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  1. [!] A collection of front and back prayer cards would find you. Imprinted are duplicates of the same card as well as directions to “the Shrine of House Horen.” A small map leads those in Helena to the Courtyard of the Archbishop of Caeruleum in Vuillermoz [!] Card of Veneration Of those of the Blessed House of Horen VOCO TE VENERATIONEM IMPERATORUM DOMUS HOREN SANCTORUM - BEATUS - ET OMNIBUS SUPELLECTILI B E N E D I X I T Q U E ANNO autem DOMINUS noster: ut enim non est aeternum. His Excellency, ☨ Bram Virgillius Callistovich - Archbishop of Caeruleum ♗ OBSECRATIO: (Deprecationem Nostram) DEUS bendiga aos Imperiais GOTT segne das Kaiserliche Haus von Horen GOD geseent dem Keeserlechen Haus vun Horen GOD bless the Imperial House of Horen Prayer of Imperial Protection Our Lady, Spouse of Horen Mother of Humanity listen to my plea, Meum est genus humanum mater exaudi orationem meam, Spare the House of Horen from Iblees’ tyranny, Parcere Domum Horenem a tyrannide iblessi emit, May our Sovereigns divide the word of truth for us this day, Imperium dividere verbum veritatem nobis hodie Uprooting Saulites and Diabolists we pray. Exterminationis Saulitarumet cultores diaboli nos orare. B E N E D I X I T Q U E Exhortation against Usurpation of Divine Power To Blessed Charles Polycarp Horen Oh Restorer of Divine Right, O qui rursus Latio de iure divino, Deliver us from those who come with might, Libera nos ab his, qui veniet fortitudine, To usurp what GOD has ordained right. Ad usurpat quod DEUS ordinavit iustum. Oh Bearer of great foresight, do vanquish any blight, O nuntius magna prudentissima, vincendum omni vento urente, Bring forth then GOD’s might, Pariet autem virtutis DEI, In intercession and insight lead us against the power-hungry usurpers, Intercessio nos ad virtutem et prudentiam in tyrannorum esurientem,. To nurture Humanity in accordance with Divine Will, a blessed sight. Ad secundum Divinum voluntatem ali genus humanum, a facie beati. [!] A small map is attached to the bottom of the card with directions to the Shrine ((-81, 64, -2250)) [!]
  2. MC Name: PuritanPope Discord: CDot#7556 Character Name: Archbishop Bram Calistovich Age: 33 Race: Human Reason For Joining: Knowledge of Alchemy, seeking community with those who share similar interests. Affiliation (Include if you are banned from any cities): Vuillermoz, not banned anywhere.
  3. Bishop Bram reads over the work, giving a few nods. He would recline in the comfort of his armchair in Vuillermoz, thinking about the wealth he could give as alms.
  4. A Most Holy Vigil “Sons and Daughters of Haense, as we await to hear the news of our beloved Ruler, let be strong and resolved in prayer for the sake of his health and healing in this time of confusion and anger. Let us pray the GOD of All Comfort and peace may grant unto the people of Haense that same peace. Furthermore, we pray for the health and salvation of our blessed Kingdom.” Vigil Prayer “Almighty GOD you have restored life onto many a man in times of tribulation, Look now onto your humble servant in Haense, Bring him abundance of health as we await his Pious reign, GOD deliver us from this plight.”
  5. Bishop Bram would frown as he received his invitation, after folding it into his cassock's pocket, he’d made his way to Vuillermoz to ready the Church.
  6. Episcopal Letter to the Diocese of Jorenus Episkopi Pis’mo Kongzem Edaeleo ag Kusoraev Sons and Daughters of Haense: GOD bless you all for your resilience, piety, and strength demonstrated through the various events which transpired yestersaintsday. What began as a day of feast and festivity took off warmly with much merrymaking and enjoyment. Many of our brothers and sisters within the city of Reza, as well as those residing elsewhere in Haense, attended our grand liturgical feast. We learned, we listened, we prayed, and we celebrated together: a powerful symbol of the unity of our people and an expression of our pious culture in action. We were graced with the presence of our Holy Father, High Pontiff James II, a previous Bishop of Jorenus. Sitting in the first aisle adjacent to him, our King to be Otto, whom we are so greatly privileged to call our own. Along with the Hierarchs, truly a blessed congregation assembled this day. However, as the day unfolded we were touched with tragedy as a Demon sought it fit to disrupt the great spirit of our people and manifest within our blessed land. This demon, displeased with the power expressed by the pious flock of Haense did pursue us, attacking with great force. However, he was no match for the power of the MEN of Hanseti-Ruska, Joren’s folk emerged victorious. This victory was, I regret to announce to you all, not without a great loss. The Reverend Monsignor Harald Vuiller perished as he cast away the foe through prayer and battle. Just as His Holiness the Blessed Pontiff Jude I did go at the hands of a spawn of the Defiler so too has our priest. The See of Jorenus mourns the loss of its Vicar. Harald was more than just an austere militant priest, he was a father, a leader, and a friend to myself and so many throughout our Kingdom and the world-over. I believe him to be a Martyr for the faith at the hands of a vile adversary of darkness. Requiescat in Pace. As we persist let us be strengthened with the confidence that we have yet another soul in the Seven Skies interceding on our behalf. May the Grace of the Holy Light shining radiantly from the Godhead enlighten you. His Grace, ☨Bishop Bram Virgillis Calistovich Bishop Bram Virgilius Calistovich, PH.D, dr.iur.can, D.S.Th, Utriusque Juris Doctor, O.E.Csi. ACCIPE AQUAE GAMESHAE
  7. Nobody expects the Return of Callixtus!

  8. [!] The following document would be found attached to the Instrument of Coronation issued by the Crown Prince-Regent in 1760: ROYAL LETTERS FOR THE BARONY OF CALIXBURY, 1760 8th of Harren’s Folly, 1760 TO OUR BELOVED SUBJECTS, It has pleased the Royal Throne to reward the service of Our loyal subject, REGULUS STAUNTON, with a tenure in fealty to Our Royal Crown. Accordingly, with the grace of God and the counsel of Our court, We do enfeoff REGULUS STAUNTON to the BARONY OF CALIXBURY as Baron, a role that he and his descendants shall hold in trust to Our Royal Throne for the duration of their loyal service. They are enjoined to maintain the law of Our realm, to abide peacefully by Our rule, and to rise to Our defense when necessary. In return, and as a sign of Our august graciousness, We do privilege their head to levy law and taxes upon their vassals. With Knowledge Comes Power, HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS, Tobias of the House of Staunton, Crown Prince-Regent of the Kingdom of Courland.
  9. Office of the Bishop of Jorenus Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska Month of the Aenguls of GOD Mass of the Aenguls Celebrating The Three Hallows of the Celestial Ranks In our Canonist Tradition we venerate many Saint and Blessed who ascended the mortal ranks to take part in the deific plan of our most beloved Creator. However, little attention is oftimes put on those who occupy the Skies along with our mortal kin, the Aneguls. These messengers of GOD have done great deeds for our people, serving GOD diligently and wholly. Aeriel, Artifai, and the Wanderer represent three Aengulic forces which deserve great merit for their service to Humanity at the direction of our Eternal Father. WITH SUCH IN MIND, I see it right and just that we, sons and daughters of the Most High within Haense, acknowledge their service. AS SUCH, In a spirit of jubilance- in this one thousand, seven hundred, and sixtieth year of Our Lord I do decree a great celebration within the Diocese of Jorenus to celebrate the Three Hallows. The celebration will begin with the consecration of the new Church of Reza recently constructed and sanctified with previous masses. It shall be branded as the Metropolitan Cathedral of Reza of the Three Hallows, moving the See of Jorenus back to the Capital. Therein we will learn Aengulic history in an effort to better understand our Most Holy Scrolls. Food and festivities will follow, along with an almsgiving by Bishop Bram which will award every Haensian family over a hundred mina in tithes. I formally invite all within Haense to venture to our blessed capital and engage with us in these festivities. May the Grace of the Holy Light shining radiantly from the Godhead enlighten you. His Grace, ☨Bishop Bram Virgillis Calistovich Bishop Bram Virgilius Calistovich, PH.D, dr.iur.can, D.S.Th, Utriusque Juris Doctor, O.E.Csi. ACCIPE AQUAE GAMESHAE
  10. Office of the Bishop of Jorenus Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska Month of the Paschaltide of St. Julia B l e s s G O D D O M I N U S - D E U S - F O T I T U D O - M E A - E T - P O N E T - PEDES MEOS QUASI CERVORUM ET SUPER EXCELSA MEA DEDUCET ME VICTORI IN CANTEM. . . Faithful of the Diocese of Jorenus, of the Kingdom of Haenseti - Ruska, of the yolk of Joren and Tara- give glory to our maker. Receive this blessing. Through my own hand, as Bishop of the Diocese of Jorenus, spiritual Father blessed and ordained in the oil and laurels of Owyn of the Priesthood of Evaristus and Clement I issue this exhortation: A Saint’s week ago I sat in the confessional, in prayer, thumbing the chotki of Blessed Vladimir ‘the Golden hand’ when a young man entered. He, light with the innocence and grace of his youth, did not sins confess. Instead, speaking to me in a hushed tone he spoke of his concerns, his fears- those that are perhaps shared among some men and women of this blessed city of Reza. For too long have we been idle. For too long have we allowed apostates to draw breath so close to our tabernacle. I speak now of the “r u b e r n i t e s.” It is unacceptable that those who commit the sin of regina-fillacide have dwelled together without some sort of earthly terror overtaking them. Brethren, their flesh must meet the same fate as their souls, the same fear and torment must inspire them to seek atonement before the dread judgement of their souls commences. As such, through my apostolic authority, I declare that those who are known as the “r u b e r n i t e s” are banned from our holy presence, rejected from the Communion of Holy Mother Church as disciples of Iblees, slayers of souls, outside of the faith, heretics and ARE HENCEFORTH ANATHEMATIZED. The entire region of Ruebern is placed under direct Anathema by the Diocesean See of Jorenus indefinitely, their ranks recognized as illegitimate. Sons of Haense go forth, do GOD’s work, I invite you to seize any and all of Ruebern dispensing with these contemners with full authority under GOD’s Skies. Sons of Rubern, if thou but suffer GOD to guide thee and hope in Him through all thine ways, you shall be spared. There is no security in your inward thoughts, repent or suffer true death, death of the soul. Listen, heed, a Choir of Daemons now sings for your souls, thirstily. May the Grace of the Holy Light shining radiantly from the Godhead enlighten you. His Grace, ☨Bishop Bram Virgillis Calistovich Bishop Bram Virgilius Calistovich, PH.D, dr.iur.can, D.S.Th, Utriusque Juris Doctor, O.E.Csi. ACCIPE AQUAE GAMESHAE
  11. Office of the Bishop of Jorenus Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska Month of the Paschaltide of St. Julia Greetings and Apostolic Benediction: It is the intention of my Diocese along with the Canonist Church at large to provide a shelter for those Faithful within the Sutican region. In an effort to make all territories equally inclusive under the fold of GOD’s light, on behalf of all Faithful, I am requesting a meeting with a Steward of Sutica for the purpose of planting a Chapel within the Trade City. May the Grace of the Holy Light shining radiantly from the GODhead enlighten you. His Grace, ☨Bishop Bram Virgillis Calistovich Bishop Bram Virgilius Calistovich, PH.D, dr.iur.can, D.S.Th, Utriusque Juris Doctor, O.E.Csi. ACCIPE AQUAE GAMESHAE
  12. Office of the Chaplain of House Barbanov Kingdom of Haenseti-Ruska Month of the Paschaltide of St. Julia DIE AUTEM NECROMANTIA lovis Solisque Cultu et sepulcri violate O Fratres et Sorores! Vide! The shrouded, irreverent, and somber practice of reanimation at present lacks much territorial reign, glory be to GOD. While those who engage in this form of diabolism are few in number it is important that the Faithful understand this practice and its implications. The Desecration of the Sepulchre In order for any necromantic acts to be performed a copious supply of bodies are requisite. For this purpose necromancers will oftentimes take up residence where a multitude of corpses are available such as cemeteries and battlegrounds. For their work they employ the bodies of the dead who are animated through their godless power, a power exemplified at length within the Holy Scrolls. It is encouraged that all Canonists practice cremation of their loved ones with the blessing of their Pastor in an effort to avoid unwanted and condemned reanimation. The Signs of Hosting It is fairly obvious when a neglectful necromancer has taken up residence in a specific region. A noticeable dread will be present as well as blight about the land where their godless acts transpire. They far too often choose to reside in all the same places: dark forests, swamps (especially swamps), dark towers… Rarely will you find a beach-side necromancer. It is also important to note that necromancers prefer regions that are most conducive to their art. For example, they would not want to be in plain sight within a city so they are likely to be in a region far off- however, they avoid the cold as it interferes with their corpses. The Ritual If you in your travels about these isles come across a bloody altar in some swamp or forest it is best, first, to hightail it out of there. Secondly, it is important to report this information to your local Holy Ser who should investigate what is transpiring. In explanation- the rituals and rites of the necromancer are not too detached from our rites within the Church. They reverse and pervert our Holy Mass, a source of spiritual life when they perform their masses of death devoid of all good. The Holy Mass was formed to praise GOD for the elevation of Man to the Skies while the rites of the necromancers were formed for the express purpose of self glorification, a selfless exaltation of Man, a vile offence before GOD. So then- be well informed on those forces which seek to pervert what is pure and good on this Terra and work actively to expunge them from it. May the blessings of Almighty GOD descend down on all creatures of GOD and continue in their tireless effort to promote all that is sanctioned by Divinity and condemn that vile viper Iblees and all his deception. Saint Julia, patroness of Exorcists - Ora pro nobis. Reverend Bram Calistovich, O.E.Csi, PH.D, dr.iur.can, D.S.Th, Utriusque Juris Doctor.
  13. Blessed-Martyr Abbot Wigbrecht O.S.J joins Johannes in his merriment with Humbert well-pleased to hear of this
  14. [!] Around the City of Reza numerous copies of the Pastoral Letter would be posted for citizens and travelers to read [!] Pastoral Letter Concerning the Remedy for Inward & Outward Spiritual Despair DESPERANDUM EST IN ANIMAS | ECCE! HEUS! Ad regnum Haensae ET Canonistae Orbis Terrarum Brethren of Reza: Yestersaintsday at the Council of Lords Spiritual and Temporal I delivered a speech before our pious King Andrik, the Vicar of GOD- His Holiness Pontian III, His Imperial Majesty Peter III, my brother clergymen, and many other Men and Women of great distinction within our Empire. Although I was hesitant to speak before this great magnitude, considering my position as a humble pastor here in our great city [after a great deal of nudging from His Eminence Cardinal Rodrigo] I did deliver this speech before the gathered congregants. . . “Consider-well a story of great regard among the farmers and craftsmen of the North, of Haense my kingdom dear: Once there was a woman wrought with fear and confusion wholly unsure of her salvation. She was known by her village to be pious mother oftentimes praying and distributing alms… something outside of the norm for the common publican, no? She attended mass regularly and went through all the motions of religiosity… However she felt within her great guilt for the sins of her past. She had been an adulteress and a concubine of several married men. Her confessor, a clergyman of ill repute lacking in skill as a pastor had heard her confession, commented not on her depravity and freely administered the Sacrament of Reconciliation to her person, shouting her sins expunged from her soul with no penance- no medicine or balm to heal the spiritual wounds this life had inflicted upon her. This speedy absolution given at whim did not her mind console while her soul it did heal. This is the condition that we find our Church in on this day. We lack not Spirit as GOD has given us only virtue in an institution that can not be dimmed. Yet- our hearts are lacking of True Ministry. I believe we must enter into a peninential age, an age not of discipline but of pastoral care. Furthermore, I believe we must be moved by our leaders, represented among us this day to engage in our Faith In Haense that is what I seek to give, as all pastors throughout this Holy Canonist Church should, give the people true ministry… console their hearts as well as their souls… that will be our comeback. ” So then, dear brethren of Reza in whose salvation you intrust into me as your Pastor- I implore you: Visit our Church of Bl. Jude, engage in the sacraments of the Church- especially Penance. I vow before you this day, I will be available for as long as my ministry lasts in this dear city to hear confessions, and as such have constructed locations for citizens to confess their sins before GOD and myself His servant preacher. Let this be your formal invitation. Reverend Bram Calistovich, O.E.Csi, PH.D, dr.iur.can, D.S.Th, Utriusque Juris Doctor.
  15. Reverend Bram looks over his cassock, contemplating the addition of a minx stole
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