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  1. The_Broken_God

    Here's a thing

    how u feel about me how u doing
  2. miss me some Dared Starbreaker, the greatest dwarf

    1. Zarsies
    2. Heero


      I miss Aengoth Starbreaker more )':

  3. The_Broken_God

    Chimera Rewrite [Alchemy Lore]

    What changed? Save for elaborating on crafting the essence of life? Apologies for missing anything. I appreciate you want chimera back and can respect the effort you put into this
  4. The_Broken_God

    The Shattered Yeet 2: Electric Boogaloo

    simply. epic.
  5. The_Broken_God

    You Were Lied To

    "Can you read this for me." Akhortep hands the page to a demon. "I don't get it."
  6. The_Broken_God

    Dwarf familial lore

    It'd be awesome if you did. More meat in dwarven or any culture is good!
  7. The_Broken_God

    Breaking Time (Chapter Two Beginning)

    Akhortep wishes he was as loved as this individual, weeping on his throne.
  8. The_Broken_God

    The Mages Guild

  9. The_Broken_God

    Mailing Guild

    A letter is sent out to the mailing guild. "Do you also work with packages? Some of which that can require great care?"
  10. The_Broken_God

    A Change in the Wind

    The letter keeps getting replaced, with new wording: "Another Mordskov in the making. Be wary."
  11. The_Broken_God

    [BUYING] Drinks for Tavern

    Klaus looks to Dunstan and Tirithia, then to a barrel with a label 'Black Ambrosia Company' "What do you say, want to brew?"
  12. The_Broken_God

    A Proclamation for a Royal Investigation

    A horned lord grins.
  13. The_Broken_God

    A Change in the Wind

    Klaus grumbles as he reads the missive, crumpling it up and throwing it to the wind. "Insolence. Magic is not the answer." He writes a series of letters, mechanical messengers blot out any remaining documents with these letters, reading: "Grit is the only way to beat the prince. Do not rely on magic."
  14. The_Broken_God

    The Ironwood Armada

    "Oh ****." Says a man of no renown, sharing the news to his boss. "What do we do!? Boss? BOOOOOOOOSSSSS?"