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  1. Don't be a baby ttwesten. It doesn't need a reason you find "acceptable", let it run, let it thrive. I don't think I can support this taking up no magic slots given the loaded nature of a celestial (I'm looking at abilities), I also feel that it makes sense to take that additional slot due to further ""attuning"" to the void. A word of advice, redlines for abilities under the abilities. It's very helpful to read and doesn't involve the reader having to cycle from the ability to the end of the piece to match the corresponding redlines. Best regards!
  2. I got the hook up. ((my tastes are everywhere and putting everything here would be a no go. Though Ive been listening to a lot of Synth lately)) Ah, how could I forget Royal Blood:
  3. But can I make breeze smell like swamp ass so I can fart in someone's direction
  4. I think you used hemorrhaging on my brain.
  5. A golemancer scratches his head. "Silly creators make such useful things do stupid things. Unfortunate."
  6. "Someone needs to be bird Bryce Gamsun." Says a traveling elf. "I don't want no child fuckers around here. Need to be sent to Aeldinic Prison."
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