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  1. @SquakHawkadd an alchemical recipe for Ibuprofen my head hurts from reading this
  2. Alec found himself in an interesting position indeed. He had resided in Dobrov as first a simple vagrant, then as a tenant under the new, post-translocation of that castle he had no intent on learning to pronounce. His body ached and churned, his skin beginning to sag from this sickness he had contracted out in the harsh western jungles. He was missing out on something, to be sure, but perhaps for once in his life he was glad of such a fact. In-between the hacks and coughs, the young adventurer grew ever more disdainful of the endless platitudes made by nobles, grateful only this news wasn't being hollered by some squire or other rabble. He folded the missive and went back to bed, feeding himself some stew...
  3. Alec decided to move out from Imperial lands, to a place that wasn't employing bandits as mercenaries.
  4. Alec looked through his vast fortune acrewed, and grimaced. It'd all be gone if he did this. But if his beliefs were to be true... He sent out a bid for 23,000 minae.
  5. First they allied themselves with bandit rabble then attacked DU-LOC?!? Alec screeches incoherently, ready to enter the fray. He was SO mad he just HAD to take a piss. But where.... Revenge is a dish best served... pissy.
  6. Alec, though unable to spell his own name, finds the concept of having a street named after him alluring.
  7. Reject joining groups in the beginning, I always advocate to be a wanderer and try not to let the virtual anxiety take over as you introduce yourself to people in roleplay. If you still have your pink-tag, most will be welcoming. Personally, I reccomend having a shaderpack as well as some ambient music while you wander around to get yourself more pumped up for the fantasy vibe LOTC is trying to pull.
  8. Unwillingly just say you want fundamentalist muslim law on LOTC at this point. First you talking about eye for an eye punishments, the constant anti-christian sentiment, its truly astounding to see how far you'll go to push this agenda. I for one am not going to sit idly by like the United States did when the Taliban took over Afghanistan. I'm going to fight BACK.
  9. Most rules on LOTC stem from people being irresponsible with the freedoms they were once given. If enough people abuse said freedom, then there are rules added to combat or remove it. Maybe back in the war of 2 emperors we could do all of what you said responsibility, but now a lot of the time both parties are trying to get by with shady shit more often than not. Can't play with your toys? They get taken away. Kind of neutral on this issue as I believe conflict is needed to incite change, but i also know that wars conducted in good faith are few and far between.
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