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  1. Anna would smile from within her new chambers. “Steel in war, was it? Clearly not sharp of wit!”
  2. Queen Anna Horen cackles at the peasant-blooded Pertinaxi and their utter stupidity.
  3. Emma Kovachev, the elderly Duchess of Carnatia, spits.
  4. VOTE ISIDORA BASRID FOR MAYOR OF HELENA! Citizens of Helena! It is my honor and privilege to announce that I, Isidora Mariyah Basrid, do submit my bid for Mayor of Helena! Having spent several years now within the walls of our city, I have come to find it as a home to replace the one I had lost as a child. With my efforts focused mainly on the Imperial court as Lady Majordomo, I have always desired to grow closer with the citizenry of Helena, to learn the ways of it’s people and the daily functioning of the city itself. My appointment as Interim-Mayor has given me that opportunity, to dip my toes into what I hope to be a long future of service to the people of this city! As mayor, I have many intentions and plans for my work, things that will hopefully last the longevity of my term and beyond. A few examples of my ideas would be: - A cleaner city! Our streets are cluttered with signage and trash, our roads dirt instead of pavement. I intend to beautify the current structures and public areas of Helena, despite the impending city remodel. The people of the capital deserve to be met with beauty, instead of hazardous disrepair! - A flourishing home for the merchant class! Be it you desire to own your own shop or simply manage a stall for you wares, Helena will strive to be more welcoming to any who seek to make coin through trade and barter! - A more involved government! I will make it my mission to interact personally with the citizens of our city, to build a connection and friendship with them. In turn, I will ensure that others within the city’s administration pursue public relations as well, including allowing public viewership of guard training and open attendance of court trials. - A dynamic capital! Special events and occasions will be held within Helena, with special organizations to be formed to ensure that no citizen grows bored when residing within the walls of our grand city! - A competent and superior city guard! Under the direction of a new captain of the Imperial Constabulary, the citizenry of Helena will not fear the rogue bandit or violent noble. It is my goal to keep capable men of the city employed, swelling our numbers and ensuring a strengthened military presence! Put your faith in me, citizens of Helena, and I will not fail you, on my sacred honor as a Basrid! St. Tobias grant you splendor! GOD bless His Imperial Majesty, Alexander II!
  5. ⚜️ THE FAIRE OF TOBIAS’ BOUNTY ⚜️ - 1730 - Issued and Scheduled by the Office of The High Chamberlain COME ONE AND COME ALL, TO ATTEND THE GREAT FAIRE GIVEN BY HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY! It is with great pleasure that we announce the first public event hosted and planned by His Imperial Majesty’s Council, to be known as the Faire of Tobias’ Bounty! This exciting and exuberant affair shall hold the attention and excitement of all in attendance, a festival unrivaled and to be recalled by many for years to come! The events planned for this faire day include: ⚜️The Imperial Boating Tournament⚜️ This exciting thrill is sure to leave you with wet toes and lifted spirits, a lively race around the waters surrounding the capital city of Helena! The top three winners shall be given specially-made awards for their skill in navigating the waterways, with the champion receiving the honorary moniker of ‘Master of the Oar’! ⚜️Lady Lucille’s Pie Eating Contest⚜️ Hosted by the lovely Lady Lucille de Falstaff, this will be a competition to determine who is the holder of the Empire’s most bottomless stomach! Several pies of various delicious and delectable flavors shall be presented to the contestants to devour until they make themselves sick! The mina shall be afford a trophy, with any other contestants welcome to refreshment and guaranteed-recovery within our city tavern! ⚜️The Farmer’s Market⚜️ A grand market, open to any and all vendors who desire to sell their sweet and savory wares! Goods like honey, jam, sweetbreads, and more are welcomed and expected to what is hoped to be a spectacular feast for the masses! Please contact any steward in regards to potential stall availability! ⚜️The Emperor’s Jig⚜️ A festival of this magnitude is not complete without a place to dance and be merry! Enjoy our grandiose dance floor with a loved one or spouse! ⚜️The King & Queen of Tobias’ Bounty⚜️ To conclude the day’s festivities, a final contest shall be held to determine the two who show the most merriment during the faire, exuding the very essence of Tobias’ Bounty and the joy it brings. The pair shall be rewarded, individually, with handmade flower laurels and made to give a final waltz before the faire is set to end! The Imperial Nauzica will be enforcing this event, so please refrain from any tomfoolery or acts of violence. Any disturbances will have you removed from the event! MAY GOD BLESS HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, ALEXANDER II!
  6. Josephine Marna would swell with pride, hoping to live up to her Grandpappy’s expectations!
  7. GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE GOLDEN CITY OF VES 11th of Tobias’ Bounty, 1727 Written and Published by Lady Josephine Marna, Commissioner of Ves Petitioner Wybert Murcaster petitions the Lord Mayor with a law proposal, permitting any citizen to call upon the guards, in the case of an evidenced crime, to apprehend the individual and have them brought before the court. Mayor Odus saw this as merely an issue that could be resolved outside of the court, though promised to bring the alleged Geidmeister culprit, along with the subject of their vassalage within the kingdom, to the attention of His Majesty, King Adrian. Petitioner Augustus Falkenhayn petitions the Lord Mayor with proposal that all Hou’zi citizens of the Golden City of Ves be made to eat at least one banana per day and wear a form of identification. Mayor Odus assented and affirmed that he would bring the matter before His Majesty, King Adrian. Petitioner Ser Jayce Lancefeld petitions the Lord Mayor with the proposal of an extensive project intended to restore the Vesnian countryside, equipping it with structures like ranches, farms, and hovels. Mayor Odus assented and affirmed that he would bring the matter before His Majesty, King Adrian. Commissioner Josephine Marna also offered her support for the petition, as the requested ideas were within her area of work Petitioner Lewis de Lorraine petitions the Lord Mayor regarding the kingdom’s roads and the concern of banditry within our borders. This proposal was followed by the suggestion that enslavement of these bandits be allowed within the Kingdom of Kaedrin as punishment for their crimes. Mayor Odus assented and affirmed that he would bring the matter before His Majesty, King Adrian. Petitioner Richard de Reden, Governor General of Kaedrin, petitions the Lord Mayor with the proposal of a wall, to be constructed and built around all crop fields to prevent both the rise of further banditry and the prevention of any killings that might occur if the fields were left unguarded. Mayor Odus assented and affirmed that he would bring the matter before His Majesty, King Adrian. Petitioner Xinyang petitions the Lord Mayor with the proposal that, instead of punishing convicted bandits, the city officials and guard force should instead conduct a program, reforming the criminals in the hopes they might become proper citizens. Mayor Odus assented and affirmed that he would bring the matter before His Majesty, King Adrian. Petitioner Wybert Murcaster brings forth a question to the Lord Mayor, regarding the post of underclerk and whether or not it was an indefinite position. He proposes that the position of underclerk be elected by the citizenry. Mayor Odus assented and affirmed that he would bring the matter before His Majesty, King Adrian. With the final petition concluded, Lord Maer Odus would adjourn the assembly! LONG LIVE HIS MAJESTY, ADRIAN I!
  8. Isidora Basrid would pray for her uncle’s swift return, beginning the preparations for the courtly progress. Josephine of Marna would be eager to finally meet her cousin, during his visit to Ves.
  9. Josephine Marna would read over the summons, visibly shaken. She had not seen her brother since she was a babe, and she had thought him dead after their father’s war. She would be restless that same night, disturbed and solemn.
  10. Nienna Valimar, a newly-appointed steward within the Silver City, would nod ”It pleases me so, to see the mali’aheral at their finest.”
  11. THE IMPERIAL COURT INITIATIVE: LADIES AND PAGES 1726 Issued and Confirmed by the Office of the High Chamberlain The second addition to the Imperial Court Initiative, as decided by the High Chamberlain, will be the introduction of a proper system by which the youth of our glorious Empire might be properly educated and given experience to flourish in their eventual adulthood. This education will come in the form of two positions: Lady In Waiting and Page. The Lady in Waiting will serve as a companion and assistant to a lady of the court, generally a woman above the individual’s own station. The tasks of a lady in waiting will include accompanying their lady on outings, keeping her company, preparing her attire, sending letters, and anything else required of them to ensure the noblewoman’s day goes as smoothly as possible. Through these tasks and assignments, it is expected that any young lady chosen to serve will gain useful skills and garner the respect of many, preparing them for their own life as a noblewoman within the Empire. The Page will serve as an assistant and ward of a lord of the court, generally to a man whom is considered of import and able to provide the young page with a useful education. The tasks of a page will include taking notes during important meetings for their assigned lord, preparing the lord’s armor, carrying messages and missives, and overall tending to the well-being of his assigned lord. These tasks are meant to teach the page both character and diligence, preparing him for life as a lord and courtier. It is requested that any interested noble families across the Imperium consider submitting a son or daughter for these positions, as it is also intended to create a stronger bond among future generations of nobility. These children will be assigned to nobles residing within the court of His Imperial Majesty, these assignments being permanent until the child reaches the age of sixteen years. The requirements for eligibility are: - Must be considered nobility within the Holy Orenian Empire - Must be eight years of age at minimum - Must be fourteen years of age at maximum - Must be capable of basic reading and writing LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR! Signed, His Excellency, Simon Basrid, High Chamberlain Her Ladyship, Isidora Basrid, Lady Majordomo Her Ladyship, Lucille de Falstaff
  12. Josephine would groan, knowing she had to find a suitable dress to wear and also send word of her cousin Helton back to her aunt so she'd stop pestering her!
  13. [!] A series of letters are sent, in reply to the applications submitted. “Thank you very much for your diligence in replying to this initiative. Please come to the Imperial Palace at your earliest convenience for your evaluation and room assignment. GOD bless Emperor Alexander II!” - Isidora Basrid, Lady Majordomo
  14. THE IMPERIAL COURT INITIATIVE: INTRODUCTION 1726 Issued and Confirmed by the Office of the High Chamberlain With the dawning of a new age upon the Holy Orenian Empire, under the guidance of His Imperial Majesty Alexander II, it seems only fitting that a refreshed courtier system be established and maintained, to aid in bringing renewed sense of nobility and stability to the very heart of our glorious imperium. Under the direction of the High Chamberlain, Simon Basrid, we announce the commencement of our first great project: The Imperial Court Initiative. This initiative will be, firstly, an extensive overhaul and re-evaluation of Imperial court life and how it functions. A variety of topics are intended to be discussed and included within this initiative, with new ideas and systems being implemented to ensure a strengthened structure. Due to the magnitude of this project, more extensive descriptions of our plans shall be given and published as they’re being worked on. At this time, it is requested by the High Chamberlain and his advisers that a formal list and account be compiled, comprised of individuals who either reside at court already or desire to reside in the court of His Imperial Majesty and aid in his palatial service. Specific details of one’s personage will be requested and a formal evaluation will be scheduled to ensure both the eligibility and commitment of the individual in question. Upon approval, housing within the palace and potential positions, based on merit, will be discussed and provided. Also it is to be noted that, if you claim to be of noble descent, proof of nobility in any form is required and must be verified to ensure proper evaluation. Submitting your personage to this compiled list means you choose to both reside within and attend His Imperial Majesty’s court. Failure to do so within a certain period of time will result in a re-evaluation and potential penalties. LONG LIVE THE EMPEROR! Signed, His Excellency, Simon Basrid, High Chamberlain Her Ladyship, Isidora Basrid, Lady Majordomo Her Ladyship, Lucille de Falstaff
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