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  1. Credits to Tsuyose for helping me write this. “You have failed to follow the will of Mordring and His allies. Therefore, you have proven to be unworthy. Now.. you are doomed." The Hand of Mordring, condemning a rogue Wraith to a fate worse than undeath; the Black Mark. A newly devised tool crafted between the skeletal digits of Mordring in his aspiration to cleave the rogue Wraiths from his arsenal of men shrouded in black, should they detour from the instated tenants inscribed by the ivory lord of yore, Mordring. It is by no means an abusable tool sought for the demise of loyal Wraiths, for Mordring has bequeathed the power and thereby extension may revert it- the ability to reverse-tether to bond that binds a Wraith via ethereal magicks devised by the grandfather of Wraiths old and new alike. They say, through scriptures tucked betwixt the nooks and crannies of the tenebrous abyss that the harbingers of dark derive from the necrotic power wielded by Mordring, that breaks down their soul akin to the poison of a pit viper. Shattering their corporeal form he then imbues the ethereal body with a bountiful amount of draconic magick, thereby warping their soul into a blueprint described only as reminiscent as the grandiose draconic being- crafting what is known today, as the Wraith. Though, the Hand of Mordring is more of a religious, prophet-esque role that demands its wielder to undoubtedly follow the law of the great serpent, to enact his will without question; the burden of Mordring’s flame. They, who inherit the fire of Mordring’s catalyst therein become the undeniable herald of the Wraiths, and thereby extension they wield the will of the enlightened dragon. Where Mordring cannot trek, the Hand of Mordring traverses; for the Hands’ mouth is His maw, his non-corporeal gaze is the glower of His, and his will is the affirmation of His- the Hand of Mordring is the incarnation of the great Dragaar himself. However, accompanying the religious-esque role is the ability to reap what has been sewn, to unveil man shrouded by darkness. A labouring task that can only be accomplished by bathing the rogue Wraith in fire, shredding the unorthodox veil that burdens the non-corporeal figure into nought but ash, and from that ash, wrapped in the pigment of mortality it would steadily re-bond albeit lacking the draconic essence that once perceived mortal, to Wraith- now, they would be mortal once more. With this reversion came a mark, a mark that signifies traitorous ilk to even the downright psychotic. Manifesting atop the back of their frame, upon the left-hand shoulder sits an eternally swirling haze of darkness, necrotic flesh and flakes of ash, clad in a curse so utterly unforgettable by any normal feats known to both the divine and Man alike. The mark, lacking any physical depiction of its grotesque nature instead serves as a mental reminder- the victim henceforth suffers with a flurry of horrific nightmares of their era as a Wraith. Redlines: By no means can the Hand of Mordring global-disconnect a Wraith, it must be done through strict role-play. The mark cannot be removed through deific nor necrotic feats, it is a permanent mark. Should a character become Undead through another means, then the mark accompanies the malformed soul; i.e. should an ex-Wraith become a Lich, then either their skeletal figure or phylactery is marked with an ashen/cinder haze (mostly creative - up to the user how this curse is apparent.) Once the Mark of Rejection is complete and the unbinding process is complete, the player’s character reverts back into their former selves; i.e. a ghoul-wraith reverts back into a ghoul. When a Wraith goes inactive for 3+ months their position as a Wraith will be re-contemplated and likely discussed with the Lore Team.
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