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  1. A man had found the bounty to reach himself, he put aside his work for a moment to regard it with tired eyes before murmuring out. "Good hunting, brother."
  2. you banned me from your discord after someone stole my identity and started spamming, even after i told you it wasnt me -1 unfrendly
  3. maybe you put this in the section and I just didn't understand but out of curiosity is this limited to the darkness only occuring when the rune is visible to the light? or is it constant despite it being hidden on your person somewhere the idea was making an talisman that at will I could unveil to block any holy light from a holy spell, as one of the paladin spells I'm pretty sure is a blinding spell specifically in regard to this @Quavinir_Twiceborn
  4. Why? I think our current rules about no player radar/no cheats is perfectly fine, it doesn't need anything else added on. Unless this is to address the new clients everyone is using @peachcool
  5. I didn't even read the topic, I already know what you said. I've seen dozens of these types of topics over the years and I completely understand and desire for our extremely strict villainy rules to be elevated, even a ******* hair. Because it just doesn't affect you, us, the regular folk can't really do anything either because of these absurd rules, we end up stepping on toes and getting banned aswell. I've already come to accept that LOTC is a safespace, and its unlikely administration will ever change that. You oughta move onto another platform or server if you want to continue
  6. Yldrathir, the Gravelord was now decrepit and old, his frail body barely carrying him in his old age as he leaned against a fenceline within the Silver City gardens, peering over towards the horizon as he’d let out a loud cough. His head turning briefly away before he’d suddenly jerk back, his eyes squinting towards the light as he’d trail out a hand towards it with a murmur “Again, Conquerer?” He’d slowly draw his hand back before a small smile stretched across his aging face, his form turning away from the sunset as he raised a hand in front of eyes, studying his wri
  7. “a heil hitler, i guess.”
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