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  1. Hahahahahahahaha How The **** Is Cybering Real Hahahaha Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Close Your Eyes Haha
  2. you forgot me on that list @Ankan : ( name is tour guide
  3. "Remember remember the fifth of September!" Chants a bystander
  4. https://gyazo.com/bbdcc976f704c956eda6ddbd7f049494


    our lore team once again defying expectation, here’s hoping we get out of the hole in less then 2 years

  5. you piece of **** didn't even mention me
  6. @Anseran do you want a free video game
  7. Yldrathir remembers the mad Abdiel
  8. @Harold do i have your allegiance 

    1. Archangelic


      You'll forever have mine.

    2. Abyssus


      And yours is the only one I need

  9. Abyssus

    Conflict & War FAQ

    guess what happens pvpers leave the server after this final nerf they end up conforming the answer might surprise you
  10. You've already lost me I'm afraid, but you can at least save yourself from losing any more older players on the server, though let me be the one to say that frankly I don't think you particularly should be the one explaining or apologizing for anything as this seems more calebs fault then anything.
  11. I had to think of something funny to name drop you with no offense im just real sick of the "you all know WHO im talking about" on every feedback post
  12. probably shouldn't try a career in customer service @ScreamingDingo
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