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  1. EdgyMagey

    [✓] [Server] EdgyMagey Ban Appeal

    I understand, even though rarely have I ever worked on lore myself. My intentions were never harmful towards the either of you, as you two were fairly close friends of mine at the time. It was a stupid mistake I've done, and it's been a while ever since. I don't want to pull the 'I've grown out of it' card, as I was never really against my ban, and I've taken much longer than its duration. Which doesn't mean that I am not sorry, neither does it mean that I'll do something similar again. Yet again, I am sorry.
  2. EdgyMagey

    [✓] [Server] EdgyMagey Ban Appeal

    I can offer but my word that I won't attempt to plagiarize again, really. I'm accepting that what I've done was disrespectful and destructive to the server. The event of me plagiarizing Phil's lore was entirely, my fault and I should've known better. I'd understand if my appeal was denied, due to the nature of the ban, but I'm willing to learn from my mistake and join the server yet again.
  3. EdgyMagey


  4. What kind of ban are you appealing? Server Minecraft Usernames AlFalah Ban Reason Plagiarizing lore written by LotC players. Players Involved The Fire Mind By your own understanding, why are you banned? I was banned for pretending that I owned the lore of Anti-Magic, and tried to show it to another server's lore team, claiming that it was mine. Why should you be pardoned? I never not believe that I was in the wrong, it was just a stupid and childish thing that I'd done in the heat of the moment, and I have apologized to Bokratz themselves, and I am deeply sorry for the disturbance I've caused. I shan't do it again. What will you do to prevent similar circumstances that led to your ban? I'll avoid claiming lore as mine. Discuss why you believe that following the Community Guidelines is important to promote a healthy community. It's always been important that LotC had no 'protagonists' and that it was a universe that was unique, and where the world revolved around not a single character, but all of them, together. If 'winning' and 'losing' were to be concepts, the point of RP and combat would not to be RPing and enjoying the flow of the events, but to one-up the other and powergame while doing so. In terms of being helpful and encouraging, it's always been important to keep LotC, a server with around 200 players on average, new-player-friendly. People are required to be helpful, and be guiding in terms of new players, to avoid driving them off of the server. In terms of being detached, people are expected to not be their characters. This is especially important to prevent people from leaning over their characters, and going as far as taking OOC measures to prevent them from receiving harm, and practically ruining the immersion for everyone around them.
  5. EdgyMagey

    [DA] [MA] Cahir

    yep like father like son
  6. EdgyMagey

    [MA] Arcanism

  7. EdgyMagey

    Feedback: Voidal Magic v2

    this thread won't work it didn't in the past, it won't this time this isn't something that can be discussed somewhere as disorganized and meme-vulnerable place like the forums
  8. EdgyMagey

    [Dark] [MA] Navael Shade

    yes löease
  9. EdgyMagey

    [SA] [Dark] Ildes, the Wanderer

    student 2/5
  10. EdgyMagey

    [Dark Arts] [SA] Elrick

    i said: "if this person causes a problem, let us know" not: "uh ew wtf everyone i don't want him" cheers
  11. EdgyMagey

    [Dark Arts] [SA] Elrick

    IMPORTANT NOTICE you do not straight up have the ability to manipulate amber, and without a lesson, you will not be able to in any bit no tendrils, no dark smog, nothing IF KINSLAYER DOES ANYTHING REGARDING THIS, PLEASE TAKE A SCREENSHOT AND PM ME OR THOMAS cheers
  12. EdgyMagey

    [Dark Arts] [MA] mother

    given the parasite and is going to be taught by me, yes