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  1. Ma sha allah. The Grand Qadi Zakariyah Scafuto Siddiqi Pir Sahb approves this post.
  2. VIVA SICILIA!! Avremo quei nordisti sporche come Malocchio!

  3. http://i.imgur.com/om1ZK3V.png Orenian Fascism confirmed.
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TeaLulu
    3. Sultan


      Imperial Oren was Ultra Nationalist not Fascist we didnt support corps

    4. Snoop


      Well you did have the Totenkompf aka first company who dressed like reich soldiers. But hey, we looked cool and acted cool!

  4. SO I was browing the wiki today and apparently Oren = Fascist Italy

    1. Meulin


      this is so goth

  5. To the old Aesterwaldians who now own Ambrossa, please pm me. Id like to discussthe future of Ambrossa!

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    2. Imam Faiz Kharadeen
    3. ausbrig renegade

      ausbrig renegade

      forum banned appeal in 6 months

    4. MrScafuto


      Im still pretty new to everything, I dunno all the right terms yet :c

  6. Redoing my family history, possibly with a name change too, pm me if interested!

  7. Praise the steam gods! The server is up, just the whitelisting is left!

    1. MrScafuto


      Nvm, server went down after 3+ people went on :l

  8. Day 10643947485: Still waiting..

  9. http://prntscr.com/6kkosd Oren to legalize cannabis
    1. Kingdom of Oren

      Kingdom of Oren

      We neither confirm nor deny issue 420 will be on the next ballot for the privy to vote on

    2. TavernLich


      illuminati confirmed

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