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  1. Malding Bakoldem stepped out of the shadows..... the colored ferryman cranking his crossbow as he readies for further onslaught- having heard news of the loss that the prior raid-parties had constantly suffered. Wrath filling his veins, for he did not know how to write, or read- all that he knew was the word 'Elvenesse' and battle. "De time of war is among us" he muttered, underneath his bandana-esque facemask, which bore the colors of the ferrymen.
  2. A ZEALOUS REQUEST III -- Greetings and salutations to all the lonely men, and women that may have encountered this outstanding ZEALOUS REQUEST. Yet worry not, for your days of loneliness and depression are over, for an individual known as Jack- a wayward paladin of Xan desires for a companion for the very first time in numerous years. Jack, having lived a long, and fulfilling life- has many talents, tricks, and wisdom to share with his soon-to-be beloved which could be YOU! Will you be his mistress? He is a lone man, having never felt the warm touch o
  3. I'm really glad to hear that you're doing way better now, and of your decision to finally leave LOTC for good. Rest easy, brotha- i'll cherish the times we did stuff together. Also. What's your most memorable group that you were apart of?
  4. "Bah... a war? It is a slaughter. Those wood-elven troglodytes can't even hold a sword proper- how are they to fend themselves?" Jeffrey thought out-loud, soon followed by a low cackle. Malding Bakoldem withdrew out from his cave- marching out to assist in the destruction of elvenesse!
  5. Outstanding performance by the community-team :). Also:
  6. Hello all LOTC'ers. We've a humble request. Our friend, Crumena Of Kamees, needs a wife. It has to be a female, and a high elf. He's both ST, and a mod, so it's buy one get one free for your pocket staff. Msg Remeron for further queries!

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    2. Treshure


      I gladly offer up my wife for this critical task.

    3. rukio



    4. Valaryon


      @HeeroSixth time's the charm!

  7. Pale blood magic has pretty insane effects on a person/ritual site if it comes to critical failure, other than that i do agree on that one. Love the piece overall, great work. PS. Good to see you dude. Hope you're doing okay. Holler if you ever wanna chat. Tyrone#7181
  8. when r the lt having oren revert to medieval :D?

    1. Nug


      muh powdered wig and guns

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      guys if Oren can have powdered wigs its high time we let the Dwarves create nuclear weaponry

  9. i like vortex

  10. i like the new forums :)

  11. what's this? Forums broken? Seems like the work of those macface hackers......

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      I think so too........

  12. macface hacker group strikes down lord of the craft singlehandedly 

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