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  1. I've not played on this server for about 5-6 years... 

    Be honest, is it realistic I could ever rejoin the server without being SEVERELY behind?

    I like the gameplay but med school applications and jobs and relationships limit me from immersing myself in the lore of this server as heavily as I did before HA. 

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    2. UnBaed


      Hey, I remember seeing you around in Vailor!  Hope you've been well

    3. Abyssus


      i rp'd with you extensively in the old days, nice to see you around again, who cares if you cant make any progress you should see the server for yourself and see if its something your still interested in, its had quite a few changes mostly to lore but most of the old things dont really matter anymore i wouldn't worry about it

    4. Gusano


      Take a look at the server and see if you enjoy it in its current state. If you do, I'm sure that there are people who will gladly help you get back into it.

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