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  1. Isn't the redlines or something on kani lore that you can't carry or use any items that has the density of metal? So the bones and ironwood should already count towards it. - Or it doesn't exist, didn't give the lore a good read yet
  2. A figure meandered towards the keep, ceramic teapot in hands as she looked up at the golden tiled towers - only to see a tiny speck fall from a window. She squints, muttering "Are they throwing flightless birds out the window now?" Before proceeding to knock on their gates.
  3. no azdrazi have housemagery, they're probably lying or gaslighting as they arent compatible with any mana based magics and ty for catching those inconsistencies
  4. its just the name that shows that the spell is supposed to be frightening, but added the redline that you suggested
  5. Nephilim Lesser Dragonkin (Amendment + Addition) Draconic Physiology “In retrospect, the frailty of the Human form becomes exceptionally apparent.” When not assuming a disguise, Nephilim appear much alike to their father Azdromoth, bearing rigid red or black skin riddled with scales. Their eyes are nigh serpentine, made as slits rather than pupils; irises and scleras replaced by fiery tones of red and orange. Whatever flesh or scales they bear will feel somewhat warm, though not at all harmful to mortals. Fully fledged Nephilim, upon their transformation, will find themselves to be up to a foot higher than they had been as a descendant, though this caps at 7’6” — meaning that an individual already of that height, or just below, would not grow any higher upon being transformed. All Nephilim also possess a set of horns which are crowned upon their head, varying widely in appearance. These horns, though unique to each Nephilim, may only manifest in shades of red, shades of black and gray, or a horn-exclusive bone-white. Revival: they are resurrected upon being slain through the alternative method of regeneration. Death & revival rules still apply (where applicable). They’ve long lives, and cannot die of natural causes. However, Event-PKs are still liable for them (where applicable); see more in Weaknesses. They are immune to all forms of heat except Malflame and 'true' Dragonsflame. Azdrazi are immune to all mundane poison excluding poisons such as Azhl, and Thanhic Poisoning, They cannot benefit from alchemy aside from blood clotting agents, ordinary stitching, suturing, and others of purely mundane nature. Nephilim possess a draconic soul after the Transference is complete. They're considered full draconic creatures. Nephilim are sterile and are therefore incapable of spawning children. They have the gift of lesser Polymorphing, as a base, to disguise their true forms. Nephilim gain peak strength of their original descendant race. Should a Nephilim be an orc, they do not gain this bonus. Nephilim are unable to FTB The Inner Flame Fickle yet formidable, the Inner Flame is a tricky thing, consisting of a metaphysical network of dragonfire that spans the body in its entirety, thus manifesting the Nephilim’s powers. The core of this essence is supposedly housed within the very heart of the creature, intrinsically tied with their lifeforce and wellbeing. When drawing upon their draconic powers, this flame will swell, flowing its essence to wherever it is channeled. Overexerting this flame can prove to be deadly, exhausting not only the Nephilim’s corporeal body, but also their soul. It is thus critical that the Nephilim take great care to guard and foster this flame, as they are otherwise nothing without it. Polymorphing Nephilim are capable of a limited variant of Polymorphing, a feat unique to Dragonkin. With this, the Nephilim can change their hair color, skin tone, and eye color - however, this has limited capabilities, only meant to conceal their Draconic Form. While noticeably similar to their natural appearance, Nephilim may change aspects of their facial structure and body type, becoming skinnier or more muscular, growing and shifting their hair, making it messier, thin, or luscious. During this form, they can still cast the base spells of their Inner Flame. Due to this being a form of Lesser Polymorphing, specific tells must be described throughout roleplay. This can be exhaled of smoke, cinders, and embers clawing at the edges of their form, infernal colored eyes - small details that denote their real identity. They may also choose to don various draconic features as they please, appearing like a descendant with draconic aspects; horns, scales, talons, etc. To break away from their Polymorph, the Nephilim must begin morphing back to their Draconic form. This requires two uninterrupted emotes; one where cracks, embers, and flames dance across their physique, the next detailing the flaking of their skin, or something similar, to reveal the Nephilim. Polymorphing requires [2] emotes to shift, and revert. Possible and alternative ‘tells’ can be discussed with ST if there are any ‘tells’ that don’t fall within this region. All of a Nephilim’s Polymorphs must bear similarities in facial structure and body type. Polymorphing does not heal/create/hide any wounds nor change the height by more than one foot. This does not exceed the Nephilim’s maximum height of seven-foot-six. Polymorphing cannot be used to appear as other existing characters. Nephilim flesh/scales are only as strong as regular mortal skin, offering no natural armor from this state. Polymorphing is not a way of "disguising" oneself. It is intended to be a way for Nephilim to pass as a regular descendant, rather than try and fit into different kinds of societies, groups, and RP ecosystems. Enrapturement Once Transference is complete, the Nephilim are incapable of casting mana-based magic or magic that alters an existing mana-pool, instead relying solely upon their innate Dragonsflame. This fire possesses many unique traits, the most notable of which is its ability to inflict combustive damage upon phantom creatures and other undead, even if they are incorporeal. The means by which it may be shaped are listed below. A Nephilim has [12] Dragonsflame Units in total. This will regenerate after an OOC day. Nephilim's Dragonsflame is not a true Dragonsflame, but rather a lesser variant of it. Nephilim's Dragonsflame bears the effect of mana disruption - meaning they are able to harm entities that are reliant on mana or are completely made of mana, such as ghosts and atronachs. Descendants will not be affected by this effect. Weapons engulfed in Dragonsflame will bear similar properties as Thanhium to these creatures, in terms of anti-mana. Limbs touched and seared by Dragonsflame will cause control to be lost in that area for two emotes. Should a Nephilim’s Dragonsflame come into contact with ectoplasmic mist such as Deadbreath, it will sear through the fog 4m in each direction with the flame at the center. Nephilim spells count as T5 spells against Thanhium, granted as they’re the most potent form of magic. If struck against Thanhium, they’d find the steel lighting up. All redlines and guidelines of that lorepiece apply. While casting any combative spells, the Nephilim will be able to move and act whilst casting without any hindrance, unless stated otherwise in the redlines. Utilizing Dragonsflame does not require concentration unless stated in the redlines. Each spell requires a specific amount of units per cast, lack of units will result in the spell failing. If underwater, the Nephilim is unable to cast. Rain is not enough to snuff out Dragonsflame. The tells for casting Dragonsflame must be visible around the Nephilim, varying between flame, smoke, and ash. Flame-Weaving (Passive/Non-Combative) Description The first ability that a Nephilim will find they’re capable of doing, is the act of Flame-Weaving; effectively being able to manipulate their own Dragonsflame skillfully, as if it was an extension of their own body. Unlike the herald’s ability Zil Kresh, they may create large and moving images out of their fire without the need of another, its usage ranging from illusions, fiery performances, intimidation, etc. Additionally, their range of control is far greater, as long as the Nephilim maintain line of sight. Forgotten Heritage (Passive) Description Due to the Nephilim’s draconic nature, they are able to perceive what many cannot. This effectively allows one to see the temperatures of their being, as a passive. Most importantly, they will delve and peer into prophecies albeit in flame as their eyes begin to leak cinders. Another ability of theirs is to quickly learn any descendant language, barring ones created by Aenguldaemonica. Enwreathe [2 Emotes: 1 connect + 1 cast | 1 Dragonsflame Unit] (Combative) Description The most notable ability of the Nephilim, by which they may summon Dragonsfire around their weapon over the course of two emotes, the effects lasting eight emotes after ignition or is forcibly quelled by some other means. The flame itself brings no harm to the blade should it not be made of flammable material or is doused in oil, though certain materials will prevent the weapon from igniting should it bear anti-magical or cold properties. If the Nephilim wants to ignite ranged projectiles such as bolts or arrows, only a small portion will catch aflame. Flamebreath [3 Emotes: 1 connect + 2 cast | 2 Dragonsflame Units] (Combative) Description An offensive technique by which a Nephilim can channel flame from their mouth and spew it out for up to four meters in front of them, lasting for four emotes. Due to the volatile nature of this spell, the Nephilim are unable to recast this spell for a duration, sputtering up harmless smoke as their inner flame needs time to recharge. Whilst spewing flame, they are unable to move properly, resulting in a slow walk or stumble. Flamespew [3 Emotes: 1 connect + 2 cast | 3 Dragonsflame Units] (Combative) Description An ability where the Nephilim to project a direct baseball-sized fireball from their maw, or throw from their hand, over the course of casting and drawing upon their Dragonsflame for three emotes. It’d travel up to twenty five meters, and where it lands - it'll expand in a plume of flame. The shape and detail of the projectile can be fitted onto what a Nephilim wishes, as example; one can opt to manipulate it onto a spear of flame rather than a fireball. Immolation [2 Emotes: 1 connect + 1 cast per specific part of the body | 1+ Dragonsflame Units] (Combative) Description The last of the primary techniques by which the Nephilim conjures flame around a single limb. They may use this to deliver searing punches no stronger than that of their regular attacks, or grapple an individual. While Immolation is active, undead that are weak to flame will experience searing pain if they were to come in contact with the specified appendage. Cleansing [4 Emotes: Freeform | 1+ Dragonsflame Units] (Combative/Non-combative) Description The Nephilim may cleanse the corruption of their fellow Dragonkin with the aid of their inner flame and another, either with draconic origin or alignment. An additional Nephilim or Ordained Herald at least is required, though more may participate. To aid, they must channel their energy into the one preforming Cleansing. They must temporarily give up their own Dragonsflame to burn and extinguish the corruption that dwells within their kin, during this time - they’ll find themselves unable to call upon those units for the duration of several days. If the Nephilim gain assistance, the burden will be shared upon all who participated in Cleansing. Should they be unable to cleanse the Nephilim by any means, they’ve the option of splitting apart the corruption and bearing it alongside their kin to lessen the effects. The Augmented Flame From the moment that a Nephilim is made – the prior self is burnt away and scarred, and from the remnants of that person, Dragonsflame is shaped to reform what was lost in Azdromoth’s image. With the Nephilim’s instinct to gather knowledge and expand their hoard, so does their drive to seek out the limits of their heritage and flame. The player is limited to two choices of the spells listed below, and must be listed on their CA. Once chosen, the choices cannot be altered whatsoever. Selecting the abilities must be done out of combat. Primordial Descent [4 Emotes: 1 Connect + 3 Cast | 4 Dragonsflame Units] (Combative) Description A Nephilim, emboldened by the history and what they were, may allow flame and fire to course through their body – strengthening it beyond mortal belief. A glimpse of the prior form that they once had. In this state, they grow as large as an Olog (9 ft maximum) with a thick tail and perhaps wings. They are unable to speak in anything but Draconic, whilst also being locked to their baseline abilities. Emboldened Strength [3 Emotes: 1 Connect + 2 Cast | 2 Dragonsflame Units] (Combative) Description Should a Nephilim wish to use their new-found heritage for combative purposes, they may harness the power of their long-forgotten forms into specific parts of their body. When used, flames begin to weave over the limb, creating a tangible silhouette over it with fire and ash. Upon completion, the next strikes will gain increased strength and force before dissipating. Cindering Ward [2 Emotes: 1 Connect + 1 Cast | 2 Dragonsflame Units] (Combative) Description A Nephilim may conjure a portion of their flame, channeling and condensing it into one area before allowing it to spread forth. Imbuing it with ancient high draconic, it gains protective properties, searing certain magic and consuming such - before demanifesting. The barrier will take the size of a tower shield, remaining in front of the individual. Any physical attacks will cleave through the flame with ease, as the flame may only protect against the magical. Imbued Roar [3 Emotes: 1 Connect + 2 Cast | 1 Dragonsflame Unit] (Combative/Non-combative) Description The draconic tongue, ancient yet mysterious. A nephilim may imbue power behind their words, roaring or chanting loudly to bring out its effects. Flame builds up within their throat, weaving over their forms before bursting out in a wave. If specific words are used within the chant, individuals who hear will be afflicted with various ailments or blessings. If no words are used, the spell will be that of a loud roar, causing no physical harm to the ears of those in range. Rites of the Nephilim Known to each and all Nephilim upon their rebirth, these rites of their kin are only enacted with purpose. Often performed in bouts of fury and wrath to duel in truly honored settlement of feuds or in times of grace, esteem, and kindled acclaim amongst one's own. These rites exhibit the Azdrazi in their purest image, and only in passion and fervor are they performed, testaments to their ardent quintessence. Should one wish to make more Rites, they may create one with the acceptance of a MArt. Ritual of Strength [3 Emotes: 1 Connect + 2 Cast | 3 Dragonsflame Units] (Combative) Description In moments of rage and disagreements, a Nephilim can challenge their kin to a one-on-one duel. In this state, any outsiders are barred from interfering, instead forced back with a volatile fire, as if they were struck by an Uruk’s punch. To begin the ritual, two other Nephilim or two Ordained Heralds are required, each funneling their Dragonsflame into a ring that surrounds the arena. Should the Nephilim challenge another dragonkin, they will find that all spells and abilities can be done in quick succession without the depletion of their flame, bolstered by their demands and means to claim superiority. If the challenge is sent to a lesser such as an Ordained Herald or below, flaming shackles will form around both participant’s wrists. The two will decide on a set of rules, and upon agreeing - the duel will begin. The shackles will cause intense searing pain around their wrist should one intend to break a rule, though will not burn flesh whatsoever. They are barred from speaking at all, nothing more than ash and fire spewing from their maw. Victory is decided once the losing individual yields, the flames surrounding the area bursts - forcing the two participants apart. Any damage – be it the severing of limbs remains upon the end of the duel, only flesh wounds will cauterize and scar with the aid of the lingering Dragonsflame around the arena, lasting permanently if they wish to. Should either be slain, the ritual will come to an immediate end. Ritual of Death [4 Emotes: Freeform | 4 Dragonsflame Units] (Non-combative) Description The most graceful act for a Nephilim is the gift of communication. Once per day, they may commune and talk to the dead draconic beings of time’s past for advice, guidance or aid by weaving their Dragonsflame within the stone-clad statue of a fallen Nephilim. Ritual of Warding [3 Emotes: Freeform | 3 Dragonsflame Units] (Non-combative) Description A Nephilim may grant a blessing upon a Descendant, acting as a shield against the mental influences of Dark Magick, be it Siliti Thralling, geists of Mystics, etc. This requires one Nephilim, engraving an inscription on any part of their body with a portion of their flame - searing it onto their skin. One Nephilim may bestow this boon upon three individuals at the max. Draconian Fallalery As the Nephilim grow in age, so do their bodies. Immortal in terms of time, their forms begin to take on more draconic traits. They are able to resist this eventual transformation should they wish, or embrace it. The pronounced features may vary; be it the addition of horns, talons, a scaled tail, etc. This transformation tends to vary between Nephilim to Nephilim, gaining more characteristics as they age. The features that they gain may be chosen from the list below, receiving one choice per tier. These characteristics are purely for aesthetic, as they are optional and cannot be used to gain any advantage during combat. - Extra pairs of horns - Rigid/scaled tail - Elongated talons - Rigid/spiked scales - Colored Dragonsflame, ranging from red to yellow. Each tier takes a specific amount of time to go up. The Nephilim is tier 0 upon the date of their CA acceptance. Unlike other tier systems, Draconian Fallalery only has three tiers. - Tier 0-1: 1 month [4 weeks] - Tier 1-2: 2 months [8 weeks] - Tier 2-3: 3 months [12 weeks] Rigid scales and horns cannot be used as protection during combat. They will break off easily upon a weapon’s strike. The talons do not offer an advantage in combat, unable to pierce skin The tail is not prehensile enough to grapple, nor is it strong enough to knock back an individual if swung. If the tail were to be severed, the Nephilim will bleed and feel pain accordingly. Weaknesses The alteration which Nephilim undergo is just as much physical as it is spiritual, thus subjecting the creature to a myriad of weaknesses and detriments of both magical and mundane nature. Though certainly potent creatures in their own right, encountering any of these detriments is certainly a disheartening, if not worrisome experience for the Nephilim. All effects of weaknesses wear off overtime once out of combat, taking an OOC day. Weakness Mechanics [Magical poisons/disease: Azhl, Necromantic curses, etc] Though Nephilim are immune to mundane poison and disease, they may still be afflicted by magical ones. Necromantic pestilences would manifest significantly quicker (immediately onset) upon an Azdrazi, and other similar magical-disease effects would yield similar results - these would last at maximum, three days. Azhl would as well effectively harm a Nephilim in a normal manner as it would a descendant. Refer to Corruption, should the Azdrazi be inflicted by any necromantic sourced pestilences. The Azdrazi are susceptible to Azhl Poisoning in the same manner of a descendant. [Frost: Ice-Based Magic, Cold metals, etc] Being flame-based creatures, Nephilim are weak to their respective antithesis: cold and frost. Nephilim will find it difficult to traverse inherently cold regions, such temperatures weakening their inner flame. Though Nephilim may bundle themselves to avoid more severe detriments of the cold, freezing temperatures will oftentimes inhibit their dragonflame abilities. Additionally, any potent form of cold metals or frost-based magic, such as ice evocation, will have them succumb from its bitter cold at a hastened rate than most mortals. Their forms would begin crumbling and cracking their afflicted spot onto a state of disrepair with continual attacks - over the course of six attacks: The cold grants a Nephilim discomfort at most, this is for flavour and can be extended further should the player wish for it. Furthermore, only supernatural frost can injure them, normal cold will just be unsettling. The magic of a Frost Witch or an ice mage is severe for a Nephilim. Not only does it harm them, but it also siphons a unit of Dragonsflame per successful attack should the wound inflicted be deep. This effect stops when only a single unit of Dragonsflame remains. The cold property from specific metals, such as Salium, Frost Oil, etc, will also prove detrimental to a Nephilim. Every strike siphons a unit of Dragonsflame per successful attack should the wound inflicted be deep. This effect stops when only a single unit of Dragonsflame remain. These weaknesses can be mitigated if a Nephilim devises a magical means to keep their body temperature up. (i.e The spell of Bharoh from a Herald, or Voidal Enchantments.). Whilst heated by other sources, the Nephilim cannot cast Enrapturements or any spells under the Augmented Flame. For ET events, it is up to ET discretion if the cold is too much for a Nephilim. [Antimagic: Thanhium] Furthermore, if the bite of Thanhic-Steel finds itself upon a Nephilim, they’d be unable to call upon their Dragonsflame, instantly breaking their Polymorph to reveal their true identity. Should they call upon their magicks while they suffer from Thanhic-Poisoning, they’d find their bodies slowly cracking and fading away onto ash as their ichor soon turns to droplets of soot. Should they continue to draw upon their Dragonsflame, they’d find their body crumbling Thanhium, more commonly Thanhic-Steel is detrimental to a Nephilim. It prohibits one of Dragonsflame from being used for every successful strike, however stops when the Nephilim has only one unit of Dragonsflame left. And unlike its effect on a regular descendant; spreads to the rest of the Nephilim’s body. Cracking and revealing flesh over the course of [6] emotes of constant exposure to an open wound. [Xannic Mists: Paladinism] As draconic beasts, the Nephilim are among the sworn enemies of Xan and his own progeny, thus subjecting them to heavy weakness under Xannic Magic. Should a Nephilim be at all wounded or otherwise come into direct contact with Xannic mist or another Paladin-based artifice, they’d feel cold, wintry scorn towards those who dealt the blow. Continued exposure causes the chill to get worse; suffocating and enveloping them from the warmth that they’ve grown accustomed to, forcing a state of anxiety and fear upon their souls. This causes their Inner Flame to get siphoned out of their body, making them weaker. Nephilim who were struck by Xannic magic would be forced to shift out of their Polymorph, should it penetrate their body. Getting struck by Xannic magic during casting will also cause the spell to be interrupted. Per successful attack or injury, upon a Nephilim’s flesh; two units of Dragonsflame is siphoned out and the Xannic Magic prohibits the return of those units until the next OOC day. This effect stops when a single unit of Dragonsflame remains. This weakness cannot be used in Metagaming ways, etc. Random Mist Casting. If it’s suspected, ST can be contacted. Corruption “Two shall be united as one. Woven by these strands of ash." Corruption Mechanics Once a Nephilim has become corrupted, they no longer follow the same exhaustion systems as a normal Nephilim. They now hold two types of Dragonsflame; their normal Dragonsflame as listed above, and their corrupted Dragonsflame. Units of corruption are preceded by specific abilities and spells casted on a Nephilim by either a Necromancer or a Naztherak. Rather than being PK’d, the points of corruption tie into the amount of time that it takes for the body to reknit itself with two units being one OOC day. Should the amount of units corrupted be an odd number, the number of OOC days will be rounded up. Example; bearing [3] units of corruption mean that the Nephilim is soft PK’d – as the body reforms itself – for [2] days. Necromancy Maledictions - Darkening will corrupt 1 unit per 2 emotes that it is sustained. - Cauterization will corrupt 1 unit per 2 emotes that it is sustained. - Bursting’s tainted gore will corrupt 1 unit if it makes contact. - All Pestilence plagues will corrupt 2 units for their duration, but will never last beyond 2 OOC weeks unless they OOCly wish to. Naztherak Malflame - Kriviir will corrupt 1 unit per application, regardless of emote count. - Vhiit will corrupt 1 unit per strike which makes contact. - Rok-Dhurz will corrupt 1 unit per hit. A direct hit from a large-sized projectile will cause 1 point of corruption instead. - Rok-Heedz will corrupt 1 unit per hit. - Rok-Kirluk will corrupt 1 unit per emote of contact. - Rok-Ladom will corrupt 1 unit per hit. - Rok-Argal will corrupt 1 unit per emote of contact. - Rok-Norrvut will corrupt 1 unit per emote of contact. - Rok-Niirk will inflict no corruption. - Rok-Krimth will corrupt 1 unit per 1 emotes of contact. - Rok-Zevik will corrupt 1 unit per hit. Cursed Idols - The presence of any Cursed Idol will corrupt 2 units that cannot be cleansed until the Idol’s effective radius is escaped but disappear immediately once it is. Boons & Banes - Any Boon or Bane will corrupt 2 units that cannot be cleansed until it is removed. Zar’akal Abilities - Areas affected by Ra’Ilkgarokk will corrupt 2 units. After departure, these points need to be cleansed. - Being subject to a ritual of Kehrlagashk will result in complete corruption, inflicting 12 corruption points and the OOC choice of being turned into an Inferi for an event resource. Infernal Alchemy and Black Alchemy - Any potion or concoction utilizing infernal or necrotic reagents will, alongside its regular effects, corrupt 0.5 units. These can only be cleansed once the effects of the potion have passed. Every [2] Dragonsflame Units corrupted will result in [1] OOC day where the character is soft PK’d. If the number of units is odd, the number of OOC days will be rounded up. A Nephilim will take six points (half of their current inner-flame which is twelve) in order to have the physical attributes of corruption set into play (i.e the aesthetical skeletal appearance). Once a Dragonsflame Unit is corrupted, it may not be uncorrupted unless cleansed. Infernal Alchemy may only corrupt 11/12 units of an Azdrazi's inner flame, always leaving them with 1 unit un-corrupted. Should a Nephilim exhaust their normal Dragonsflame entirely, they are subject to a [6] day soft PK. Corrupted Enrapturement Though now corrupted, the Nephilim is able to cast spells using their corrupted dragonsflame, holding a new arsenal of devious, insidious abilities. However, they are still unable to use mana. The flames of a corrupted Nephilim hold similar properties to their old self, though seem to have a more destructive property against their own kin, which makes them machinations of corruption. Upon being corrupted, a Nephilim is barred from using spells under the Augmented Flame, though still may use Enrapturements should they lack enough uncorrupted Dragonsflame Units. If a Corrupted Nephilim does not have enough Corrupted Units to cast any spells listed below, they will be unable to use the ability. Corrupted Units will replenish in [1] OOC day. Fear Inducement [Freeform | 1 Corrupted Unit] (Non-Combative) Description The fallen dragonkin is able to morph their appearance to be perceived as an assortment of other monsters. Their inner flame will seep out of their bodies and cast over their skin to appear more frightening. This ability is more free-form, though the Corrupted does not grow in height. Corruption Instillment [ 4 Emotes: 1 Connect + 3 Cast | 3 Corrupted Units] (Combative) Description The corrupted dragonkin is able to slowly build up a miasma of violet or black flames. Once these flames have built up, it can be thrown and directed at another Nephilim. On impact, the Nephilim will be corrupted for three points of their Dragonsflame. Stygian Mount [1 Emote: Freeform] (Combative/Non-Combative) Description The fallen Nephilim is able to give rideable mounts the aesthetic of a creature made entirely of black ash or fire. For example, the corrupted Nephilim may mount a horse and cause it to be engulfed in flames of black. Of course, these flames will purely be aesthetic and hold no benefit in combat. Chains of the Undying [3 Emotes: 1 Connect + 2 Cast | 3 Corrupted Units] (Combative/Non-Combative) Description The corrupted dragonkin is able to muster volatile miasma into their palms, taking the shape of chains. Through these chains, a Nephilim may utilize it in many ways: as rope, to drag items or people, or to act as a whip. Should the fire meet flammable materials thinner than leather itself, the target will be met with searing pain in the area, causing an unsettling scar to form. KILL_MAPS, Gamma_Byte. 2022-2023. Nephilim - Lesser Dragonkin (Clarifications & Fixes) PXY, Gamma_Byte, Jentos, Agentkhov (Collaborated Work). 2022. Nephilim - Lesser Dragonkin (Rewrite) PXY (Organization, Structure, Writing), Werew0lf (Weaknesses, Corruption & Clarifications), Excitedly (Organization, Structure, Writing), Norrthh (Weaknesses & Clarifications) & Creative Consultation (Nivndil, Philposting, Firespirit44, Remeron, Milenkhov, Archipelago, Werew0lf, Sorcerio, Squakhawk). 2021. Nephilim - Lesser Dragonkin (Rewrite) Yeagerist (Writer). 2020. Azdrazi - The Inner Flame and Severance (Addition). nameistaylor (Writer). 2019. Azdrazi - Azdrazi, Children of Azdromoth (Rewrite). Numirya. (2016). Collaboration with Lore Writers & provided Creative Assets (Paintings, Sketches). Excitedly, Freema, Key_Of_Solomon. (2016). Nephilim - Lesser Dragonkin. Remeron (Writer). 2014-2016. Dragur (Daemon).
  6. An armored figure comes across the parchment full of strange scribblings, looking it over. She remained silent, placing it on some table before wandering off whilst writing in her journal.
  7. Whilst drinking heated tea from a cup whilst in the Celia'norian tavern, the armored figure minded her own business - scribing in her journal. She placed the mug down, taking a deep exhale. Upon the ringing of the bell, the book drops from her grasp as her hand began to quiver. Her body froze for just a quick moment, causing the nephilim to glance around her surroundings warily. She said nothing, picking up her fallen belongings before exiting briefly after.
  8. Yula lowers her blade in the midst of training, glancing back at the lonesome tower ontop the savanna hillside. She raises her brows for a brief moment, flashing a small grin before resuming her routine.
  9. Not knowing her creations were put to use that quickly, Wynne gathers all the parchment she could find to write a contract for those boarding the sand ships, claiming she is not responsible for any injury, loss of equipment or items, and potential lethal damage for attending the exhibition. After finishing the initial copy, she sends it to some smaller automaton to create further copies.
  10. A pool of black sludge rests in the mistlands' catacombs, a spectral vulture swooping in before dropping the missive into the gunk. It sinks in, delivering only silence in response.
  11. Auctions over, I'll be contacting the bidders shortly with a message through discord
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