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  1. As if it’s worth it
  2. I remember you, I think you were alright
  3. Ang


    Hi James. How are you?
  4. -A tale as old as time- Almost two hundred years after the fall of the Bastion and the disappearance of Mordring, Ghamul the Wraithlord retreated into the dark depths of the world, mad and alone it watched from the shadows as the undead slowly disappeared from the realm and so after being forgotten, Ghamul finally drew his last breath and was laid to rest in an unmarked grave. Recently, the creature’s tales have reached the emerging necromancers and a pact was made and from the unknown corners of Arcas, evil stirred once more, hungry for revenge.
  5. still the best darkstalker 

    1. Ryloth


      raelplayer better

    2. ScreamingDingo


      ang if you’re actually back I’m driving around in a white van and abducting you into event building trafficking rings

    3. Ang


      I’m back

  6. Barley

  7. Miss me? I miss the old gang. Why did you come back, Zars?
  8. They’ll always have the same degenerates with the same problems, no matter what you do. And necromancy is now dead because of it.
  9. Ang

    So long LOTC

    Server is full of brainless baboons. Best of luck.
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