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  1. Name: Prior Bram Caeruleum Age: 44 Gender: Male Race: Human Position Applied For: SENIOR LEGAL COUNSEL Relevant Experience: juris utriusque doctor with degrees in both Civil and Canon Law from the Pontifical Academy. Additional Notes: Managed the finances of two of the largest Diocese in the realm as well as participated in legal arguments on Canon and Civil Law. [[Username & Discord]]: Voluisses | Voluisses#2917
  2. Very sad to see this, I’ve had my monk for many years, when staff started to interfere into the Order they led to its collapse and left a few people stranded after Spike left. They’ve gone too far.
  3. Most dear brother in our Faith, thank you for this inquiry. It is perhaps best that you inquired on the nature of such beings and the perspective of the Church as opposed to the hierarchy promulgating some lengthy text on the nature of such entities which would be only a hindrance to a simple and deserved answer. From my perspective, first as an Exorcist of Saint Julia myself, I must say that the nature of spectral beings is not as one sided as one is led to believe. There are many examples in our ecclesial history in which spectral entities have been messengers of GOD or holy entities- for example St. Godwin of Paradisus who came in an ethereal form and is a patron of Ghosts and the the Supernatural or even the Venerable Elder Vladimir who is known to appear to Raev pious in his ghostly form, whom I have received visits from. This does not mean that all spectral entities are necessarily of GOD however and it is up to an Exorcist to discern the nature of the entity. There are rites of the Church which aid in this process such as the Rite of Abjuration penned by the Blessed Pontiff Jude I. This further exemplifies that spectral entities are to be treated in a case by case basis with a discerning mind. If you are in a position in which there is a need for such an entity to be investigated, do know that the hierarchy of the Mother Church is always here to guide Her children and facilitate truth in all situations, go to Her. Your Servant, ☨ Bram - Archbishop Emeritus of Caeruleum ♗O.W.F
  4. PM me in Discord I miss you in lotc

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      He deleted his discord Sergi. Even I miss him because some jackass bullied him away.

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      I return though! Now that said Jackass is dead!

  5. ALIQUIS CANENTE CIRCA DEUS AUT LAUDATE DEUM IN DIEBUS EUIS VITAE Someone who sings about GOD or Praises Him in the Days of His Life ANNO autem DOMINUS noster: MDCCLXXV Venerable Brethren, I offer you my reserved and most sincere benediction as I return to these good lands of the progression of Horen’s kin- having been in mission for the proliferation of the Order of Saint Wigbrecht from afar in our second temporal home of Aeldin. Know that this blessing comes with great admiration for the work of the eccleastical hierarchy in curbing the previous divisions present among some prelates and priests whilst remaining firm in doctrine and knowledge of the innate holiness of the Canonist Church and its Communion among the Saints and Church Militant. May Almighty GOD watch over the eminent James II and keep him steadfast in his ability to solve such crises. I now write a recitation of my thoughts on piety in line with the doctrinal and more legalistic works I have contributed to the Liturgical Library of Elphius of the Immaculate Throne in times past. Today, I write in support of our clergy, those who sing of GOD and give Him praise in all the days of their lives. From those who serve as shepherds over the flocks of Horen’s own to humble monks who abide by the rules of their Order, the duty of the Canonist cleric is to be in obedience to GOD, obedientia supra omnes. This obedience is in the tenants of GOD as well as His mercies, to live by and live with a Creator who truly lives in us and abides in our lives. There is a beautiful life, one of inclusion in the Divine Plan for the will of GOD to be done on this terra. While some might see the servile nature of some clerics of the Canonist Faith, their poverty, their monastic chastity, their role as guides before leaders, they are often mistaken in taking this natura ministerium to be one of despair. Nay, what a blessing this is for those who are called by GOD to cast out worldly pleasures and return themselves to GOD, to submit to His will, and to live in union with His Pilgrim-Church on this terra. There is a Joy of the Gospel, from the words of the Pontiff Sixtus IV, that surpasses all despair, all loss, and all tribulation in the lives of our clerics. A joy which moves those who seek the light of GOD in all things to find it there where it will perpetually reside. This joy comes from the obedience one finds themself in as a minister of the divine, the church body filled with plentiful souls all united in their quest for this divinity, and the works of GOD delivered to our forefathers in the form of the Holy Scrolls. With this obedience and its product of joy we are perfected before GOD through a theosis, a process by which one sheds their worldly novelty through the pursuit of divinity. In a recent conversation I had with a young colleague, Father Manfried, I was reflecting on the nature of the gardens and marble work to the side of the Helena Basilica. These gardens, while brimming with luscious greens, ivies, and magnificent flora are yet young and the product of years of progression. The flowers and trees therein are planned and well kept and did not always reside there. Once the space adjacent to the Basilica was in effect a shack, full of books and bowls, then -at a time- a council chamber - now, a glimpse into nature. What a transition which parallels, as reflected by the good Vicar, the lives of us clergy, the lives of those faithful. We begin, rough, unkept, and through the pursuit of our knowledge in study and reflection and our obedience to such knowledge which derives from GOD we become transfigured to be worthy of closeness to GOD in the Skies. Verily, it is spiritually through our union with the Divine Plan, our union with the tenants of GOD, our union with the Holy Mother Church of the Canon that we become in physical union with GOD in the Skies. Canonism, our creeds, our services, our texts all serve as guides for us faithful to enter into this union. They all point in one direction, above. If we are all to live in accordance with the aforementioned prescriptions we will forever abide in physical closeness to the Divine. So then, dear children and brothers in our common Faith be studious, be faithful, and be sincere in our common quest for union with GOD. It is by no one fault that we are barred from closeness to GOD, it is only in our lack of reconciliation. Love GOD and through your ministerial service, allow Him to abide in you and have the same be said of you. Glory to GOD, always and forever. Your Servant, ☨ Bram - Archbishop Emeritus of Caeruleum ♗O.W.F
  6. Blessed High Pontiff Jude would smirk from the Seven Skies, looking down at the proclamation, turning to his friend, the Venerable Vladimir “What work I did with the Rashid-folk, hmm?”
  7. A M B E R T O E B A N K Ambertoe Family Bank and Trust Company, sole bank subsidiary of the Gnomish Bank Cooperative The Ambertoe Family Bank and Trust is a foundational institution within Haenseni Gnomish culture which is now, through the proliferation of our family members in the broader Human realms, to be an institution afar. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide security and growth for the financial treasures of our members. Knowing all too well that the stagnant nature of our monastic competitor accounts offer little prospect for the alleviation of poverty, no investments into present creative endeavors in business, as well as a complete absence of plans for the passing on of generational wealth - the Ambertoe Bank exists to fill these gaps and provide a bridge from a burgeoning modern era in government into the realm of finance as well. Services Loans Business Loans Receive the long-term financing you deserve to purchase property, increase production, or enlist help through contracting more employees. Standard business loans up to 5,000 mina are available to those eager to expand their endeavors with a 16% Familial Commission in addition to the principle being repaid after an agreed upon term. *see statement on usury Personal Loans Whether your desire is to expand your personal inventory or make rent payments, the Ambertoe Bank is always present during times of need. Candidates for loans will be held to a standard of possessing a residence within Brandybrook, Johnstown, Reza, or Helena as well as being a baptised regular attendant** of a Canonist Church as a preference of the institution. A 38% Familial Commission in addition to the principle being repaid after an agreed upon term will be in effect. *see statement on usury Cone-Hats At the height of fashion within the Hanseni-Gnomish community, pointed or lop cone-hats are available to be loaned out at the discretion of staff members. Hats are loaned for a Familial Commission of one rabbit. It is understood that these caps are to be treated with the utmost care with damages to these accessories being compensated with an investors fine of 20 score berries. Available Colors: Magenta Cardinal Red Violet Myrtle Green Certificate of Deposit Monetary For those who desire to help others in their ability to receive support from the Ambertoe Bank, shorter term certificate accounts are available with risk-free*** high interest returns. One to Ten Year certificate accounts allow for members to deposit their financials treasures within the Ambertoe Vault for a term while they receive a fixed dividend return on their deposit compounded per annum. Certificate Term in Saint’s Weeks % Interest on Principal Deposit 1 12.5% 2-9 17.5% 10 25% Verdure For those wishing to deal in and receive compensation in toothsome vegetation as opposed to the aforementioned monetary option, deposits can also be made and collected upon in varied fruits, vegetables, and fungi. Acceptable Commodities: Beet Berry Carrot Melon Mushroom Potatoe Pumpkin Wheat Dividend Policy on Verdure Deposits The standard wealthful dividend paid per annum is determined by the species of commodity deposited. For allotments that are of one species, i.e. carrots only, dividends will be paid with paralleled percentages in the specific species, i.e. carrots. However, for allotments of two or more species deposited within the Ambertoe Bank, all dividends will be paid in Pumpkins with respect to the weight of the overall principal deposit. Savings Account Those with diligence and prudence with coin are rewarded at the Ambertoe Bank with access to interest bearing savings accounts compounded per annum. Standard savings accounts provide members with a 10% dividend. Mushroom Savings accounts also available, inquire in branch. Branch Locations 7 Creek Crossing, Brandybrook 1 Grump Den, Johnstown Coming Soon - Helena - *Usury and usurious behavior in relation to lending financial treasures is condemned by the pious Ambertoe Family. Familial Commissions charged in addition to the repayment of principal loan amounts are the compensation for the servile livelihood Ambertoe members take in an effort to promote causes such as the alleviation of poverty among members, growth of members’ ability to benefit the world-over through their funded-contributions, and are always indiscriminate and flat. **Regular-attendants are determined holistically by Bank staff through a series of questions to members. *** All deposits within the Ambertoe Vault are secured up until 20,000 mina, the principal investment through which the Bank is founded.
  8. The Ambertoe Family A later development in the realm of weefolk . ~*~ H i s t o r y Unlike most families of the weefolk who are able to trace their lineage back to the first hill-dwellers in the shires of yore, the Ambertoes emerged within the lands of the Halflings as displaced creatures in the year 1503. While no doubt similar in appearance to their shirefolk cousins, the lore of the Ambertoe family places their origins outside of the typical Halfling gene pool with regard to purity. The collective offspring of multigenerational marriages between those of Harrentine lineage living with atypical achondroplasia and Halflings, the Ambertoes- with their abnormally short stature (even for Halflings), pointy ears, and lengthy beards- lack much more than just the customs and cultural background of most shirefolk. Because of their late arrival to the rolling hills of the shire, family members were left to carve out their own way of life literally and physically. Instead of typical burrows that shire-dwellers had crafted for generations, the Ambertoes, recent emigre from northern human villages, chose to scrap together narrow timber-lacking tunnels instead of the typical burrows. Their strange lodgings aside, Ambertoe kinsmen gained much disapproval from their kin due to their indifference to the custom of not wearing shoes. After a series of incidents which landed the Ambertoes in the mercies of the sheriffs of various villages and caused them to be labeled “Improper” on many occasions, heaps of members of the Ambertoe clan (or by this time: ethnic tribe) chose to depart from the shire. A great exodus between the years 1540 and 1543 landed many Ambertoes within the territories of the now dual monarchies of Haenseti-Ruska. While there, many chose to retreat to the luscious forests surrounding Karlsberg while a known few dwelled within the more developed residential areas of Karlsberg and Carnatia. Because of their atypical appearance, even to the eyes of the peasant Jorenites, Ambertoes received a number of forms of addresses and characterizations. The name which stuck most to the group and is still echoed by both Ambertoe members and Haense folk till this day is “Haenseni Gnomes.” Because of their short and traumatic run-in with other weefolk in the early half of the sixteenth century, Ambertoe have made it a point to distance themselves from their shire-dwelling kin and now reject the label of Halfling favoring Gnome. . ~*~ A p p e a r a n c e Ambertoe members share many common traits making them comically identical to most observers. Physically, Ambertoes often have unkempt brown hair and beards, light eyes, and thick pointy ears. Along with their physical bodily appearance, an Ambertoe would never be caught living or dead without a pointed or floppy hat. Such hats are often employed to cover their oddly shaped ears from onlookers, some going so far as to pull their hats just below their eyebrows. Common colors include red, green, and lavender. . ~*~ T r a i t s Often characterized as dim-witted or foolish, the Hanseni Gnomes are a cheerful bunch for the most part always looking to brighten the spirits of those they meet. Moody folk, it is not uncommon for an Ambertoe to undergo fits of laughter and tearful sorrow in short patches of time due to environmental factors. The Ambertoe accent is much akin to that of a Halfling combined with a deep Northerner tongue. It is not unheard of for an Ambertoe to have to repeat themselves to an outsider several times while attempting to get their point across, sometimes this becomes challenging as they have a proclivity for the creation of new expressions. . ~*~ R e l i g i o n Ambertoes are united in their belief in a singular Creator. Unlike most Halflings who incorporated Knoxism and Billy Bob worship into their daily routines, Ambertoes were never too keen on these practices for the most part. Many Haense emigre Ambertoes came to adopt Ruskan Rite Canonism after being proselytized by the wayward Elder Vladimir. Till this day, most Gnomes continue to hold to these tenants without being overly zealous. . ~*~ . ~*~ M e m b e r s Living: Grumpit Ambertoe ((PuritanPope)) Not Living: Armin Ambertoe ((Cablam)) Gamin Ambertoe ((PuritanPope)) Nicholas Ambertoe ((Fitermon)) Nobsen Ambertoe ((KBR)) Conrad Ambertoe ((AerochromeTilt)) . ~*~ ((Please message me in game [PuritanPope] for inquiries on playing an Ambertoe!))
  9. [!] freckled doves would deliver the following pamphlets to many across Arcas [!] The Nuptial Mass of Archbishop Bram Virgilius Calistovich, ret. and Elizabeth Green [Gwynnestri Elwitt Green] You are respectfully invited to the sacrament of Canonist Matrimony for Bram and Elizabeth, who united together will take upon the name, Calistovich. Following the retirement of the Cardinal-Archbishop of Caeruleum and the liquidation of the third vow of Sister Elizabeth of the Blessed Laurels, and her leaving of the Sisterhood to join Bram as a Third Order of Blessed Wigbrecht, the two consented to be engaged to one another in the process of forming one spiritual body. Before the presence of his successor, the Archbishop of Caeruleum - Benedict and concelebrating clergy, the two are to be wed within the Basilica of Fifty Virgins - Old Reza in two Saint’s Days. Donations are encouraged to go to the Order of Wigbrechtian Friars, the order which Bram and Elizabeth maintain themselves within as Third Order lay members. A reception at Farrador will follow the service. Special invitations to be sent to: His Holiness, James II Monsignor Johan Vuiller and family “Lix” and all of House Carrington The Monk Boniface Rodrigo The Brothers and Sisters of the Wigbrechtian Order Vyasaldris, Siol and Guildsfolk at Farrador The Right Reverend Abbess Viktoria His Eminence, Arthur His Eminence Anton Deacon Stephen Carolus The Reverend Father Jago Karl and all of House Amador The People & Duchess of Savinia & All Friends of “Bishop Bram” in Reza
  10. The Archbishop-Emeritus of Caeruleum would applaud the work
  11. [!] A freckled dove would deliver the following writ to the Honorable Justices of the Western Circuit [!] The Defense of one Ayla of the Holy State of Vuillermoz PRETRIAL MOTION-Writ: DELAY TRIAL Your Honor if it would please the court, I, Bram Virgilius Calistovich have been appointed to mount the defense of the entitled client. It is the desire of the defense to put forward a motion before this trial has commenced. The defense wishes to delay this trial until requisite time to gather information as to the specifics of what transpired in Vuillermoz between our client, the accused, and those members of the Royal Army of Haense is reached. It is our belief that there were numerous witnesses to the altercation and thus we request a brief period to take statements and prepare a proper defense. This period of delay should be formed on your terms with regard to duration - yet we hope your honor would be accommodating to us in order for the spirit of justice to persevere. Respectfully yours, Bram Virgillis Callistovich, Utriusque Juris Doctor
  12. [!] The following message was transcribed in Flexio so as to conceal the text from onlookers not within the Hierarchy of the Canonist Church. Copies were sent to His Holiness, Cardinals, and enumerated Electors. Nuntius Fratres carissimi, Ex toto corde gratias ago vobis pro omni amore et labore, quo mecum pondus ministerii mei portastis et veniam peto pro omnibus defectibus meis. Ecclesia vero caret credentes in ministerio. Conscientia mea iterum atque iterum coram Deo explorata ad cognitionem certam perveni vires meas non iam aptas esse ad administrandum quod munus Cardinalis et Episcopi. Ideo relinquo. Nunc autem iam non ego episcopi cardinales. Ego sacerdos, solus sacerdos. Et sic sacerdos ego sum ego resigno meum plenum sollemnem de votorum nuncupationem dispositione non fuit. Ego diacono. Tanto peto, ut maneat extra ministerium de sacerdos. Ego diacono. Peto ut interficiam de libera per episcopos tuos egressus est tamquam deacono solus. Praedium meum et omnia quae me habere usus fructus legatus est Fratribus Uibertica. Meum Successorem Concilium: Vyasaldris aut Siol de Farrabor Johannes de Vuillermoz Dom Benedicti de Uibertica Honora mei desideriis et ora pro me. Bram, Amans Dei. DEUS MAGNUS
  13. Blessed High Pontiff Jude I would shine a welcoming smile down at this work and would note to Sixtus that as a Waldenian he is a High Marian as well.
  14. Judicial Abandonment Iudiciales Desertis When in GOD’s dispensing of HIS Just Judgment - HE abandons the impenitent sinner, forever- Restraining them no longer- Delivering them to Sin and Perdition. - Defining Deific Archpresbyterial Powers - ANNO autem DOMINUS noster: Sexaginta duo milia septingenti His Eminence, ☨ Bram Virgilius Cardinal Calistovich - Archbishop of Caeruleum ♗O.W.F Forenote Venerable brethren, the worst thing that can ever happen to a sinner is to be allowed to go on sinning without any Divine restraints placed upon them. A lack of censuring sin is a terminal disorder which leads those guilty of sin further down into a spiral devoid of repentance. Such only allows for a perceived vindication in the minds of the reprobate. Therefore, we know and profess that GOD calls us out of inaction, in service to our ministerial duty to correct the wrongdoer and uphold the upright. Period of Correction Temptus Correctionis To sin is to move against the grain of the will of GOD. As we move against this grain, sinners are met with challenges and corrections which are meant to readjust the trajectory of offenders, restoring them to their good graces. The ways in which one is corrected from their state of disorder can be defined as primary; wherein an individual is directly chastised by GOD or called to action through HIM directly, secondary; in which an agent or messenger of GOD is sent to deliver one out of their current path into obedience to the Will of GOD, and lastly tertiary; in which one assumes the moral authority to decree a change to be made to the path of sinners. In the Prophetic Age we see an excellent example of secondary correction wherein GOD sends His Aengul Artifai to return Harren to his graces and set before him the directive to go on with the will and order of GOD and nature. As it is written: “Upon the twenty-first year after the fall of the holiest city, the Lord’s Aengul Artifai descended before Harren, and spake with him. And the Aengul said “Harren, thou art chosen for the vocation of thy father. Come, and receive the Lord’s prophecy.” But Harren lifted his hand, and rejected the horn and laurel.” (Scroll of Gospel, Scattering 31-32, Sancta Scriptura Uiebertica) The correction of Artifai to Harren is one of many instances of higher tiered correction which was and is present both in the Prophetic Age through the Apostolic Age. Through the Great Commision of the Exalted Owyn to the Diarchs, the Proto-Presbyters Evaristus and Clement, the priesthood - “He entrusted to them the Word of God, the Virtue and the Spirit, and admonished them to instruct their brethren in the path of holiness.” (Scroll of Gospel, Silence 4, Sancta Scriptura Uiebertica) Through this entrusted authority that is shared among the ministerial archpresbyterate as successors of the authority of Proto-Presbyters Evaristus and Clement the power to perform tertiary correction. “At Owyn’s command, the brothers set shepherds over the flock of men, and so created a priesthood...” (Scroll of Gospel, Silence 5, Sancta Scriptura Uiebertica) This correction is a ministerial and pastoral duty which is ever so sacred among the presbyteriate because it unites those of all ranks. All ordained ministers share in this vocation to once again correct the wrongdoer and uphold the upright. However, the Period of Correction [Temptus Correctionis] remains as stated a period of correction. Indeed there is a time and a place where the restraints of Divinity work their last in keeping sinners away from the inevitable fate of their actions. There is a time, brethren when GOD delivers sinners to the clutches of Iblees, abandoning them to their own will in transgressing against His. Abandonment Desertio Those who experience a sense of being abandoned by GOD and what it does to them in provoking the most horrific darkness in their souls oftentimes do not live long enough for much of an account of them to be wirt. In Scriptura we know of the case of Saul who was perhaps the first soul to experience Judicial Abandonment and undergo its consequences after he, in full exercise of his will, chose to ignore the command of Julia to be steadfast in the Lord and His Order and remain under His dome. The state that befell Saul after this transgression is one of deterioration until as we read, “among them lay Saul, battered and foul, trampled by the sin he wrought...” (Scroll of Gospel, Horen 41, Sancta Scriptura Uiebertica) To be trampled by Sin while on Terra is a curse few experience. Saul was under absolute assault by the wickedness of Iblees barring nothing to his aid. In this state Iblees was able to assume total authority over Saul possessing his body, controlling it as if it were his own form. Saul became a vessel for iniquity wholly exposed to the corruption of the Defiler like none other we read of in the Holy Scrolls. Authority to Abandon Auctoritatem Defectionem In Ecclesiasticae Vitae those who have undergone the requisite Temptus Correctionis and exercise some resilience to this correction - refusing to repent- may be placed under excommunication, anathematized from the Holy Canonist Church. By this action the enacting archpresbyter, through their vested authority -defined by the aforementioned Great Commision- relinquishes a soul from the congregation of the righteous. The worst thing to ever happen to a soul on Terra is receive the function which mirrors Judicial Abandonment, the discipline of excommunication. The only thing worse than this in all creation is to be sent to the Nether in Judgment. There is only one sin for which a person is ever excommunicated, cut off from the Body of the Church and the means of Divine Grace - Impenintence. There are many sins which begin the process of Temptus Correctionis wherein one might be censored or barred from Churches within the Canonist Communion. These are intermediate steps of discipline designed to curb sin and illicit repentance, thus guarding one’s soul from utter ruin. If one is to remain hardhearted through these intermediate steps, finally, excommunication is inevitable and shall be served. Therefore, the Church in Vicarii status delivers the impenitent to Iblees, in the name of GOD abandoning one to their sin.
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