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  1. why is the forum search system so ****. Like i legit type in the exact name of a post and some random crapΒ pops up lol

    1. DrakeHaze.


      I think it mainly has to do with tags for posts or lack-there-of

  2. Nah. It's always been like this. And if you ask for a diff mod because you think it'd be more fair to have a mod that's not affiliated with either group it's considered 'mod shopping'
  3. I like how this post won't go anywhere because the oren mods are just gonna point and laugh at this post, and there doesn't seem to be any actual mod admin at the moment who could oversee this issue. I think generally mods shouldn't be affiliated with any nation, and instead they'd be a third-party on lotc, but that'd actually require tythus ltd to pay ppl which isn't happening by a longshot.
  4. best admin ever! Anyway, time to go to providence.
  5. the authoritarian regime advances.
  6. lol no. Why do people keep rewriting these ****, bland ass magics that don't even work on a medium like lotc also this spell states 'bruise or batter, or may be used to stagger and dissuade someone', however technically you could use this to easily spew out sharp objects to just 1 shot people like everyone did with the previous iteration, no? Overall, i just see it the same as the previous lore, but with actual 'abilities' added to it. Doesn't seem to fix anything, so it's a flat -1 from me. Have a good day.
  7. As much as i'd like to say ratatouille rp would be funny meme xD, i fear they'll just go down the road of wonks.
  8. if you legitimately think, that the ST will gack you for rping your CHARACTER believe that x works differently than the lore states, you're just dumb. Stop making up weird lt propaganda like they're some boogeymen of lotc who are here just to ruin fun for everyone. They're not.
  9. "About time someone took notice of this rat's transgressions- we will see how much the flock of women that oft surrounds him will assist him now" Jeffrey mused to himself, whilst reading the missive "Perhaps, there is a hope for Elvenesse" he murmured, shortly after
  10. Jeffrey, upon reading the just newly-born missive, was left perplexed! Having seen the duo in mention just recently in the capital of Haense- he noted their association. Folding the missive two times, before stuffing it in his pouch.
  11. "Nice!" Jeffrey muttered to himself, as he read the notice!
  12. No. Literally every single spell is still over-powered. You literally just gave more spells, and more redlines without fixing the main problem, which is how stupidly broken the magic is.
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