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  1. Anna Maria would smile. “And so Provins proves to be truly blessed, by both my family and by GOD, proving to be the undoing of these pests! May they understand now, to fear the white dragon of Pruvia and the united forces of our empire.”
  2. ⚜️ The Pruvian Union ⚜️ The Wedding of Anna Maria Pruvia and Cyrus Basrid - 1752 - It is with great excitement and pride that houses of Pruvia and Basrid announce a union of the momentous sort. Duchess Anna Maria Pruvia, daughter of John-Henry Pruvia, Prince of Pruvia and Margarita Marna, Baroness of Rafal is hereby by betrothed and due to marry the honorable Senator Cyrus Basrid, son of Prince Nafis III of Ba’as. A marital agreement built upon the ideas of trust and companionship alongside the decision for matrilineal-based progeny, this union is approved and welcomed by both families. An invitation is sent out to all within the Holy Orenian Empire, so that all may share in the bonds of marriage and merriment that shall be had. The main ceremony shall be held within the Basilica of the Final Revelation, nestled in the eastern district of our imperial capital, Helena. The union shall be officiated by His Holiness, Pontian III. All members of the houses of Pruvia and Basrid shall hold pride of place during the ceremony, alongside the Imperial house of Helane and the various ruling houses of our Imperium. Afterward, the couple invites all in attendance to the ceremonial opening of Provins, the lands gifted to the House of Pruvia by our gracious Emperor, Peter III. The chateau, known as Marble Hall, will open it’s doors for the first time since it’s change of governance. All may share in the congratulatory feast and court that will last well into the night, the evening ending with each guest being provided a lemon sapling, to plant as a gift to the wedded pair. This orchard will eventually provide one of Provin’s main exports, alongside the restoration of it’s historical vineyards. Signed, Her Grace, Anna Maria Pruvia, Duchess of Ostland & Minister of Culture The Honorable, Cyrus Basrid, Senator of Helena
  3. The collective ancestors of House Marbrand puzzle at their apparently-surviving relative.
  4. JoelTheGinger

    Safety Team

    Okay, cool, but does this mean we will have to put up with staff handling these reports poorly, like they did previously? We’re moving into a new decade, so I hope that brings along some kind of new strategy, if not directly managed by a team. To be honest, every time I see one of the top Admins make some sort of remark about this situation, it just seems so off-handed, like they can’t be bothered too much. It has continued to bother me.
  5. Anna Maria Pruvia, Duchess of Ostland and the Minister of Culture, unequivocally and without hesitation publicly swears that she will preserve, and see to it that those subject to her power, shall observe all laws ecclesiastical published against the wickedness of heresy.
  6. Anna Maria would turn to her betrothed, Cyrus Basrid, upon hearing of the petition in the afternoon’s court gathering. “Unless they somehow acquire for themselves a kingdom, having their own standing army or soldiers is an absurd request. The promotion of unity is hindered if every man and leader can begin requesting to hold their own armies, and not merely provide to the Imperial State Army, as everyone else does.
  7. The Duchess of Ostland would sulk in her temporary penthouse suite in Helena, having departed the merriment early on.
  8. Helena would sit within her tower chamber, looking out over New Reza as the latter half of the winter years passed through the region. She’d read over the school initiative, which had been given to her earlier that day. (mcname: JoelTheGinger)) ((discord: JoelTheGinger#6175)) Name: Helena Vientos Age: 21 Relevant experience: “With years of intense study and knowledge in history, mathematics, flora, fauna, and voidal magic, I would like to continue expanding my mental compendium of information. I have yet to delve into astrology and astronomy, so I am most intrigued!”
  9. Anna Maria renovates the lands of Provins in the absence of the former Baron of Provins, wondering who might attend this council in his place.
  10. Anna Maria prays that someday she can make such a list of merit!
  11. 💠The Bejeweled Promenade 💠 - 1750 - [!] A depiction of the ladies of Oren, 1750 💠 This luminous evening, hosted within the palace of the Novellen, was one to be remembered for years to come. A night to honor the true jewels of our Holy Orenian Empire, the young maidens in all their youth and splendor. The candles were set alight, the grandiose meal was spread about on tables, and the great marble dais stood proud as those in attendance flooded into the hall. Introduced by the Minister of Cultue, the Princess Imperial Anne Augusta welcomed those who had come to set eyes upon her in her newly-acquired age of majority, herself dress as the true Ruby of Helena. With the support of her chosen Maids of Honor, the Queen Maya Barbanov of Hanseti-Ruska and the Duchess Anna Maria Pruvia of Ostland, the Heiress Presumptive was the brightest jewel in the hall, a worthy heir to her father, Emperor Peter III. The festivities were commenced, the ladies finding a accompanying gentlemen to join upon the ballroom floor. Glittering silks and velvet skirts flashed about the room, spinning and swaying in all directions. As the band played onward into the night, all who could witness this merriment were assured of one thing: The Holy Orenian Empire was very much alive, as a united entity and bound by Imperial spirit! 💠 GOD BLESS HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY, PETER III! GOD BLESS HER IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, ANNE AUGUSTA! GOD BLESS THE HOLY ORENIAN EMPIRE, THE JEWEL OF HUMANITY!
  12. Vyleria, from her bench in Sutica, would ponder whether it was time to finally delve into her disconnected roots.
  13. Helena, Court Mage of Hanseti-Ruska, vows to find this fiendish magician and bring him to justice!
  14. Anna Maria would read the words of her wise mentor, mindful of his every line.
  15. This is it. This about sums it up for me. @JuliusAakerlund shoulda made me queen of haense, that’s all. But I was just too much of a ‘mediocre friend’.
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