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  1. The Isle of Avir Lands of the Acal’elor Geography The isle of Avir, located just south of the Alnorid Sultanate in the remote seas of Aeldin, is a relatively isolated landmass covered in dense forests and mountain ranges. So long did the isle go unsettled due to the tales of sailors and traders, whom spoke of many a ship breaking upon the rocks that seemed to line it’s surrounding waters. The corpses of these vessels can still be seen to this day, rotting away both above and below the saltwater waves. On the western side of the isle would sit the Myrrwood Bog, a region surrounded by the thickened forests that held nothing but marsh and leafless trees. The elves that reside on the isle dare not venture there, for fear of sinking within the quicksands or being eaten by the ravenous pygmy dragons that make the bog their home. This region of Avir is widely unrecorded and written of. On the eastern side of the isle would rest the vast mountains of Far’anthir, jagged and rocky masses that stood firmly over the rest of the island itself. A rather quiet and scenic region, it is here that much, if not all stone needed for resources upon the island are mined and distributed. Additional minerals and metals are amassed her as well. In the northern region of the isle rests the keep of Ceru’igne, home of the Acal’elor and their followers. A great fortress formed with the aid of voidal magic, it’s grey towers and walls prove to be both a defensible keep and a citadel for the mali’aheral who reside there. As lords of Avir, the Acal’elor hold the Ignus Seat, said to have been forged from obsidian and slate rock upon the arrival of Orsino Acal’elor. In the southern region of the isle sits the trading port town of Dion’diraar, otherwise known as ‘the long-standing sentinel’. Acting as the only monitored way onto the isle proper, Dion’diraar is somewhat bustling with trade and commerce, mainly consisting of sailors desiring to rest before continuing on to the vast cities of the Horosid Empire. The town is watched over by the lesser branch of Acal’elor, called Allimun or ‘sinful’, for their crimes of infecting their own blood with impurity, a trait highly prized and scrutinized by their purer kin. Rule of the Acal’elor Upon his exile from the Silver City of Haelun’or, Orsino Acal’elor found himself wayward and without friend. Drifting from one place to another with a young son in tow, the former Uthir sold off the last of his kingly belongings to pay for passage on a small trading cog, his destination set for an exile among Orenian allies in the lands of Marna. Only a day’s sail left before reaching the distant continent, Orsino and his son Slaine were eager to plant their feet upon solid ground once more. However, a great storm cake upon their vessel, blowing great gusts of wind and rain at them from every direction. The current, churning and rocking their ship about, began to veer off course and into another direction. It was not long before the jagged peaks of rocks came into view, the cog destined to founder. It was only due to the quick evacuation of Orsino and his son from the vessel that the pair survived, clinging to barrels that had been flung into the sea. Making their way to the nearby shore, the father and son grew wary of how they might survive their ordeal. Their situation was made slightly improved by the fact that much of the cargo from the wrecked ship had washed ashore with them. Using what resources they could, they formed a small camp along the northern beaches of the isle. It is then that Orsino was able to send a message in regards to his flight via seagull, hoping it might reach an eager friend or ally. With luck upon the gull’s wings, the note reached the matriarch of an allied bloodline: Oth’alia Vaedrar. A stern and stout elfess, Oth’alia had made a fortune for herself through her skills in administration and organization, having served several magistrates and smaller human lords as both a Chamberlain and Seneschal. Having heard tales of the isles herself, and eager to profit from whatever undiscovered riches rested there, the Vaedrar matriarch ordered a small grouping of ships to be sent to the aid of the Acal’elor, with herself accompanying the travelers. These ships were loaded with resources, for Oth’alia and Orsino had been close friends and companions as children. Their close kinship is what would save the Uthir and his son. Overtime, the lines of Acal’elor and Vaedrar would stabilize the northern part of what they would call ‘Avir’, constructing a sturdy keep to withstand sea breezes and torrential rainstorms. A small line of trade would begin to travel into their small island port, bringing in various items that they themselves could not obtain so easily. It was this further progress that willed Orsino into declaring the isle inhabited by his blood and his allies, naming himself as overlord of Avir. In thanks for their undying support, the Vaedrar were named as eternal seneschals of Avir, as close as any two lines could get to being of one singular blood. Recent History Upon the vanishment of both Orsino and his son, the lands of Avir fell steadily into the hands of Oth’alia and her kin, whom become stewards of the isle in the absence of the Acal’elor. This continued for some time, until 1730, when a daughter of Orsino arrived upon the northern shore. Amorette-Blondelle, daughter of the vanished ruler of Avir, came to the gates of Ceru’igne forlorn and lost. The Lady Oth’alia welcomed the youthful princess with open arms, thankful that the Acal’aelor still lived on. Making quick work of the finer details, Amorette was installed as the Lady of Avir by the Matriarch Vaedrar, with the latter being made the young mali’s guardian until her ninetieth year.
  2. Anastasya Barbanov would welcome her niece into the Seven Skies, regretting her quips about the girl’s mother when she was among the living. She hoped now they might make amends.
  3. If a tweet like that from Lady Gaga DIDN’T sent people into a frenzy, I’d have a lot of concerns...
  4. Feel free to message me on Discord at JoelTheGinger#6175, I’d like to commission a half-body portrait for my persona!
  5. Lady Adela Ludovar chuckles over a glass of wine as she beats her bastard in-law Cetibor in a bout of Haesent chess!
  6. Anna Maria would furrow her brows, concerned at the events that had occurred on her father’s assigned ducal meeting.
  7. A peasant woman eagerly awaits the first ruling Holy Orenian Empress.
  8. Cuisine of the Mali’fenn A Study of the Fennic Diet Penned by Maeve Zinerith | 23rd of the Amber Cold, 1736 [!] A colored depiction of a Fennic feast, following a successful hunt. Circa 1635. During my time thus far in the Grand Princedom of Fenn, I have found one of their most interesting qualities to be their dietary habits. A majority of their daily meals include some form of meat, with very minor amounts of vegetables or fruits. Their preferred accompanying beverage tend to be a hearty ale or warm cider, though some also prefer the pure glacial waters that are produced from the sheer icy mountains that surround the Princedom itself. Grand feasts are often not held unless in celebration or following a successful hunt, where the hunted game is featured as part of the main course. A gift from the new Grand Prince himself, I was presented with a recipe book that has been kept by the Tundrak Bloodline for some time, to which I have derived and found some fascinating recipes: Polar Bear Pelmeni 🐻 Considered a usual appetizer and a dish to be served at more casual entertainments, these small dumpling-shaped shells are filled with a medley of grounded polar bear meat, bacon, diced onions, and a array of added spiced. Tundrak Pie 🥟 A hearty meal to have before a tournament or field battle, the Tundrak Tart is a thick pastry that is filled with the meats of both chicken and boar, mixed with browned onions and sweet spice. Roe Deer 🦌 Traditionally served as the main dish following a successful hunt, this recipe calls for deer and caribou venison to be cut into thin strips and baked, then being sauteed in butter and fat before being served. A fine cranberry sauce can be used to top off the dish. Almond Pudding 🌰 A dessert that sits on the final pages of the Tundrak cookbook, this pudding is made with the almonds that grow within the walls of elcihi’fenn, sweetened with sugar, cream, and rosewater. Mulled Cider 🍺 A traditional drink often consumed during the colder months of the elven year, this concoction is a mixture of a flavorful maple syrup and spiced peppercorns heated in a pot. *It is also noted in this traditional tome that these feasts are often prepared for in advance, with decorations and preceding celebrations being dependent upon the main event of the day. Items such as thick furs, antlers, animal pelts, berries, pinecones, and various other smaller items are used to enhance the merriment.
  9. From the Seven Skies, Emma Ludovar wonders why she never became Queen.
  10. @FlamboyantTyrant I was just curious if you still meant to uphold this comment you made last year? I’m not sure if there is a group already made for a Dryad rewrite, but I’d like to join it if so.



    1. ScreamingDingo


      No group has been made “officially” for a Dryad rewrite as it was shelved prior and not part of the Lore Games. You are welcome to get a group together and try to rewrite them again if you want, just ping one of us in the Lore Games discord and we can set up a channel for you.

  11. Anna Sophia, once-Princess of Pruvia and Queen Regnant of Lotharingia...would smile. Her descendants had secured her legacy.
  12. Maeve Zinerith would pay no mind to the killing of yet another soldier as her eyes fell upon the gates of the mali’fenn Princedom. Sylvia would furrow a brow, puzzled by the conflicts of her new homeland as she continued keeping count of her assigned Nordish Marks. Helena Vientos would be rather carefree, generally paying minimal attention to any particular squabble between man and elf.
  13. Sylvia of Venerra would look over the sprawling introductory documents for the role of Treasurer that she had been provided, studying them with scrutiny in preparation for her new livelihood.
  14. Coming back after a little bit away and I’m looking for something new and exciting on the server. Any suggestions?

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      Morsgrad is an interesting community with alot of cool rp aspects, being a mix of Renatian-Norlandic cultures!

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      High Elves!

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      shades r cool

  15. “Oh....that’s...nice...” Helena would state, attempting to sound benevolent despite her confusion.
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