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  1. Reading through, a man with a large salted beard coughs, gazing out his window at the forests of Aelidin. "To whomever wrote this ISSUE, The HOLY MOTHER CHURCH has a very rich and long history, it is to be believed that many of our events have been sewed over the course of our history. OUR FATHER put myself on this planet only a handful of decades ago, so my knowledge of events before the Canonist League is based upon scripture passed to me by my father, Paul Carrion (c. Paul de Montfort / Pavl Sarkozic). This letter is naught to berate the author but rather to assist in the collection of OUR history, such I will offer copies of my documents to try shed light on the events documented. ON LUCIEN I, Lucien was a renown tutor, under his tutelage Pontiff Goddard of Salvus (c. High Pontiff Owyn I) rose through the ranks of the church and together with Lucien's blessing pressed the first Crusade - LUCIEN, also called the first recorded Conclave which only helped legitimize our Church and found a rich and vivid history, to me, Lucien was the forefather of our rise to power, grooming his Priests who would later rise to notability. - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEXT, while I agree that OWYN I (c. Goddard of Salvus) is a highly controversial figure and opinion of him varies from man to man, but little is known of what he did to further our church and foster our history. Before his rise to power, as the Archbishop of Salvus he established numerous Church's across Anthos (c. County of Kvaz, Diocese of Lenfarthing, St. Folly's chapel, and St. Amyas's cathedral) and was also a prominent investor with his most notable being the funding of the order known later as St. Amyas. He also continued Lucien's tradition of tutelage, with many of his students rising to power (c. Radomir I, Lucien II, and Archbishop Osterwald of Renatus). - Let us also note that it was him who was the first Pontiff to release the Church from it's imperial vassilization and established the Church it's own State (c. Holy Kingdom of Savoie) during his regency for William Horen. - Also, noted in the history is a grave error which credits Siegmund for freeing the church, wherever that was all done at the hands of High-Pontiff Owyn I - ------------------------------------------------------------ AND, RADOMIR I was a figure which most of his accomplishments where lost to history, with no recorded evidence it's easy to forget that he stood stalwart towards the threats approaching Oren and HER MOTHER CHURCH. With Owyn's passing, Radomir continued his policies and took the CHURCH into more of a studied and written body that it wasn't before. Radomir was a renown writer and theologian. It should also be noted that he was able to retain majority of High-Pontiff Owyn I's insurmountable rices. LASTLY, LUCIEN II, while not much is left to recount his reign, it is known alongside your already established information, that he was responsible for bringing the Church back to poverty. During Owyn's reign, OUR CHURCH held vast tracks of land and riches which rivaled the greatest nations of Anthos."

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      If you meet me, online, by Mylas' tavern, I will show you where the treasure is hidden. 

  3. The REalist to ever do it, my man. we had the world at our fingertips... I do wish we could go back and do things differently, wish I was never banned! miss you guys haha. big shoutouts to cracker, chump, crazyguy, raptor, moogle, aisilin, rhia, maly, and everyone that helped us out on our crazy journey much love from your brother from above the border!!! hit me up on skype if we havent talked in a while
  4. yes, vip should have fast travel... just have the gms have final say over it + it has to be rp (carts / boats / ect)
  5. Absolutism Carrion absolutism is a philosophy coined by Siegmund Carrion and his son and heir, Ostromir I Carrion. The basic principles of Carrion absolutism is that the heir to Carrion Vochna is to be the supreme and divine leader in their respective domain; no single man or men may challenge the supreme authority of the monarch within the moral realm. Hierarchy in sense is completely absent in his governmental form, all report to the sovereign and carry out his demands in a fashionably and direct manner. In the event that the demand isn’t met, the sovereign has the divine rite to act as the supreme justice and is in turn above any form of law and subject to authority similar to that of the Creator. The monarch in essence is the center of the domain and it’s subjects revolve around the monarch and his will. Only the Creator may rule this monarch, and in some events the Creator does infact rule in the place of the singular sovereign. This government style is an ideological rival of the ideals that Horen Monarchy practises. States which have followed this style: Savoie, Ruska, Carrion­Renatus, Salvus, and Carrion- Oren ---------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------- Monarchist Feudalism Horen Feudalism is a simple ideal group which formed under the rule of Godfrey I. It practises that the monarch is the center of state, yet hierarchy exists to rule in the King’s place. The monarch is the leader of the realm, yet the councillors can question the King’s intent and influence the realm in a whole. The King and Councillors rule the realm as a whole, and delegate a select few ‘nobles’ to act as local Lord in respective land. Should the Lord’s hold issue with one another, they may fight within the King’s realm. The local Lord’s make up the authority within the realm, and the peasant and levy hold loyalty to the Lord with the interest of the King. The Lords have greater influence in the realm per say than the King. This government is often the ideological rival of the Carrion Absolutism ideals. States which have followed this style: Herendul, Adunia, Horen­Renatus, and Horen­Oren
  6. He's a dragon but also an angels

  7. I approve
  8. email to Esterlen: hey great posts keep up the Greek work!

  9. i fucked your *****

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  10. Paveliam Salt is a mineral that forms within the mountain range of Pavellia. It has two primary deposits within the region, one under the Eastcliff river and under the Wozmir summit. Paveliam Salt differs from regular open-water salt with a extremely fine taste and when used to salt will last longer than regular salt. The texture of this thick and rocky in appearance. Eastcliff River The Eastcliff river is known to have an exquisite deposit beneath it. First discovered when Lord Jacques de Montfort stumbled into the water. Jacques explained that his eyes were sore and the water tasted tart. Upon later discovery, Baron Paul de Montfort found the deposit and has since set up a salt farm to produce refined salt to trade throughout Athera. Wozmir Deposit The Wozmir deposit is a large underground salt mine which has yet to be discovered by the inhabitants of Athera. Nexus Recipes Montfortian Sugar-Salt Cookies A dessert delicacy which originated from the House de Montfort. Tradition suggests that when cookies are baked and both sugar and salt x1 Wheat + x1 Salt + x1 Suger + 3 minutes per. 1.5-2 food healed Lasts 4+ days based on cooking level Eastcliff Saltwater Salmon A natural bred fish that originates from the Eastcliff river. It’s thick scales are tough but when removed reveals a edible fish. The Salmon are known to have made their way into the other bodies of water in Athera in recent years thanks to migration. [ This would be a new fish that can be caught in water by nexus fishers ] Cooked Eastcliff Salmon When cooked the fish is extremely tasty and is a Eastcliff delicacy. Cooked over an open pit and dressed with herbs and garlic until the flavor is charred into the fish. Heals 4-5 food levels. x1Eastcliff Salmon + 60 seconds in a cooking cauldron Lasts 3+ days based on cooking level. Salted Eastcliff Salmon The salted variant of the Cooked Salmon however since the fish originated in Paveliam waters it will last 1 day longer when salted for any Fair+ cooks. x1 Cooked Eastcliff Salmon + x1 Salt Lasts 6+ days based on cooking level. Salted Wozmir Jerky The cultural food of the Wozmir region. Originally created by House de Montfort upon their first ascension to the Wozmir Fortress. Made from dehydrated Eastcliff Salmon and salt. Heals 2.5-3 food levels, but has a fast eat time (akin to beef or faster) Lasts 7+ days based on cooking level. x2 Salted Eastcliff Salmon + 5 minutes in cooking cauldron. Your Feedback! Thank you all for reading. If you’re interested in suggesting anything please reply below. Otherwise leave your opinion without starting a flame war.
  11. MCname: AiiM Forum Name: AiiM Skype Name: ruuben.s Do you feel you have a solid grasp on our lore and an understanding of the standards we have for applications?: Yes, I like to think of myself as a student of lotc history and have been actively trying to maintain the history of humans & other realms since Anthos. I think that would translate well into the role of AT. I am quite familiar with the timeline of other races so it wouldn't be hard for me to review any race app. Why do you want to be an AT member and do you have the ability to work with others?: I've been a media team member and a forum moderator and I always felt that I've been here for so long I might as well help out, since I'm not able to donate I believe helping review applications would be just as good! Do you recognize that you will be given extra responsibilities such as working on the LoTC wiki, assisting the AT in creating guides and helping new players with their questions upon logging into LoTC?: I'm able to do that. I've been trading and crafting with nexus since I returned to LoTC and have reached masterful in multiple professions so far. In regards to wiki it wouldn't be a problem at all. My google docs library is filled with old historical lotc doc's which would translate well to wiki entries. Is there anything else you would like to add?: dont judge me
  12. No. Part of the fun of LoTC is the nation politics and intrigue. Just because someone owns a region with a small town on it doesn't mean that it detracts from RP anywhere
  13. -1 i dont really understand this, if you feel your not ur character so why would you feel uncomfortable if anything happens. its not real
  14. epic memes for epic kiddos

  15. hoo!! ****!! this is bets Musics , is canal is perfect my music , hOWWWAA!!

  16. +1 good guy good rp would be a great FM
  17. always strapping

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      always hating empires

  18. A few GMs might be bad apples but I assure you not all of them are terrible!
  19. +1 stornk and poewrFUl. you get my vote jack!
  20. server already has an anti-cheat which doesnt work properly, it'll kick you for lagging midair
  21. victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!victory!!vict...

  22. eh dont think its a good idea. why would u pay 10k for a banker? thats stupid, lower prices
  23. Is it possible to donate with prepade visa`s?

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