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  1. Dan0127

    Flapman's WT Application

    +1 He didn't just apply to the team without any preparation or efforts. Instead, he spent a lot of time in editing the wiki and he had shown his ability of handling the works in the team, as well as his passion to the works. I can't see why shouldn't this guy be added to the team.
  2. Dan0127

    [Denied] Flapman's AT Application

    Flapman is a great guy, who helped me with rping in this server. I am still not a good rper but he has given me lots of ideas especially how to be a highlander and taught me quite a lot of stuff like the lore of the group of people I just met in rp. He gave me a greater understanding on the lore of the server. Definitely a +1 from me.
  3. Dan0127

    The Gold Corps

    I. Name: Lother Vyronov II. Age: 19 IIa. Date of Birth [If Known]: IIb. Location of Birth [If Known]: Near Lerald's stable, Carnatia III. Race [Human/Elf]: Human IIIa. Culture [Heartlander, Highlander, Wood Elf, etc.]: Highlander IV. Status of Blood [Nobility, Gentry, Commoner, Former Nobility, etc.]: V. Place of Residence: Carnatia VI. Martial Knowledge [Trained in Weaponry, Archer, etc.]: Archer VII. Skilled Labor [Farmer, Lumberjack, etc.]: Miner OOC MC Name: Dan0127 Skype ID: You got it
  4. Dan0127

    RP Default for the win

    I could understand the frustration upon losing all of the stuff you have spent like hours due to a single unfair pvp fight (having no weapons or low number of ppl on your side etc...). I am one of those ppl like you, having no good weapons or armors and get killed every time, but the point quoted is right. No one wanted to lose as it ends up with losing the stuff too, the reason behind that you want to have RP default is to increase the chance of winning even if you have no powerful weapon to fight with the ppl at all. You wanted to win so as the opponents and the fight never ends or arguments started to appear as DEADLY moves are spoken out in RP. Then the problems of powergaming or bad rp appear frequently with those rpyers who are lack of experience or sth else, like myself.
  5. There are 3 kinds of people on earth.

    One is good at  counting.

    Another one doesn't.

    1. Nekkore


      Two types of people in this world dumb and dumber

      Dumb learning from their mistakes

      Dumber repeating their mistakes

  6. Dan0127

    [Bounty] Wyvern

    Dan stops as seeing the poster, soon he leaves as he knows nothing about where it actually are.
  7. Dan0127

    [Complete]Looking for Feathers

    *Dan tears out the notice from the dock and writes something at the back,"I could sell you some."and send it with a pigeon to Delvis. ((64 feathers))
  8. Dan0127

    The Isle of Yale

    Dan passes and leaves a note on the table,"Supported."
  9. Dan0127

    [Updated 2/28] Kim's Art Thread ✍

    These are really cool :)