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    They deal with map making and they're map caretakers
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    Good thing wraiths are a rare sight
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    Better than leric
  4. i quit

  5. A very entertaining rper. I support.
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    I agree with Luke, I'd like to see your stuff without a txt pack
  7. Current Username: Angmarzku Discord(‘You got it’ does not suffice): Ang#9421 Timezone(s) you mainly play: GMT+2 What group/nation do you consider to be your main?: Spooks? Have you held a staff position before?: ET/Manager, GM, FM, World Dev Do you currently hold a staff position? I am currently a GM. Do you plan on applying for other staff positions? No. Have you ever been banned before? If so, how long ago and what reason? I've yet to get banned. What style do you prefer to build in? (Low fantasy, High fantasy, dungeons, creatures, terrain, etc.) I am able to build in any style, including: ruins, creatures, any fantasy types, messy medieval, terraforming, dungeon crawling builds, organic builds, spooky things, large builds etc. Are you comfortable using world edit commands? I know how to use both world edit and voxel. Provide screenshots of three builds you have created from the following list (Terrain, Creature, Medieval, or High Fantasy) If you wish to see a good portion of my work, go to warp ang. Explain what you feel results in a quality build. Efficiency merged with aesthetics and creativity, although it depends on the style, most builds should have proper texturing, depth and logical design. Why do you wish to become an ET Builder Member? I enjoy erecting tenebrous structures to aid the roleplay of LotC as I have since I've joined the ET during Freema's reign. What strengths would you bring to the team? Experience as I am currently the oldest member or were, my ability to both act and build anything. What are your weaknesses? Motivation could prove problematic at times for me. How much time could you give to this position in the foreseeable future? Depends on what will happen with the team and the future projects.
  8. Zarsies' Biased LM Application

    Should you not return the man to his position, a fool you remain
  9. [Dark Arts] [TA] Sif

    Best witch
  10. Oh boy, Lhindir's MT app

  11. Community Meeting

    i can answer that
  12. Reviewing Tutorial Island

    I just made the island a while ago. This was fast.
  13. IGN(s): Angmarzku Age: I have been on this wretched world for 17 years. Timezone: GMT+2 Discord: You have it What map did you join during?: I joined in early Vailor. Do you have access to a microphone?: Not at the moment. Average daily playing time?: I've been inactive on the main server so far due to a project and laziness, but I can spare four or more hours during most of the week and far more in the weekend. Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: I was a Forum Moderator for a few months, ET Manager for a few months, Game Moderator for a few months and World Developer for a while. And I've been part of the event team for over a year or two. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I want more pex to work and help with various stuff if I can like before. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: Nope. Anything else you want to tell us?: It's terror time again.
  14. GM Update Log - September

    #Feminism #CanadianWitch