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  1. You offer a refreshing perspective, especially as an older player, thank you.
  2. Ironically another old player who was a frostie mother took on your characters name and feelings, angelscrosshairs, they became a platonic lover with my gravelord and wraith, which was okay since they were both gods in their own right, I think they took after you because they were to this day one of the best roleplayers I ever roleplayed with and one of the only people I can say roleplayed romance correctly. Thanks for answering the questions, I knew it was a bit complicated but figured it played out as you described, simply being unable to stop the community at large from doing it.
  3. Yes I have a few serious questions, I heard you were the original lore writer for frost witches, and if that’s the case I was always curious what you thought of the different leaders that swapped out in its long history(loved meguzara) and where it ended up, especially how you felt about the controversy that surrounded it, specifically with them ******* or having romantic relationships with men. I in addition had heard you started that trend, which, that’s then and there so I’m not gonna call you out for that since that was like 7-8 years ago, but if that was the case, why did you do it? @Urara
  4. an absolutely incredible showcase
  5. i was speaking in general if someone was just running around using one, which is going to happen, of course firing lines are extremely effective because chances are at least one of those muskets fired will hit their target, it’s important people are aware they are really not good firearms though
  6. i don’t really have an opinion on adding firearms, don’t really think it makes a difference one way or the other but what i can say is i have actually fired a musket in real life, and it is pretty complicated and can very easily go wrong, not to mention the bullets are pretty much chunks of leads that half the time break up in the air before they even hit their target, and you can also be a foot in front of your target and you would still not hit it not to mention, no they wouldn’t be able to penetrate through armor, they barely got through the paper target i was shooting at, granted it was at the end of a shooting range food for thought, i think they’ll work fine if people roleplay what terrible firearms they actually are
  7. our local roleplay incels have crawled out of the woodwork

    1. Phylarch


      a very dangerous idea 

    2. Narthok


      can’t believe you’re hating on the lotc incel community

  8. lol let me disgrace your lore because my two brain cells can’t sit down and stand to read this bolded text
  9. “warclaim them for having dark mages”
  10. dragur is alex612s prison, i would not suggest releasing the beast
  11. can you people reply to my comment instead of hers
  12. that guy is a moron i was asked to pop in to leave an opinion on this lore but i stopped at alchemical acid, everybody seems to ignore the obvious issue of making a craftable acid in a game where we've constantly had issues with people abusing mechanics to a stupid degree, alchemy was originally removed because it had so many of these stupid abuseable potions and i really don't think we should be adding them back in any form i really don't want to hear anything about "keeping track" cause that **** has never worked and neither will yours please for the love of god come up with something better and more creative then acid, copying high elf culture is no excuse to create bland mediocre lore @dunstan
  13. im keeping your picture by the way
  14. i am insane i like that profile picture by the way
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