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  1. Depends on the partner. If x finds y cybering (disgusting ik)/in a mineman relationship and they're cool with it, by all means. Though so long as y can differentiate between what goes on ic and ooc things should be gucci
  2. "You're also a demon, so-" remarks a boil ridden man. "- it makes sense that you'd hate a Holy Father. God damn Iblees spawn. Go back to hell where you belong."
  3. A rotund man with a neckbeard licks his lips.
  4. ((Sorry about that, added into my post))
  5. @Dunstan a boy looks up to Dunstan, "Turf war?"
  6. Elias tears a paper off a sleeping homeless man, lifting his brows. “What in...?”
  7. Take care... Jobro... see you in dungeons and duwang
  8. Elias gasps, "I know that darkie! How could he do such a thing!?"
  9. Wesmer 'The Fanatic' cries into the night sky. "Repurposed by God!"
  10. A plane hopper begins to have horrible nightmares of a similar cult that plagued another world, and another that reeked havoc upon us all. He pauses as he wakes up, though he’d only stare at the night sky as he mutters, “Faust.”
  11. A man wears his scary CERTIFIED plague doctor mask and readies his pointy stick. He must keep the miasma at bay
  12. Wipe my name clean from the books chief
  13. An individual remains scarred by the encounter.
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