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  1. hi

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    2. mollymcd


      oh i need that


    3. mollymcd


      it not there


    4. JasperJohn


      scroll down and therse a tab that says 'metagaming' click it and copy that format

  2. One day you will be mine...

  3. ((OOC)) MC Name: AlFalah Discord: you have it Timezone: GMT +2 IC Name: Fariya Race: Farfolk Nation Allegiance (Only if you are a political member, this does not count citizenship): Verisian Age: 68 Can you fight?: No Do you know magic?: Mental magic Would you do work (Nexus professions) for the Scions?: Not really
  4. Dancing_Zombie.gif
    you have been spooked


    send this to 9 other friends to spook them as well

    1. ForeverGinger


      That is genuinely horrifying.

  5. you've made an enemy of me.

  6. The major problem is people casting magic that they'd OOCly not know the limits of, must be heavily moderated
  7. RP Name: Charlie MC Name: AlFalah Known Arcane Arts: - Mental Magic - Voidal Shifting - Can teach Arcanism Position Desired: Instructor. When is the best time to contact you for an interview: yes.
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