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  1. The queen-dowager was sitting in her study, penning a letter to her brother about her state of life since her release, when she felt that odd feeling of tightness in her chest. She had been experiencing it since the kidnapping months earlier, but had merely waved it off as a result of stress or trauma. However, a bolt of pain shot through her and she stood upright. Her chair slid back and toppled over, Lisette bringing a hand to her chest. With a coat of sweat now forming on her brow, she rushed from the room and down the stairs. As she arrived in the throne room, her vision was blurred and her breath rigid. She saw her daughter-in-law and niece conversing, gave them a small plea for help, and fell to the floor. In her fever-like dream, she saw herself as a little girl, living in the barony of Virdain with her grandfather. Her lord-father, Lystor, placed the tiny girl upon his shoulders, running about their neat little garden as his daughter giggled with glee. She then saw her long-dead husband, Tobias, and their wedding day. He looked so handsome, tall with blue eyes and thick black hair, and she in her white-silk and bouquet of wildflowers. She saw her children when they were younger, all in the nursery at play. And finally, she saw herself. Older, but still comely, with long dark hair and gold-brown eyes. She had changed in her forty-one years of life, in more than just outward appearance, and a feeling of bliss washed over her. She opened her eyes long enough to see Marie, blessing her and bidding her support her son in these times. Her daughter, Sophia, rushed in as Lisette drew her last breaths, and squeezed her mother's hand. "Don't go! Don't leave me, Mother!" Lisette merely gave her a reassuring smile and prayed for her and Elizabeth, before allowing her head to fall back. She saw her dear Tobias, extending his hand to her. She blinked a few tears as her final breath was drawn, her soul extending it's own hand to join with her true love once more. The queen-dowager was dead.
  2. The young Victoria Maria giggles, "I'm freeeeee!" She'd run to Heial, to tell him the news.
  3. The queen-dowager sat in the cramped cell, her head leaned back against the iron walls as she watched her daughter-in-law, Marie, sleep. The day's stress had outdone the happiness that was Marie's coronation, and the pair were exhausted in their current state. Lisette looked about, over the vast expanse that stretched out below them. She frowned slightly, wondering how many prisoners had this same view. The cage rocked gently in the night breeze, a chill sent through the iron bars. Lisette drifted off to sleep, and her dreams were a stormy ocean of memories. She saw the day she met her husband, Tobias, when he was young and new to war. The day their twins were born, and their own coronation day. She say her daughters playing together in the royal gardens, her son Arthur at his first sword-fighting lesson. But suddenly, the scenes all turned to black, and the aged queen stood alone in the darkness. Before her stood her dead husband, her Tobias. "My love...you've come to rescue me." He'd shake his head, smiling sadly. "I am only here to give you comfort, my dearest. You know I am long since passed from this world." Lisette would try and run to him, but her legs were heavy and weighted. She'd tumble to the ground, watching with tear-filled eyes as her husband vanished. She'd awake with a start, as the cage was jolted. The dung stains upon her dress and arms had raised an unearthly scent, and hints of the flour they had been doused in still collected in the corners of their cage. The queen-dowager could only mutter a silent prayer, for the life of her children and her daughter-in-law, as she sent a longing, solemn gaze back towards the horizon. The sun was rising, a new day in captivity. "Save us, Tobias...Save us both..."
  4. He gave it to me everyday <(o^o)> +1
  5. I help this man with his family tree, and in turn he helps me with information to include on my wiki pages. A person so dedicated to the history of the server should be a GM, in my mind. +1
  6. Could I ask for #4 then?
  7. I plan to use it for either my human or my elf to use as her personal crest.
  8. I'd love to snag Sigil #9 for a future character I plan to play!
  9. Queen Lisette Staunton would smile as she read her daughter's letter privately, "My dear Sophie was wise to publish this," She'd say to her handmaiden, "She will hear from both sides in response, be it good or bad. But, I think such responses will make her wiser still."
  10. [!] A letter would be sent to the tower of the Ascended, sealed by a single, green ribbon. To the Holy League, I thank you with all my heart for the service you have done me this day, in saving my darling daughter from the brink of death. To rescue the life of my child has earned you a special place in my heart, and I am forever grateful. If you're ever in need of anything from House Staunton, you need only ask. The Princess Royal and I are forever in your debt, and the members of the Holy League are welcome in the Palace anytime! To Selina and Gray in particular, I offer my personal thanks & gratitude. Creator Guide You, Her Royal Majesty, Lisette Henriette Staunton, Queen-Dowager of Courland (( @JCQuiinn and the Clerical Order))
  11. "Right?!" Anna Sophia would sigh, shaking her head.
  12. if he cant take the heat hes gotta leave the kitchen


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  13. Queen Lisette Staunton would laugh aloud as she read the declaration to her ladies, tossing it to the hearth and continuing her embroidery, "All these men forget who has been winning these past wars...such a shame, that their memory is so poor."
  14. I support this.