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  1. WOW, your profile picture is amazing.... where did you get it?!

    1. NiC201 (Aeries)

      NiC201 (Aeries)

      I drew it myself, why's that? :)


  2. I've been gone for two years LoTC...

     Miss me!?

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    2. Cracker
    3. Kaydovee_


      everytime i run past ur profile on skype i stand up and shout........hypothetically :)))))))))

    4. Hunwald


      absolute madman

  3. Dear Coaster,


    you're a sick *****.


    From Nic.

    1. DPM


      NIC OI OI

    2. NiC201 (Aeries)

      NiC201 (Aeries)

      I feel like this didn't serve it's purpose because of the filter, I said you're a sick  C u n t   (y)

  4. Do you sometimes, do heroin?

  5. They call me Stacey, that's not my name.

    1. NiC201 (Aeries)

      NiC201 (Aeries)

      Jokes, everyone has forgotten me. ;-;

  6. Ban Reports on LOTC is like a episode of Judge Judy.

    1. Rhia


      Love you too boi.

    2. KiiNg


      im so butt hurt

    3. NiC201 (Aeries)

      NiC201 (Aeries)

      The but hurt king.

      Rhia gross, cooties.

  7. People that make dumb ban reports amuse me. ^_^

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    2. Kickstarted and Running
    3. ayresalex
    4. NiC201 (Aeries)

      NiC201 (Aeries)

      Ayresalex I was so hoping you would see this! ;) Teehee. I'm a hypocrite.

      And Lancel. Wut. >.>

  8. Recruiting; Now In Progress.

  9. Only just getting into Game Of Thrones and realizing how much people take ideas off of it! x3

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    2. SparehoeCakes


      I just caught up. I hate some part of the story, others I love. You'll find the story lines that you want to see more of. Hope you like it~

    3. MartinDaMartian


      Welcome to the club

    4. NiC201 (Aeries)

      NiC201 (Aeries)

      I mean hey! Why wouldn't they want to copy it, but still... 0/10 for creativity guys. c;

  10. Walk up to the club like what up bruh I'm back. C:

  11. get on my level preb

  12. I miss you so much... It hurts so much to know I hadn't spoken to you in almost a month and now I can't say good bye ever... R.I.P

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