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  1. They’ll always have the same degenerates with the same problems, no matter what you do. And necromancy is now dead because of it.
  2. Server is full of brainless baboons. Best of luck.
  3. The former Wraith, Vludosvlah continued down the dark paths of the world, remembering the wizard who aided him in the time of need. A life for a life, the tenebrous man survived while the old one did not.
  4. I have returned to this cesspit 

  5. <3

    1. Ang


      you're the best halfling out there

  6. Do you guys want a normal desert or a  a semi desert with a few oases, grass here and there and more things in it such as palm trees and mixing it with the mesa?

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    2. DPM


      White please, red just looks too vibrant

    3. Ang


      This project has been terminated.

    4. nordicg_d
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