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  1. The message is written on a drab parchment and nailed to a wall. THE FOUNDATION OF THE ORENIAN REACTIONARY PARTY In light of the many scandalous social reforms of past years, diluting, vitiating, and altogether weakening the political, economic, cultural and martial status of Man within both Axios and Arcas, a new political organization has been formed. We call ourselves the Orenian Reactionary Party, and we will advocate and take action towards a return to the days of stability, prosperity, and dignity within the boundaries of the Empire. We shall vehemently support the Emperor and Church in all endeavors to this end, and seek punishment for unholy social transgressions, including but not limited to harlotry, public indecency, blasphemy (either towards the Church or the Emperor), and heresy. To join, send a letter to our office at Number 5 Siegmund Square in Helena, or to Chairman Rhys d’Angwyn. ((Discord: Daveb#0616, username saverssqaud))
  2. ((OOC)) MC Name : Lyrolin Do you have Teamspeak?/Are you willing to download it? : Yeah, but in my current situation I can't really use a mic, nor do I have one. Timezone : CT Do you have a Skype? If yes type it down or PM it to me: U know it dawg (xradeiiix) ((RP)) Name : Max Drake Age: 26 Gender: Male Race: Heartlander Why do you wish to serve the Eternal Mubarizun?: Because Kaia told me to. Do you abide by the Rightly Guided Faith[Al’iiman Rashidun]? If not, which faith do you follow? : Yes, although I follow no fairh strongly, but I will die for it if needed. Please tell us a bit of your background ((A short paragraph )) : I was born in Felsen, hated it. Lived in the grove for a while. That was fun, until everyone went crazy. Then I ran across Vailor for a few years. Then I moved back to Felsen and studied stuff there. Then I moved here, but we had to go to Axios.
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  4. Beautiful. The best part is this could be interpreted as either a shitpost or not a shitpost.
  5. I was thinking more along the lines of a friendly, playable race. Similar to the game UnReal world, if you have ever heard of it or played it.
  6. Ideally they would be a seperate race. Perhaps descended from the ancient elven race?
  7. Thanks, and seeing as I'm not a very good writer or lore creator, it would be very nice to have some help! Not to say that I would leave it all to you, of course.
  8. I can't seem to fix that spacing, believe me, I tried.
  9. Disclaimer: This idea is extremely experimental and not even really lore. I am open to any criticism or further ideas, and would love to hear your thoughts on my idea. Now. Onto the idea. My plan is for the race to be an ancient, humanoid, indigenous race in Axios. They lead simple lives as hunter-gatherers, but aren't unintelligent, and may not speak common at first, but may eventually. They live on the island of Ceru, hunting the native animals, setting up different clans and harvesting plants (in the Summer.) They have one chieftain, or Goman, and a seer, the Sinum. The duties of the chieftain include leading hunts, planning expansion or relocation of camp, and appointing the next chieftain. They may appoint soldiers, or Iru. The duties of the seer are healing injured tribesmen, foreseeing significant events, (Don't know if this should be real or fake magic, I'll wait until you guys give me your input.) and being a religious leader. Additionally, the Sinum must choose and train an apprentice during their span of seer-hood. (?) There will be 4 clans; the wandering Kaji, the hunting Kini, the peaceful farming clan Kepi, and the pillaging Kojo. Kaji- The Kaji clan wanders across the wilds of Ceru, setting up and leaving camp as they go. Many die during winter, but it is argued that this lets only the strong survive. . . Kini- The Kini clan have a permanent camp, but send out many hunters in spring and summer, and have mastered the arts of cooking and preserving meat cuts. They have trained and bred the local wolves to hunt alongside them. Kepi- The Kepi clan are farmers and traders, trading with all other clans with the exception of the Kojo. They farm during the summers and spring, and hunt for a small portion of their food. Kojo- The Kojo are raiders, pillaging and never making anything of their own. Their women have no rights except to breed more soldiers, and they are feared by all other clans, although the Kini pay tribute to be protected from raids. Again, I would love to see your feedback, thoughts, and criticisms, so please reply if you have any. Also, I used comic sans MS on purpose.
  10. I think this is a well done and well thought out idea. I would love to see this introduced. Also, maybe they came from something similar to Valinor in LOTR?
  11. I recently got a microscope built by a tinkerer in Skyfall. (As well as some specimen trays.) Anyways, I decided to try breeding mold and fungi, BC why not? I've been devoting a lot of RP to studying the mold, as the fungi was boring and no cross-breeding either. I took RP notes, named the specimens, nearly lost a pinky finger, and I just wanted this to be recognized and for people to see this. I will edit this and post more later, but here we go. Godem looked carefully at man before him, who claimed to have recieved the microscope from Bjael. "Okay then, thanks for passing it on to me." Godem carried the microscope to the alchemy tower, where he took the rotten food and extracted the first sample: a simple, common yellow mould. He searched for a different color specimen, and quickly found a blue mold. He extracted this one as well, and placed it in the dish with the yellow mold. They intermingled for a few moments, and soon began converging on the borderline between the 2 colors. The molds stayed like this for a few generations. (A generation is roughly 25 OOC seconds, depending on the lifespan of the specimen.) Godem noticed that the specimens were breeding into a pale blue color, which quickly devoured the organic matter of the inferior generations. Godem noticed how vicious this mold was, but was it considered carnivorous? He went to the Scholar's Rest and grabbed some pork, which he dropped a sample of into the dish. It was covered by the creatures rather quickly, but he seemed to notice this generation slowly dying out. He curiously added some water to the dish, and the specimens flourished. But now, he was speculating on how to further breed an already aggressive specimen. He took a break from this and was surprised to meet his old alchemy teacher, Lentos, in Sanctuary. They talked, and Godem had some books to return, so Godem led him to Skyfall. Alas, it was time for Lentos to leave, but Godem knew where to find him. (Classified.) At the site, there was a huge crater and a pale blue powder in the air. Godem was surprised to find a man, Lyu, in the crater, putting out fire. They chatted, scavenged what they could for a new lab, and departed. However, Godem had contracted Thamium sickness from the blue powder in the air, and had a cough. He returned to Skyfall, where he tried to cough into the dish with a newer specimen, that follow patterns of others. For instance, a drop of blood in the dish would cause the specimen to suddenly require oxygen, and it would take the shape of a blood cell. Anyhow, he coughed in the dish, and didn't notice any difference. Didn't /notice./ (I need a CT to further continue this. It's as far as I've gotten. I got healed BTW.) Update: I established some basic rules about mold and fungi. Here they are: Molds breed through spores. Therefore, to breed two molds exclusively, one must have them both in a covered, air-sealed container. When two molds breed, the physically dominant mold will have dominant genes, such as behavior and diet. Color is decided by the colors of the parents. If a mold is separated, and the two sides are kept apart for several generations, even if the environment stays the same, they will adapt differently.
  12. Well, I have a secondary character who is an alchemist, and I just want to play.
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