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  1. Celahir slides on his backpack, tightening the straps around his shoulders as he prepares for the long trek ahead in search of the wandering souls his father called kin.
  2. Supah?

    Clan Uuthlini

    Arveldir raises a tankard of blueberry lager for the boys in blue.
  3. The current status of the admins options.jpg

    1. B7W4


      The current status of Drunkensnuggles


  4. ...Game team? Magic team? What? I thought they were the Magic Application Team and Game/Global Moderator Team? lol

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    2. Areon


      Your thread said Lore Team, Game Team, Forum Team.



    3. Supah?


      I know Tea, I know. And what I meant was in the thread it called the game moderators the game team which makes no sense xD and magic team? I thought they dealt with magic applications so they would be called the magic application team xD it just sounds wrong. MAT not MT

    4. TeaLulu


      well u should have been more specific

  5. c8315848340a0e3fb673421b15a8f3ae.png

    1. Supah?


      We're a bunch of teenagers moderating a bunch of other teenagers on a minecraft roleplaying server, plz

    2. Pandan


      Read my response, nothing more than bad phrasing rofl. It was never my intention. 

  6. What a waste of time

  7. "Hello there, my name is Arveldir, and I am the mali'ker not judging you on what you like to do with your free time."
  8. Thanks a lot Kowa for this all day ship RP :c

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    2. VonEbs


      Lies were told, mistakes were made.

    3. Aengoth


      Not so much as lies as lack of proper communication between GM's and Dev's.

    4. Space


      What if he like rushes home from prom for you ungrateful fucks and we effectively cock block him? That'd be some ****.

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