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  1. "Woah dude that's crazy..." Says a bald buff man, lighting a hookah as he Converses with his friend on the topic. "Have you heard of leaf apes? They're ******* crazy dude. Mean as all ****. You might be like, 'oh they're so cute and cuddly', but no -- those things will ******* kill you! Did you hear the story where someone tried to take one as a pet and that fucker -- all doped up on warrior spirit -- shredded this man? And they're ******* brutal with how they do it. They don't kill you swiftly man. They rip your **** off, your face, then your ******* toes. It's nuts man!"
  2. I got the hook up. ((my tastes are everywhere and putting everything here would be a no go. Though Ive been listening to a lot of Synth lately)) Ah, how could I forget Royal Blood:
  3. A golemancer scratches his head. "Silly creators make such useful things do stupid things. Unfortunate."
  4. "I don't understand. She left town, this man should just take one of the many women who want to lay for a night. He'll feel better." Remarks Bad Company to a fellow Rieter. "I don't know. Maybe he's just got brain-rot."
  5. "Someone needs to be bird Bryce Gamsun." Says a traveling elf. "I don't want no child fuckers around here. Need to be sent to Aeldinic Prison."
  6. Mason what's the numbers
  7. Yo MOTH PPL? dude my pp hard I wanna just u Kno go bowowowowow.... On that moth ASS dude yeah..... Yeah........... That's what I'm talking about ......... ..... Yeah..... Put that **** on PH.... Yeah...............
  8. Yes, it makes them less abusable, not that there have been any problems with them in regards to such -- but it helps. They're still kicking not much changed save for clarifications.
  9. at least give me rep for the Hendrix song, come on guys its a dog eat dog world out here
  10. Lord of The Craft is lacking with the forums and spoilers broke. It’s very unfortunate. I fixed it though. Added in a cute song that sums it all up
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