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  1. when will you stop writing like shakespeare and spare my brain and eyes during rp
  2. https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/astral-sorcery
  3. Sure they are, and as I said before. Nothings stopping you from still roleplaying as a snow elf. You can still call yourselves snow elves roleplay-wise, and enjoy your culture.
  4. Nothings stopping you guys from rping fennic culture. From all I see, snow elves are just high elves but shorter and supposedly buffer. You can still roleplay being a snow elf.
  5. A veiled figure roams the roads, pausing as it looked over the parchment-covered board before spotting the peculiar missive. She then tears it down, uncaring if the papers around the note get damaged. She mutters to herself, before continuing down the path
  6. Hold the hammer tighter next time.
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