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  1. With the success of his goal, he felt a longing for more. This place he was in, it was no longer adequate, and to truly be set free, one must move on; especially when given new responsibility. Gereon readied his things, and looked forward to a brighter future. He said goodbye to his close colleagues, his aides who helped him create this stone, and set forth -- with stone in tow, to forge a brighter path. He traveled along this plane, sailing the great seas, from Aeldin to the Emerald Isles,aiding many with the Philosopher’s Stone, until it was dormant for a while. He made a name f
  2. “May fate be generous, for I will break destiny.” They stood before the crucible, Avenel -- the leader of the group, held two artifacts, a prismatic device that gleamed faintly; an old relic of when he was an Archon, that which held the capability to make them, and the next was a metallic core that seeped with astral energy, the old Spell Forge core, which allowed one to manipulate and create spells. He put these artifacts through the crucible, watching as the sins of his past were melted away, dissolving with aid of the blue flame. He walked over to the basin, and set
  3. He studied the metal with his students, the Cradle was unlike any other. It defied the world, its very being able to make ideas literal, such noted by the use of various signs and symbols, and taking on those properties. It was an opportunity; a catalyst for the next stage of their great work. The Hanged Man and his aids immediately went to work, devising a plan to mold the metal in shapes that would help their goal, transmutation of something greater. They would make plans for something that can devour and produce alchemical symbols and signs, ones that are beyond the material wo
  4. Oh sweet mother sweet mother send your child onto me for the sins of the unworthy must be baptised in blood and fear
  5. In his study on that fateful night, and the return from the tower -- he was struck with a great realization. The Hanged Man returned to his previous work, focusing his efforts on the entrapped lightning he so captured, and thus unlocked its potential. He recreated it through the use of worldly items, using the material to recreate the aspect of Gods, Lightning in its truest form. Such a high capacity item would prove accommodating for the man’s goal. With the aid of three, they produced two large containers of recreated lightning; they traveled the cosmos and material world to gat
  6. yeah i think ima have to call the inquisition on this sorry
  7. Progress is a powerful thing. It is an insatiable fire that burns within someone, urging them to move forward. The scarred man’s fire burned brighter after the events with the lightning. What he knew was only a droplet in the great ocean that surrounded his goal, and he had to know more if he wanted to sail closer. He looked across the planes, the man’s home becoming filled with constellations and notes of the planes beyond this world. He had to keep searching; his obsession was concerning some of the denizens of his household as his minutes pondering turned to hours, hours became
  8. Liquid Lightning This is what happens when one tries to harness the power of the gods, and create lightning. The liquid sparks and crackles, charged with electricity. Bottled Lightning Also referred to as God’s Wrath, this is what happens when one tries to recreate lightning in its absolute entirety. Electricity crackles and arcs within the concoction. Dispersing Oil Used to counter lightning’s wrath, this oil is applied on the clothing of those working in areas with a mass amount of storms and
  9. There is a notion that there are secrets within the world, in its materials and bounty. When one cracks them open, they can find knowledge unfathomable, and use it in means like transmutation, creating compounds and refining what is currently given. This is what one can call Alchemy. Though there are secrets in many aspects of the world, and one can surmise that there are also secrets inside something from the skies, that which cannot be caught, which strikes and roars, and leaves as quickly as it came. Lightning, the wrath of the Gods. Thunder roared
  10. may the best cannon win. edit: I love your lore tho, its very well defined and awesome, I hope these two pieces can coexist.
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