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  1. What advice would Lorina give to little Lorena Annabelle Helvets about life as a lady in humanity? And as someone who has done so much to try and make things better for female characters, how does it feel to see a female as the heir to the Holy Orenian Empire? Also, thanks for my mango smoothie! 😉
  2. Lorena Annabelle Helvets ponders on the missive, not entirely understanding it due to her youth. However, having spoken with Tanith the saint’s day previous and learned the tale of Lorina Chivay, she felt solemn for the woman who might have been the very first Lorena.
  3. [!] A painted likeness of a Haeseni Chessboard would rest the the top of this public letter, clearly done by more professional hands than the author herself. Dear citizens and people of the Empire, Hello again! It’s me, Lorena Annabelle Helvets! Lady Renee said writing a letter about how much fun I had last saint’s day would be a nice thing to do, and I always try to be nice, so now I’m writing this. She also says I don’t have to write everything I’m thinking.... [!] The text would trail off here for a moment, as the author seemingly retracted their quill. Some small drops of ink trailed after the abrupt end of her first few sentences. I would like to thank the nice and friendly Queen Viktoria, for inviting me and my family to Haense for a game of Haenseni Chess! You looked very pretty, and your hat was also very nice! If you remember, I played on the green team, even though green isn’t my favorite color. But the pieces were soooo shiny and pretty! Auntie Anne played on the red team, of course, because she loves RED! I had never played before, and at first it was hard, but Auntie was very proud of me and I got to play my first game with her. Lord John Pruvia and my friend Adrienne got to play too, which was so much fun! Perhaps I’ve said ‘fun’ too much. Mister Jahan was very excited to play, but he kept touching my pieces, so I squinted at him. I felt guilty afterward, because I like Mister Jahan and he tells us good stories about his homeland. Haense was very pretty, and I had never seen the gardens before, and I LOVE gardens! I think Auntie Anne should order for us a Haeseni Chessboard too, because I don’t think I could every play any other game! I hope we can come back to Haense soon and see everyone again, because it would make me very happy! I think EVERYONE should go to Haense and play Haeseni Chess with the Queen! Lady Renee told me to write this at the end, so...Go in Providence! But also, go to Haense...and play chess! [!] A further sketch is etched onto the letter here, with the labeling ‘The Queen’s Crown’ resting off to the side with a deliberate arrow. Sincerely, your bestest friend, Lorena Annabelle Helvets
  4. “I’m not quite sure how the Church and faith has anything to do with politics. At least, I would hope the clergymen could rise above such things. It would be in poor character for them to add to the weeping of losing politicians.” The teenaged Adelaide Pruvia would remark, readying her mourning attire for yet another day aiding her brother in his clinical office.
  5. “Grandpa Peter’s eye is always watching! His eye of Providence!” The youth known as Lorena Annabelle Helvets would nod firmly to Elizabeth as she published the result of her lessons with the Archchancellor.
  6. The young Lorena Annabelle Helvets would ponder on when she might finally meet her father’s sisters, Arianne and Margaret. Having heard many childhood tales from her papa, she insisted to her mother that her aunts must have many wonderful stories to tell!
  7. ⚜️ The Funeral of the Princess of Pruvia ⚜️ In memory of Anna Maria Pruvia, Princess of Pruvia , the Houses of Pruvia and Basrid open the doors of Marble Hall, our seat within the Viscounty of Provins, to all who desire to pay their respects to our dearly-departed matriarch and the final Princess of our house. Her History Anna Maria Pruvia was born to John-Henry Pruvia, son of Elisabeth Preussens and Charles Augustus Pruvia, and Margarita Marna, daughter of Emperor Joseph I and Annunziata Marna. Her early years and education were privately given in the vast estate of Casa de Rafal, owned by the Marnan family in their Aeldin exile. She would eventually join her father in the city of Helena after the completion of the Novellen Palace by her father, who had been restored the family’s ancestral title by way of the Lord Protector, Adrian de Sarkozy. Growing up alongside the Emperor Peter III’s two daughters, Anna quickly learned the expectations of a modern Orenian lady. She would participate in planning parties and court affairs, a talent inherited from her family line, while observing diplomacy and politics at the side of the Archchancellor, Simon Basrid. Anna Maria was made the youngest undersecretary beneath the Secretary of Foreign Affairs, assuming the role at the tender age of twelve. Two years onward, she would serve as Helena’s first Minister of Culture, to which she would garner much praise. She inherited her father’s title as Prince of Pruvia following his severe illness and depature for Aeldin, a role she had been readily prepared for since she was very young. She set her initial sights on seeking out a consort and husband, finally deciding on the revered Senator Cyrus Basrid. They were wed in 1752, and sired four children in her lifetime. Around this time, she was also granted governance over the small barony of Provins by the Emperor and his cabinet, a project which she kept very close to her heart and had her father to work with in collaboration upon his return. In her latter years, she mended relations with the Countess of Rochefort, Princess Lorena Helane, and took up a position as companion with her in the Commonwealth of Kaedrin following her retirement from the social scene of Helena. There, she helped in the initial raising and tending to the Countess’ children, as well as supporting the Count of Rochefort, Richard Helvets, in his endeavors to see Kaedrin flourish as it had in his youth. The thin air of Mont Saint Catherine eventually became too much for the Princess, who had likely suffered from pre-existing birth defects in her lungs and chest. She would journey back to Helena and Provins to spend time with her eldest child and son, John Michael, and her husband. She passed in her bed, surrounded by family, in 1768. The funeral service will be held within Marble Hall, to which all citizenry of the Holy Orenian Empire may come to pay their respects. The ceremony will be led by a chosen clergyman of the Church of the Canon, alongside the Archchancellor and the late Princess’ brother-in-law, Simon Basrid. This service will also allocate time for admirers and friends of the late Princess to pay their respects and speak in honor of her memory.
  8. [!] A scribbled drawing, that of a plucked rose, would be etched onto each of the copied missives, though the difference between child and adult’s hand was very clear in the accompanying writing where errors were made. To the nice people citizens of Helena, Hello! I’m Lorena Annabelle Helvets! My mama calls me Lorna, because I’m the third Lorena in my family. Miss Renee is standing over me now, making sure I spell everything corectly correctly. She let me draw a pretty rose for everyone to see, a rose that grows in my papa’s home in Kaedrin! Since I moved to Helena recently, I wanted to thank everyone for being so nice to me and my Mama. I get to live with my Auntie Anne now, who is so nice and wears red like me. My cousin Lizzy takes me out for treats and showed me her pet jackalope. I haven’t met grandpa Peter yet, but I asked Mister Basrid to help me meet him soon! I hope to make Helena a wonderfully wonderful place to live, like my Papa has helped make Owynsburg be nicer grow. Mister Basrid says we’re all part of a giant tapperstry tapestry, so someday I will help everyone and we will all be friends! I hope I can be a great lady like my Auntie Anne and my mama Lorena, but I’m still very small. I also would like more friends, so please hold more fun parties for me to go to! Mary Sophia’s birthday was so excitiding exciting and I got to sing. My papa and Miss Dubois said I’m a lovely singer! I hope more people invite me to things in Helena, because I’d like to meet them all! Anyways, Miss Renee says I have to end my letter on a nice note, but I had thought it was already a nice note. I hope you all have a happy springtime, and keep staying safe under my grandfather, because he always has his eye out for you! The Providence one! [!] A further sketch, in colored inks this time, lines the bottom of the missive. A child’s work, like the flower above. Sincerely, with love, and with regards, Lorena Annabelle Helvets
  9. Lorena Helvets would receive the invitation as her grandsire’s attendant loaded the last of her trunks onto the carriage that would deliver her to her mother in the city of Helena. She’d read it eagerly as she seated herself comfortably, imagining the soiree as the wheels began to trundle along.
  10. [!] The Princess of Pruvia, Anna Maria, circa 1745. It had been a few days since their arrival in Provins, the small countryside estate that the ailing Princess of Pruvia had once called home before she ventured to the far-off Kaedrin. Her children had gathered there as well, to see their mothering in her final hours. Her hair had lightened and dark circles dared to take the coloring from her pale features. Her vision, often blurred otherwise by the headaches that pained her so, always averted towards the open window. In her time of reflection, her room stinking of illness and death, she found solace in her oldest memories. Her mother and father, and Casa de Rafal, where she had lived her earliest days under the care of her grandmother, the Dowager-Empress Annunziata. Her handful of tutors, in debt to her grandsire, who had been so sure to leave their very best knowledge with the young Pruvian. She recalled the tears that fell from her grandmother’s darkened grey gaze as she watched her favorite grandchild depart on a galley, bound for the capital of Helena from the shores of their Aeldinic home. Her formative years in the Novellen had been her truest bliss, where she could be carefree while also reveling in her inherent arrogance. She found friendship in the young girl she might otherwise have been jealous of: The Princess Imperial, Anne Augusta of Helane. So much time spent, in the hopes that one day she might see her friend rule over their country of Oren in glory and wisdom. She found an idol in Simon Basrid, whom she doted on like a daughter might do so to her own father. She certainly saw him as a paternal figure, and would until her dying breath. And Cyrus. The man, her elder, but so kind and protective of her. She had married him for the sake of her family lineage, but she knew that sooner or later, she would allow such a man into her heart. He brought her a true family, both uniting her to her mentor and providing her with the children upon which she would dote. Lorena, she admitted to herself, wheezing and coughing into her sheet, had been unexpected. A girl she had much ignored, for all the praise she had afforded Anne Augusta, but later found to have much in common with herself. With her blackened curls and barrage of witty insults, she sometimes wondered why she cared for the other Helane girl as much as she did. Because, she realized, Lorena was the sister she had always wanted. The one who might challenge her, but also respect her for who she was. To be honest with her when others might pay her courtesy. She had taken pride in being allowed to tend to the Princess’ children, in the hopes they might take a piece of her with them as they grew older. John Michael, of course, was her final thought. Her handsome boy, her heir in so much more than just the physical sense. He had so much of her intelligence, and embodied the goodness and humility that she herself had never garnered for herself. He would care for his sisters and little brother, and comfort their widowed father after she had departed from their world of the living. Her eyes closed, and when they opened, she stood in a hall of marble and tile, draped in tapestries of woven gold and silver. On either side, a procession of peoples, all dressed in glittering apparel, applauded her as she slowly stepped up to the dais. Lifting her mismatched gaze, a rare feature she not often mentioned or took particular pride in, she saw a great throne, empty and beckoning her forward. Beside it, stood her grandmother Annunziata, and the man she had idolized since her youth: Her grandsire, the Emperor Joseph of Marna. He took her hand, with such fatherly tenderness, and gave her a nod of his approval. She inhaled, exhaling and allowing the stresses of her mortal time to pass from her. She turned, and lowered herself into the seat that her grandfather had waited to give her. As she heard the thunder of the chamber’s applause, she allowed her eyes to close, and then she was at peace. ⚜️ The Will of the Princess of Pruvia - To my son, John Michael Pruvia, I leave his rightful inheritance as Prince of Pruvia, as well as our family home of Marble Hall. I leave his remaining minority in the hands of his father and uncle, Cyrus Basrid and Simon Basrid. I also ask that he consider forming a new house, one of both Pruvia and Basrid, as to forge a new future for himself beyond the woes of his mother and grandsire. @Bloodlest - To my daughters, Anne and Adelaide Pruvia, I leave any jewels and gowns from my plentiful wardrobe, to wear in memory of their mother. @Dasdi - To Anne Augusta, the Princess Imperial, and my dearest Lorena Antonia, I leave joint-use of Marble Hall as my final gift to you both, in the hopes that you might mend your sisterhood after I can no longer be of service to either of you. @DreamInSpace @Starryy - To my beloved Cyrus, I leave my children, and my wealth, to use as you see fit. I also leave to you my eternal love and devotion, as it was so fervent in life. @erik0821 - To His Imperial Majesty, I leave my thanks for your faith in a young woman, and the grant of Provins to be overseen by myself in my lifetime. I ask you allow such a privilege to pass unto my son, to be shared by the houses of Pruvia and Basrid to serve as a retreat for your hard-working courtiers and kinsmen at your pleasure. @ARCHITECUS - To the Archchancellor, Simon Basrid, I leave you my daughter, Adelaide, as a ward and surrogate child, since I know you have been unlucky in the loss of your children in the past. I also leave you with the knowledge that you did raise one child, at the very least, one who was entirely devoted to making you so very proud. @Cracker ⚜️ ⚜️ Anna Maria Pruvia Princess of Pruvia 1729 – 1768
  11. Having just gone into a discord and inquired about the status of Sprites, I have a huge interest in contributing to the restored community this lore creates! Time to make a little village of mushroom houses and tree stumps and cause some much-needed sprite michief! 🥰
  12. @Urara You’re honestly tempting me to start my own roleplay-forum diary! I think it’s a great way to keep up with your character’s history as they develop and I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with Tanith 🥰

    1. Urara


      100% recommend it. I started doing it with my old 2015 character Lorina and I still go back and reread it like once a year. It’s great for reminiscing. I’ve done it for every character on every server I’ve played on since.


      It’s a great way to summarize the RP, keep track of plotlines, and also get into your character’s head and how they feel about things. If nothing else, it’s a really wonderful writing exercise. 


      I would caution you though that people metagame stuff posted on the forums like heck, so be cautious about what your char writes. I had to lie a LOT in my Lorina diary since like half the server read it and there was stuff that would have gotten her killed if I published it. I justified it ICly in RP that there were some things that were just too private and the diary could fall into the wrong hands.


      Luckily Tanith doesn’t have anything she needs to lie about lmao

    2. Urara


      also it make the green number go up and ya girl loves it when the green number go up.

  13. ⚜️ The Coronation of Kaedrin ⚜️ otherwise the crowning of His Imperial Majesty, Peter III of the House Helane, Holy Orenian Emperor, as King of Kaedrin It was not some thirty years ago, that a young man named Antonius Sigismund Helane wandered the streets of the Golden City of Ves and attended to the halls of the Varoche Palace. The lost heir to the dismantled Empire of Man, this gentleman of Horen descent was unlikely to meet with any great destiny. But the Tapestry of Man, in its mystery and wisdom, had other plans. Now, Antonius Sigismund rules over our great empire as Peter III, Holy Orenian Emperor. Enlightened by his time spent in the Golden City of Ves and Commonwealth of Kaedrin, our Emperor has carried with him many of the ideals and traditions that he paid witness to each day in his youth. Now, having been elected to the throne of Kaedrin by the House of Electors over a decade ago, we declare a coronation to be held for our Emperor, as King Peter II of Kaedrin and Grand Duke of Ves. ⚜️ 👑 The King’s Coronation Within the colossal King Adrian’s Hall, the coronation of His Imperial Majesty as King of Kaedrin will be held for all in attendance to pay witness to. His Imperial Majesty will be anointed by His Holiness, High Pontiff James II, alongside the Archbishop of Albarosa, Laurence Pruvia. 🌻 The Tour A tour and observation of the Commonwealth of Kaedrin and it’s countryside will be conducted by the Governor-General and Lieutenant-Governor, alongside the Princess of Pruvia, to allow His Imperial Majesty to pay witness to his regnal lands and how they have flourished in the last five years under the guidance of his provincial governors and council. 🍷 The Feast Following the conclusion of the King’s tour, a grand feast will be held within the Myre Hall of the Varoche Palace, where all guests and attendees will be served a fine Kaedreni roast along with some of the finest bottles from our vintage wine collection. The opportunity for toasts, discussions, and revelry will dare to continue long into the night. ⚜️ All nobility, gentry, and civilians of the Holy Orenian Empire are hereby invited the King’s coronation, alongside any personal guests invited by His Imperial Majesty, at his pleasure. GOD SAVE HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY! GOD SAVE OUR KING PETER II! (Saturday, May 16th, at 5pm EST in the Varoche Palace of Kaedrin)
  14. Olenna Ireheart smiles down from the Halls of Khaz’A’Dentrumm, the former consort of Grand King Algoda Frostbeard pleased at the unity of her people.
  15. OOC ((MC Name: )) Vandoria ((Discord: )) sunny25#6175 ((Timezone: )) EST (Eastern Standard Time) IN-CHARACTER What is your name?: Celia Aldirar Why seek membership to the Mages Guild?: I have been a learned mage for some time, and desire above all to not return to relative obscurity. I wish to contribute What arts, if any, do you currently practice?: Arcanism, of a hundred years or so. What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance?: Adeptus Minor When should you be contacted for an interview?: Any time that is available to the ordermen of the guild.
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