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  1. Harold nods towards the frog and makes sure to water his swamp patch.
  2. Harold read over the will whilst bobbing his head slowly. "Mmm, Rollo 'n I 'ave had our struggles bu' he ain' wrong.” ""T'is abou' time I ge' ter enjoy me retiremen' again.”
  3. cake sword
  4. Harold caught wind of the situation, the wee man quickly returning back to brandybrook where he would read up on the memo posted by Rollo. "Evar what tae ****."
  5. You may have had a one time use soulbind from voting. because as far as I can remember Ender VIP has always had 2 soulbinds. ((Nevermind confused ender with Bedrock))
  6. I'd like to be remembered as a person who did their best to give others a fun experience.
  7. Harold passionately shouts at the clouds and waits for them to reveal their secrets to him.
  8. saddened to hear something like this happened. I wish you and your family the best!
  9. "Been a good while since we've had a festival!" Harold beamed out with a merry hum
  10. "vine by me." Harold would exclaim as he read over the letter, the wee man reusing his wise words in his response letter.
  11. A halfling nods their head "'M glad me b o a t totem is bein' used."
  12. A small wee man screeches in druidic.
  13. dkink14

    The Swamp

    A fifth druid clenches their tiny fist as they prepare for whatever is to come.
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