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  1. JoelTheGinger

    Dael'Ran Disguise Dissolution

    Victoria Vientos would look visibly confused. “I thought he had perished and was immortalized as a tree...”
  2. JoelTheGinger

    A Profound Feeling

    [!] A portrait of Rickard Vientos, Princess Victoria Vientos, and their infant son Tristan | Circa 1711 Motherhood had always been tricky for Victoria Vientos, her lack of parents at such a young age crippling her ideas of an ideal family life. Six children she had brought into the world so far in her lifetime, with only two to still be living alongside her. Her newest progeny, aptly named Tristan Arthur, looked as his older sister had. He and Alastrine had shared the same white locks, fine and thick, and matched in eye color with a shade that rivaled even the finest aquamarine crystal. He was healthy, with unblemished skin and a sharp jaw like his father. Her newest pride and joy, her only living son. She pondered on the feeling her father must have felt, the day he had lifted her up from exile and deemed her fit to be his daughter. How proud he had looked on that day, the Master Sage Delaselva, as he hugged her tightly and asked that she call him ‘Father’. As she watched her son sleeping soundly in his bassinet, she wondered if he had done the same when she had slept in the library as a child, having spent the entire evening examining the yellowed pages of a history tome. The thoughts of the Princess wandered to her daughter, Alastrine, and to that of the grandchild she had left behind when her ship sank after an unruly storm. Had her daughter cried out for her mother, despite their weak relationship? Had any of her children, with most of them having deemed to live away from her, ever think of their mother when they grew old and grey? She supposed she would never know. She sat down beside her newborn, pearlescent eyes trained on his tiny face, his miniature hands curled about the hem of the blanket that kept him warm and safe. How much she had achieved in the last saint’s year, the restoration of her family’s title and the birth of a son. The reassembly of her Order and the feeling of finally being able to settle down with her husband, Rickard. How far she had come, how much she had managed to get back. How much she still desired to do, inspired by the miracle of a new life.
  3. The Princess of Ostwick would sign the charter with careful calligraphy.
  4. JoelTheGinger

    Chronici Sapaudia: The Chronicle of Savoy, 1483-1568

    Jeanne de Valois quickly sends for a copy to be made of the book’s transcript, a gift to her son Conrad for a study on his family history.
  5. JoelTheGinger

    The Marian Fair of 1711

    🏵️ The Marian Fair 🏵️ < 1711 > To the citizens of Hanseti-Ruska, we invite you to the grandest merriment in our recent history, the Marian Fair of 1711. All denizens of the Imperium are invited to share in the revelry, to enjoy all of the things that we have planned for your entertainment and pleasure! The Royal Tourney 🐎 The main event of this festival will be a test of skill and precision, a tourney to be viewed by all those in attendance. The highest noble to the lowest farmer may compete for the grand prize, a specially-designed trophy along with the honorary title of ‘Master of the Joust’. It is also encouraged, to add to the excitement of the event, that any competitors should consider wearing the favor of a spouse, betrothed, or any other person of their fancy, which will result in the winner being allowed to crown a chosen individual as the the honorary ‘Jewel of Marian’s Fair’. The Trading Stalls 💰 During the fair, stalls for the selling & trading of wares will be available. The stewards of Haense will aid in the establishment of any shop that is desired by interested merchants or entrepreneurs. The Play 📖 To conclude the festivities, a grand performance will be given by Eleyas Songbird, entitled ‘The Songbirds’. A renowned artist in his field, Mister Songbird promises a fantastic play filled with both a detailed account of actual history along with the excitement of his writing abilities. Accompanying this fine show will be a grand dinner, prepared by our experience royal chefs. We intend for you to depart our fair both happy and full with delicious delicacies! [!] Two registration forms would accompany this announcment. Joust Registration Stall Registration
  6. JoelTheGinger

    Skins, Coat of Arms and Art! Commission us now!

    From far across the the lands of Arcas, Victoria Vientos would plan to send word to the Alimar Arts and Attire Store. Princess Anastasya Barbanov would ready her personal savings, intending to finally get herself some new courtly garb!
  7. JoelTheGinger

    The Sacred Union of Matrimony

    Anastasya would grin, proud of her little sister and twin for settling down with the man who had seemingly stolen her heart.
  8. The Royal Court of Hanseti and Ruska Reformed and Published by the Office of the Palatine-Aspirant Translated to Common | 10th of Horen’s Calling, 1709 Preamble The royal court kept by the royal House of Barbanov has, for too long, been kept unruly and unreformed. Many different roles, rules, and regulations have been implemented without proper upkeep or direction. With this succession of publications being published by our office, we desire to create a permanent fixture and system that will improve the functioning of the royal family and the Palace, reorder and organize the kingdom’s nobility, and aid the King in the overall ruling of his kingdom. Order of Authority The order of authority within the royal family and the royal court is of the highest importance, informing nobles, courtiers, and citizens of who they should look to in times of need or great decision-making. The order would be as follows: His Majesty, the King of Hanseti and Ruska Her Majesty, the Queen-Consort of Hanseti and Ruska The Lord Palatine of the Realm His Royal Highness, the Grand Prince of Kusoraev (if applicable) The Palatine-Aspirant of the Realm The Lord Seneschal of the Realm The Lord Chamberlain Any further royal members of House Barbanov or it’s cadet branches This list of royalty and council members only applies to those within the Palace, not applying to the city as a whole. Please speak to the Lord Palatine in regards to persons of authority within the city walls of Reza. The Royal Family With the recent dawning of a new century, a focus on detail and history is highly sought after when conducting these reforms. Some decisions included upon this list are ancient traditions that have been upheld for many years, whilst others are new to reflect a more-modern age. This list shall exclude the ruling monarch, considering that the monarch’s rights, liberties, and details of their reign are heavily detailed and outlined in other documents. The Queen-Consort of Haense Holding a much stronger value in the last two hundred years of our kingdom’s history, the Queen-Consort has come to be a role of great prestige and importance. Besides being the individual to provide the kingdom with an heir and spare, the Queen is often the one to set an example for the rest of the royal family to follow and become one of it’s most well-regarded faces in the eyes of the world. Due to this importance, we have deemed it fit to allow any current and future Queen-Consorts to employ a Secretary, to assist them in a number of different activities. This person should be able to aid the monarch’s wife in planning palace events, producing documents, attend to charity, in addition to caring for the royal children and managing their proper education. The choice of person with whom the position will be filled is at the personal discretion of the Queen-Consort. The Grand Prince of Kusoraev and Other Princes The Grand Prince of Kusoraev is, as is tradition, the eldest son of the ruling monarch and the heir to the throne of Hanseti and Ruska. He is afforded this title upon his birth, maintaining it until his own ascension or death. Should the Grand Prince himself produce a male heir of his own before the death of his father, the son of the Grand Prince would be afforded the title of Prince of Reza, to set him apart from his father and any younger male siblings. Any sons born after the Grand Prince will be afforded titular dukedoms at the discretion of the monarch. A dukedom title that is held by a living Prince cannot be bestowed to another Prince until the previous holder has died. The sons and daughters of any Princely dukes will be known as Lords and Ladies, with only the eldest son’s offspring being allowed to carry princely titles as direct royal heirs. The Princess Royal of Hanseti and Ruska and Other Eldest Daughters With this being the newest addition to the royal court system, the title of Princess Royal is a special moniker that can be bestowed upon the eldest daughter of a King per generation. It is customary that the title be named for the city in which the Princess was born, not for the kingdom as to avoid confusion. The eldest daughters of non-monarchs cannot be afforded this title, and the Princess Royal cannot bestow this title onto any future daughters she might beget off of her husband. Dowagers and Widowers The widow of a King or royal Prince is a role of great grief, but also one that carries great respect. A dowager-Queen of Hanseti and Ruska is afforded all the same rights as a ruling Consort, excluding the right to her own secretary, and ranks just after an active Queen-Consort in terms of authority within the Palace. The widow of any Princely duke or Princess, whilst not commanding the same respect as a monarch’s widow and dowager, will still be considered a member of the King’s extended family and will flourish upon the success of his or her children with their Barbanov-blooded spouse.
  9. JoelTheGinger

    The Aspirant's Report 1708

    The Aspirant’s Report From the Office of the Lady Palatine-Aspirant of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska Written by Princess Anastasya Barbanov 4th of Sun’s Smile Va Birodeo Herzenav e Edlervik, Following in the stride of our Lord Palatine, Duke Konstantin var Ruthern, I desire to share with the kingdom my current desires and goals as Palatine-Aspirant of the Realm. Before I begin, I would like to thank any and all who have shown House Barbanov such respect and given us strength in the time since the passing of both King Robert and Queen Elizaveta. Without the outpouring of love expressed for the truly-great monarch my father was, I feel his passing would have been made much harder to bear. With that being said, I have no desire to allow his works to not continue to flourish, therefore I pick up where my father left off in support of my brother, King Marius II. My first of many projects, a long and detailed process, will be a restructuring of the royal court and function of the nobility. For too long has this not properly been paid attention to, my desire being to aid in bringing about a smoother system to the Royal Family. This will include the creation and running of several households, therein boosting employment opportunities for citizens, and also keeping proper records of each noble house that can be used for various situations. My second point of interest is an increased focus on diplomacy and relations with fellow vassals of the Imperium. I hope to begin a personal office in which envoys and diplomats will be trained, employed, and then deployed across the reaches of Arcas, making contact with those whom we consider friends and allies, as well as those we desire to learn more about. These diplomats would also be tasked with mapping and charting unexplored territories, recording their findings for the better knowledge of our kingdom’s scholars and historic minds. My final goal is to promote the proper use of land, be it noble or of the farm variety. It was my father’s desire that each noble house be given a tract of land in which they will be tasked to provide a certain material or ware to the Kingdom’s store vaults. I intend to follow through on his wishes and ensure that such land is respected and used in the ways in which he would have wanted, working in tandem with the Lord Palatine to achieve this task. It is my great honor to serve the good and godly people of Hanseti and Ruska, and I swear that I will do so with the fierceness and loyalty that burned within the heart of my late father. May GOD bless His Imperial Majesty and the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Signed, Her Highness, Anastasya Ingrid Barbanov, Princess of Haense and Lady Palatine-Aspirant of the Realm
  10. JoelTheGinger

    Here, kitty kitty.

    Somewhere hidden to all, an ancient queen would wonder what became of her oldest friend upon her arrival to Arcas. She decided it may be time to find out.
  11. JoelTheGinger

    The Monarch Wears The Crown No Longer

    Princess Anastaya Ingrid Barbanov, eldest daughter of the late King Robert and Queen Elizaveta, had always been strong and fierce in the face of tragedy. She was most like her father of any of her siblings, quick of wit with an easy smile and light-hearted air that she carried with her wherever she went. However, the final reading of her father’s will broke that surface, the young princess sobbing as she clutched the parchment to her chest. Her best friend and greatest supporter was gone. What was she going to do without him now?
  12. JoelTheGinger

    The Memoirs of Aylwin Blaxton

    From her hidden chambers, an ancient queen born-anew would sit at her vanity, reading over the republishing of her old chamberlain’s memoirs that had been brought to her by an old friend. She’d smile sadly, recalling her most trusted adviser and the time of her reign. “What a time that all was, my dear Mister Blaxton. Thank you for looking after my little dove.” She’d grip the parchment tightly, “My time will come again, and you will be remembered for your duty to my family.”
  13. Princess Anastasya Barbanov would nod firmly, agreeing that proper justice was served to the abuser of the honorable Lady Preussens. It filled her with hope in her family’s time of loss and mourning. Isabella would smirk, “A small justice...but justice for my blood nonetheless.”
  14. JoelTheGinger

    -= The Crow Flies =-

    Anastasya would lock herself within her chambers, numb and emotionless. She knew who she blamed for her mother’s death as she sat bitterly in her black mourning attire, pale hands gripping her mattress. The eldest Barbanov princess would continue to brood, candles visible in her window as they burned well into the black of night.
  15. JoelTheGinger

    The Imperial Union of Dragon and Bear

    Isabella would throw up her arms, “These frauds seek to further embarrass us by wedding a girl of Staunton blood and descent?! This is outrageous!”