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  1. dkink14

    [Community Review] Current Raid Rules Draft

    what about creatures that disintergrate or dissapear on a death?
  2. dkink14

    September Prince, Feedback!

    Faei is a true blessing from the opposite side, 10/10 would have you desecrate my hedge again
  3. dkink14

    Vault Yard Sale (RP Items)

    "Eigh' 'undred and a potato for the shoggin' shovel!" Shouted the wee man from the crowd.
  4. dkink14

    Dunshire's Fifth Election Results - Sheriff and Deputy

    One O' these days ya will win
  5. dkink14

    Dunshire's Fifth Election - Sheriff and Deputy

    Voting Format: Name: Harold Applefoot Race: Halfling Who are ye voting for Deputy?: Lirro Dockingrock Who are ye voting for Sheriff?: Daisy Applefoot Anything else to add? stay hydrated
  6. dkink14

    A Combined Effort for Nature

    A halfling would hobble around to a settlement their eyes settled on the letter "Whoever wrote this sureleh has their noggin' way up their bum," "N wo' a waste O' blood, the stuff should stay in yer body not on some piece of paper." The wee man would state as he simply started to hobble away with a merry little hum
  7. dkink14

    The Shattered Yeet 2: Electric Boogaloo

    I'm sitting on the edge of my seat. When will Yeetmancy 2 be ready for the public?
  8. dkink14


    Harold Applefoot let out a yawn as he hobbled outside to check out the noise. "Hmm.. clearleh Angelica ain' a Munchkin. eh.. I'll fix t'is tomorrow." He'd then hobble back inside resuming his sleeping.
  9. dkink14

    I'm back on LOTC

  10. "Hmm.. what if I put a single minae into the potato.. woul' that work for ya?"
  11. A halfling glanced at the missive, scribbling something under it "I bid one deliciously baked potato to claim tah tree fer me own doings."
  12. Harold pats Huckleberry on the leg with a chuckle "Every'un will think yer un-cool after we kick September Carls booty. So just stay wit' us and we don't have to rip ya apart on the Battlefield."
  13. dkink14

    A first in three years {nano's AMA}

    Best shogging match? What is the true meaning of love? Greatest moment you had on the server?
  14. dkink14

    Dunshire's Fourth Election - Sheriff & Deputy

    Name: Harold Applefoot Race: A Halfling o'course! Do you live in Dunshire?: For the mos' part aye Who do you vote for Sheriff?: Mister Heart' James Underson Who do you vote for Deputy?: None O' em stand really out to me bu' I guess Halbeck Soliel Anything else to add?: After t'is election I migh' resign my posi'ion as an elder 'n focus on my druidic duties What is your favorite drink?: Forest Ale.
  15. dkink14

    Abyssus's Lore Master Application

    An alright lad with a good sense of humor He gay though -1