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  1. The_Broken_God

    Belvitz Maer Elections, 1694

    Voter: Name: Klaus of Heldenburg Age: 37 Address: 5 soothsayer ave
  2. The_Broken_God

    Bruce For A Bustling Belvitz

    Klaus wishes he was back home in Belvitz
  3. The_Broken_God


    An alchemist gets to work
  4. The_Broken_God

    The Ascended - The Tears of Aeriel [Rewrite]

    I'd comment about all the good and bad stuff about this lore and offer a solution , but I'm a biased lt, aren't I, friendly ascended?
  5. The_Broken_God

    Paddy for the People

    "I wonder what's happening back home." Klaus ponders on the boat to The Emerald Isles, hoping Belvitz is well.
  6. how we doing

    1. Omolon


      upvote if you suffer finals stress and the everlooming end of a sustainable life

  7. The_Broken_God

    [AMA] Doing one of these again

    How we have. Out of control to put it politely No comment, I think he's doing what e feels is right, and some creatures need to be removed. I have no idea, I don't really go to Glaeddwyn They're all sort of equal Morris the machine Roleplay. If people like your rp and how you bring yourself up, you'll get involved a lot. I don't have much of a reputation so I can't say too much
  8. The_Broken_God

    [AMA] Doing one of these again

    Oh wow hi guys, ima get to everyone soon
  9. The_Broken_God

    [AMA] Doing one of these again

    It might not have been the most lore compliant, but the way the ET who were running it (I’m not counting the part where Tahn got overrun because it was taken out of those ET’s hands) handcrafted everything to be fun and immersive. You can get down with the lore behind it. Not only that, it actually felt like actions had weight behind them; consequence and death was very much a thing in Mordskov, and dealing with it/surviving it however you could felt rewarding. That beats any loot you can ever get. Sure, the event was challenging, but it wasn’t entirely unfair. Difficult question, I’ll edit this response. Assume I don’t like any right now besides Aeldin. I dig Gothic Horror, though I’m always down to clown with High Fantasy, Grimdark, and Sci Fi. You’re damned to the seventh layer of hell, my guy. Time to get Gang’d.
  10. The_Broken_God

    [AMA] Doing one of these again

    evidently not enough with the ET we seem to have then again, what do I know? My events are too hard.
  11. The_Broken_God

    [AMA] Doing one of these again

    i vibe with cooking food. lets you play around with what you wanna do, and less cash spent for the most part, so long as you get enough.
  12. The_Broken_God

    [AMA] Doing one of these again

    I dig the grayish blue, a little on the navy side
  13. The_Broken_God

    Reopening Potion Index

    currently we’re looking over some things in alchemy, combing over some reagents and what not. Opening the index right now isn’t the best idea because what someone might submit might need to get edited as to comply with what we go over, which would ultimately be a waste of time for you and me. It’ll stay locked for now, sorry about that bossman. Edit: Though keep your ideas until then. Can’t wait to see more things on the potion index.
  14. The_Broken_God

    [AMA] Doing one of these again

    sure bro got a discord so we can do some cyb- I mean, so we can schedule a lesson??? do you remember when the paladins had keepers? I sure do, and I don’t want to think about it again. Conversely, remember when I was autistic enough to make Archons? Safe to say I learned from my mistakes and thankfully gassed them.
  15. The_Broken_God

    [AMA] Doing one of these again

    What’s poppin’. It’s an ask me anything caused by sheer boredom. Hit me up with questions, I guess.