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    [✗] Infernic Castors; Firearms

    Yes plz, i like the pew pews and it's also a very creative take on what we've all seen too many times on here. It would fit nicely into what already exists BIG OL PLUS ONE, BOII
  2. MC name: Eenhoornheid Character's name and age: Luna Ith'ael - 35 Character’s Race: High Elf What magic will you be learning?: Clerical - Tahariae Who will be teaching you?: Galan Evindal - Pandann
  3. MC name: Eenhoornheid Character's name and age: Lelien Lazul - 138 Character’s Race: High Elf Link to your accepted magic application: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/125781-old-app-leliens-mas-eenhoornheid What magics do you desire to teach?: Electrical Evocation Sensory Illusion Summarize the Lore of this Magic: Electrical Evocation: Just like all other evocations, one connects to the void, creates the element that one wishes with the void (in this case, the charge of electricity). Then one realises this element into reality. Electrical Evocation, in comparison to other evocations, takes a long time to be able to fully use the charge. After all, it takes time to create a sufficient charge for a bolt that would be equivalent in power to, let us say, a fire ball by an fire evocationist. Sensory Illusion: To begin, Sensory Illusion was not named such in the beginning. When the magic was just created it was called Light Illusion. However, over time, the users realised there is far more than light in play with using this magic. Not only is there an influence with sight, but also with the other senses: sound, touch, scent and taste. For an illusion one requires to know each aspect of the object to fully be able to conjure the image, taste, however, is not a common need in this. In Sensory Illusion there are three types of mind tricks: glamours, figments, and phantasms. A glamour is an addition to an already existing object. A figment is an entirely new object. A phantasm is implementing an emotion into one’s mind. The entirety of Sensory Illusion is not real, it is simply a trick of the mind. It cannot hurt the subject physically. An illusion must be logical, if they are not the subject shall realise its non-existence and it shall break, or if the subject realises it is in fact an illusion, it shall break as well. Because of this, the caster shall never be able to feel his or her own illusions. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student. (Do note, we will be contacting aspiring teachers for a quick interview, to try to better gauge your knowledge and understanding): Electrical Evocation: “Today, we shall be seeing how external factors can influence an electrical charge.” Lelien states as she guides her student to an open clearing. In the middle of this clearing, there is a large, iron pole sticking out of the ground. “You shall now aim a bolt away from this pole, about sixty degrees. Then you shall see the results with your own eyes.” The student does as bid. The student connects to the void, and concentrates. A collection of electricity gathers in the palm of the student’s hand, jumping over every so often. Once the charge is large enough, the student releases it. The bolt shoots out, yet it suddenly turns away from its expected course and to the iron pole. Surprised, the student cuts off its connection from the void. “If you haven’t seen that, you must be blind. Metal has quite the influence on your electrical evocations, keep this in mind. It can be used against you, yet you can also use it in your favour.” Sensory Illusion: “Sit.” Lelien commands her student. The student does as bid. “Today, you shall be creating a figment.” From the table beside her she takes a wooden box with ornate designs and swirls carved into it and hands it to her student. “This is what you shall create, now.” The student takes the box, studying each and every aspect of the box. The student studies each groove in the wood, the colour of the wood, even the smell of the box. Lelien diverts her gaze so her student may work. After some time, the figment is created in the student’s other hand. The student gives the signal, and Lelien returns her attention to her student. She takes the two boxes, one in each hand. “Good.” Lelien then begins to study each box, comparing them to each other. Her brow raises, the illusionary box disappears. “You missed a curve, student.”
  4. Electrical Evocation MC Name: Eenhoornheid RP Name: Lelien Aeléyèlsa Race: High Elf Do you fully understand the magic app system and agree to use magic in a non-powergaming lore accurate manner?: Yes, yes, I do. Name of Teacher. If self-taught, you must still have an accepted Teacher overseeing your self-teachings. Provide a link to the Teacher’s accepted Teacher App. Teacher must comment on app to vouch that they will be teaching you OOCly for self-taughts; RPly for regulars Lucion Sullas (Mithradites) (Teaching App) Archtype applying for & subtype if applicable Arcane, Evocation, Electrical Sensory Illusion MC Name: Eenhoornheid RP Name: Lelien Aeleyelsa Race: High Elf Age: 49 Do you fully understand the magic app system and agree to use magic in a non-powergaming lore accurate manner?: Yes! Name of Teacher. If self-taught, you must still have an accepted Teacher overseeing your self-teachings.Provide a link to the Teacher’s accepted Teacher App. Teacher must comment on app to vouch that they will be teaching you OOCly for self-taughts; RPly for regulars: Kalameet (SAGE221) - http://www.lordofthe...ng-application/ Archtype applying for & subtype if applicable: Arcane - Illusion - Light Illusion Why do you believe your character has sufficient knowledge to teach themselves their magic? (Self-taught only) / How long has your character been pursuing this magic? (Self-taught only) / Please provide screenshoted evidence of IC knowledge including the theory behind the magic and its power source. (Self-taught only) /
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    Eenhoornheid's AT Application

    MCname: Eenhoornheid Forum Name: Eenhoornheid Skype Name: thematriarchofsass Timezone: GMT +1 Do you feel you have a solid grasp on our lore and an understanding of the standards we have for applications? Yes, I sure do! I always like looking through the denied applications and have myself a little giggle. Why do you want to be an AT member and do you have the ability to work with others? I've been a High Elf for the entire time that I've been on this server and the quality of the accepted High Elves (so said pure ones) has been declining. I just want to educate the new players instead of them just floundering about on the server with no help. As for being able to work with others, I've never countered any problems with it, nor do I think that will happen. Do you recognize that you will be given extra responsibilities such as working on the LoTC wiki, assisting the AT in creating guides and helping new players with their questions upon logging into LoTC? Yes, I do. Is there anything else you would like to add? Nope!
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    [Denied] Global Moderation Application for Nalatac_Aicneta

    Nalatac has a GM app?! MUST + 1 (Seriously, this man is fabulous.)
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    Eenhoornheid's Lm Application

    What is your Minecraft Account Name?: Eenhoornheid How long have you played on LotC?: Since mid Asulon How many hours per day/week are you available?: Almost every day for a max of 5 hours What lore do you know best on LotC?: Magic Give a summary of any Staff/Lead positions you’ve held on any Minecraft Server in the past: Nothing. Nadda. Do you have a Skype account? You may post it here, or choose to keep it private until you are asked for it. Note: Skype is required to communicate with the team and unless you have an account and the program, (it) you will be incapable of joining the team: thematriarchofsass Have you ever written any lore for LotC? We are looking for LKs who either know a lot, have a lot of ideas— or preferably both. So let's see what you have done. If you want a part of the app to pay the most attention to-- pick this one: I haven't, but bad grammar and spelling mistakes annoy me. That is why I fixed all of the errors in this application (the red stuff). Have you ever received a Magical Blacklist, ban or other blacklist if so, please link it: Nope.
  8. Lawrna

    Eenhoornheid's Lm Application

    I am very sure, I just tend to the library.
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    [Denied]Ski's Umpteenth Global Moderator Application

    Super yes! He has always been extremely helpful and to the point when it comes to it.
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    The Crimson Hearts

    Given Name: Lelien Lazul True Name (MC Name): Eenhoornheid (Skype Name): Y'all know me Race? High Elf Doth ye aspire the path of The Knight, The Mechanist or The Magician? The Magician. Doth ye solemnly swear to protect your Crimson Heart brethren? I do.
  11. Tony, you're cool. You know this. I like you. +1
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    Dohvi's Fm App.

    Lana approves!
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    The Court Of Souls

    Minecraft name: Eenhoornheid Skype ID (optional): You already have it! Time zone: GMT+1 Have you been banned sometime in the past 6 months? Nope! What are your characters? Is one of them a ghost? If not, would you be willing to make one and possibly PK a character to do it? I have the Eternal Librarian, she is a ghosty! What sort of allegiances have any of your characters held in the past? To Haelun'or alone. What sort of roleplay do you specialize in? (e.g. Peaceful, Conflict, Exploration, Spontaneous, etc.) Peaceful, usually. However, I don't mind the occasional snarky backstabby! What do you believe are key factors for a successful spooky event? The slight disturbing actions that creep under your skin. The everyday objects being portrayed in grotesque manners that you can't even look at them in the same way. What strengths could you contribute to the Court OOCly? Are you knowledgeable in lore, great at organizing, good at building, a good writer, what? Don't have to get into detail, and doesn't have to be super amazing stuff, list it off. Orrrrrderrrrrr!!!! Why do you want to be part of the Court? Why not? Create a distinct event you might do as part of the Court. Doesn't have to be long or detailed now, just decent! ... no Tell us what you expect personally from the Court. This doesn't particularly matter and is optional, however, your saying something will help us develop the group into what it needs to be. Some good ol' ghosty fun! Finally... Do you agree to adhere to Supremacy's lore pertaining to the estrangement of mortals, among all other lore pertaining to proper Spectral ettiquette? Yar
  14. Yes, a text comes up that you have to crouch to read the book, really straightforward You'll do fine!
  15. ENJOY THE COPYING (it will make you go insane, I assure you) Extra: Do NOT lock a sign on a bookcase, the book within will disappear. Lock the bookshelf itself, and all will be fine.
  16. Lelien Aeléyèlsa’s Character Card Full name: Lelien Aeléyèlsa, Lelien Lazul, Lelien Lazul Sylvaeri Nicknames: Lele Age: 153 Gender: Female Race: Mali’aheral (High Elf) Status: Alive Description Height: 6”6’ Weight: 153 lbs Body Type: Hourglass figure like her mother Eyes: Light green Hair: Orange, flowing down to right under her shoulders in lazy curls. Skin: Very pale, nigh perfect skin. Markings/Tattoos: On the back of her right hand and the palm of her left she has a matching brandmark, a triangle with the number 88 in it. There is a scar going all around her neck, a perfect circle. Health: Perfect Personality: Lelien is very pure minded as to say and against change of any kind. She is very protective of her loved ones, city and library. She is extremely stubborn and spoilt Inventory: A pair of white gloves, an emerald ring, an emerald necklace, a pen that doesn’t run out of ink, and a small knife. Further Details: / Life Style Alignment: Lawful Neutral Deity: Athiest Religion: N/A Alliance/Nation/Home: Protectorate of Haelun’or, Tahn'siol Job/Class: / Title(s): Okarir'indor, Queen of Sass Profession(s): Librarian in the library of Lin’evaral Special Skill(s): Extensive memory when it comes to books and their authors. Flaw(s): scared of fire, can’t remember names of people she thinks of as lesser Magic Current Status: Finished Arch-type: Arcane Sub-Type: Electrical Evocation & Light Illusion Rank: Both Tier 5 Weaponry Fighting Style: 1) Try and avoid fighting 2) Dodge any attacks until Electrical Evocation is charged 3) Zap Biography Parents: Delonna and Vallel’Yuln Aeléyèlsa Siblings: Reika Aeléyèlsa Children: Adopted child, Velulaei Extended Family: Jupiter Lazul (husband) Pet(s): A ginger ferret Frederick and an onxy ferret Carl History Asulon (0-7)Lelien Aeléyèlsa was born in the farms of Haelun’or, also known as the Silver City of the High Elves in Asulon. It has always been quiet in Haelun’or, but Lelien was a part of the baby boom in the blessed city. Once they all could walk Lelien was surrounded with children of her age (which were only 3 children, but many for the High Elves). One of those children were Acaele Lazul whom she bonded with quickly. The other children died or were thrown out of the city for impurity. She was a quiet and shy child then, yet she became bolder and bolder has she grew up. Elysium (7- 15)Upon hearing that the High Elves had to leave Haelun’or Lelien was devastated. It was her home and she saw it as the place where purity sprung from. As the waters began to rise and the storms began to ravage the city they all left to the boats. The boats which brought them to the small islands. A mere stop in between. There she picked up on the art of ‘shin stabbing’ with sticks in Fort Acaele. (Note: This was a sand castle.) Lelien’s first thoughts of the new island were ‘Ew’ and ‘Why can I smell impures?’. She was 7 years old at the time, her brain still developing rapidly. The High Elves’ new home was in the mountains, where it was cold and bleak. Snow falling almost every other day. The alliance with Malinor was made then. As the city was built Lelien became fairly attached to Silvos Sythaerin, Kalenz Uradir and Seth Calith. Her mother (Vallel’Yuln) was off looking for Lelien’s adopted sister, Reika, and her father (Delonna) was extremely busy so she found others to take care of her. The three Mali’aheral raised the two little High Elves, Lelien and Acaele to think like the purest High Elves, due to their bad encounters with the other races they swiftly adapted to the Mali’aheral thought process: ‘Is it icky? If it is, throw it out or let Kalenz kill it.’ Kalos (15-23)After a few years and many volcano eruptions they were moving once more to another set of islands, Kalos. Now the High Elven settlement was a tad further away from Malinor. Lelien’s teenage years were spent there. Those years were filled with the urge to learn magic, yet because she was too young it was impossible for her to learn. On a day there was a discussion between Kalenz and Lelien about the murder of Celia, Lucion’s wife. She was killed by Lelien’s father, Delonna, yet Lelien didn’t know this. Lelien, of course, didn’t believe a word of what Kalenz said. From that day on she was fixed on always knowing the truth. If she even had the slightest hint that someone might be lying to her she would snap at the person. As Lelien and Acaele’s relationship grew stronger and the bond between Lelien and her mother weaker she started to care less for her family and more for the prosperity of the city. She looked for things to do to help the Silver Settlement. Anthos (23- 74)Lin’everal Finally, Anthos. The promise of staying in one place was a relief for Lelien. She was sick and tired of being so close to the ‘ickies’. Now, the High Elves would have a city of their own. She dreamed of a new Haelun’or with tall towers and the blue roofs and that is what it became. Designed and built by her parents, she was in ecstasy. Yet behind the walls of the seemingly pure city was a darker power at work, slowly gnawing away at the pillars of her relationship with her family. The young elf didn’t know of the promiscuities of her mother until Vallel’Yuln decided to tell her husband, who in turn told Lelien. The truth of this all almost broke Lelien. The thought of her even being related to Yuln sent shivers up her spine and she would unknowingly start scratching her arms to a point that she was bleeding. On the same day Delonna told Lelien she moved in with Acaele. The two helped each other through the deterioration of their parents and their relationship grew even stronger, certain that they shall marry when of age (Which would be 50 years according to the High Elven law). Her father kept Yuln’s secret quiet in the hope that she won’t get branded for impurity. Lelien’s strong sense for justice overtook the love for her mother. She told all those who had power in the city. Yuln was called to trial and a verdict was made: branding. During the trial her mother ran before she could be branded. Delonna was a mess and Lelien was angry. Acaele was Lelien’s comfort and vice versa, he was the only person who could calm her and make her think clearly. After some time she came to peace with her family. This was not the end of the family drama. Seth told Lelien that her father had ‘fraternized’ with Vallel Taloha, a known impure. Of course, Lelien was furious. She cursed the walls up and down in the search for more evidence to make a case. She was only a child at the time, a child to the High Elven community. All she had were some words, not enough to cast out Delonna, now a Medi’ir. Lucion Sullas, the Sohaer at the time, offered to teach Lelien Electrical Evocation, which she gladly accepted. Years went by, and Acaele and Lelien drew closer and closer only restricted by the High Elven laws. They moved to the largest hall in Lin’evaral, which used to be owned by Delonna. After her study of Electrical Evocation was finished around the age of 50 she began a study in the art of Light Illusion with Kalameet Izalith as her teacher. At this age she also was extremely excited for the wedding between Acaele and herself, finally old enough to marry. However, there was a staggering decline in Lin’everal’s peace. The Dwarves and Orcs attacked, fared war and hacked at the walls of the gleaming city, with that Acaele and Lelien left to Malinor along with Lucion Sullas, now the Maheral. Their reasoning was not only because of the attacks on the outside, but the ones inside. In their eyes, the city had been overrun by evil. Kalenz was at his height as Sohaer. They lived in the large birch tree house in the middle of the Princedom of Malinor for a year or so, until the Scourge took over Malinor. The cold beings of the North forced the inhabitants out and thus the Elves made New Malinor on the other side of the river. Acaele and Lelien decided the inhabited lands were too dangerous to raise children in, and thus they left for the Wilds. New Malinor Tragedy struck in a few years time, Acaele was out fishing outside of their new home in the Wilds when the maelstrom pulled him under. He drowned, nothing Lelien could have done to prevent it. She was stricken by grief, it was a miracle she found her way back to her parents’ house. For weeks on end she stayed in bed, living from one measly meal to the next. Delonna and Yuln were supportive, even when Lelien threw random objects at them in rage. When she finally left the safety of the home, she was no longer and Aeléyèlsa, but a Lazul to keep the name alive. She had become bitter and mean, nothing or no one was sufficient enough. After complaining multiple times about the state of the New Malinor library, Prince Ebs gave her the job of being the head of the library… Lelien overworked herself on many occasions to keep her mind off of things. Malinor hadn’t seen as many books as it had then (probably). Over time even working at the library wasn’t enough of a distraction, so she applied to be the personal assistant of Prince Darius. That is how she was sucked into the fall of Malinor and the rise of the Conclave of Malin. She was the one to write all of the Magistrate magic licenses and send out the letters to the other Dreamers. The plan itself was only explained to her once it was too late, it was going to be executed the next Elven day. And thus Malinor fell. Conclave When the entire citizenry of Malinor was once again forced to move, now to the Conclave of Malin, Lelien went along and took advantage of her friendly position with the Dreamers. Kalameet became the Justicar of the Conclave, her close relations with him made her get a position within the government as the Adjuncticator of the Mali’aheral. With the citystate of Leanniel on the rise, Lelien felt the need to protect them from the Conclave’s plans: force them to become one with them. She tried her best to inform the Wood and Dark Elves of the Conclave’s plans. However, she failed. During this all, Kalenz Uradir had returned to the High Elves and had been constructing The Tomb along with the others. Lelien swiftly returned to her kin. The Tomb The High Elves took her back into the society with open arms. She became the Tilruir’indor once more and everything was well. Her first love interest after 15 years appeared, Lucion Sullas. First he was a secret admirer, flattering Lelien with poetry, gifts and music. However, Lelien felt that their relationship would bring more harm to the others, like her parents than it would aid them. And… it would be really flippin’ weird, like come on… He saw her as a little girl for YEARS. The memory of it stayed in the form of an orange tulip. There was no need for a government for a long time, but the presence of the High Elves once more became apparent to the outside world, and thus an election was held for Sohaer, which Lelien won. Everything went smoothly, until the Scourge attacked Leanniel. Fear was suddenly very prominent in the Elven lands. When the portal to the Fringe was opened, Lelien took the chance and immediately moved her people there. The Fringe (74-82)The settlement in the Fringe was built at rapid speeds, the population shot up, the international threats became plentiful. During her reign she had become acquainted with Cyrenn Emoria. She felt reasonably happy, he was a good source of comfort and helped her with the large amounts of stress she was given. However, her friends and the other High Elves thought very lowly of him, he was very thick according to them, and thus Lelien ended the courtship. In politics Lelien did everything in her power to keep peace with everyone, yet even her own citizens weren’t capable of rational thought according to her. After returning from a very needed vacation, war was declared with the Orcs. Her final act as Sohaer was making peace with them. Oddly enough, the High Elves saw this as a very bad idea. Irrational to Lelien. It was the final straw, and thus stepped down, becoming Maheral. In her boredom she constructed a library again along with her new love interest Ceruberr, who told her after about a year of courting that he was a Shade. Unable to remove the taint from him, Ceruberr was forced to leave. Quickly a new interest was found to fill the hole, Eleron Sylvaeri (known for being the last High Prince of Malinor). Yet, after a month or so she came to the realisation that he wasn’t simply a next suitor, but a possible husband. Their love was apparent, yet not accepted by all mali’aheral. Despite this, they married anyway. The Elven day after the wedding, Lelien was brought to Oren for trial, she was accused of multiple crimes. This lead to her beheading. On the block she spoke her last words as Eleron fought her way to her. Once she appeared back in the Cloud Temple, she knew something was wrong, and thus she took on a disguise that would fool all, she had perfected this guise whilst studying Ghosts and thus became one. Though, taxing as it was on her manapool, she tried to be in the library as much as possible, shutting herself off from the world that she thought hated her so. Her husband had not returned after his dismal execution, and thus another husband bit the dust. Then, finally, the inhabitants of the Fringe moved to Athera. Athera (82-127)Athera, in comparison to previous locations, was rather dull. Once the civil war against the High Elves began and the Wood Elves took control of the city, Lelien burned down her own library and fled with the others of her kind. In the Citadel, she decided to finally let go of her guise and return to her normal self. Her people understood. She continued her work as the Okarir’indor of Haelun’or, as expected of her. Interest of finding a new husband was non-existent, she was under the impression she was cursed, that each and every husband would die. Finally the High Elves could emerge from their hiding spot and build up their nation once more. Though not entirely content with the library provided to her, she did make the best out of it. Then came Zeus Ith’ael, an upcoming bachelor in the city, just having reached the Okarir’mali position. Lelien saw this as a chance to have a relationship based solely on the maehr’sae hiylun’ehya. Their views matched perfectly and thus the courting began. Soon enough after that, they married, right in the library. Of course, not all can stay perfect, and King Vydra was murdered by the command of Sohaer Kalenz Uradir, executed by Zeus and Rael Ith’ael. All they fled and Kalenz started a guild under an illusionary disguise along with Zeus, which Lelien then joined. Eventually Zeus came back to the city under a disguise, Jupiter. During this time Haelun’or was under Matrial Law by Oren, the rulers of our lands. Laethis had taken up the position as Sohaer after the fall of Oreo. Two years later, and Martial Law was lifted, life became normal again. Not everything can last, however. The worms attacked. Vailor (127-...)Once again, the inhabitants had to flee, to new lands they went: the Isles of Vailor. For the first year, Lelien helped with gathering resources for the grand plans Yuln had drawn up. Yet, she did not feel well in her skin, and thus went on a trip for four years. Once she returned, she found out that her husband had assassinated Kalenz, one of her father figures. Lelien could not look Jupiter in the eye, they did not speak for another four years. Then, the death of Sohaer Laethis Izalith, Lelien was grief stricken, yet she grieved in silence. The elections for the new Sohaer came along and Lelien was put up for nomination by Karinah Elibar’acal, and thus she went along with it. The silence finally broke between Jupiter and herself. Which is where we are now.
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    Tradition And Silver

    As time passed the relations with the outside nations became stronger. A ball was arranged by the town of Leanniel. There was quiche, wine, tea and dancing! The three kind of mali were entranced by the music and drink, happy they were.
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    [Denied][Remove This Application]

    Kala is hooooooooooooooooooooooot. +1
  19. Lelien giggles as she fills in an application of her own, adding it to the pile. MC Name: Eenhoornheid Name: Nurse Tillywinkle Age: 16.8 Race: Human
  20. Lawrna

    [Accepted]Blindmind's Gm App

    Ed is... Jesus. (which is a good thing). He would make a great GM!
  21. Lawrna

    Elilumiran - Mages Of The Mali'aheral

    Name: Lelien Aeléyèlsa ((MC Name)): Eenhoornheid Age: 31 years of age Magic Forms Known: I am in the progress of learning Electrical Evocation from Lucion Sullas. How do you lay claim to the fact you are pure mali'aheral? I was born and raised in Haelun'or, one should know this. How long has one resided within the Lin'evaral? Since its creation. Is one associated with any other guilds? Not at all. Will you follow the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya to the letter in the pursuit of arcane knowledge? Absolutely! What a silly question. What magical knowledge do you wish to acquire, if any? I would like to mast Electrical Evocation and, if possible, Water Evocation
  22. Lawrna

    Vice7's Fm Application

    I actually like Vice, it seems I'm the only one. I think he would do a good and thorough job. +1
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    Stealthninjaap's Forum Moderator Application

    I fully support Stealth for FM! He'll do a great job, I'm sure of it.