any way, it also gives characters and players a sense that their actions will have no consequence in any way. They will only feel the pain of the wound, and then will cause a cleric or a paladin to lose a tiny portion of their mana pool. I must admit, if there is one method of magical healing on the server that I support, it is the Ascended healing. The Ascended have a natural fast regeneration feat, causing their wounds to close faster, and their regeneration can grow parts of their body back. Now, when an Ascended is to heal someone, they transfer the wounded's wounds to their own body. So, if person A is missing a limb, they regrow it, yet the Ascended who heals person A, loses the same limb of their body. Why can't all healing magic be like this? To have a drawback or to require actual effort? Why are the holy mages not required to study the wound, take precautions? This fact actually dulls the conventional medicine and doctors in RP. Why go to a surgeon while you can just pretend your wound was healed by the monks leaving no scar, nothing on you? I am aware that no matter how much support this gets, it will not be implemented. This is LotC, people, check how much feedback was implemented. But either way, I think that this is an issue/idea we should draw our attention to.
  2. i love you
  3. Yes, for the mental magic. The telekinesis one is going to have to be a no, I figured that I have dropped my telekinesis TA. I am sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  4. How funny, you seem to be posting the same thing on all of Luv's staff team applications. "Guys you are wrong luv isn't bad you guys r dumb xd she did a great job in the AT.". No, she did not do a great job in the AT. She did 4 applications in 3 months, did not produce any projects, and would have been kicked straight out of the team, if it was not ski showing her mercy close to the levels of Allah. Yes, Luv has done many questionable things in the past, but let us check the present. She has recently been given a chance by Sky, in the event team. And I've heard Sky regret every single aspect of his choice. But alas, we are hooligans, and we do not know Luv. Let us consider the past deeds of hers, now, shall we? The application team dramas, and her promotion resulting in the removal of SquirtGun, whom was a legendary part of the team, is something to never forget. Let us not get into my own removal from the team for issuing complaints about her, just for the thread's sake. She had abused her Event Team permissions, to bring an event where a void terror appears out of thin air and gives her character, and her friends, the power of "Youdude's" (love him, btw) Unsound Magic. Now, would you trust that person with the powers of a GM? The powers of spawning items in, teleporting players around, vanishing and more? The fact that she "magically made a void terror appear" was not a mechanical aspect, it didn't affect any mechanical aspect of the game. No items were lost or made, yet an incident of similar size, with minecraft mechanics and pixels could be catastrophic. My decision is set. Do not apply to all teams of staff, just to climb up the ranks and become like a certain GM whom tried to gain RP power with GMship. Choose a single team, stay loyal to that team. Being a staff is hard work. Heck, I couldn't do a single team myself. Yet, with such a background, and your Event Team position being a restricted one, I strongly think you should not get such a position as a GM, at least for now. -1
  5. mystic class when
  6. This is LotC, friend. There is no diversity in creature RP.
  7. please leave the server again
  8. Hi mom.
  9. An anonymous figure signs the charter, in the name of the members of the Xel'Nage council.
  10. May Allah protect you and your family.
  11. MC Name: EdgyMagey Character's Name: Evelangéline Avern Character's Age: 398 Character's Race: High Elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Voidal Shifting Teacher's MC Name: KetchenX Teacher's RP Name: Dionysus Avern Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: My blood magic MA is revoked, as far as I know. This shall fill in its place. Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Sure Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope.
  12. Yes