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  1. Wilven Wisps

    Hell yeah this sounds cool +1
  2. [SOLVED] Looking for Previous Maps

    Might have both of em lying around somewhere Edit: (only found Athera)
  3. [Denied] ThatWeirdGirl's ET Actor App

    Good lass! I think she'd do alot of good as an ET actor. +1
  4. [Denied] Balorien's AT app

    An okay guy. +1
  5. [CA] Morghuul Balorien

    Oh. Guess you didn't like being a salad :/
  6. Don't Break PvP More

    Or you could increase the armor weight for archery gear? So that people without armor can still outrun people in full plate.
  7. Leaving the Administration

    A bright star leaves the position of power.. Hope I'll see you around on the server!
  8. [✓] [land charter] Sleazy Hulphonites and Co

    Harold Applefoot signs the parchement
  9. Harold Applefoot claps "Ya show em Falk!"
  10. What is your favorite food?

    I'm all about Mashed potatoes with Beef and a good salad to go with it.
  11. Druid Spirit's Eve Festival

    "Hmm no shoggin'?" Harold Applefoot scoffs "Oh well t'is gonna be fun eith'r way!"
  12. status plugin fix

  13. A Halfling Showcase Episode

    Wish I was around, for all the fun.
  14. @501warhead Thanks for the new Alcoholic beverages!

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      I already posted something on that how dare you steal my thunder!!11!!11

    2. dkink14


      I told you about it don't you dare steal my thunder!!!!!11!!


    3. NotEvilAtAll
  15. [Accepted] MissToni's second Forum Application

    Miss Toe knee is a lovely lass and I'm still unsure if i'm just an alt account of her or not. So I give her my big boy +1