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  1. “warclaim them for having dark mages”
  2. dragur is alex612s prison, i would not suggest releasing the beast
  3. can you people reply to my comment instead of hers
  4. that guy is a moron i was asked to pop in to leave an opinion on this lore but i stopped at alchemical acid, everybody seems to ignore the obvious issue of making a craftable acid in a game where we've constantly had issues with people abusing mechanics to a stupid degree, alchemy was originally removed because it had so many of these stupid abuseable potions and i really don't think we should be adding them back in any form i really don't want to hear anything about "keeping track" cause that **** has never worked and neither will yours please for the love of god come up with something better and more creative then acid, copying high elf culture is no excuse to create bland mediocre lore @dunstan
  5. im keeping your picture by the way
  6. Abyssus

    We Have A Crisis

    i am insane i like that profile picture by the way
  7. Abyssus

    We Have A Crisis

    Many of the accused were blacklisted or banned from the server, although most did not in fact belong to pedophilia party.
  8. thanks I'll be here until i dox someone else
  9. Gravelord Yldrathir muttered "I for one support our new overlords."
  10. ://///// who knew that people don’t want to get involved in slice of life political roleplay syko alright but your completely missing the point, I’m breaking character to say that I have any reason to not teach someone, when I would be perfectly willingly to teach them you seem to have this mentality that we’ll simply say “ah well bygones be bygones” and bend our characters to suit the shelving of lore nah that’s not happening we’re going to make it perfectly clear the reason why we have to break character and not teach our students
  11. Gravelord Yldrathir sits back in his leather chair within his fortress of dark magic and demonkin as he’d read the missive and murmur “Who the **** is this ***** stealing the limelight?”
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