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  1. The_Broken_God

    The Imperative of Reproduction Version 3

    A dead elf rolls in his grave.
  2. The_Broken_God

    [Reformatting][Deity Magic] KarTorak

    As the person who wrote Garumdir I can tell you that this lilely isn't the direction he'd go for some kind of magic, though I don't foresee him making a magic anyway.
  3. The_Broken_God


    sad to see you go
  4. The_Broken_God

    Dousing Flames

    Klaus was in his shop, setting down a newly acquired relic. It was raining outside, so what better than to explore outside the world? He was gone for a few minutes, but in reality, it was years. The fellow heard a knock on his door, and answering it -- it was a fellow beaked man -- a member of the Corvin Choir. “Yes?” Klaus asked the Corvin, to which the fellow informed him of the strange, magical flame on the street; a large wall blocking it and pedestrian travel. “I’ll be there in a moment.” Klaus replied, shifting through his equipment to find the curious cylindrical case, etched with such artisanry and latched to prevent it from opening. “As you say, conductor.” The Corvin replied, and once Klaus was ready, they headed towards the arcanic flame. They approached it. What was a well was made into a shrine to some sort of primal God, yet a wall obstructed its magical flames from hurting others. The ministry made the wall, and seemingly took their time to put it out; others roused by both flame and wall. It stirred only a mutter from the Conductor, and a nod to his Choir. He climbed over the shoddy wall, and felt the fire; the heat washing over his form, yet thwarted by his coat’s treated nature. He made his preparations, actioning his slurbow and moving to his case. He opened it with three satisfying clicks, and the turn of a key; the capsule exposing a number of bolts - alloys reinforced by some iron. When he pulled them out, the oiled, and silvery bolt heads shined strangely, likely due to their strange nature. As he took one bolt out, and sealed the casing, he could only whisper a prayer to the Saints and Creator, and when he aimed his slurbow for the shrine, it roused questions of the Ministry and their work ethic. He pulled the firing crank, the bolt shot out with force behind it. The bolt connected with the shrine. It lodged inside of its being, and it took minutes to make an effect. The flames dwindled and lashed out as they fought the nature of the disruptive bolt, shredding the threads that bound them to the world; eating and devouring like fire itself, only for the flame to go out and leave the shrine, its final act of defiance a burst of heat. The flames were no longer, and the once shrine now inert. With the aid of a kind woman, the wall was taken down, and pedestrian travel was once more unhindered. As the fellow walked away, he muttered. “What a curious day.”
  5. The_Broken_God

    A Time For Fire, A Time For Steel, A Time for Blood.

    Good men are congratulated.
  6. The_Broken_God

    The Shadow of the Storm

  7. The_Broken_God

    The Corvin Choir of Exalted Siegmund

    “exactly 1 month” a hooknosed merchant muses
  8. The_Broken_God

    The Corvin Choir of Exalted Siegmund

  9. The_Broken_God

    The Corvin Choir of Exalted Siegmund

    The Corvin Choir of Exalted Siegmund ~A depiction of a member of the Corvin Choir, clad in full plate~ The unknown and denizens that mingle with the unknown must be carefully watched. In this world, there are beasts of brawn and avarice, there are men who whisper to fire behind closed doors, men who toil and create monstrosities, even breed vermin. The Corvin Choir act as remedies for the supernatural, the creature, and the unknown; to purge the sickness. This paramilitary unit-- once operating in the shadows, now public-- has its roots from older generations of the empire via the Arcane Regulators, though its predecessors were primarily focused on magical matters, namely moderation. The Corvin Choir have focus in researching various fields, investigation, moderation, and execution; looking into the occult and things otherwise unsuited for the typical individual- going so far as to delve through waste filled sewers and sift through the most brain blasting of sights to get their job done, the moderation of unruly magi and similar practitioners, and the execution of the vermin that would infect Holy Imperium and blessed world with their filth, be it creature or man. The research one of the Choir do are far more than sitting about and playing with numbers. Their fields are massive, through understanding the things they deal with, scouting twisted land; to alchemy, machinery, even astronomy - all for the benefit of man. It is advised to let one of these fellows work unimpeded, as their work is for the safety and betterment of man; to violate this is to be met with punishment, to the individual’s discretion. A member of the Corvin Choir -- sometimes nicknamed Plagueman due to their prominent plague doctor masks -- is most notable, not only by plague doctor mask, but the Krähenschädel patch or sigil they have on their person. Imposters of these Plaguemen will be met with great fury and zealotry, with one account being a Roland of Redcliffe, who was crucified on a leviathan cross, with his back torn asunder for the crows to feed on, remaining alive during the account. Perhaps those that are interested in the choir should seek out those fellow Plaguemen, there is a possibility of joining these folk if one proves themselves.
  10. The_Broken_God

    What Pokemon would your character have?

    Aegon’s Pokemon:
  11. The_Broken_God

    LotC Cards Against Humanity

    White: Witchaboo The Gromach Cappy Frosty Porn Enveloping her flower Frost Witch lolis Midget Treelords Using ‘Zzz’ unironically Orenian Shadow Government Savoyard Smirk The Iron Lich Black: Green eyes? You must be a __ I’m the main character because of __ ___ for men ___ for monsters
  12. The_Broken_God

    Fort Strong Warclaim

    What the heck that's a cool looking build
  13. The_Broken_God

    A Statement Of Impurity

    a dead mage rolls in his grave, shitting himself in the planes beyond. what a travesty.
  14. The_Broken_God

    [Reformatting]The Secrets of Carbarum

    sounds like that awful thing i made needs to be removed 🙂. I need to repent for my sins.