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  1. What drove you stick around this long?
  2. Vozhd looked down at his palms, wrapped in leather and covered with steel. It was an arduous effort to take them off alone, though it didn’t frustrate him as much as it usually did. After some maneuvering and muffled expletives, the gauntlets were tossed aside. He made moves to unclasp the other bits and pieces of his armor, loosening up the leather strips that bound the metal chassis to his chest, untying all the coiled ropes for the finer parts of his set. By the time the sabatons were removed, Vozhd was in a sweat. He wiped his face, disturbed by the sensation of a cool, stiff breeze surrou
  3. Vozhd was read this by a helpful squire, each word turning his expression more and more sour. He speaks with a trembling rage, shaking violently, barely able to maintain a steady breath. "They killed her." "And I can't do anything about it." "I'm sorry, Alyssa."
  4. Vozhd in his old age actually reads the paper, having learned how to read and write at a basic level some years ago. He mulls over the paper, before taking it and gently placing the flyer inside a chest.
  5. Stop doing things high, we both know where that leads.. +1, easy on the doobie rolling tho
  6. Llir you are a horrible human being and I love it.
  7. I for one like this piece, the lore and the drawbacks for the thing. Though the concerns are valid, I would hope you ensure that proper roleplay was being produced using this CA, and followed the newly implemented “Give and Take” rules. As long as those two things were followed, I believe this to be a good and proper CA that I cannot wait to see approved.
  8. MC Username: TryaxReck Discord: TryaxReck#5305 Which Category you wish to work on: Transport Why you wish to work on that Category: When the warp boards are eventually done away with, people will once again deal with the same question of how to get from point A to point B quickly. Soulstones have often been used as a source, but for those wishing for a more RP-inclusive (and scenic) route, their only bet is a horse or their legs. Adding other modes of transport, from railways to gliders open up opportunities and offer new experiences otherwise locked awa
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crush_syndrome is what I based it off of, as per recommended to me by a LT member that helped me develop this invention. Sorry, this wasn’t clear! I meant 3 emotes to fully crank it, not counting aiming, and firing alongside. This bow would in TOTAL require 5 emotes to fully use, with the ability to change it to 4 if you decided to specialize in the weapon. I myself am an advocate for honor based CRP, but I do not want to have people the ability to powergame. If both parties agree, then yes it should be honor based, but if not, the
  10. ORIGINS: After the disastrous attack on Millstone and the subsequent destruction of their main base of operations, the revolution was on its back foot. It seemed that this might have been the end for the Chelovek, with their numbers at their absolute lowest, perhaps only fifteen or so strong. However, if there was one thing a Chelovek was known for? It was for its tenacity and resilience. So instead of kneeling to the Imperial yolk once more, they reorganized. Hid away in the corners and back alleys, working from the sidelines, awaiting for a time when they may strike back as a singular en
  11. The other comments have me extremely worried and excited for this development.
  12. Welcome to the second bi-weekly (weekly, bi-weekly? I have the motivation of a coma patient.) Interview with a community member! This time, we have the world renowned @Kaelan, nation leader of Irrinor. Have someone you think would like to be interviewed? Nominate them by telling me who you’d like to see next, either by telling me on discord, OR by being super cool and pinging the person below in the comments. Without further ado, let us violate the privacy of Kaelan. Let's begin simple: Who ARE you? Really. Your name, what you for fun other than role play, your biggest dislikes an
  13. A navigation guide to help players read nation signs. There are still signs around in Arcas that label Helena as Renatus still and Ves as- well, I don't even know what that is. Giving people landmarks to go off of and helping explain the signs and where exactly they are pointing would be super beneficial to new players, especially when the warp board will be removed.
  14. I did consider that, but i want this thing to help bring everyone together in the community and focus on the positives, and less on the negatives. Focusing on whats good with LOTC is just is important with focusing on whats bad. And I believe that the community and friendship we all got is the best aspect of LOTC. Especially the dewper memes.
  15. Hey everybody, welcome to the first of hopefully many interviews with a community member, where we select certain individuals to be interviewed. Have someone you think would like to be interviewed? Nominate them by telling me who you’d like to see next! But without further ado, let me introduce auLune! So, AuLune. Tell us about yourself? Ah, so your a buff nerd? Got any book reccomendations? Next question; If you could thank one community member for helping you get started here who would it be? Anything you regret doing
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