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  1. Rate the above User's Profile Picture

    8/10 complete with ign
  2. LotC's Age Criteria

    He could have just said he was thirteen, most young-uns do it
  3. Media Staff - December Update Log

    Nice vid, I'm glad you're making more, but I'm afraid the last race videos went into greater detail.
  4. could the wiki team update the map of Axios quickly before we move? Thanks

  5. TJB_Minecraft WT Application #2

    An experienced rper +1
  6. just make 6.0 exactly like westeros fam

    The dwarves get the vale because mountains, oren gets kings landing and the westerlands, Santegia gets the reach, the orcs and Haria should get bits of Essos, the snow elves should live beyond the wall, and the north should be minimised and ruled by Haense. The elves and sutica can get Dorne.
  7. [Your View] Event Team

    What I think needs to be done is a come back for unexpected events, most events that I've seen lately (not that I've seen many) are scheduled, nothing wrong with that, but an unscheduled event shows that the ET are willing to put their time aside and provide rp just to make people have a good experience, some of the best events I've witnessed have not been scheduled and have brought an immersive and fun atmosphere to the server.

    Tbh, his rp has improved tremendously, he's reduced his memes and can bring immersive events if given the chance, +1
  9. [✗] The Crimson Onslaught

    We need a antagonist so badly. I approve?
  10. Hey wiki team could you update the wiki map of Axios? Cheers

  11. Axios|Cloud Temple Video Walkthrough|2017

    Good vid
  12. The Riders Of The Mark

    Application Minecraft Name: Epicethan4 Age: 15 OOC Information: Joined in Vailor, fairly active Do you have discord and teamspeak?: Teamspeak aye Character Name: Lewis Rhelton Race: Human Profession: Veteran woodworker Is this character your primary character?: Mhm Past PvP/Military Experience: Played as a dreadlander, Courland, Oren, Orcs, Dwarves etc, Pvp quality: Good
  13. [Lore Submission] Night Howlers

  14. [Denied]Vegetarianism's GM App

    When I joined Courland in vailor when we had the good ol' riga, It was one of the best times on lotc I've ever had, vege was such a good leader and a good role model for newer players, though he did turn into a memster after a while, but I believe that is mostly behind him and I believe he would make a great gm. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++1
  15. [MArt] Milo the cursed doll, Puppeteers Bane

    Milo the cursed doll? More like milo the cursed cliche, hahahahhaah we got dem bois. Though I'll give you a +1 because Lord of the craft is lacking horror.