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  1. no, he's insane. go back to Denmark. -1
  2. Ang

    II. Drowned

    "Ah, Kozilek. I'll miss that poor bugger." Murmured the wraith to itself.
  3. Ang

    Suggested Changes to Necromancy and Undead

    yeah no
  4. Ang

    yeah nah

  5. Ang

    [Denied][GM] Hex

    Nah, he's a ******* idiot tbh
  6. Ang

    [CA] [Ghoul] Killmatronix

  7. Ang

    Character Art Raffle

  8. Obviously, yes. One of the best builders on LotC.
  9. Ang

    Poll: Bring nexus back

    Cya riceman
  10. Nothing can go wrong. I support.
  11. Ang

    The Birth of a Barrowlord

    "Hmm." Goes Ghamul.