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  1. Stop doing things high, we both know where that leads.. +1, easy on the doobie rolling tho
  2. TryaxReck

    Gun Plugin

    Llir you are a horrible human being and I love it.
  3. I for one like this piece, the lore and the drawbacks for the thing. Though the concerns are valid, I would hope you ensure that proper roleplay was being produced using this CA, and followed the newly implemented “Give and Take” rules. As long as those two things were followed, I believe this to be a good and proper CA that I cannot wait to see approved.
  4. MC Username: TryaxReck Discord: TryaxReck#5305 Which Category you wish to work on: Transport Why you wish to work on that Category: When the warp boards are eventually done away with, people will once again deal with the same question of how to get from point A to point B quickly. Soulstones have often been used as a source, but for those wishing for a more RP-inclusive (and scenic) route, their only bet is a horse or their legs. Adding other modes of transport, from railways to gliders open up opportunities and offer new experiences otherwise locked away under a watchful eye. What you want to see from that Category: I wish to see the introduction of gliders, railway systems, and other innovative and new ways to get around. I also have this itch for hanging waterways suspended over cities that i’ve always wanted to put to paper...
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crush_syndrome is what I based it off of, as per recommended to me by a LT member that helped me develop this invention. Sorry, this wasn’t clear! I meant 3 emotes to fully crank it, not counting aiming, and firing alongside. This bow would in TOTAL require 5 emotes to fully use, with the ability to change it to 4 if you decided to specialize in the weapon. I myself am an advocate for honor based CRP, but I do not want to have people the ability to powergame. If both parties agree, then yes it should be honor based, but if not, the roll system put in place should be used to offer a fair and standard way to go about things. A big complaint i’ve had about this before I officially submitted it was power, which is why I wanted to ensure it was balanced, capable, but not guaranteed CRP ending shots in the first round. I apologize for this oversight however, I will be adding a caveat stating that “IF ROLLS ARE USED” to allow people the ability to use honor based combat.
  6. ORIGINS: After the disastrous attack on Millstone and the subsequent destruction of their main base of operations, the revolution was on its back foot. It seemed that this might have been the end for the Chelovek, with their numbers at their absolute lowest, perhaps only fifteen or so strong. However, if there was one thing a Chelovek was known for? It was for its tenacity and resilience. So instead of kneeling to the Imperial yolk once more, they reorganized. Hid away in the corners and back alleys, working from the sidelines, awaiting for a time when they may strike back as a singular entity once more. So when the last brick was laid for the new hub for the Union, many made their way back to what they considered their only true home, bringing their Minae, supplies, connections and information with them. And once more, the Chelovek Union was rising quickly, everyday becoming exponentially more powerful. And this time, they were prepared for whatever could be thrown at them. The biggest addition to this restructuring would’ve been the clockwork division, a group of engineers, scientists, and mathematicians tasked with the development of weapons that help turn the tide in a war that surely would have been lost if fought conventionally. They created tactics, reverse-engineered armor, created firebombs and thought up plenty of outlandish new weapons, many of which fell short of usefulness. However. With every failure one builds the path to success, that success being shown in the Thumper. DESCRIPTION: The Thumper in its simplest terms can be defined as an immensely powerful arbalest, though it looks more akin to a speargun than a crossbow. The most defining trait of the thing is its projectile; a large cylinder measuring about a foot long, with the frontal surface area of a thumb. Built from either blister steel or a medium quality iron, this design severely weakens and/or punches through armor up to 6.6mm, or a quarter of an inch, of thick plate (though it should be noted that this is the absolute upper limit, and only possible in theory.) Upon impact of the projectile the armor will crumple, collapsing into the wearer, most likely causing massive trauma to not only the directly penetrated area, but the rest of the armor, usually resulting in asphyxiation or loss of blood flow to vital areas due to constriction. The crossbow itself is built of a Buloke wood, some of the strongest available to man, only found in the harsh Savannah. From this wood, the body of the Thumper is constructed, hollowing out the grooves for the cylinders to lie in, as well as carve holes for things such as the exposed gear to lay. After, two holes are carved in the back where two supports for the stock are put in place and affixed using Jailer’s Moss, a powerful adhesive. The stock is then introduced into the design, padded with a somewhat thin cloth padding meant to lessen the powerful recoil the weapon produces. As expected, the recoil often causes bruising to the shoulders, even with the protective padding. In order for such a contraption to give the projectile such terrifying speeds, a series of tight ropes and pulleys are put in place, tightened and made taut by a detachable hand crank, which although not particularly hard to reel, requires a lot of time to fully ‘wind up’ so to speak. This part of the process would be easiest for fishermen or experienced arbalest users. CAPABILITIES: Generally, the Thumper is able to shoot steel rods a foot in length at speeds high enough to punch through armor and weaken the rest of the plate pieces considerably due to the miniature shockwave produced from the cylinder's sudden stop. It has an effective range of around 10 meters, anything past that being wildly inaccurate. As previously mentioned it also has the capability to stop blood flow to certain areas if the armor crumples against itself into the wearer. REDLINES: -The Thumper cannot exceed 10 meters of effective range, 15 meters halving the power/penetration, and 20 meters negating it entirely, with the victim probably feeling at most a hard thud, like a small child ran into them. -The Thumper is ground breaking technology, requiring extensive knowledge of the parts involved, as well the composition of the crossbow itself. The projectiles it uses can be replicated with a low to moderate effort, however. This basically means you must either learn of the components ICly via someone familiar with the item, find schematics (a lored paper item that is SIGNED) by someone familiar with the item, and/or reverse engineering the item (leaving you with a lesser quality and overall inferior design). -The Thumper requires three emotes to fully crank, two if your character is experienced or otherwise well versed in the mechanics of the item. (this means only for reloading. Aiming/Firing still need to be emoted as well.) -The Thumper can only use the projectiles it was built for, that being the steel cylinders. This weapon is able to punch through A MAXIMUM of 4mm of steel, 20mm of wood, and around 40mm of human flesh (though it shall be noted if it hit a bone, the bone would break, and stop the projectile from going any further.) - IF rolling is agreed upon, one should roll the following for effectiveness of penetration. 1-8 penetrating only a third of its maximum, 9-15 penetrating half, 16-19 being three fourths, and a 20 being the maximum allotted potential. -This weapon is high maintenance due to the innovative design and amount of complex moving parts. High amounts of cleaning, oiling, and general fine tuning would be necessary to keep the thing in working order. -The “crushing” effect will require the victim to be wearing metal armor on the area shot, as well as a roll of 14 or higher (unless it is agreed upon to not use rolls.) A detailed description needs to be given. PURPOSE: The purpose of this invention is to introduce a new balanced weapon into the playing field, while at the same time retaining the distinct medieval aspect and fairness of ballistic weapons on LOTC. A lot of people have spent countless hours researching this IC and OOC, and many are quite excited to see if their characters labor bear any fruit.
  7. The other comments have me extremely worried and excited for this development.
  8. Welcome to the second bi-weekly (weekly, bi-weekly? I have the motivation of a coma patient.) Interview with a community member! This time, we have the world renowned @Kaelan, nation leader of Irrinor. Have someone you think would like to be interviewed? Nominate them by telling me who you’d like to see next, either by telling me on discord, OR by being super cool and pinging the person below in the comments. Without further ado, let us violate the privacy of Kaelan. Let's begin simple: Who ARE you? Really. Your name, what you for fun other than role play, your biggest dislikes and likes, so on and so forth. Ah, paradox games, from HOI4 to CK2. Always loved them myself, banked 300 hours playing Mexico without a custom focus tree. War is hell. But cooking you say? You have a specific style you like in particular or are you more of a "throw **** in a pot and pray" type of guy? Mmm, making me hungry just thinking about it. but let's shift back into the world of mineman rp for a sec. You've been on for quite awhile, and have had a lot of experiences. But if there is anything you regret doing, IRP or OOC in relation to the server, what would that exactly be? Leadership is always a tough role to fill, and I think everyone can relate to that last statement. But hey, leadership does have its perks of making yourself well known by a fair few people. Let's see who you like the most. Three cheers for nepotism! Say you had to pick 4 people to live in a jail cell with. Who'd you choose? Be sure to play favorites! A solid team to make your Oceans 11 breakout. But what about the theme for the team? Whats your favorite song / artist that you'd like jamming out to you crafting dummies to fool the guards and engaging in soap dropping? Perfection. So with all this leadership and seniority you have some tough moments. But you wouldn't be sticking around if there were no good moments eh? You have the funniest / most intense / just good story arc or moment on the server? Fair point. I feel like you got a real insight though to this next question due to your long history with the server. What does LOTC lack? Whether mechanically, or as a community, what's something we can all work on together to help fix, or address? A very nuanced and thoughtful outlook on the state of the server I think many people share. Well, I think that’ll be all for now, though I do appreciate you coming and typing up all this for me. Anything you wanna say to LoTC before we part ways and I publicly publish our discord dms on the forums? And that concludes our second interview with a community member. I would once again like to thank @Kaelan for indulging me and being an all-around great fellow. And to you, dear readers? Keep up the good work! Your little beady eyes keep this internet interview thing running! Love all your guys’ support, and remember: If you wanna be interviewed, or want to nominate someone else a bit more bashful, comment, or dm me over discord about it! Until next time Minemen.
  9. A navigation guide to help players read nation signs. There are still signs around in Arcas that label Helena as Renatus still and Ves as- well, I don't even know what that is. Giving people landmarks to go off of and helping explain the signs and where exactly they are pointing would be super beneficial to new players, especially when the warp board will be removed.
  10. I did consider that, but i want this thing to help bring everyone together in the community and focus on the positives, and less on the negatives. Focusing on whats good with LOTC is just is important with focusing on whats bad. And I believe that the community and friendship we all got is the best aspect of LOTC. Especially the dewper memes.
  11. Hey everybody, welcome to the first of hopefully many interviews with a community member, where we select certain individuals to be interviewed. Have someone you think would like to be interviewed? Nominate them by telling me who you’d like to see next! But without further ado, let me introduce auLune! So, AuLune. Tell us about yourself? Ah, so your a buff nerd? Got any book reccomendations? Next question; If you could thank one community member for helping you get started here who would it be? Anything you regret doing during your time here? If you had to live in a jail cell with four people from this community who would it be and why? Current favorite song / artist? Arctic Monkeys, a solid pick. What about your funniest IC moment on the server however? lmao, how about characters? What character did you like playing the most, whether it an event character or just a normal persona? I see. Do you have any hidden talents? Nice. To shift to a more serious topic however, do you feel anything is missing from the server? Mechanically, community, etc. One last thing before we part ways, what is the origin of your username? Thanks for reading and thanks to @auLune for agreeing to be interviewed! If you want to be next up on this list, give yourself or someone else a recommendation! That’s all for now folks, see you next Sunday!
  12. Vozhd had his scribe read the missive to the gathering of his men, upon his name being uttered, VOZHD PHLOGISTON, the crowd cheered. A rumble was heard throughout the wildlands that day, as the second and fourth Vozhd both made way towards Suffonia, carrying with them their tools of war and weapons of peace. While they travelled, the main Chelovek forces began to rally, their resistance bubbling up and festering across many lands.
  13. IGN: TryaxReck Discord: TryaxReck#5305 Character Name: Vozhd Phlogiston Profession: Rebel Short Bio: I’ve been roleplaying on the server for about a month now, and in that time i’ve gotten bounties that rival that of kings. Who knew bombing stuff constantly got you into hot water with the authorities? Either way, I think a place to lie low and do business would be fantastic RP for me, especially considering I cant frequent many places nowadays due to my actions.
  14. Who are you going to rip off next?
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