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  1. Accepted! Await further contact from us
  2. "I'd love to see either of 'ye place a finger on Amhurst's walls" Albert Bjórk would chuckle
  3. ((Changed the name because I kept calling it Amhurst instead of Amherst cheers though))
  4. *A flyer sticks to a city wall* The Legion Of Amhurst The Great Fortress of Amhurst is recruiting fighting men! You will be provided with homes and food on joining, gear will also be provided to those who need it! Any Race is free to join! Come now join the Legion! Amhurst is a large fortress hidden away in the mountains, we hope to bring it back to its former glory as a working community once again. The Legion is a collection of fine military men hoping to work together to defend the land they own. They follow the code to which they are oathed by and which if they break death is certain. They fight as one not individually on the battle field using formations as a way of becoming an unbreakable force. The legions ambitions is to gain more land and hopefully be able to run a prosperous town near the fort. Religion The Legion worship the god Sythius of who they hope to one day join when they die in battle. Sythius is believed to bbe the creator, and all seeing father for the Legion. The Code is based off commandments that have been written on parchment in the past. Prisoners or Enslaved enemies can often be sacrificed to Sythius. When in battle Legion men shout "Vadr Vult!" meaning "All Father" as a battle cry. It is said this as a last word can help carry a man to Sythius and live forever with gone comrades. Ranks Officer Officers are the leaders of the Legion, they command the rest of the ranks except for Generals. They are the over-watch of the legion and must be skillful in the art of battle, with good communication, axe skill, bow skill and loyalty to the cause. Banner-man Banner-men are the more skillful men of the legion, they represent the legion by showing the banner. To become a banner-man you must show loyalty and skill in battle. Also taking on individual quests will higher your chances. Guardsman Guardsmen are the defenders of the legion, they make sure the fort is safe at all times and that no one that shouldn't be in the fort is in it. They are crucial in making sure the fort is not compromised and our people are safe. Foot Soldier Foot soldiers are the rock of the legion. They make up the most members of the legion and are well trained to fight in battle. Our Foot soldiers must follow the order of the superiors and stick to the code of the Legion. Unoathed Unoathed are people who are only just joining the legion and are not oathed to the code. You will be unoathed by secret letter from the Legion The Code Loyalty Loyalty is key to the legions success. You must stay loyal to your Officers, the legion and the General, if one is found unloyal or befriending enemies punishment is to be thrown from the ramparts. Integrity Integrity is what every soldier must show. You must be whole and undivided in every decision you make. You must stick by your comrades no matter what. Courage We expect this as a key part of every man in the legion. Whatever the price you must have courage. You must not fear anything, be it however strong. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Application Form [OOC] Footman App: IGN: Skype: RP Name: RP Race: Char Skills: Officer App: IGN: Skype: How Long Have You Played LOTC: RP name: RP Race: Char Skills: Char Qualities [Shy, outgoing, friendly, unfriendly ect.]: Short Char Biography:
  5. IC Name: Mateusz Sathian Age: 20 Race [Human/Elf]: Human Status of Blood (Nobility, Gentry, Commoner, etc.): Commoner Place of Residence: N/A Martial Knowledge (if any): Swordsmanship, Archery Skills: OOC MC Name: ze_claus Skype ID: Ze_claus
  6. The Black Creed | The Black Creed is a cult of mainly humans who worship the god Sythius. Brought into Vailor by "The Answered", The Creed worship and serve Sythius in the Dreadlands. The Black Creed believes certain races are unholy and are not part of Sythius's world. These races include: Wood Elves Dark Elves Kharajyr These races can be sacrificed to Sythius to keep the balance in the world. The Black Creed's Ranks: NewBlood NewBlood's are the new arrivals to the cult, the ones who have only just heard Sythius's call. Brother In Arms Brother In Arms is the status you receive once showing your loyalty to Sythius. Vanguard Vanguard is the status you receive after devoting your life to Sythius. The Answered The Answered are Sythius's most loyal servants. They have heard Sythius's call and Answered it. They will be the most blessed in the afterlife. (Applications accepted will be given a letter in-game explaining the next step) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Application IGN: RP Name: Character's Race: Characters Age: Skype: Why would you like to join?:
  7. OOC: Username: ze_claus Skype: Ze_claus IC: Name: Harvard Syther Race: Human Age: 26
  8. MC Name: ze_claus Race: Human Skype (PM if you’d like): Ze_claus (the north korean one) Do you have Teamspeak?Yes
  9. MC-Name:ze_claus RP-Name:Harvard Skype: (Pm if you desire) PM pls Profession: Farming Have you teamspeak?: (It's not optional.) I do Time-zone: GMT Do you agree to our PK Agreement stated below?: I do
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