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  1. A scarred man scratches his head and looks to his comrade. “Would they?”
  2. Explosions rattled off on the Kaedreni mountains; two men tinkered and toiled at a great mechanism. They experimented with powder, and metal – with smoke and ball. “What are we doing this for?” One of them asked to the other. “To give Fire to the Kaedreni – The Fire of Innovation.” The scarred man said, glaring at the valley, which was riddled with craters from the metal balls their device launched. Scraps of thick iron scattered the land nearby, from the failures of their project. though such was from the past few months of their work. These men were driven, certainly – the love of the craft persuading every moment – even if those below the mountain would have their sleep interrupted every so often. They spent a fair deal of time, and additional effort, before that fateful day occurred; when the powder was finally more stable than it was before – the right composition, the refining of the barrel. They basked in the glory of their great machine, and so would humanity, should it pass the final test. ~+~
  3. Chime Lilies Sign(s) Air Earth Water Symbol(s): 2x Sound 2x Order 1x Peace Appearance: A type of lily with what can be described as a strange formation on the stem. It would seem to be a small oval shape with cords that resemble a windchime. When wind passes through them, they make soft melodic sounds. Location: Windy Areas, places with rich soil, and around waters such as lakes, pools, rivers, and streams. Harvesting: Simply pluck the stem from the flower, be sure to take the organ as well. The lily regrows every three stone days. It can be moved to other areas, requiring one to move the lily with rich soil and some water. Raw Effects: The organ, when dried, can be used as a form of wind chime. Alternatively it can be made as a type of whistle or instrument, though it would need to be crafted in such a way that the organ is still somewhat intact. The sound will always carry some kind of melody to it. Redlines: The sound is not deafening. A lily will regrow every three OOC days.
  4. Night Glow Sign(s): Air Symbol(s): 3x Light 2x Swiftness Appearance: A seemingly ordinary flower with azure blue and soft yellow petals that coil up to the shape of a conch during the day; when the sun goes down, its petals unravel and gleam a spectral light of some color, exposing the pistil and stamen of the flower, which also has a bright light. Quite beautiful, more so since it spreads little wisps about its location. Location: These flowers are often found in areas of higher elevations, or in clearings inside forests. They can easily be taken out of these locations and thrive elsewhere. Harvesting: imply cut the stem of the flower to harvest it, the flower itself grows back within the span of a couple stone days. If one wanted to move it, they would need to get some soil and uproot the plant, and set it inside the soil. Raw Effects: The flower, when there is little to no light, will produce light, roughly that of a redstone torch. It will spread particles that also give off a dim light. These flowers can have oil extracted from them, which gives off light when there is little around it. Some people often use these in graveyards to guide the lost spirits back to their graves, or for having lanterns which only activate in the night. What is more interesting is that one can use the oil to make a form of invisible ink, which only lights up during the night, it can be used for things such as graffiti or for writing hidden messages. Redlines: The light cannot blind anyone. When farming, a flower will be farmable again every 2 OOC days.
  5. Y'all would have to write lore for it. As of now black powder has no use save for cannons
  6. god these new regents are sexy. give me that FLAVOR
  7. thats something im not sure about so youd have to see when/if it gets accepted
  8. if they tell me to edit it then i suppose ill edit it
  9. If there any old alchemists who cannot make an Alchemy app because they do not fit the current grand-father criteria, please feel free to hit me on Discord (SourDough#8909), and we can discuss overseeing. I only have 4 slots left so its first come first serve. Cheers!

  10. Sign(s): - Fire - Earth Symbol(s): -Chaos -Heat -Burning Appearance: Black Powder appears in the form of a dark gray powder with lighter gray mixed in. Location: Made in house by the person looking to make it. Harvesting: It is actually created by someone. The creation involves three components: Saltpeter, Sulfur, Charcoal. The composition is 75% Saltpeter, 15% Charcoal, 10% Sulfur. Each ingredient must processed and grinded which can be dangerous due to the finely grounded powders getting into one’s lungs. Then on low heat, add the saltpeter, some water every so often, and then the other ingredients. Once so, let it sit for a day and ater such one has their blackpowder. Raw Effect(s): A Highly reactive material, blackpowder when ignited will quickly spark and set on fire, only to die shortly after. This can find its uses in a variety of applications, one such is the Cathantese using these for fireworks, a glorious display during festivals. Redlines: - Cannot be weaponized unless specific lore states otherwise.
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