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  1. I've not played on this server for about 5-6 years... 

    Be honest, is it realistic I could ever rejoin the server without being SEVERELY behind?

    I like the gameplay but med school applications and jobs and relationships limit me from immersing myself in the lore of this server as heavily as I did before HA. 

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    2. UnBaed


      Hey, I remember seeing you around in Vailor!  Hope you've been well

    3. Abyssus


      i rp'd with you extensively in the old days, nice to see you around again, who cares if you cant make any progress you should see the server for yourself and see if its something your still interested in, its had quite a few changes mostly to lore but most of the old things dont really matter anymore i wouldn't worry about it

    4. Gusano


      Take a look at the server and see if you enjoy it in its current state. If you do, I'm sure that there are people who will gladly help you get back into it.

  2. Hi to anyone who sees this!!!! I’ve missed this server for the last 3 years, despite the good and bad, and currently I am applying to med school!!!!

    My previous main character, Ciri, has always been an outlet for me to express my sexuality, insecurities, and pain from reality so this server really was an outlet for me. I just got excited looking at the updates to Fjarriagua lore that I have not played since leaving and it was ultimately my biggest passion here on the server. 

    If anyone wishes to reconnect, just respond or message me on here!:)

    1. Princeton


      Hope all is well! 🙂 

    2. Samler


      Hey, good luck on the med school!

  3. hey @mitto thx for the like 120 notifications bc the freaking FM job now. stop it brenda.

    1. mitto


      i'll do 240 next time just for you

    2. manicfairy
    3. funnayyyyy



  4. I just got done with life for today and you update now, brenda? u suck, brenda.

  5. https://gyazo.com/811301f7a111cc634c4fe17eb61d4c42
    Some of you trolls need to go back under your bridge pls

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    2. Ford


      it is a hindu symbol of peace and good fortune..............................................

    3. Archipelego


      i woulda made a giant **** tbh

    4. Tox


      nice fidget spinner 

  6. Ok... this took me a little bit to digest since if I skimmed one sentence, all hope was lost lol. Anyways, this lore is quite intriguing yet as one of my professors told me: "less wordy, more clear cut." I think this is a great explanation behind understanding the psychological effects of abandoning normal mortality and it seems as if you're providing a backstory to help people comprehend the reasoning behind LOTC history being the undead, original Gods, and mortals. However, a few other thoughts of mine are: -I agree with Abyssus if this means this lore would constitute the RP style of i
  7. Great idea! This supports that claim of yours that this magic is a "grey" one. However with the very specific healing (ex. a fracture to the middle of the left femur), wouldn't this puppet have to follow the additional lore Crazed created in which the puppet would have to exactly mimic the person to focus on such a specific area of effect? Secondly, how come the puppet for this isn't representing the original damage on the user it's connecting to? For example, someone with slit arm should have a puppet of them with a cut downside that arm. Then the RP could include the puppeter physically fixi
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    2. _mkkk_


      @Gusano Arentonio Nah it's just some bigot probs

    3. Gusano


      i mean whats the difference

    4. _mkkk_


      Also hey @The Pink Lion *waves flirtatiously maybe*

  8. Come online and rp with me yes

    1. _mkkk_


      I will try when everything gets fixed for me to : *

  9. When I said the snow was dandruff & distasteful I was joking... I still enjoy Christmas; I'm not Scrooge :^<

    1. Space



    2. Harrison


      gosh where's your christmas spirit -_-

    3. Vege


      nobody likes memers on this server big boy 

  10. I request for whatever gross person who has dandruff to please stop dangling above this webpage bc it's distasteful

  11. So to make Daemon's eye requires an MA. Does this rewrite of contract magic require an MA itself where it takes up a slot?
  12. This fad of making posts with complete trash titles needs to stop; it isn't cute 

    1. Gusano


      it'll stop one day, don't you fret

    2. Space
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