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  1. dkink14


    *smiles suns smile "ave Courland"
  2. dkink14

    The Summoning

  3. Harold takes a sip from his tea before doing an abrupt spit take as he began reading. "Oh bigg'uns, please never stop with yer idioceh."
  4. dkink14

    Brandybrook Shogging Tournament!

    Name: Harold Race: Halfling Tell us more about yourself: Am an avid shogger since I was a wee-er man and will hopefully continue doing it. Why do you want to win this Tournament: Go' to regain m' title as best shogger o'course!
  5. dkink14

    My Poor Turtles

    Had the same thing happen with mine. F
  6. dkink14

    LotC 16 Personalities Test

    Look I did the thing!
  7. dkink14


  8. dkink14

    almost 4 year AMA

    Absolute best meme boy. Future plans or aspirations on lotc or outside of this cesspool?
  9. dkink14

    Agh Waghnin

    "Now t'is is epic." Grublat the halfling remarks
  10. dkink14

    Kink is not a curse word, idots

    I 100% agree
  11. Everyone needs dem Halflings, going dwarf myself though.. don’t even know where Halfling cities or settlements are.

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      We live next to Aegrothond.

  12. dkink14

    Heya, I'm new and just joined LotC

    Welcome to the server fellow countryman!
  13. dkink14

    [PK] The Vulture Flies

    You had me there, holy ****. How'd you find out about the existence of LotC? Hoeveel klompen heb je in je bezit? Favorite moment on the server?
  14. dkink14

    [Rule Suggestion] Buff Villainy.

    I'm digging this apple.
  15. dkink14

    Krugmar Slaving Reform

    A half man let's out some creaks with an added chuckle "Em orc boys back at it again with the slavin'?”