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  1. Matilda would furrow her brow, hearing the news among a crowd of citizens within the city square of Reza. Georg, especially, had been so fervent in his welcoming her to the city and allowing her to take part in several opportunities that she had thought would never be afforded to her after certain circumstances had changed the course of her life. A knot had formed in her stomach thinking on it, guilt gripping her at the thought that she might have done something to prevent this.
  2. Francesca would weep tears of himalayan salt. “I will have to go back to the drawing board and create a new layout for myself, and be sure to gain a copyright for it. This is too much for my heart to bear!
  3. Francesca, from her new residence, would take some time to process the letter. She’d harden herself with resolve, “One less ambitious bastard. It would seem the sin and debauchery that surrounded his birth has seeped into his brain.”
  4. From the Soulstream, Victoria Vientos would think fondly on the wizard who had been her mother’s Court Mage, the person who had inspired her path to becoming a follower of Aeriel. She wondered what had ever become of him...mayhaps her time in service to the Archaengul would one day give her an answer.
  5. So, to begin this post, I would like to say thank you, once again, to @claireanne for her informative and meaningful post regarding the horrors of pedophilia and the activities that occur on this server. I have a great amount of respect for her, especially after speaking to her elsewhere in regards to the situation, and paying witness to her passion for making sure that what happened to us, and many others, doesn’t happen to anyone in the future. Another point I’d like to make before starting off is that It is quite common for girls on the server to be preyed upon by these pedophiles, but I feel that stereotype is used far too often, no matter how true, and doesn’t fully encompass the variety of people that are preyed upon. Another large part of the community who must deal with this pedophilia are those whom can call themselves part of the LGBTQ community. From personal experience and through close friends, young gay teenagers are prime targets for curious pedophiles, or even just pedophiles in general. The younger they look, the more enticing they seem to be for these older players to pray on. Whatever your opinion on homosexuality might be, I feel this minority of players on LOTC is largely ignored or, when they decide to come forward with their stories of grooming or abuse, are shamed or told that they used the situation for their own benefit. First Experience My first experience with a pedophile on LOTC was in the summer of 2016, perhaps a bit later than that. I had been playing a human for a little over a year, but had very short luck when it came to fully breaking into the nobility scene. I played a peasant woman at the time, which brought me to the attention of a senior member of the Imperial Horen circle. This player had been around for some time, though I had only interacted with them briefly during a previous conflict that both of our previous characters had been involved with. This particular player, who we can call ‘John’, offered me the opportunity to finally be welcomed within noble roleplay, which I had wanted for so long. He said that I would only be accepted if I agreed to participate in erotic roleplay over a well-known medium that we both used, Skype. He held this opportunity over my head, knowing that I wanted to make more friends and feel more included. I accepted his request. After that roleplay, as my ‘reward’ for what I agreed to do, I was allowed to play Anna Sophia Jrent, a character I would end up playing for a long time. I’ve never told anyone how that situation was the start of one of my more widely-known personas, but I remember how shameful I felt afterward. Was this really what I wanted? What would he do with the logs, would he send them around to his friends? I had turned 16 not long before then, so I was impressionable and had no way of knowing that what he was doing was wrong. I hadn’t had any experience like that before, I thought he was just trying to help me find my place in my roleplay. We spoke on and off, since our characters were now related, but things escalated in December of that same year. He messaged me on Skype, some time before New Year’s Eve, and told me about how he lonely in his life, and depressed. How he was having a rough time in his life and wanted comfort. I told him that I was his friend and that I was there for him. He then got more suggestive, till the conversation went to him wanting to send me illicit photos of himself, describing images of himself through text in detail. This person, who had helped me so much, was asking me to give him comfort. He said that if I didn’t, he might hang himself. He said he would do the same if I told anyone. I let him send me those pictures. I later found out, months and months later, that he had sent the same pictures to a friend of mine. We discerned that this person had a certain type: Young male gay teens. He used my trust in him, and my fear that he would expose what we did, to eventually take away everything I had earned on my character and handing it over to both himself and his friend. I have never been able to fully trust anyone since that occurred. This person would go on to manipulate many others, both boys and girls, and would eventually leave the server. I haven’t heard word from or of him in over a year. Second Experience This second experience is very brief, but still something that should serve as a warning to younger members of the server who also use Snapchat. This was someone I didn’t know very well, he had married a friend of mine through RP and he was also in the discord of another friend, who I learned later on had been abused and groomed by this person at the same time that my story takes place. He messaged me, though I don’t recall if it was through PMs or through a public discord, and asked for my snapchat. Since I had added many of my friends already, and he had seemed nice enough, I added him. Almost that same night, he began sending me pictures of himself shirtless, and asking me flirtatious questions. Mind you, I have only ever had one boyfriend, who is my current boyfriend as well. I had no desire to seek out a relationship, be it virtual, sexual, or otherwise. This continued over a span of time until I ceased to even open them, eventually removing him entirely. I believe he was banned and exposed a few months following this incident. Third Experience This final experience is more recent. This person I have known for a long time, and is still a name and active person on the server. I would always hear him make remarks, about how cute I was or adorable. At 16/17 and as an insecure ballet dancer, I thought the compliment flattering, but I never took them seriously. His attention grew more extreme, though, after adding him on Snapchat. I thought he was my friend, he was an important player who I thought was taking me under his wing. He had that intention, of course, but it wasn’t exactly what I myself had imagine. It started with drunken shirtless pictures of himself send via Snapchat, always tied with an excuse that he was ‘drunk’. He apologize, of course, but then the next night I’d get another picture with the same excuse. In the first two screenshots provided, you will see exactly what the conversations escalated to. I regret my replies and how I acted, but I have learned from them. I have learned that I don’t ever need to give into what I think someone wants, or think about how if I do what they want or what I think will make them like me more, they will help me in return. This same person would, just a few months ago, send flirty and suggestive texts to a younger friend of mine, a boy in high school. Their conversation, with my friend’s permission, is provided below as well. When I told our nation leader about these things, hoping he might be able to find friends among the staff who might help me bring this person’s actions to light, I was told that my evidence wasn’t good or meaningful enough for staff to do anything. In addition, for anyone who believes that because we were underage gay teenagers, and perhaps sought that kind of attention, we most certainly did not. One thing I can say that this server does to damage a person, one of the only thing in my mind, is that there is such a need and want instilled in new players to feel like they need to prove themselves ooc-ly or do things for higher-ups to finally feel welcome and respected. It is a toxic thought and feeling, but one that I don’t think will ever truly go away. *I would like to note that I am far more mature now than I was then, a time when I especially had little experience of any sexual nature, outside of what I was coerced into doing by the person reference in my first experience and the few outside, real-life experience I had growing up as a teenager and blossoming-young adult living in New York City. My replies were made because I believed that is what the person wanted to hear, a player I respected and viewed as a high-ranking individual on the server. I am personally embarrassed every time I think on my statements, the lengths I was willing to go to in order to feel appreciated and welcomed. This is a lesson to everyone who is underage and afraid to speak out. Don’t keep these things secret, or private. Expose these people, and make sure you keep what evidence you have available to you to put them where they belong. I thought that what happened to me was apart of the experience of LOTC, the experience of being a teenager. It isn’t. I was ready to take my own life this past November, these memories piled up with so many others things that were going on in my life. If you’re wanting affection and appreciation, do what I did: Find someone, of your age, who loves you and cares about what you do. Don’t let someone make you feel like what they can give you on here, in exchange for their own disgusting and carnal desires being fulfilled, is equal to or will fill that hole that you feel like you might need. And for those not seeking those things, who have simply fallen prey to these jerks, you have people here to help you. Don’t feel like you don’t. Only you can make yourself feel inferior, so don’t let them put you in a corner or threaten you. Thanks guys. And thank you to those whose similar experiences have given me the strength to finally put this out there: @Dasdi @Luv @MissToni and countless others, both current and former friends. You all deserve to feel that your words can be heard. [If needed, I will give forth the names of the three I have spoken about in this post to staff. The first two I am willing to be contacted about, especially, since their acts are known by much of the playerbase already. Feel free to PM me at any time, my discord is listed in my forum profile.]
  6. Due to clear want and interest, as well as my want to properly share my story, I will make a full post with evidence when I am home from work. Any names will only be given to staff, so expect some things to be marked out. I will also say that some things happened so long ago, or over Skype that has long since been uninstalled from my laptop, so some of my statements will only be from experience. Thanks to everyone that has reached out to me, this is an issue that needs and requires more voices.

  7. I am not here to call anyone out specifically, but I really am surprised by some of the replies to this thread:

    While I am glad so many are speaking out about this topic, it shocks me that I see some of the people who have spoken of their own ‘disgust’ and horror at the acts described, and the situation as a whole, are some of the same people I know to have committed these acts and have gotten away with it, even when reported, or people who have actively shamed and ridiculed victims of these pedophiles persistently over a very long course of time. If you can’t look at yourself and know that you’re part of the problem, or someone who acts insensitive towards someone who had to go through this, you have no right to post false sympathies on a thread that is written in kindness and support.


    Really disappointing.

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    2. sophiaa


      @IZipZapManI The thing is, a lot of us HAVE made an effort to go to staff. In one instance where I went directly to an Admin, I was refused a text conversation so there was no proof of it, and instead a call, where they told me they couldn’t do anything because as a resident of the UK somehow they’d be more liable than someone else, or whatever bullshit excuse there was for not wanting to “root out” their friend, and they didn’t FEEL like handling it. So, they sent me off to find another admin who was completely inactive, and when he finally replied to me a month later, his directions were to go right back to the one I had previously spoken to. 


      When people who want to report things have been treated like this in the past, you just saying “oh hey come talk to us” doesn’t cut it. We are always faced with the worry after experiencing that, that it’ll only happen again and again. 

    3. IZipZapManI


      @sophiaa To say that I feel disappointed does not do justice to how I feel about this. It is incredibly saddening that we as a community have come to this point and that this is the feeling that the players have.

      I honestly don’t have a response for that, nor can I speak on the behalf of anyone. 

      I know it’s not the perfect advice, nor does it solve the issue you’re describing, but I would encourage those people to choose a member of staff, any member of staff, to act as a champion on their behalf. Make reports, contact staff, and keep pressing the issue and not letting go. 

      I’m sorry that this isn’t a satisfying response, and I wish I could give one. 

    4. rukio


      yes, PREACH Joel. Oh my god. Yes.

  8. December of 2016, a few days after Christmas, was when I had this exact situation happen to me. I was just a few months away from my 17th birthday, but still far under the legal age. This older player, someone who was a high-ranking figure within the human roleplay playerbase, intimidated me and manipulated me into helping him fulfill his sexual needs under the guise of me helping him through a rough time. He told me that if I didn’t do what he wanted, he would harm himself physically. Sadly, up until 2018, I still had interactions with several people on this server who have been interested in my age and how ‘cute’ I was, for being so young. Some I have named both publically and to staff, others I have not. Some of those guys, in particular, have preyed upon many of my friends as well, who are of a younger age than even myself. This problem is very real. I see it joked about too often. But when we’re all grown, and have children of our own, do we really want these kinds of things being done to them? I certainly wouldn’t. Thank you for making this post.
  9. Helena begins a violent raid of her various trunks, searching tirelessly for an extravagant garment that she might wow the masses with!
  10. Helena would hop up and down in excitement, her fingers itching to write a collective work to submit!
  11. Helena of Kal’Omith takes pride in her valiant contributions to the quest, able to claim that she swiftly made an end to one of the voidal creatures that had made an attempt on their party all on her own.
  12. Francesca, exiting the Republic of Ves by the cover of night with what kin she had left to her, would think bitterly on the opportunism and betrayals that had occurred so recently. “Burn them all....”
  13. The youthful Francesca would take a singular glance at the parchment, presented to her by her brother John, before pushing it away. She’d swiftly begin packing her belongings. “I’m done. Fools, on both sides, and grown women who copy the efforts of young girls.”
  14. “We should pay them a visit,” Francesca would remark to her father and siblings, the information regarding the halflings being told to them as they supped on fried eggs and toast for their morning meal. “We have many allies, I think they would appreciate the acknowledgement, to show that we care.” She’d take a drink from her cup of milk, pondering on her little knowledge of halfling culture.
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