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  1. think the real issue w/ conflict on this server is the people who preach dynamism are normally those who refuse anything bad to happen to them by any ooc means possible.

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    2. Shmeepicus


      2 hours ago, Burnsider said:

      My favorite part of LOTC nowadays is when you let your character lose, but then the other side gets mad at you for not losing in the way they wanted you to. Come on, now, you got the win.

      Does this actually happen?! 

    3. Burnsider


      Happened when my last character died, for example.

    4. rukio


      @Burnsider See, I don't really believe in playing to lose because a lot of people are negative energy even if you do lose. I don't, however, usually kill the person I'm in conflict with anymore unless they're doing something *really* dumb or being a skyrim bandit npc where you beat them down and they cower then try to backstab or w/e. I think its more fun for both sides if you let them live, maybe take a finger or something at most, unless they're some serial killer or w/e where it doesn't make sense to let them live. 

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