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  1. Ser Leopold held his face towards his hands. Even with everything else drenched & water-logged, his office still remained. Woefully so. The bags under his eyes shifted as he heard Leutwin's attempts at consoling Robert. "I guess it is through the trials and tribulations that the most change can be made." A grumble followed after his words as he shifted to the missive he was preparing to post. "Just.. Make sure no more dies." "We don't even have uniforms yet," he said with a pitiful tone. @alien_mc
  2. Ser Leopold held the missive up towards Leutwin's face as they both sat in his office. All they had in there was a desk, stacked with papers, and two chairs. "This is why I spoke to you and Peter about him! I think my plan will work. . ." @alien_mc
  3. A suspicion came to Ser Leopold as he read through the missive. He'd peer to Leutwin for a brief moment, "You ever thought of saving a damsel in distress? She's even royalty!" As he teased towards Leutwin he'd look back to the parchment between his hands as a crease formed along the center of his brow. "What is that lot doing so far away from home? @alien_mc
  4. A Union to the Grave. . . ISSUED AND CONFIRMED BY, House Haverlock On the 5th of Sun’s Smile, 1940. Painting of the wedded couple. TO THE CITIZENS OF AAUN AND THOSE OF OTHER REALMS We invite you to bear witness to the matrimony between His Lordship Ser Leopold Haverlock and Her Ladyship Emmeline Hargave. After several years of courtship, this engagement will bring unity between the two esteemed houses. There will be plentiful merriment, and both houses invite those that have crossed our paths to enjoy this moment. Event Itinerary [OOC:] Sunday, September 10th 5pm EST The Ceremony and Reception The wedding ceremony will be hosted in the Temple of the Four Exalted Prophets of Canon in Aaun, right outside of the city of Whitespire. Shortly afterward, all guests and participants are invited to an evening of celebration in the Black Rose Inn. It will be during this reception that guests can bestow their gifts upon the bride & groom. As well, drinks and food will be free and paid for by both houses. Formal Invitations are Sent to: The House of Haverlock The House of Hargrave The House of Roa The House von Theonus Ser-Prince Gawyn Tiber The Legion of Aaun His Lordship, Peter von Leopold Sir Gaspard van Aert His Lordship, Leutwin Barclay His Royal Majesty, Edmund Alexander, King of Aaun & the Lowlands, and Prince of Alstion, and his royal pedigree. His Highness, Ferdinand Barclay, Grand Prince of Minitz and his noble pedigree. His Highness, Heinrich II Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather, and his noble pedigree. His Highness, Robert II de Joannes, Prince of Sedan, and his noble pedigree. His Grace, Istvan Matyas Ivanovich, Duke of Stran, and his noble pedigree. His Lordship, Ser Waclaw Jazloviecki, Count of Warsovia, and his noble pedigree. His Lordship, Emilio Varoche, Count of Varoche, and his noble pedigree. His Highness, Richard Novellen, Count of Stassion, and his noble pedigree. His Lordship, Olivier Dieuxmont de Rosius, Margrave of Haute-Epine, and his noble pedigree. Her Ladyship, Claude II D’Arbre, Countess of L’Arbre D’or, and her noble pedigree. His Lordship, Siegmund Otto von Reuss, Margrave of Velen, and his noble pedigree. His Lordship, Helwig von Bardenwig, Baron of Arentania, and his noble pedigree. His Lordship, Konstantin von Augusten, Count of Hohengarten, and his noble pedigree. His Lordship, Richard von Leopold, Baron of Edendorf, and his noble pedigree. His Highness, Ragnarvald Mosu, Grand Prince of Nordvegr, and his noble pedigree. The Royal Family of Aaun and the Citizenry of Aaun The Royal Family of Petra and the Citizenry of Petra The Royal Family of Haense and the Citizenry of Haense The Royal Family of Numendil and the Citizenry of Numendil The Royal Family of Balian and the Citizenry of Balian The League of Veletz and the Citizenry of Veletz SIGNED, HIS HIGHNESS, Ser Leopold Alexander of Haverlock, Knight of the Knightly Order of the Circle of Saint Godwin of Aaun, Lieutenant of the Legion of Aaun, Heir Apparent to House Haverlock & the County of Talentine HER LADYSHIP, Emmeline Saida of Hargrave.
  5. Ser Leopold marched through the halls of the palace throughout the following days. There was a change in the atmosphere, and he seldom revealed his thoughts of it to his pair of squires. For their many possible questions he held only a few answers. One thing was certain to them, he always held a gaze of concern when he looked upon this newfound King. @Pork @alien_mc
  6. It was several days into their captivity that Ser Leopold spoke to the others within their shared cell. He primarily spoke of home, the friends he missed, and the things he'd do when they eventually escaped. However, there was a nagging feeling at the back of his mind. It was the one same that came to him when he initially thought he was going to die. A tormenting seed that ate at him.
  7. Ser Leopold, now restrained and crippled within the depths of Fort Alexandros, had much time on his hands to reflect on the man who furthered his marshal training. He had learned of his passing before the posse marched towards the Fort, and it was during this battle that he used the training he gathered from Henry. It was ironic, however, that his training didn't prepare him for the long months ahead that he'd spend within a cell. Whimpering could be heard throughout these coming nights. Could it be for himself, or for his Knight? @NLThomas@DuhPuhWuh
  8. Leopold held a copy of the parchment later that same day, during their favorite meal. Lunchtime at the Pizzeria. "What goes around comes around, dear Leutwin!" Within a few moments he'd begin to scarf down the news and pizza with satisfaction.
  9. Loys looked over the paperwork he had to now fill out.. And he'd send it forward! Name: Loys Kvitravn Race: Human Experience: Around two decades of service within the Ashguard. Several fights and a few sieges. OOC: IGN: Sebbysc Disc: sebbysc Timezone: CST
  10. Loys remembered meeting Eyvind when he was sworn in as a full-blooded member of the clan. The one thing he noticed of Eyvind was the distance & silence he created. From that point on the two didn't speak often given this distance, but.. Eyvind was still a Kvitravn. This had been the second relative to die, and in such a short time it seemed. He wept for the elder of his clan within his chamber, and he prayed that it wouldn't awaken his young babe.
  11. Leopold felt a deep ache in his heart within those first, few hours of receiving the fate of his older brother. Being second born held its own challenges, but he rarely wished for anything else. As a young man, he found himself inspired by the attitudes that managed to be exclusive to his brother. Some of these ideas managed to find their way into him, and it would be these characteristics that would carry on Godfrey's memory. Whilst he ciphered through these heavy thoughts he'd be adorned in his black attire as to properly mourn his brother's passing for the next year. A change in his countenance came, and perhaps a change in his ambitions..
  12. Loys Kvitravn held the Norlandic missive in his hands as he sat close to the fireplace. An impressed smirk broke across his features before the realization hit him. "My entire life up 'til now has been full of conflict.." A sigh slipped from him before he made a further remark to his wife, "We'll show our child what strength and honor truly are." @Aimy_lol
  13. Leopold gave the missive a glance over, "Oh! Even Richard is on here. I guess I need to see my tailor for my.. new attire!" He'd have mixed emotions given that his sister couldn't make fun of his silly outfits. @Kitomine
  14. Leopold looked it over as the trio remained at the docks. His countenance lit up as he read over the missive, "Aha! Soon enough I'll be as busy as you are, Jules." However, there was a sudden realization that he tried to hide from his siblings. Responsibility? @Kitomine@NLThomas
  15. Leopold had found himself within the chambers of the palace as this was drafted, and later found himself guarding the borders of Aaun when the news of its publication was released. "The business of important men deciding the fate of many," he muttered to himself whilst looking about to his fellow guardsman.
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